Hachi-nan Chapter 2

Translated by Rhinz
Edited by Cyrogen

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I think I’m in a trance.

“A boy again… This is the 8th one.”

“Dear, He’s such healthy boy. Give him a suitable name.”

“You’re right. Maybe Wendelin? His chance to succeed Baumeister house is almost zero though.”

I fell into the dream world again because of sudden drowsiness, I see a strange sight in that dream.
Like my consciousness has shifted, I see a scene of a baby boy that looked like it was just born appeared like a scene from a movie.

I apparently have been born as the eighth son in this Baumeister house.
Or is it more accurate to say that I took over his existence?

As the story advances, this Baumeister house is a lower class noble family that governs about three villages on the frontier with two to three hundreds population.
Arthur von Benno Baumeister is the current family head, for better or worse he is a mediocre man in his forties, similar lower class noble as legal wife and local village chief daughter as a mistress.

The two wives had eight boys, including me, Wendelin.

Should a lower class noble who governs population of around eight hundreds really have that many children though?
In this era, I seriously don’t think they understand about family planning.

From the information I’ve learned up until now, I understand that this world really resembles the Middle Ages in Europe.
Even if a child is born, there is no guarantee that all of them will grow up safely either.

They can’t afford only one child, there’s no security for the legal wife to give birth without fail so I can agree about the mistress matter.

But this is definitely too many.
In the worst-case scenario, it can also cause a family feud.

I feel sorry for the mistress’s children but that’s probably not something I need to worry about.
I actually still haven’t seen her face yet, she is the mother of two boys and two girls if the memory of this body is right, the first boy will be the village headman’s heir and the second will be the son-in-law to a wealthy farmer with only daughters.

The girls also seems to have already had their marriages decided.

Enough about them.
Because their futures have been decided.

The legal wife has mainly given birth to the remaining six sons.
I though that I must be the mistress child but I was given birth by the legal wife that near 40 ages.

Honestly I don’t think a woman of her age should be getting pregnant.
This is a poor territory so it should be impossible to have a new young mistress mainly from financial aspects.
To put it the other way around, I’m glad that their relationship as married couple were excellent.

“Dear, perhaps Wendelin might have the talent for the sword or magic.”

“It’s possible for him to be independent if that’s the case.”

From the small child memories I’ve taken over, I gradually come to understand about my current condition.

First of all, I am Wendelin, the son of this shameless poor noble, a 5 year old or you can say 6 year old when you count it from the new year.

I was born in a noble family but because there are so many children, it’s a matter of fact that I can’t inherit the territories.
The worst case is that there is no hope of me being able to live as a noble.

The eldest son normally takes over the house, the second son is considered a spare and the third son onward have to seek their own lives.
Apart from great noble family with vast territory or a noble family with important position for generations in the capital city, for this poor lower class noble with only merit is having child, the third son onward needs to make plans about their own future or else they will risk their life.

That’s mean.
What will happen to me who should be sleeping at home in his apartment? I don’t have time to be happy after hearing the key word of “Magic” a little while ago.

I don’t know how the adults grow up in this world but I must find my own way to live until that time.

“(It won’t be good to panic, but I have no idea how to live as a child who is just playing around…)”

Afterwards, I confirmed Wendelin past life by digesting it through this third party view, I’ve hastily collected information since I woke up so that I won’t be suspected in my new family.

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Thank you for the update 🙂 Err, Umm, I don’t espeak ingles very well. So sorry.


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JANUARY 8, 2015 AT 12:45 AM
this novel is abandonned? :'(

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it seem the translator abandon it…


I’m just putting this out there, that for some of the names, you’re using Slovak and Celtic cognates, when you should be using the German variants, as they’re the only ones that consistently make sense in their context. I recommend deferring to Onichanyamete’s version for names and places where applicable, even if it risks us anglophones pronouncing it wrong.

Arthur von Benno-Baumeister, since I’m pretty sure it’s a double surname and Wendelin for the boy.


My knowledge about medieval age is literally none existent, I just made up the name or asking mr.google for suitable name (If I can get one).
I’m open to suggestion for a new name or something since this would happen in the latter chapter too.


Din no Monshou ~ Mahou Shi Rejisu no Tensei tan ~
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