Holy crap I did something.

Hi guys.

I’ve been reading Tate no Yuusha no Narigari, which has so far mainly been translated by Bakahou. He’s been translating it using a combination of online translators, and a little bit of Japanese knowledge himself. This weekend he has taken a well earned break after translating an amazing 1-6 chapters nearly every day since he started.

So I figured I’d see if I could do something myself. If you look through my post history you’ll see that I attempted to learn Japanese. I did not succeed, and I never tried to learn Kanji.

My own knowledge helped out ZERO. Which means that anyone with no knowledge can do this if they have enough motivation and dedication.

I decided to have a shot at “There Was a Cute Chick in the Hero Party, so I Tried Confessing.” aka “Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita.” since it has been abandoned, and my originally hope of this wordpress site was to revive some dead projects.

Doing the first few paragraphs was horrible, I didn’t think I’d make it, I left it twice, and when I sat down again today the rest felt like it clicked into place a bit.

Chapter 1 by Vanant

Chapter 2 by Vanant

Chapter 3 by Vanant

Chapter 4 by me! This link has the Jap text next to my text if anyone wanted to see how bad I did.

I don’t know if the receptionists name is Kureiman, but they kept using it to refer to him so I went with it.

I was invited

I am grateful

It has been one week since I joined the guild.
I completed my requests smoothly, and my guild rank has increased to D.
As usual, I have completed a request today and returned to the guild to report it.

“There are beautiful girls over there that can handle your requests. Why do you keep coming to me?”

I am asked in an irritated tone.

“I thought about taking my request to one of the cute girls, but I’ve gotten used to working with you.”

“You’ve gotten used to working with me!? I don’t want my work to increase!”

Kureiman’s voice echo’s through the guild.
Three days after I registered with the guild the other staff returned. I keep working with Kureiman because he does his job well, even if he grumbles about it.

“Don’t complain, you do a good job.”

There’s no reason not to bring my work to him.

“Receptionist is not my job, I just got stuck with you because everyone else was away on the day of the Hero Parade.” Kureiman grumbles while processing my request.

Suddenly there is a commotion near the entrance to the guild.

“Oh, is something happening?

Kureiman leans forward and we both look towards the commotion.

“Excuse me, Could you let me through?”

My goddess Cecilia appears.  Voices in the guild wonder why a companion of the hero would be here.
The atmosphere is similar to an idol in my previous life.
Even Kurieman is interested and livelier than normal.
Cecilia slowly makes her way towards me.

“I’m sorry for not speaking with you until now.”

The guild members glare at me when they see her bow her head and apologize to me.
Only Kureiman has his usual gaze.

“Let’s have a detailed talk in my house.”

She grabs me by the arm and leads me from the guild.
The guild goes into an uproar as we leave.
When we leave we climb into a carriage she probably arrived in.
The coach driver gives me a suspicious glare, but bows when Cecilia explains, and then the carriage rumbles to motion.

“Although we planned to meet earlier, the hero parade & party have continued for quite some time…”

She apologizes with a bow.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s the first time I’ve been out of the castle and I am enjoying myself.”

“Thank you, I feel better with you saying that.”

She still seems depressed, so I change the topic of the conversation.

“Good job finding me.”

“I wasn’t sure what your disguise looked like, so I asked who has joined the guild recently.”

It might have been difficult.

“I think I found you reasonably quickly. You didn’t change your name, or much of your appearance, what were you thinking!?”

“What do you mean? I thought I changed well.”

My appearance was already similar to a human with a dull face. The only problem was my black wings.

“I even endured ripping off my wings.”

Now I am intentionally preventing them from regenerating.

“That may be so, but I can still recognize your face, please at least wear some glasses.”

The carriage stopped suddenly while we were discussing my disguise.
The coach driver indicates that we have arrived.


A large mansion appears before me, with two soldiers guarding the gate.
I got out of the carriage and was stopped by the soldiers.

“Welcome home miss… Who is this man?”

The soldiers hold their spears towards me.

“Please lower the spears. He is my friend.”

The soldiers grudgingly lower their spears. They cannot defy Cecilia.
I feel their glares on me as Cecilia leads me inside.

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Are planning to continue with this project.


Thank you for the translation!

I am so happy that someone is picking up this novel !!!!!


Interesting story. Thank you for translating ch4 and introducing me to this novel.


keep it up…
you doing good


pls continue this project,i want to read ch 5 plssss


Im loving this one!!! Cant wait to read the next chapters, thanks!!!


IT is super awesome that you want to pick up another project (and I like this series a lot)

but you might want to get in touch with the group running this trans@


as they are about 10 chapters ahead of you on this project. I think it is re:monster doing it??


Is this group still translating? I’ve read all of their translated chapters beginning a few days ago, and seeing as there isn’t any updates yet, and now looking at your post date, and seeing as there are 4 chapters here, plus 10 from the translation group, they quit translating..

Nu Gundam

I got the feeling HaruParty is “Dead” and that “Yuusha Party” is dropped…
There’s no update the last 3 months of so (Last update is in December or early January IIRC)
and there’s no news whatsoever…

Wonder if you’re willing to pick it up? (got into this page through google)


you should read both versions of chapter 7 (nigga talk) and straight talk and compare. I was laughing on the floor.


Will you be doing this? I tried doing a few of my favorite chapters myself already so if you were to continue this it would be most helpful.