Going to make an Anki deck.

I currently have 2 Anki decks that I have kept on my phone. The “Basic Japanese” one I checked has about 70 words, most of which I knew so it was good for reviewing. The second one I have is a bit over my knowledge grade at the moment, it’s called – Smartfm Japanese Core 2000 Step 1. As I haven’t been learning Kanji I would have thought this one wouldn’t be much use to me (for those of you who don’t know, Core 2000 is referring to the main Kanji you need to learn to read Japanese) however this particular one is pretty good.
First of all it will say a basic sentence to you, and then in answer to this it will show the kanji & english writting for the sentence. Now I’m not understanding the full sentences at this stage, but I’m picking up words in alot of the sentences. It’s good for when I have a few minutes just to sit there & properly listen to the Japanese & try to work out what they are saying on my own, and then pat myself on the back when I get some of it, or think over how the answer fits in with what I heard.

There was a handful more that I’ve tried, but they all had the question or answer in kanji so I couldn’t read it & it didn’t really help me. Will try out some more soon.

I’m also going to try and make my own deck, starting some time this week. I’ll try and get it released so everyone can download it properly through Anki. I’ll be using small pictures of anime characters, with snips of them saying words, and both Romaji & English writings of the words (maybe Kanji too if I get some help).

eg. A picture of Alphonse & Edward Elric, with one of them saying Kyoudai. (with Kyoudai also written there). On the answer side of the card would be the word sibling. (I did think Brother was the translation of this word, but I don’t think it’s actually gender specific, just most translators of anime use a gender to make it sound better in english.).

Or a picture of Shenlong with the word Dragon written below it, and then Ryuu written on the answer side with Shenlong saying Ryuu also.
So I guess the first release my group (of just me so far) is going to do won’t even be a fansub, but every step gets us/me a little closer.

As always, anyone wanting to join or help out would be appreciated, just leave a comment.

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Still working on it.

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