Moving the site to


Hi all,

Faerie here, one of the leaders of RTD. I would like to announce that we are shifting from our dear old site to our new site . Initially, I wanted to do it on April Fool but i guess it is too much of a joke.

Reasons for shifting

1) The current site loads too slow for our translation team and I am unable to increase the capacity nor improve the site as the current leaders Rumanshi, Tim and I do not own this site. As such, I took it upon myself to host a new one.

2) We wanted to add original works for some time back but.. overloaded servers at current capacity. Adding Original Works might just kill them. So in, we will have originals works. If anyone wants to publish their stories at our site, drop by our discord and ping me~ Ping me, not lewd me.

3) We will be starting Paetron as well. However, there will be no paywall. I repeat no paywall for early access or unedited access. Basically, you will be throwing money at us to show us moral support. The money will of course be collated and given to the team. I will assure you that. ETA: When the new site settles down.

4) We are adding new features to the new site. Amazon polly, site email etc etc.

I am sure you guys have tons of questions like

– Email Subscription
– Porting over old chapters
– Moar Chapterssss

We will answer these in our new site. Thank you all for the continuous support and hope that we will see you at the

WIth this, here marks the closure of this RTD Chapter and we will start a new chapter at our new site .