Slave Harem – 020 – Wizard

Here’s chapter 20, the first half done by walking_dead, and then finished by me. The first bit sounds a bit odd, but I don’t think it’s too bad.

I’m looking for a couple of people that want to be editors. otkamak has been hurrying through a few of the chapters further on, but in his words his translations “sound a bit like Yoda because he’s translating a bit too literal”. What I’ve read is quite understandable but it’s just a bit rough to read so it’s time to get some editors.

I’ll make the first comment on this post, and if you’re interested in editing just leave your skype there and I’ll make a note of it. I’ll remove them afterwards for your privacy.

Must have awesome English skills.

There’s a lot of notes on his first chapter (I didn’t read the whole lot, I was working on 20) where he’s left some Jap for a double check if needed, so having a MT handy is useful too, or having Translation Aggregator setup.

I’ll just contact the first couple of people, but anyone else who leaves their skype I’ll keep a note of it in case it’s needed later.

Anyone who wants to try translating is still welcome too, check out the translating posts linked on the “Help us” page if you don’t know any Japanese. You can either help with Slave Harem, or bring a project you are interested in into the group.


Meteor crash!
It is the bonus incantation which I lacked MP at the time of hero lvl 1.

Am I able to use it now? I have piled up four jobs and Hero has increased to lvl 6.

If the Wizard job can be acquired by using the meteor crash, that’s great.

Even if I do not obtain the Wizard job, I might acquire a weapon to kill groups of enemies, and that was the purpose from the beginning.

I prayed to reset my character.
One bonus point remains. My explorer lvl seems to have risen.
Warp is removed, the jobs are set and bonus points are put into the bonus incantation meteor crash.

Just in case, I have moved to the first layer of the labyrinth by a dungeon walk.
I hunt two needle woods to fill up my MP.

And for the demon who appeared next.

Eat this!
Meteor crash!


I pray and watched around, but nothing has happened.

Was it useless?

The needle wood tries to reach me, shake’s a branch and attacks.
I killed it with durandal out of necessity.

Don’t you have enough MP yet with hero Lv6?
How much MP will be necessary?

It must be a magic with a lot of power if it consumes that much MP.
That’s the only thing I can think of.
I am looking forward to the time I can use it.

The meteor crash couldn’t be used, but I don’t feel down particularly.
It was within my expectations.

Hmmm, are there those kind of things too?
I do a character reset again.

Total MP release.
It’s this.

It is a magic that uses up all currently present MP for a single magic attack.
Usually an attack magic can’t consume all of the MP but with this setting it can become zero.
I do not think that my MP is not enough.

The problem is that the MP needs to become zero.
If the MP becomes zero will it be all right?
At least there should not be a problem. Unlike the total release of HP there will be no danger to my life.

Lets try it out  near the small room where I encounter the beautiful female knight the other day. Just in case I should be able to escape from there immediately. Because demons don’t seem to appear there it will be a suitable escape place.

I thought about the small room of the doorway, but a place where other people might pass by is not suitable. Though there might be the advantage that it is possible to run outside if there is an emergency, it’s also a pitch black night outside at the moment. The risk however will not change.

I look for a demon near to the entrance of the small room.  But no demon appears easily, maybe it is too hard for them to appear that near to a room where they cannot spawn.

At last I found a needle wood a bit away on the left side of the entrance. Can I attack it to follow me?
I turned my back on the demon and started running towards the small room.

In the place I am running from I was exposed to an attack from the back. The needle wood seems to move faster than I thought.

Turning around I stared at the demon.
Then I activated the total MP release.

Something comes off out of my body. It is a very unpleasant feeling at the same time. MP is spiritual energy? Maybe that’s it.

It’s a success.
No, I have succeeded.
Even if I should have failed.

The needle wood in front of me explodes.
It becomes smoke and scatters.
What have I done?

I am certainly dead if caught in such a place by other demons. I am weak.
I have no talent either. I am stupid and have no merits ever. I am the lowest of man.
Let’s live in this different world. The doubts are extreme.
A satisfactory place for me to live was not found on earth. It’s the best to expect a dog’s death in the place I am.

