Slave Harem 9

As mentioned last week, I’m not posting 9, and going straight to 10 (will have it up in a few minutes for those who get here quick). I’m translating 9 in my spare time so I can release it as a bonus chapter some week. I’ve only done a little of it so far, but I’ve already seen three characters in it that are not yet in the main story.

The author wrote a note himself at the start of the chapter, I’ve translated it for you to read. It does say when the first heroine turns up, but no other spoilers aside from that.

Another paths end, according to a special volume.

The hero’s delusion.

This is another path, where Tirihi visited his bed during the night.

It’s totally a delusion, it has no relevance to the main story.

There is no problem if you continue reading the story without reading this chapter.

Future events will be different to this, including characters and settings. It does have

heroines appear that have not yet been introduced.

Even though the series title is “Harem”, there is no heroine until chapter 11.

Well, if you include this chapter, the first heroine will not appear until chapter 12.

I will try to write more quickly.

Please don’t throw things at me.

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Kensei Seraph

Well thanks for the teaser.
Now I’m really looking forward to chapter 12.


+1, hahahaha well as long there is a harem XD


I’m confused do we just skip this chapter


Kinda weird how the author decided to do something like this but oh well.


looking forwards to the release of chap. 9.. Thanks for the hard work!


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