Shinka no Mi – Chapter 5

Translator: Arc
Editor: Clueless Panda

Chapter 5 – First Battle


“I’m so sorry.”

I do a dogeza with all my might. Although there is some distance to the clever monkey, it was a pre-emptive strike!

Putting that aside…. the current me could not feel his presence…. obviously, I am not a master. Wait, seriously this situation is that, isn’t it? Scary. Since I did make that much noise, one or two monkeys were bound to appear. Rather, is the current situation I am in a blessing or misfortune? Either way, a danger is a danger. In front of the monkey, I am waiting in dogeza.



Somehow, I was expecting an attack. In this situation, I look and wonder at what will happen. Is it unexpectedly peaceful?

Because I am scared of an attack that could happen anytime, without moving my body, I raise my face fearfully.


When I raised my head, the monkey that was at a distance kicked the ground with all his strength and jumped in front of my eyes. That appearance was almost like a football player before making a shot. [ED note: European football where you actually hit the ball with your foot]

“What are you——“

My words were silenced by the action of the monkey.


The monkey releases the foot it was pulling back with all its might. In other words, a shot. Thereupon that foot became an attack.

“Choichoichoichoi! Seriously!?”

The attack came at me with a terribly fast speed—–


I got cut by that attack!

“It hu~u~u~u~uuuurts!”

I roll around in ground.

“It cut me! This is ba~ad! Blood is….. blood is flowing!”

Why am I so healthy even though I was cut!? But thanks to twisting my body a little before it cut me, I wasn’t cut in half. Only my stomach was cut….!
Are? This is quite serious, no? Looking carefully, my stomach is in a state where a mosaic has to appear!!!


The monkey, while looking at me rolling in pain, is clapping and smiling.

This guy’s personality is bad!! It is a big sadist!

“It hu~rts… It hurts…!”

I take out [First-class medicine] from my item box and drink it immediately.

“N …… n…… puha~a!”

While I drink it all, the monkey bursts out laughing intensely without attacking. Annoyi~ing…. by the way, I just drank this medicine with this acrid color for the first time, but it is unexpectedly good. How should I put it… it tastes like a refreshing soda. It’s carbonated a lot. Amazi~ing. While having that feeling, at some point the cut in my belly disappeared. The [First-class medicine] is fearsome! Now that I am healed – I’m going to have a word with the monkey before my eyes!

“This guy! You bastard! You sure have guts for ignoring my dogeza! I am going to beat you to a pulp. Come o—–”
“Gufu ~oa!?”

Before I finish saying all my words, the monkey jumps at my chest and attacks! Mekibakiboki! An unpleasant sound is made from the bones. Gucha. I hear the sound of something being crushed.


I got thrown away just like that, crashing into a nearby tree. I am defeated. At last the tree at my back finally stopped my momentum.


My back was stuck in the tree, so I just stayed like that.


Looking at me in such a state, the smart monkey makes an even happier smile.

For sure, the attack just now had broken some bones and the internal organs too. Pain that cannot be experienced in real life attacks my body. Heck…I couldn’t see the monkey’s movements. When did it strike my chest?

When I was on Earth, the people who treated me as a sandbag had a power that seemed to be nonexistent in comparison to that attack just now.… even though that group had members of the boxing club. My body is pulled by the sensation of flying.

“Go ho~tsu! Ga ha~tsu!”

From my mouth flows a red-black liquid making my already dirty uniform and body even dirtier.

Wait, why is attacking me? Did I do something? No way, it wants to kill me to eat me?…..

Then, what is the reason for it making that happy face! I will kill you with one attack. I thought from the bottom of my heart. It’s difficult. But, to beat me this much, is it seriously thinking of making me his food?

What if it wants to kill me as a way to pass time… u wa~a, I don’t want it…. I don’t want to be eaten. Won’t you just look at the food? I can’t imagine a monkey eating a human.


I begin to shake for some reason and give my body that didn’t move like I wanted it to an order by force. From inside the item box, I took one [First-class medicine]. I, for the second time, wanted to drink this but——


The monkey did not permit it. Again, with a speed which surpasses my recognition, my head is grabbed and is lifted with an arm that boasts a terrifying power.