A beautiful woman like Roxanne shall be obtained by me? Surely she will not even notice me. That is a trap of the slave trader. It is a plot. It is trickery. It is fraud.

I pick up the branch and jump into the small room. When you pick up the branch at such time. Happy. I am Happy too! Who is a trivial, ugly miser?

I rested in the small room. To be trampled in a place like this is what a guy like me deserves.

It might be safe in this small room. To secure an escape place beforehand, how bad can a guy mess up? Try to think. This present state of me is a consequence of emptying my MP.

How to recover from it? I can only use the MP absorption of durandal. But how to do it when you fled in a place where no demons are?

My safe place was not prepared for a situation like this, it was necessary to choose a place where I could concentrate on fighting one demon even if it is unpleasant now. It looks like the idea itself was unskilled. There is nothing more fearfully than an incompetent supporter who is motivated. Because I tried to use an unfinished plan, it came to this situation.

Then should I go out? I should think about it. Is it stupid? Am I a fool? Or an idiot? If I go out now I might not even meet a demon. It is suitable for a coward like me to be frightened in this small room where demons not even can appear.

No, does a demon really not appear here?
Who decided such a thing?
It is speculation.
It is only wishful thinking of a fool like me.

Yes, it’s like that. Even here it might not be safe.
Let’s run away!
But where to go?

I do not know of safe places.
Where ever I go there will be enemies, it will be dangerous everywhere.
Even in this refugee I cannot rest.
I will surely die in here.

I gathered willpower and somehow managed to go outside of the small room.

Go back! Do you want to die?
No. Even if I return, it’s the same situation.
A demon will come to this place sooner or later.
Anyway, I cannot defeat a demon.

It’s like this. This will be my graveyard.

I begin to walk unsteadily.
I should have bought MP recovery potions in the adventurer’s guild at least.
I am a fool not to notice such a thing from the beginning.
It’s cruel reality to die a dog’s death here.

A needle wood appeared in the depths of the cave.

Run away.
I am still in time.
I should be able to rush into the small room of a little while ago.

No. I am not in time.
I cannot be in time.

While I hesitate, the needle wood approaches.
Partly unconscious I shake durandal.
Is it survival instinct? Or is it muscle memory that let me keep fighting?

The tip of my sword durandal catches the demon. The needle wood is cut and collapses.

Even in such a state the demon is defeated with one swing of the sword.
Even if I feel depressed, the offensive ability of durandal seems to be unchanged.
When saying that it’s natural, is it natural?

I was discouraged and let out a breath. It was a close call.

It was not perfect, but MP seemed to be restored somewhat, too.
The pessimism until a while ago becomes light as if mist thins out.

This was dangerous.
It was really hard.
I was never depressed like this before.
Is this the downside of bringing MP to zero?
I don’t want to suffer such a thing twice.

It’s alright. I can do it if I have to.
I persuade myself.

I looked around and as if to celebrate my recovery a leaf was left behind by the needle wood.

Furthermore, I hunted three needle woods and recovered MP.
The pessimism from before faded away as if it was never there from the beginning.

I check my job settings.

Wizard lvl 1
Effects: small rise in intelligence, small rise in MP recovery.
Skill: beginner fire magic, beginner water magic, beginner wind magic, beginner earth magic.

There it was. Even though I had problems acquiring it.

The beginner’s class fire magic, it might be powerful.
Am I able to use it now?

I replace the job swordsman Lv 2 with wizard Lv 1.

I went to the second floor.
I might not have good attack magic yet, but the second floor should still be alright even without a safe room.

While walking through the dungeon I concentrate on the beginner level fire magic.
Nothing happens.

Fire! Flame! Burn! Fire magic! Incinerate! fireball!
I try focusing on various words, and something above me lights up.

I seem to have made a fireball.

It’s a fireball.

The fireball flies forward.

It’s a success.
Finally I have magic.

I watch the fireballs destination.
It’s an amazing feeling being able to practice magic.

