Takami no Kago 89

Sup, Raizu is here~
Here is the next chapter of TnK~

This month, Ero is busy with his thesis, so this chapter was delayed a bit.
Let’s pray Ero can finish his thesis as soon as possible with rainbow colour so he can back translating for us. 🙂

Rest assured, I’m almost done with ch.90, if things going well, you can get it on next week. XD

Translator: Ero
TLC/Editor: Darknari

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#228 An Attack, and the Second Ruler-class

A first piece of the new year.
So, a bit longer, a bit exciting. And I’ve also switched the entirety of the chapter to the past tense to see how it goes. A bit new style so to say.
I’ve tried to apply the past tense to the narration, to add direct thoughts, etc. Looks a bit more… diverse. What do you say? (And sorry, Black, for doing it behind your back :))

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