F-Zero Falcon Densetsu

F-Zero Falcon Densetsu is the first anime I plan on subbing. If somebody subs it before I’ve learnt enough Japanese to do it then that saves me the trouble & I’ll put my amateur skills towards a different project.

Here is a rundown on the current translation effort for this project:

The series is 8 years old. It has 51 episodes

The first 2 episodes were subbed 8 years ago by Miyuki Fansubs & Anime Malaysia Fansubs.

The first 8 episodes have been subbed by Mr Morris on youtube, the most recent of which being over a year ago.

The last 11 episodes have been subbed on youtube, not sure who by.

Anonymous Russian Rippers has released HK DVD rips of episodes 1-8 & 27-51. ARR has no plans on releasing the missing episodes. These episodes do come with english subs, but they are very bad, and I’m not even sure if I can use them as a guideline for proper translation.

4-kids butchered the first 11 episodes into english, had a falling out with nintendo, and abandoned their dubbing effort. To my knowledge nobody currently owns the english license of this series.

These guys have translated the first 9 episodes into French over the last few months http://www.zeus-team.fr/?op=News which is awesome news for French people, and may also help me along the line because french is much easier to get a computer translation to english for. Keep up the great work Zeus Team.
Here is a rundown of how I currently plan to tackle this project:

I’ve been learning Japanese for just over 3 weeks now, I am hearing words I know quite often in the anime I watch. I would not be surprised if I’m starting to get a grasp on understanding what I hear by the start of next year. (I’m not saying I can learn Japanese fluently in 3 months, far from it, but that’s where I expect to start crawling).

I will start by making srt files using the current translations out there for the first 8 episodes. These srt files will work with the rips from ARR. I will probably do this when I feel I’m nearly ready to start crawling through the rest of it to get a feel for the Japanese terms I don’t know yet used in the series.

For episodes 9-26 I do not have any RAWS for these eps. These eps are on youtube RAW, so in the worst case scenario I can make srt files to work with youtube rips, but I’ll keep looking. If anyone has good rips of them let me know. 🙂

For episodes 9-11 I can use the 4-kids butchery as a guide to help me translate.

For episodes 12-26 I’ll be on my own, crawling through translating it myself. If the french translation effort is still going I might be able to use babelfish to translate their work & use it as a guide to help me.

27+ the HK rips may be able to help as a guide again.

41+ I can use the existing subs for.

If I find HK rips for the gap then I’ll probably have some form of guide for the whole series making it much easier to sub (hopefully).

Anyone who can assist in any way is appreciated, or anyone who wants to join this group (Raising the Dead) is also most welcome. All members must be interested in learning Japanese, this group is intended to help each other learn basic Japanese & basic fansubbing.

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Any progress? :p


I thought I’d post this here for you and people in the future. My friend and I have been uploading the series with subs on YouTube over the past few months. Episodes can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dreadopp