Shinka no Mi – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: A Portion of Absolute Disassembly

“A skill… card?”

After analyzing the card I have in my hands, I speak these words without realizing.

Skill card. I can somehow imagine what this word means. Now,  the results of the analysis. What is displayed is…

[Skill card ≪Cutting Legs (Slash Kick) ≫]….. Skill < Cutting legs> can be learned.

(TL note: The original skill is ≪斬脚(ざんきゃく)≫)

So it tells.


The skill can be learned? For real? Is such a thing possible? No, I am able to somehow imagine it from the name of the Skill card.

So speaking of [Cutting legs], is that the ability that had cut open my belly earlier?


A…amazing. ………….

“I am speechlesss!!!”

By suddenly picking up a skill you can learn, I am troubled in deciding what reaction I should make!!! Is it fine if I dance in joy!!?

I think the clever monkey that died because of my armpit odor is pitiful, but the fallen cards are not only [Cutting Legs].

“O…o…other Cards?”

I pick up with my hand all the other fallen cards and analyze everything. The results that I got from all these skill cards are:

[Skill card ≪Cutting Legs≫]…. Skill < Cutting Legs> can be learned.

[Skill card ≪Moment≫]…. Skill < Moment > can be learned.

[Skill card ≪Super Compounding≫] …. Skill < Super Compounding > can be learned.

[Skill card ≪Tool Production: Super First-class≫]…… Skill ≪Tool Production: Super First-class≫ can be learned. [TL note: Was the monkey a legendary crafter?]

“Oh, oh….”


“After all I’m rendered speechless……!”

Iyaa, isn’t this an amazing thing!? Because it’s a skill, you know! I got my hands on skills!!! But, it’s so sudden that it’s troubling.

“….. I wonder how to use this.”

Even though it’s written that I can learn, I have no idea how. What should I do?…. So while I was thinking that, all of the skill cards suddenly start shining with light.


Skill cards emit a violent light, become a ball of light and enter my body.

“Eyyy!? Somehow, something entered!”

The skill cards disappear from my hand. The sudden occurrence surprised me, but the voice in my head that spoke when I learn a skill spoke.
[Skill ≪Cutting Legs≫ has been learned]

[Skill ≪Moment≫ has been learned]

[Skill ≪Super Compounding≫ has been learned]

[Skill ≪Tool Production: Super First-class≫ has been learned]


I sit down lightly.
I mean, suddenly I learn a lot of skills. It is so sudden that I doubt. Why can I be true to myself and be happy?

“…. For the time being, let’s confirm it.”

So I think about confirming the skills I just learned.

[Cutting Legs]: I can release a slash from my feet. Effective range of slashing is about 10m.

[Moment]: I can move with a speed that the enemy cannot react. The effect is instant, but it can be used in succession.

[Super Compounding]: Ability to compound. It gives the maximum effect to the compound.

[Tool Production: Super First-class]: Ability to make tools. It gives the maximum effects to the tools.

“…….It can’t beee…..”

Too much of a cheat!!! This is baaaad!

Can I who lived an ordinary life in earth do it?

“…I don’t have confidence in doing it well.”

I, Will I be okay?

Certainly, inside this dangerous forest, having a cheat skill is reassuring, but I am scared that I will misunderstand this and think that it’s my own power! It may seem weird, but self-destruction won’t be a joke.

“…..I’ll be careful.”

There was no choice but to say so.

But [Super Compounding] and [Tool Production: Super First-class] seem to be convenient in various ways in this place and don’t pose such a danger.

Though it seems I got the best version of these skills.

I wonder if that means that the clever monkey I defeated was skilled in making tools and compounds.

Heck, after all the [First-class Medicine] seems like it was made by the clever monkeys.

“So they really are smart….”

Why don’t I make some glass? What’s more, I will make it in a bottle form and make it more unreasonable.

“Well if I can take advantage of it, I will work hard and take advantage of it.”

For the time, I make my new goal to master the skills.

“Well…. next is?”

The next thing I hold in my hand is a book. Well……rather than calling it a book, a booklet? “…… What is this?”

I say without realizing.