“A ga……!?”

Nita~a. it’s like an onomatopoeic word appeared. There is the clever monkey with a disgusting smile. Uwaa, I wanna punch it! This is the first time I saw its form so close. It is taller than me, around 2 meters tall I think. I don’t reach 170cm tall but I weigh 100kg, you know. The monkey is certainly tall and is covered in red fur. The body is not well built. I see it as an average-looking build. Such a clever monkey raises me by the arm like a branch. Mouu it surprises me.


The clever monkey with my head grasped swings me around, finally smashing me against the ground.


My head hurts like it is breaking. It did a good work of crushing my head. I thought that it is crushed like a tomato for sure. Furthermore while it was swinging me around, I thought it broke my neck. My body, do your best!!! After this, I will praise you. When all of my body was bleeding and my conscious was fading, the monkey notices it and nods one time.



Why is it nodding now? Seeing the condition of my body like that? …… To defeat it, It’s impossible. After I thought like that, the clever monkey opens his mouth fully. Eeeh, wait a bit, seriously? Eeh, will I be eaten?

“Ukkikikkikyi ~!”

Why is with that ‘itadakima~su’-like action!? Seriously it wants to eat me?

Even though I was almost unconscious, seeing the unexpected action of the monkey, I awaken completely.

Hiyaa, I didn’t seriously think it was looking at me like I was his lunch! But no matter how much awake I am it is no good. My head is grabbed with all its strength. In this situation where I can’t move freely, it’s pointless.

The clever monkey is going to start eating me from my head and is getting me closer to his mouth, but frowns from some reason.

“Kiki~tsu! ? Ki, kyi……”

It feels like it was saying [uwa~tsu! ? It, ree~eks ……]. Let me be!!

And that’s how it got sick trying to eat my head, so this time, it’s trying to eat my belly. Un, certainly, it is the part of my body that is more full. I recommend it. Isn’t the fat delicious? At this time I already accept that the smart monkey is going to eat me and I give up. That’s how the face of the smart monkey is getting close to my body――――

“Ki~tsu! ? Ki, kyi…………” ‘Throws away’. [ED note: No real sound effect to show the monkey throwing away the guy]


I fall to the ground. Wh…Wh…why!?
I can’t understand what is happening to me anymore. Why, until a moment ago, I was held to be eaten and suddenly I find myself in the ground. I just can’t understand.

I am laying face down in the ground, opening my eyelids desperately trying to grasp the situation.
Then, the appearance of the clever monkey is reflected in my eyes but…..


Reflected in my eyes are the feet of the clever monkey. What’s more, it doesn’t look like feet that were used to stand. Just like me, its feet are spread out on the ground.

“Wh…what the hell…?”

In my head, I can’t follow the current situation. I try to reach the first class medicine that fell when the clever monkey was swinging me around.


Somehow… if in this situation I drink the first class medicine, I will be fine… -making that decision, I make my body move. I reach the fallen [First-class medicine] with my hand and drink it.


The refreshing taste of the carbonated soda spreads around my body~!


I involuntary let a burp. Maa I drank this carbonated drink in one gulp. This [First-class medicine] is a bit carbonated, but seriously this medicine is amazing. The wounds from before seems like a lie. However, it can’t recover the loss of blood and stamina, so I feel a bit dizzy.

“Ite tete……n a?”

Now that my body is somehow recovered, I look at the clever monkey.

“…. Why is it making bubbles?”

The clever monkey’s eye whitened and clever monkey had fallen, making bubbles.


I can think of the reason why the clever monkey is defeated. A hypothesis is made in my head.

“Ehh, iya…. But what if that was true….”

But, if my thinking turns to be true, I got myself in quite the unbelievable situation. In the end, I say what caused this is—–

“…my body odor?” That’s what it means.

Seriously?! Just how much do I reek right now!? I think I can’t notice my own smell. It can’t be, I reek to the level of a pig!?

“Ooh….it’s a complicated feeling….”

