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I’ll leave anything there until it’s fixed and then delete the requests to keep it neat.


I saw something unpleasant.
Three thieves using violence against a young woman.
This is the darker side of the world.
Can’t the world just be full of beautiful things?

I don’t want to get involved.
I turn my back on it and use warp on the wall nearby.

For now I’ve at least confirmed where the thieves come from.
I need to be cautious for now and leave.

I head for the third floor of the Labyrinth.

In the Labyrinth, violence is everything.
Only in the Labyrinth does violence solve every situation.

That makes it easy to understand.
You don’t need to think about anything here. The strong win and the weak are destroyed.
How straightforward things are can feel relaxing.

I leave the third floor immediately.
I need to check if I can go straight to the third floor from outside the labyrinth.

Outside it is pitch dark and there isn’t anyone.
I re-enter immediately.
As I enter I focus my mind on the third floor.

I appear in the small entrance room.
Since they all look the same I’m not sure which floor it is.

I take the copper sword and wand from the item box, and put away the scimitar.

Kobold Lv3

A Kobold Lv3 appears.
It seems I really am on the third floor.
I defeat the demon with a single fireball.

It seems you really can choose which floor you wish to go to as you enter the Labyrinth.

For now I’ll hunt on the third floor.
The Mino on the fourth floor is still a bit scary.
That horn is dangerous.

It will probably be fine when I become more familiar with it, but until then it will be rather bad.

My current options are either going to the fourth floor using Durandal until I get used to it, or raising my level here.
Is it too soon to move on?
The horn on the Lv4 Mino will be a real threat until I can defeat it with just three spells.

I also found the thieves in the slums, so it’s no longer necessary to hurry making money in the Labyrinth.
It’s hard to make money on the third floor, but dangerous to move on.

After hunting some more and consuming MP I return the the small room at the entrance and pull out Durandal.
I want to test where I can go when I leave.
I step into the black wall and focus on the fourth floor, and then appear in a small entrance room.

Is it a success? Probably.
I head further into the Labyrinth.

Green Caterpillar Lv4

It’s a success, it’s possible to use the entrance to skip floors.
I charge in and swing Durandal.
The sword splits the Green Caterpillar in two.
A single blow on a Lv4.

Mino Lv4

Mino Lv4

Kobold Lv4

A group appears next. There’s three of them.

Will group size increase as floors increase?
I can’t be sure since I’ve only pushed through three floors, but I haven’t encountered a group of three before.

Will I end up with a group of 20 on the 20th floor, and 30 on the 30th?
Hopefully that isn’t the case.
I’m not sure how many floors there are but I’d be dead before the tenth.
At some stage there may be enemies that aren’t affected by magic too.

A party size has a limit of six here, so I’d like to think there is a cap on the size of monster groups.

To start I use the sand storm.
The Mino might have a resistance to fire magic.
A storm of sand attacks the demons.

None of them were defeated though.
Even the kobolds are stronger, is a second spell necessary?

I tried to finish it quick and failed, so I’ll need to be more cautious.
I use the sand storm again and this time the kobold is defeated.

There are 2 Mino’s remaining.
One charges forward and I stab it with Durandal. The saint sword penetrates it easily.
The Mino becomes smoke and disappears.

At the same time the second Mino charges in and attacks with it’s horn.
I hurry to avoid it but the horn grazes my arm.

It grazed me!

I madly swing Durandal around, and it lops off the Mino’s head.
The demon becomes smoke and vanishes.


It dropped hide.
That was dangerous.
Fighting in the Labyrinth is risking my life.
There’s always the chance it could become fatal in an instant.

Did the two sand storms effect the Mino’s?
They seemed scratched, but I’m not sure if it was much.
Maybe wind will be more effective.

The fourth floor is quite dangerous.
The danger of being hit by that horn is huge.
If there is just one I can handle it if I remain calm, but what would happen if I get surrounded?

Even if I don’t come across a room full of demons, just running into three Mino’s could be fatal.
I can’t even imagine how bad it would be if I ran into four.