I created a fireball.
I choke up with emotions from the feeling of coming to such an amazing world.
Sure I had the movement magic, and space magic already, but fire magic is special.
I caused a natural phenomenon with my own power.
I’m overflowing with emotion.

Previously I’ve emotionally hit bottom, but this will be something I can fondly remember.
I should also try out the wind magic.

The fireball continues down the cave until it disappears.

For a while I revel in the joy of becoming a wizard.
Nothing really changed, I’m still the same person.
However, I am now able to conjure magic.

A Green Caterpillar appears, and I use Durandal on it to recover MP.
Following that I throw a fireball at a Needle Wood.

The tree demon is covered in fire.
It’s amazing.
As expected of magic.

The fire goes out rather quickly.
Apparently I can’t defeat it in one shot.
The demon comes at me while smoke still comes from it.
Well, it’s beginner level magic so the damage is low, but the damage done appears to be causing the demon to move slower.
I swing Durandal at the approaching Needle Wood. It cuts it down in a single swing without problem.

If the beginner class fire magic is a fireball, is the beginner class magic for water a water ball?
I finish of another demon and then try to use water ball.
A ball of water appears over my head, and goes forwards.

Is this water magic?

I kill a Green Caterpillar to replenish my MP, and then try the water ball on a Needle Wood.
The demon flinches slightly, but recovers immediately and charges at me.
There are no signs that it had any effect.
I wait, and strike it with Durandal when it gets near.

The Needle Wood is a plant type demon, so fire magic is probably more effective than water magic.
I’ll have to research it later.

Next is to try out wind magic.
Is there a wind ball?

I try it but nothing happens.

Wind arrow! Wind storm! Wind cutter!
Still nothing.

I thought that the wind magic would be a ball because the fire magic and water magic were both balls.

Wind ball! Air Ball! Gust ball! Gale ball! Typhoon ball! Tornado ball! Breeze ball!
There it is.

A breeze ball appears above my head and flies forwards.
It’s probably a ball of wind, but I can’t see it.
I can hear it however.

A gentle breeze, the beginner level wind magic.
The tornado is not at the beginner level.

I hunt a demon to recover some MP, and then look for another to test it on and two appear.

Needle Wood Lv2

Needle Wood Lv2

There seems to be groups of two monsters on the second floor as well.
I’ll see if the fireball is effective on multiple enemies.

I use the fireball while glaring at the two demons.
The fireball appears… and passes between the two demons.

…well. That’s how it is.
Even though there are two demons, two fireballs did not appear.
You have to aim at a target properly to hit it with a fireball.
Since I tried to specify two demons it just went between them.

I swing Durandal horizontally while aiming at the left Needle Wood.
The saint sword tore through the Needle Wood.
A branch is left behind as I continue my swing through the right Needle Wood. I cut off it’s head and it’s defeated.

There are two branches now, and I put them into the rucksack.

The fireball doesn’t seem to be that strong a magic.
It’s good for using on an enemy at a distance, but it only targets one.

Isn’t there an AoE attack?
Fire arrow, Fire wall…
As I focus on it a wall of fire appears nearby.

It’s about a meter wide and two meters high.
The fire continues to burn for about ten seconds.

A fire wall.
It feels like more of a defensive magic than an attack magic.
Would it be useful for me to use when surrounded by enemies?

Isn’t there an AoE attack magic?
Hell Flame! Burn attack! Volcano Erupt!
Nothing. Well, the fire wall might be similar to the fireball in setting things alight.

Fire Strike! Fire attack! Fire storm!
There is a feeling of something happening in my body.

MP was used.
Fire Storm seems to be something.

However, even though it feels like MP was used, nothing happens.
Did it fail?
Maybe not, it could be because there are no enemies here.
Maybe it’s a magic whic automatically targets demons.

I hunt two demons to recover some MP.
A Green Caterpillar appears and I use Fire Storm on it.

Red sparks dance around the cave, it feels like looking at fireflies.
The sparks gather around the demon, and attack the Green Caterpillar.
The Green Caterpillar burns red.
Although it looks quite painful, the demon endures it until it goes out completely.