Certainly, the clever monkey frowned when it got close to my head. That’s because my head reeks. However, the part of my body that reek more is not my head nor my feet, but my abdomen because of my heavy body odor… it seems.

I think that I understand it even if I do not say so, but the smell of the lower part of the body will be the worst.

Perhaps, because of the smell of my own blood, I didn’t realize it, but the moment my nose got close to my armpit it, I was attacked by a murder-class smell.


I lost color.


But is my smell seriously able to knock out things?


I got close to the unconscious clever monkey with its eyes turned white.

“……Bikubiku” [TL note: That’s the anime famous onomatopoeia when a character lose conscious and move the feet]

“…..Ei” I crouch, and get my armpit close to its nose.

Bikun~tsu! Bata. [TL note: Convulsing sounds)


The clever monkey’s life has ended

I half-rise to my feet quietly, move to the edge and sit down a little.

……………………. May I cry?

◆ ◇ ◆

After a bit of time, I get close to the corpse of the clever monkey.


Too pathetic….! To die…..because of my body odor, I can’t hold on! This feeling of guilt!

“I’m sorry! Please forgive me!”
“Stop this silenceeeeeeee!”

Well it is dead so the silence is obvious, but…only this time, I have to make it clear. I, since coming to this world, killed for the first time a living creature. Though I did not mind very much when I easily killed insects mercilessly while playing in during the old days on Earth, but the clever monkey in front of my eyes is an animal. I do not have any experiences of killing an animal. I should feel a bit more I thought, but that method of killing….

“I can’t get a solemn atmosphere at all….!”

More like, you know, normally won’t the feeling of guilt crush you?! Why am I fine!? As expected, is it because the killing method is wrong!?

That’s why seriously I will apologize with all my might!

“Ahhh…. I can’t believe after coming to this world, the first life I ended turns to be like this…. but I am glad that I don’t have any useless feelings. If after killing a creature of this other world, I develop a trauma and I can’t hunt or eat animals, then I will starve. Animals’ proteins are important, you know…..?

“….At this moment, what should I do with this….?

I touched the corpse of the monkey. Suddenly the clever monkey became particles of light and disappeared.


Surprised by the sudden occurrence, eventually it disappears completely into light particles and where the corpse of clever monkey was until just now, various things has fallen.

“This is…”

It can’t be, drop items!!? It’s seriously a world like a game!!

I pick up the drop items and use [Intermediate level Analyze]. I start analyzing something like a 1m bone.

“[Ken Monkey Sword]: sword made from a big bone”

It was a big bone that supported the body of the smart monkey. Ohh. Game-like….looking at the results of the analysis, that’s the level of my feelings…..

But, there are 3 of the same bone, all with the same name.

Hell, the clever monkey has a Japanese-like name, ‘Ken’.
[Ken Monkey Sword] eh. Un. This seem like it can be used as a weapon. Let’s put it in the item box.

“Next is….fur?”

I pick up what appear to be some reddish-brown fur and analyzed again.

‘[Ken monkey Fur]’. Fur that had covered the body of the clever monkey. Defense is good, but is weak against fire.

I see…What impressions should I have besides this?
Only the texture is better that I thought so I can use it to wipe myself after washing.

“Let’s keep analyzing…. De, what is this?”

The next one I took in my hand is tied with a string neatly and is an object wrapped in a leaf.

“Maa, after analyzing it, I will know”

So let’s analyze already. [Ken Monkey meat]…. Clever monkey meat. It has a firm form and is highly nutritious.

Ohhh. The first meal I could secure after the seeds of evolution. And moreover, it’s meat!!!

“Lucky, until now, it was very hard….”

Maa it’s been a while since I ate meat. My belly could be surprised and start hurting.

“But I will eat it!!!!!”

Why? Because it is meat of course!!!…. No problem.

“….What is….this?”

The thing I pick up from the ground was a thing like a card.

“Maa let’s analyze it”

My eyes opened wide from surprise after seeing the result. The result was that the card was a…………………….

After eating the seed of evolution, I took a new step towards my new life.

[ED note: TLDR: Got beaten, whines, wins due to smell]
[ED note: Does a river or water not exist in that world?!]

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