Should I retreat? Yes, retreat.
I decided to go back to the third floor.
It’s a strategic retreat.
The third floor is better for now.

After that I continued to hunt on the third floor.
When I finally decided to leave the Labyrinth and went outside the morning sun had already risen.

I wanted to warp back to town while it was still dark.

I wanted to check on the brothel again.
People should be walking around there again at this time and I wanted to mix in and go past.

Since I was wandering around with the lantern last night I probably went to sleep a bit later, so maybe I woke up a bit later too?
I probably went to the labyrinth later because of the trip to the slums.

Using Warp after it has become light stands out too much.
Well, I guess it can’t be helped this time.

Today will be a busy day for the city.
After returning to the hotel, having breakfast, and having a short break in my room, I then walk around the city.

There are various kinds of things I’d like to buy.
First I looked around the cloths shops for a black mantle with a black hood that could hide my face.
If I want to hunt thieves at night without standing out then I’ll need to wear something like that.

Are there a lot of people who wear mantles? I found them rather quickly.
It’s in a cloths stall which is right in front of the hotel.
There’s a lot of cloths neatly folded and on display.

I have a feeling the price might be a bit high.
Maybe it’s classified as a high quality item here?

“How much is this?”

I asked the shop owner.

“It’s 4,000 nars.”

It seems high.
A day’s income in that Labyrinth would totally disappear.

“The cloak is a fine article that uses flannel.”

So it’s not a mantle, it’s a cloak?
Even after the merchants recommendation I return the cloak.
It probably is fine quality, but I don’t really need a fine quality item.

Off to the side there are some green dyed pants.
It seems to be soft material that might be usable as underwear.
It has a drawstring to close it, so it probably is this worlds underwear.

“How much is this?”
“40 nars.”
“I’ll take two thanks.”

Now I have some cloths to change into.
It might be expensive, but my sense of value was based on it being 1/100th of the price of the cloak.

“Thank you, that will be 56 nars.”

The 30% discount works.
I pull out 56 copper coins to pay, and put the underwear away in the rucksack.

It seemed like the discount didn’t apply when I was just asking about one item, but then it worked when I bought two.
The same thing seemed to happen with the hot water in the Vale Pavilion.
Maybe the discount doesn’t work on single items?
I’ll try it.

I head over to the armor merchants shop.
It’s the same armor merchant I was at 5 days ago. I sold multiple items and the 30% bonus seemed to work.
Things might be different buying than selling though.

“Hello, Can I help you?”
“I’m looking for a gauntlet.”

When I’m defending against an attack with my sword or wand it will be easy for my fingers to be injured.
It’s questionable whether HP absorption can replace a severed finger.
I should equip something on my hands.


The armor merchant guides me to a place with a lot of gauntlets made of iron are lined up.
I’d prefer one with high defense, but the price for that probably isn’t good.

Leather Mittens.

This seems to be the cheapest.
It seems like the gear I used for Kendo.
It only covers as far as the wrist though, and the upper arm is still exposed.

“How much for these Leather Mittens?”
“80 nars.”

Is that good?
I don’t really know.

“How about these Leather Gloves?”
“Those are 120 nars.”

So the Leather MIttens are the cheapest.
The difference between the mittens and the gloves is, the gloves have all fingers properly made, but the mittens just have a thumb and two divisions for fingers.

The mittens should be similar in convenience to the gauntlets for Kendo, so they should be fine for using the wand and Durandal.

Leather mitten: empty skill slot.

“Can I buy this?”

I looked for one with an empty skill slot and presented it to the armor merchant.


It doesn’t seem like the discount works on the single item. Two or more items mush have to be bought or sold for benefits.

I hand over 80 copper coins and obtain the Leather mittens.

After that I bought two pairs of socks, two washcloths, a hooded cloak, a small and medium wooden tub, two ropes, and a candle.
The small tub can be used as a cup, and the spare rope is for laundry. The medium tub, spare washcloth and candle were things I grabbed in case I needed them.
The small candle was 10 nars. I’m not sure how long it would last but I don’t think it could replace borrowing the lantern.

