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So today I went to Pimsleur’s site to purchase their “Learn Japanese” audio books. I’ve listened to a handful of them from various sources, and I find them quite good & worth me spending money on (even though I started out trying to learn Japanese for free).
As I am essentially trapped with my mp3 player as I travel too & from work these audio only lessons are a great way too force me to learn some japanese.
They start you off learning one sentence, and add a few extra words each lesson, they repeat the words a decent amount, ask in english for you to say the japanese of something you’ve learnt, and then give you a few seconds to think of it before they will say it in japanese, and then they’ll give you a few more seconds to repeat it afterwards. They also ask questions which you need to think of different combinations of the words you’ve learnt to answer them.

The link Pimsleur provides to the online store wasn’t working today, though I got to the online store myself. The first lesson is listed as free for anyone interested in giving it a try. There are 30 lessons total in Basic Japanese, and also two higher levels so 90 lessons in total. The site lists the complete 90 lesson pack as $99.99 (I assume USD). This seems like quite good value in my opinion, though everything I clicked on sent me through to a site called “audible.com”. No matter if I clicked the book title, or the buy button for the book, both of them sent me to audible.

Well Pimsleur, today your dodgy online store has caused you to miss a sale. Despite this I will probably try & buy it again at a later date, when the store has got it’s shit in order.
I’ve been looking at other sites on the internet also, I’ll post some reviews about them too some time.

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Oh! This article has suggested to me many new ideas. I will embark on doing it. Hope you can continue to contribute your talents in this area. Thank you.