Still working on it.

I’ve been watching anime, and whenever I hear a word that I learnt since I started this whole thing I make a note of it. So at this stage I’ve skipped all the words I learnt myself (I’ll add them later) and have a collection of about… 15… words.

They all sound reasonably clear at least, though at a later time if I am re-watching some of the classics I think it would be a better idea to switch to some more recognizable character pics/voices e.g. Narusegawa, Vash, Spike, Shinji, Lina, Onizuka, Kenshin etc.

I’ll see if I can find something useful to capture the sound bits, and have a fiddle with it this afternoon. So expect a download for what I have so far to appear soon.

Machine Translating to give a bit back to the community.
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Going to make an Anki deck.
Crash & Burn. Respawn in 3... 2... 1....

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