The cloak with the hood was a bit worn, but found rather quickly.
It can hide the face quite well because it’s a big hood.
I could not find soap, toothpaste, or a toothbrush.

It’s starting to become evening when I finish shopping and return to the hotel.

“I’ll have another nights stay with dinner, and order some hot water for after dinner.”

I speak to the hotel man.
If I ask like this the hot water should be discounted as well.

I could have dinner somewhere else, but this is convenient and the rate of payment feels advantageous.

Or maybe not?
For a guest who goes to the Labyrinth, you never know when he might die.
After paying for a day, you might die in a ditch somewhere.
Maybe people don’t normally pay days in advance?
Maybe some classes don’t have enough money for a night?

Nobody knows when I’ll die in this world.

“238 nars is fine since you’re a regular customer.”
“Thank you.”

I was starting to think about something unpleasant, but I shake off the thoughts.
I pass over 2 sliver coins and 38 copper coins and receive the key to room 311.
I take my luggage to the room before the meal.

Since I am staying at the hotel I’ve only grabbed the bare necessities, but what would I need to settle down in this world?

That night I decided to start exploring the fourth floor.
My Wizard job had reached level 21 and I wanted to test how much magic was needed to defeat a Mino.
After having a quick look in the slums I headed straight for the fourth floor.

Kaga Michio: 17 year old male. Wizard Lv 21, Hero Lv19, Explorer Lv 22, Merchant Lv1, Herbalist Lv1.
Equipment: Sandals, Leather Mittens, Leather Armor, Durandal.

It will be different this time.
First of all I put Wizard in the first job position.

There may be no difference if it’s third, but I don’t know for sure.
While fighting with magic it may be best to make it first.
It seemed that I couldn’t move explorer while there was something in the item box so I had to unload it onto the bed.

I stopped using 10x decrease in required experience til next level and equipped a fifth job.
Merchant and Herbalist have the effects of a small increase in Intellect so they were set as the fourth and fifth job.
The stat related to magic is probably Intellect.
Magic damage may go up if I increase my Intellect.
The effect might be small since I haven’t raised those levels.

I want to use the additional offensive power of the wand, but I use Durandal instead for safety.

Mino Lv4

Needle Wood Lv4

Since a group of two appeared straight away I quickly used Fire Storm.
I used a second and third shot as soon as the fire went out.

The Mino approaches.
It’s movement appears to be faster than the Needle Wood.
I blocked a thrust from it’s horn with Durandal.
Neither enemy is defeated in the three shots.

I dodge another strike from the horn.
The Needle Wood catches up.
I’m struck with a branch while paying attention to the Needle Wood.
It’s painful but couldn’t be avoided.

I use a fourth fire storm.
Sparks attacked the two demons.
While I’m being cautious of the Mino’s horn it collapses.
The Needle Wood collapses at the same time too.



Four spells.
It’s the first time I’ve defeated a Mino Lv4 and a Needle Wood Lv4 so I’m not sure how effective my changes were.
It will probably be dangerous to fight om the fourth floor while I can’t defeat things with just three spells.

I put the Hide & Branch into the item box and warp back to the third floor.

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Certainly you´d be on the last floor already but you wouldn´t make any money because I would have already cleared the dungeon. ;-p

Mark Llasos Villa

Would have. If its not for me killing and looting everything first 🙂


I have read the raws all the way up to the current chapter but trust me the labyrinth is way more difficult than you think.


I figured. I was exaggerating, but I know for sure I’d be at least on the 6th or 7th floor by now. Did you read it in its native language or did you use a machine translator? If so, which?


It is easy enough to get the story reading through a machine translator. It is by far the easiest I have read using a machine translation so I would gather Cyrogen’s selection of using this for machine translation is a good one.


Lol, actually, I did power through the muck of machine translations for a couple of chapters and I agree that it isn’t that tough of a read. I wouldn’t say Cyrogen’s and google translate are the same (or even close), but it was bearable.


