Slave Harem Chapter 77

Hey guys,

Here’s first Slave Harem chapter of the week, chapter 77.
You guys must be expecting Cyro but it’s me, MrAnon. :D
Although I’m posting the chapter, it was done by Cyro. I only did final few lines.
Expect chapter 78 by tomorrow. But it would be from Cyro, so I don’t know if I should be saying this. :P
Anyway, without further ado, enjoy the read.

Yours truly,
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Smartphone Chapter 31

Jammerg55 here, Ok so some good news and some bad news. The good news is we’re almost caught up with our backlog of chapters for Smartphone. The bad news is we’re almost caught up with our backlog of chapters for Smartphone. Which means, starting from Chapter 33, it’s going from a daily release back to a weekly release. With the problem of college and those pesky things called “responsibilities” it is impractical to maintain daily releases of Smartphone. However, that being said I do hope you continue to enjoy our work and this story, as well as other stories on this site. Anyways Enjoy! Continue reading

Shinka Chapter 15 and a SOS signal

Arc here: First of all sorry for the delay as i did say it was coming in weekend and the reason that happened is this:

Hi Guys, Cyro here. So Smartphone & Din are both working on their own now. I’m temporarily editing Shinka to get it moving, but it’s not something I can keep doing, so I’m recruiting one person that can fix translations AND edit. This chapter took a few hours to get it to this stage, and it’s still not perfect. I’ve given Arc some advice though and future editing shouldn’t be as bad.

If you’re interested in finishing off the weekly Shinka chapter, ready for release, message me on skype: * a few responses already, will see how they go*

Arc again: In short we are shorthanded on personal. So please if there is someone willing to give us a hand we will welcome him/her.

Now without delay enjoy!

Chapter 15 The past of the dark noble
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Din no Monshou Chapter 05

Jammerg55 here, Ok this is my first full chapter of Din no Monshou. Please go easy on me. As I become more familiar with this author’s writing style the translations will improve. I did tentatively ask for help however no one replied so it is what it is. I did go through and re-read to try and catch errors. Anyways Enjoy this full chapter after such a long break.

Oh yes, I was able to translate this in about 3 hours.

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