It seems I can’t defeat one with a single Fire Storm.
I drive Durandal into the head of the caterpillar dealing a decisive blow and it turns to smoke.

Fire Storm is the right magic name.
How does it recognize enemies? Or does it only target demons?
Well, now I should confirm if it’s an AoE attack magic.
Should I look for two demons now?

Maybe I’ll try it later.
I’ll head outside now.

It’s still dark outside the Labyrinth. When I look towards Vale I can see a pale light coming from the other side.
Soon it will be sunrise.

That was perfect.
I don’t have a watch or a phone, but after coming to this world it feels like my biological clock has become more accurate.
Actually, there may just be a good balance with how exhausted I am.
I mustn’t get overconfident about it.

I go back to the hotel for breakfast, and then return to the Labyrinth afterwards.
I go to the second floor again and hunt some more demons with Durandal to recover MP while I test out some more magic.

A Green Caterpillar is the first thing I see, and I launch a breeze ball at it.
It’s still not possible to defeat it in one shot, but there is a visible wound on the caterpillar so it definitely did damage.

After hunting some more demons to recover MP I test out water wall on the next Needle Wood I come across.
A wall of water appears in front of me.
It’s about the same size as the fire wall, though made of water instead.

Since it isn’t like a rapid stream I doubt it can prevent a demon from getting through.
Is this how you defend yourself while an ally is using fire magic?

After a little time passes the wall collapses and water goes over the floor.
The water scatters everywhere.
It also got on my pants.

The water doesn’t seem to disappear easily, unlike the fire.
Is that common?
I’m not sure, I don’t understand the reason.

Can you really just make water? To test it out I throw a water ball at the wall.
It splashed into the wall, and then dripped down the wall.

Water can be made.
Water magic seems to be quite convenient.
When I get thirsty I can use it.
I’m not sure if it’s fresh water though.

After defeating a Needle Wood with Durandal, I try out the breeze wall.
There seems to be a wall of wind.
I can hear it.

It’s invisible though, so I’m not sure about it’s dimensions.
I’m not sure how useful it is since I can’t see it, but I try it in front of a Green Caterpillar.

Here we go.
As I wait, the demon stops before the breeze wall.
An orange magic formation appears under the Green Caterpillar.

I failed.
Even though I can’t understand it’s dimensions, the Green Caterpillar seems to know them.
Also, the wall of wind is obstructing me from going there.

After a short time the demon shoots thread.
He seems to have timed it with the breeze wall disappearing.

It failed even there.
While there was a wall I could have run away at least.

The thread entangles me.
As I struggle to free myself I am hit by the body of the Green Caterpillar.
I struggle to swing Durandal as the demon attempts another body blow.
The demon is defeated, and thread is left behind.

Since I was able to defeat it in one blow things didn’t get out of hand.
The wall of magic seems to be hard to use well.
How should I use it?

Should I have defended with a fire wall when the demon shot it’s thread?
I failed.

The other walls of magic were only a meter in width, so I probably could have gone around it and attacked.
If I want to block of a passage in the cave I’ll have to use two walls.

Since I’ve already tested the fire, water and wind, next is earth magic.
What is earth?
A sand ball.

Nice! I guessed it straight away.
A ball of soil appears above me and flies off.
Or should I call it a ball of sand since it’s sand ball?

After hunting a demon I test out the sand wall.
It was a wall of soil, the soil version of the fire wall.
After some time passes it collapses and leaves sand on the ground, just like the water wall.
There isn’t any use for the sand, even if I can make it with magic.

Green Caterpillar Lv2

Green Caterpillar Lv2

After I hunt another demon to recover some MP, two Green Caterpillars appear.
This is good.

I use fire storm.
The sparks start to dance and attack both of the demons, dying both in red.
It is an AoE attack.

It’s not likely that I can defeat them with just one fire storm.
I have to defeat them before they shoot thread.
I swing Durandal at the Caterpillar on the right while he is covered in fire.
I then swing Durandal at the left Caterpillar, just as the fire goes out.

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