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Chapter 7 Evolution

[Th…this is…]

I take the mysterious sphere in my hand. The result of the appraisal, before its true form, I lost my words.

[Magic: 3]

[ATK: 3850]

[Defense: 2743]

[Agility: 4211]

[Magic Attack: 1]

[Magic defense: 1456]

[Luck: 0]

[Charm: 10]

The result of the appraisal of each ball is this.

In other words, the meaning of these balls is…

“……That clever monkey’s status ah?

Absolute disassembly. It leaves even the status. Outrageous. Hell the magic is low! The magic attack is the same as me.

Luck is 0…… to die because of my armpit odor. All in all, it can’t be a mistake.

It’s painful that the charm is above mine. I am below the monkey in charm… A…are? Fluids flow from my eyes…… I won’t ever say it’s sweat!!!

“Uwaaa… what should I do with this?”

Most likely, I can make the status my own. How should I say it… it appears more useable than the time I got the skills. Such a thing happens when I have the sphere before my eyes. Somehow the violent light that I am getting used to appears and again it enters my body. Then, like the time I acquired the skills, a voice flowing in my head resounds.

“Additional status has been confirmed. For status of more than 1000, 1/10 of that number will be added.”

In other words, that ridiculous attack power, though not all of it, will become mine.

Attack power 380, defense 274, something like that?

“……Maaa suddenly getting in my hands an absurd power……”

And precisely because I thought so, on the contrary I was relieved that not all of it got into my hands.

Suddenly getting the clever monkey’s speed and strength will be hard for me to use.

“……After collecting all the drop items, I will confirm the status.”

And so, the last remaining is a single treasure chest.

It’s not very big. It’s small enough to fit in both of my palms.

“…..As there is no keyhole, it will open directly…. What is in it?”

Because a treasure chest is something that stimulates your curiosity!


I make up my mind and open the treasure chest.

Inside the opened box is a chain and a bag that contains something.

“Wh…what? This chain…”

I pick up the chain with my hands and look at it.

This size, as an accessory, is only long enough to be attached to the belt loop of the pants.

“Well…… I am not into accessories.”

Maa, I analyze it immediately because I couldn’t understand it even if I continued thinking.

[Kensaru Chain]: To be attached to the belt loop. ‘Rare class equipment’.

When equipped, the rate of collecting rare items in a field goes up.


This is amazing. This rare item I got in my hands is because of absolute disassembly!?

Even so, the effect is wonderful! Even if I am able to surely recover the rare drop items from the other party that was defeated using absolute disassembly, the probability of recovering a rare item in a field is low!

“Even so…… this rare class… I wonder if this rare part expresses the rare percentage of appearances. [ED note: rare percentage as in low percentage]

Somehow after using the skill [Appraisal], the description shown is rare drop. In the end, the knowledge that I received from God about this world is still unimproved.

“Normally the rare drops go to the high luck guys. It doesn’t have anything to do with me, no?”

Then why me with my luck of 0? Is it from my upbringing until now? Or is it from the looks?

Maa I will certainly die because everything I analyze always has bad statuses. My luck is 0. It isn’t a mistake…… right?

“Maa, it doesn’t matter so what’s inside this bag?”

After I immediately equip the chain that was in my hands, this time I take out the bag that came along with the chain in the treasure box. It’s a size that I can hold in the palm of my hand, but somehow I can feel heaviness from it.

“What is inside?”

I check the contents—-


Inside the bag, there is a type of coin I’ve never seen before.

“What?…Three silver coins, five gold coins… and a color thinner than silver…… color of platinum? One coin……”

This is…… the currency of this world? (TL note:the original says this world’s gold but that feels a little weird so I changed it to currency)

Uhnn… I don’t know their worth. Furthermore, in the place I am right now, there is no meaning to money…

Maa the worth of money should be written in the other world knowledge that I got from God. So I believe.

“Let’s see…… I recovered all the drop items and appraised them.”

I didn’t level up?

Certainly the way used to defeat it was horrible, but the opponent was level 120, you know!! I think my level has to go up.

“It’s weird…… I’m sure my level was going to go up.”

I tilt my neck while muttering so.

‘Confirmed a large amount of experience gain. From this point the evolution will happen.’


When I tilt my neck due to the words that have suddenly flowed through the head —-

“‘m N!? Oh, my head!!” [TL note: It’s supposed to be a sound of surprise.]

Suddenly a tremendous pain runs in my head.

“Ite~e~e~e~e~e~eeeeeee! What was that!? Suddenly what!? Seriously it hurts!?”

I have such severe pain in my head that it seems it’s splitting open! Without realizing it, I fall to the ground holding my head.


Hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts! Seriously it hurts!!!!

Due to too much pain, I am unable to think calmly. Then suddenly I hear a weird sound.

Bakibakibaki! (TL note: Don’t ask me what the hell is this.)

“What’s that sound!? What itetetetete!”

I have a bad feeling. Because I certainly heard that sound coming from my head! When I was suffering from this atrocious pain, suddenly that pain just vanished.


I tilt my neck from the sudden pain.

“Just what ha—-”

My words stopped there. This time my face is assaulted with the atrocious pain.