In the cover of the booklet is not a character that I have seen written before, but for some reason, I was able to understand the words.

“…… I see. Are these the words of this world?”

Soon, after I noticed the true identity of the characters that are written on the cover of the booklet, I notice that I seem to be able to read the letters and try to write my name in the firm ground.

“Let’s try writing it…”

And I write my name without difficulty. I did it. [TL note: he says this somehow like a child that succeeded in something like eating all of their lunch.]

Even though my English was no good, I am surprised that I can easily handle these characters I have never seen before.

This, I wonder if it is due to the language comprehension ability that God gave us before the transport.

“Are? Wait, then why doesn’t [Language Comprehension] appear in the skills section?

Uhhm….. can it be that [Language Comprehension] isn’t a skill, but an inborn talent that can’t be seen?

Maa, it’s not a problem even if I don’t investigate profoundly. Even if it doesn’t appear as the first skill, it isn’t a problem as long as I can use it.

In the end, that’s what I think. No matter what others say, that’s what I think!!!…… I, to whom am I saying this?

“Nhh…what is written on the cover?”

I read the cover of the booklet. What is written is “Knowledge of the Clever Monkey” Okay, Knowledge? Of that monkey? Or about that monkey?…………
“Maa…. I will read it.”

I open the booklet.

[The clever monkey is a highly intelligent species that live in high level dungeons. They have great dexterity with their hands. Furthermore they have a lot of knowledge about various herbs and they can compound or make tools. They can understand human speech, but cannot speak it. In tools-making technology and compound techniques, they surpass humanity. And in terms of using tools, they are better than humans.]

“Monkeys are amazing!!!”

I didn’t think that they would surpass humans!? Normally the boundary between humans and animals is how well you can make and handle tools….. It’s difficult for me to grasp the difference between animals and humans. I don’t understand.

But, it can’t be the ability to create a tool better than humanity, but to have the technique to use it!!….

“Iyaaa….Clever monkey, so dangerous.”

I say and turn the page

Then the title is written in big letters on one page and it reads [Lifetime of the Clever Monkey].


Suddenly it turns magnificent!?

“…..What is this? Is a document starting?”

So I say as I turn another page.


I start reading it and then I am lost for words. But, it isn’t in a bad meaning, on the contrary, in a good meaning.

“It can’t be. All the experiences of the monkey have been packed into this one book!?”

I continue reading and what is written are the effects of each and every plant and herb, etc., and how to work with them.

Furthermore the plants are possible to collected in the whole area around here. All those places were drawn is the map.

Not only are the plants written about, there are valuable mineral locations marked.

“Seriously, bad…. Too bad!

In the last page was a map with a cross that carefully marks the place of the dead monkey.

“Because I didn’t move from this place where I killed the monkey, it marks my current position?!!”

Because, in this forest that I am currently wandering around, a lot of places to be used as reference points are important.

After reading the booklet, like the skill card, it starts emitting a violent light. Then, again it turns into a ball of light and enters inside me.


The moment the ball of light is sucked inside me, knowledge that was in the booklet before starts flowing in my head.

“The information that suddenly flows in my head…. I can understand everything!!!

Although it’s my own self, I am surprised to remember without difficulty at once all of the obtained knowledge.

This is like the time I learned the skills. In the end, all the knowledge I got is completely mine.


A smile forms without realizing. This … seriously what is it?

First, I kill a demon-like monkey, then I get skill cards I never seen before and all the knowledge and experience of the monkey was in my hands? ….Surely something is wrong. Until then I thought because in my head, a certain word appear.

“——–Absolute Disassembly…..!”

I know! In that description, it said, “Obtain all (・・) from the defeated demon.” That’s why I could make all the knowledge my own!

“Th…then, what are the remaining ball and treasure box…?”

I drop onto my knees where the rest of the defeated clever monkey was and transfer my line of sight to the mysterious sphere and the treasure chest while I muttered.

[ED note: another stupid cliff hanger……..the troll is real]

[TL note: and the same as the previous chapter for more pleasure….]

[ED note: Would the readers be interested in me posting updates on chapters through twitter or something like that?]

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