Alice Tale Chapter 36- Royal Capital Sentoria

Translator: Fairy
Editor: Pandaant

Fairy : Fufufu~ New plot..Major character development. The yuri is strong in this chapter.

Pandant: now just sign here: _______….and the pics are yours and your soul is mine Muahahahaha!



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Smartphone Chapter 39

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Translator: Kirihito
TLC/ED: Jammerg55

# 39 Great River Gau and Accessories

「It’s a lie……this is a river? This is a sea right……」

As far as the eye can see is water, water, water. Land can be seen faintly beyond the horizon. It’s that, it resembles the feeling when I saw Hokkaido from Cape Oma of Aomori that I went to in my childhood. If we assume that, is there an area at least the same as Tsugaru Strait….? Continue reading