Also solo fighters die really quickly in reality, there are status affects that pretty much mean game over which come up a fair bit later so I will leave discussion for then.


Paralysis, poison, slow, hypnotize, mana drain (has psychological effects), weaken(atk), and defense down skills seemed like they’d be pretty deadly if used correctly. Don’t worry about replying, I don’t like spoiling either (these are just some rpg ailments from the top of my head).


You forgot “petrified”, “frozen”, “charmed”, “confusion”, “burning”, “armor break” (def down or even reduced to 0).

Also let´s not forget that stronger enemies surely have ranged attacks and their attack range and even aggro range might be higher than the MC´s magic range.
So then he might receive a suprise attack instead of suprising the monsters and die instantly.


Lets not forget being ‘webbed’ as is the case with the Caterpillar on level 2 which can still appear on level 4 currently with up to two other monsters. Even kobolds are nasty of you are webbed in place and surrounded.


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Read chapter 31, translated version available in “help us” section…


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Thank you for the chapter.

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Also if there are any illustrations floating around?


Thanks for the chapter, but what a freaking Pansy he is gosh it pisses me off

Lantor Spanel - Not a Fake Name

Thanks for the chapter!


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Money/Time pressure is the key issue. Oherwise, he can just explore both the dungeon and the surrounding wilderness. True, the pressure make him level up faster than his norm, so it’s a wash either way.


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Note that the lvl41 thief was ambushed after a protracted fight against a former adventurer that was now a lv25 villager. I think a higher level character would die with a durandal to the neck regardless.

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Thanks for the chapter.


This author reminds me of a classmate of mine from highschool who fully evolved his starter before the first gym in pokemon… and no, he has no special tricks, just good ol’ grinding.


The only reason he isn’t able to power through the dungeon is his refusal to make good use of his capabilities, wasting 63 points for a sword he won’t need, not raising stats or doing anything min maxing himself.
ah well, reading this via mtl was fun, wish the author had done more with this.


Actually it can be argued the only reason he is able to have such an easy time and lvling is because of that sword he’s wasting 63 points on. In the earlier chapters he tried fighting with a normal weapon and he needed what 30 hits compared to one hit with durandel against a lvl 1 monster. At the same time Durandel is giving him pretty much full hp/mp after just a few hits with it.


agree with tobajas, idc how slow, coward, retard he is if he gets laid; if not ,that title is pretty much pointless XD


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Dude did we read the same novel? He freaking run, he didn’t sneak or stalk where the thief base, why they’re attacking, where they’re going.He just RUN.And where did he go? To the dungeon, where he can 1 hit everything and clear up the floor but wasted his time due to his cowardice.

Not everyone can have the balls you have or imagine you have. That aside these are not the thieves he is looking for. There are two groups, the ones who attacked the village and the ones who control the town that pushed them out. Right now he only has his sights set on the ones he already has had issues with not the ones that control the town. He is avoiding conflict and trying to work out what to do by limited surveys of where he thinks the thieves will be and since conflict in town is still between the… Read more »
Brandon Heat
Hmm bout the job thing, I’m still blurry on that part. If he equip multiple job then exp will be divided right? But at the same time it’s not that hard to reach 10-15 lvl for 1 job and he can easily obtain different job based on his action, or so it seems to me. And each job lvled up gives point and that point can be use to strengthen him more(which is pretty much useless because he can 1 hit), increase his maneuvering speed or increase his defense. He could be pretty much OP at this point of story… Read more »
He is not getting his money from demons. They are not worth it at this point since it takes up to 10-15 minutes to find one or up to three in level four. Unless he could find a motherlode of leaves on level 1 to make rounds from there isn’t any money in the dungeon. In reverse of that there is little to no experience to be gained from killing thieves either. He barely gained any xp from a lv41, 19, 11 etc that he killed in the first battle. So provided they have a bounty a thief is good… Read more »
Brandon Heat

