Moving along.

Some days I feel like learning Japanese is a wall that’s too high to climb, but then I sit down and watch some anime & hear a word mentioned that I’ve only recently learnt and that wall seems just a little bit smaller, and the little voice inside my head gets all excited.

I think the hardest thing so far is working out all the little bits that go between words. Wa, Ga, O, etc. I’m only just starting to see that these things have meanings, but I think understanding them is still beyond me. I’m sure as I pick up more words these extra bits will come to me little by little. Some feel like they just make the sentence flow nicely, others I think change the meaning of the word they are near.

Watashi = Me

Watashi no = My

Watashi mo = me too

Watashi to = with me

When I get a better grasp on all these things I’ll probably come back & edit posts like this to avoid giving out false information, this is just some of what I think I know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m off the mark quite a bit.

I think it’s about time I started making some flash cards to carry around with what I’ve been learning too, there’s been plenty of times that I’ve tried to remember what a word I learnt was & just couldn’t think of it.

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