Happy New Year!


RTD wishes you all a very happy new year!
The last year wasn’t the best of the years for RTD, but that doesn’t mean it was a bad year.
Let’s hope this year turns out the best.
Here’s our new year’s resolution:

1. Raise our dead series
2. Catch up with the raws
3. Raise new dead series
4. Create more dead series in the process *ahem*

So, what’s your new year’s resolution?

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Takami no Kago 70

Hello everyone! Raizu is here.
I’m sorry for the lack of update. We’ve been busy for these few weeks.
Hopefully, we’ll back in track start from this week. 🙂

On different note, I and Renbo just did some fun sidejob as fansubber.
We did Seiren by using [RR-Subs]. Since we did it for fun, don’t expect much from it. But hey, who knows we might do all of them till end. XD

Anyway, enjoy your new chapter.

Translator: Bob
Editor/TLC: Darknari
The rest: Raizu.

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