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Is that with the demon sealed in your right arm or the godly power of the left eye? 😉

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I’m really worried that that there are actually people like you running around in real life. I’m not sure if you apply that same logic RL, if you do, get yourself checked asap. And no, he didn’t need to retreat that time. Did he have to save the woman? No. Did he have the power to? Yes. Could he have followed the thieves to their hideout? Yes. Did the thieves that time pose him any threat? No. He even said it himself. The thieves were single-digits. Weak. Don’t try to justify something sounding all logical while using flawed logic. And… Read more »
Personally, I like MC. Sometimes he`s weird, but if you take into acoount that depleting ones mana is similar to depleting ones will to live, also another thing is that if he dies then it is game over. For those who still think he`s coward let me ask you this: “If there is war and you have weapon that can one-shot any enemy for exp, like AK-47 with unlimited ammo and you can also avoid all bullets that are in your field of view, but if you die it`s game over. Would you rush battlefield to get as many kills… Read more »
Brandon Heat

The sword capable of mana and life steal.


Well then, if u have same Durandal in real life like the MC and you hunting a Bear wielding an axe for the first time, can u slay it without worrying u will be killed by that Bear wielding axe?

Brandon Heat

If I’m certain that my Durandal can 1 hit the bear then sure, even if I’m hitted if I can hit it back then I can absorb the hp back, lol.


The thing is that he doesn’t know if durdal can one shot the demons on the newer levels. At the very least he can assume he can 2 shot most of them, but similarly he doesn’t know if he can be 1 or 2 shotted and doesn’t really want to have the opportunity to find out.


well…he has intelligence increase….maybe he’ll progress more now and think smartly~

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aff he is really annoying


my man has zero balls

Anon S
This is really brutal to read. He is cheap, cowardly, lazy and rather dumb. Usually people are not all of those things at once. Usually a coward will spend money at least to protect himself. The lazy tend not to do anything so they don’t look dumb. But he manages to take the worst attribute of each, and it is maddening at this point. I don’t even know why I’m reading this. Mushoku Tensei was like this but much better, Overlord is more intelligent, and I’m sure there are others. Maybe I thought this one would actually have a harem,… Read more »

Dropping this novel, I thought it would pick up some steam after 20 chapters but it doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m no fan of bullying, but this MC needs some serious beating to straightened that loose spine of his. Thanks for translating up to now. goodbye.

I really want to drop this. However my reader mentality keeps telling me it might get interesting. I just can’t get over how dumb this MC is. He’s lazy, cowardly and stupid. He made a big deal about being grazed. WTF IS THAT!? He made a big deal of a monster with the size of a toddler holding a small pocket knife! He keeps going on about how he has to be cautious! He tries to be cautious because of petty things. He decides to retreat because it became slightly hard. This is irritating me so much. He went on… Read more »

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Shopping I saw something unpleasant. Three thieves using violence against a young woman. This is the darker side of the world. Can’t the world just be full of beautiful things? I don’t want to get involved. I turn my back on it and use warp on the wall nearby. For now I’ve at least confirmed where the thieves come from. I need to be cautious for now and leave. I head for the third floor of the Labyrinth. This is where i stopped reading and gave up on this author. He should be stipped of his hero status for that.… Read more »
Ninja 0G v(• •v) (@nicorilovesme)

well this is kinda annoying or the MC is :/ he’s cowardly but perverted watdaheck is he some kinda talented cheap noble or something he’s like one of those templates except he’s not rich -_- and I also don’t get why don’t just keep using durandal in the labrynth why keep changing or something uh ignore me just some stupid frustrations I’m feeling while reading this :/

Ninja 0G v(• •v) (@nicorilovesme)

Just sayin’ how could he even dreamt of building a harem or being too perverted of something while having no balls wow. /rantend


i am so annoyed with the writer of this series. it started well and then they decided to neuter the MC and make him a gutless spineless little ***** , here have an OP sword and Cheat-like ability….. now go hide cowering in the god dam corner because you are a pansy