The start of a journey.

So I’ve been watching anime for years, and there are a handful of things on my monitoring list that various groups started fansubbing before collapsing or abandoning them.

If I ever want to watch the rest of these series with English subtitles I figure I only have a few options.

1. Hassle fansubbing groups to pick up the series & do it. I don’t consider this option to have much chance of working.

2. Donate money to a fansubbing group to get them to do it. But I don’t really want to spend any money so that option is out too.

3. Keep waiting for an official English subbed DVD release. Also not likely, if the series was popular enough for a DVD release it would have been subbed in the first place.

4. Get off my arse & learn Japanese & sub the stuff myself. Probably also a very low chance of working, but the best bet out of the options as I see them.

……and so we are going with option 4. The journey for me started nearly 2 weeks ago, at this stage I probably have 20-30 more Japanese words in my vocabulary than what I had already picked up from anime, and the path ahead looks really daunting, but I have not given up yet. I’ll try and keep this updated a bit for anyone else interested in following the path, or joining me for moral support. 🙂

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