The RTD Story 8.0

Hey guys, it’s nearly Christmas and here is the next RTD Story 8.0…  As we move towards Thanksgiving and Holey Christmas, the carnal desires of the peeps in RTD  comes alive. Enjoy~

As mentioned in the first picture, if you want to be part of the dirtied ones, join us at this link. If you just wanna look at the weird banter in our #general chat, do not hesitate to join as well. However, be might be the next new victim to be pinned~

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#218 The Golden Gourd, and the Awakening

Foreword notice: As some of you may be aware, the author uses slightly different kanji for famous people from Ishen, since it’s not really translated into English, we just leave kanji next to those names, where it’s applicable.

In regards to the money conversion ratio:
There are 6 types of money used throughout the story (currently):
bronze -> copper -> silver -> gold -> platinum -> royal gold
Each next level costs 10 of the previous level. The was a typo of #193 about paying the amount to go through the transfer gates, it will be fixed at later date.

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