Seriously what the hell! It’s terribly painful!

I hold my face with both hands and again roll on the ground.


“There it is!! That bad sound is coming from my face!?”

What is happening!? Either way it hurts so much!!!!!

“Ugaaaaaaaaaa!—- N…n?”

Yet again the pain abruptly vanishes.

“Really what is—”

This time, severe pain runs through my body.

“Mooo iyaaaaaaaaahh”


“My bo…bones argh! My muscles aaaaargh.”

Someone! Someone help me! HELP! HEEEEEELP! (TL note: the last two helps are said in English)

It hurts! What the hell is happening to my body!? It’s terribly painful! This situation, it’s not normal!

“Moiyada…” [ED note: It means enough or no more.]

I hold my body. I murmur involuntarily while rolling on the ground.

I think that normally you faint if the pain is beyond a certain tolerance range, but there is no sign of me fainting at all.

Do I have to endlessly taste this severe pain? I don’t wanna!

Tears overflow regardless of my intention.

“Agaa ah ah Aagh!”

As I look around rolling on the ground, once again the severe pain I had until a little while ago disappears and it seems like a lie.

“Ze~e …… Ze~e ……”

Just what the hell is happening…!

I think that a thought of “Something suddenly evolved” flows through my head. Why do I have to be attacked by this severe pain?

“Moo with this, it’s already over?”

I murmur so with an erratic breath while somehow raising my body but——-


This time, it’s the lower part of my body that is in terrifying pain!

“Aaaaaagh! Lower part, no! No good!”


“An amazing sound without precedent is ringing through!!”

When I thought the pain in my head stopped, next was my face. When I thought the pain in my face stopped, next it was my body. When I thought the pain in my body, next was my lower body!!

“Someone help me.”

Can nothing be done about this pain? I did well not becoming disabled! In a way, it’s amazing!

“……Wait, this is not the time to be praising myseeeeeeeelf!!”

Bone!! It broke! Absolutely! What’s more, a part that can’t be trained no matter what is screaming! Give me a break!

If this keeps going like this, I…… will stop being a man!…. It can be that I can’t use it again. But that’s not the problem!! The pain felt can’t be compared to another part!

“Why is this happening……!”

I clench my teeth desperately in an attempt to endure the pain.


I can’t hold it at all. It hurts so bad! Moo I hate this!

I am seriously desperately praying when the voice in my head sounds.

‘Evolution has been completed. 1000 points will be added to all stats.’

“I…it’s over?”

Somehow incredible words just popped out, but more than that, in my head is only the thought of being released from the severe pain.

“Ha~a…… ha~a…… ha~a……”

Yo…yosh I calm down……

I take a deep breath several times in order to adjust my breathing. And I open the status in order to confirm “evolution” and the meaning of the word that I heard before the severe pain started.
«Hiiragi Seiichi»

Race: New Humanity

Gender: Male

Occupation: Homeless

Age: 17

Level: 1

Magic: 1020

ATK: 1386

Defense: 1275

Agility: 1422

Magic attack: 1001

Magic defense: 1147

Luck: 1000



Ultimate weapon: the school uniform. Ultimate weapon: the student pants. Underwear of sure death. Shirt of sure death.


[Intermediate level Appraisal], [Absolute Disassembly], [Paralysis resistance], [Wind resistance], [Sleep resistance], [Confusion resistance], [Charm resistance], [Petrification resistance], [Hindrance resistance], [Poison Resistance], [Cutting leg], [Moment], [Super Compounding], [Tool Production: Super First-class]


Evolution × 9. Fatigue

«Possession gold»


“It’s weird!”

I did a tsukkomi at my own stats without realizing.

“My initial status was 1 so why suddenly this inflation!?”

Evolution panel? The effect is too terrific! I knew the second part of the words was not a lie? I didn’t hear it. Furthermore «State», the part of evolution is at MAX x9…… And it is to say, I still have to experience nine times that severe pain!?

Iyaa…… certainly the stats that appeared are amazing but…… I don’t have the confidence to withstand 9 more times.

“Why wasn’t the bonus added to the charm part? Isn’t it weird!?”

1000 is added to all status, no!? Where did the 1000 charm go!? I seriously have 0 charm?

And the race, I don’t understand it, seems to be new human.

Then again the thing I am most curious about is why after defeating the clever monkey I am still at level 1!

Did you mean, for that “evolution” thing, it consumed all the obtained experience value!?

“U wa~a……somehow there are a lot of things to be depressed about wa~a……’

It happens when I drop my line of sight to the ground.


I feel a strange sense of discomfort.

Strange. Somewhere is wrong.

“…What?”  Below(・・)it’s the ground like normal.


I touch my belly in a hurry.

“……I…I lost weight…!!”

Yes, my feeling of discomfort was because before, I saw my belly when I looked at the ground, but now I see the ground beautifully. Before, my belly disrupted my vision of the ground.

“Seriously I lost weight!! And the stretched skin that appears after losing so much weight is not there! Even that situation is avoided!”

Th…this is amazing……! That pig-like me slimmed! Diet effect is amazing!!…. I wonder if there are more surprises. But, the fact that I lost weight is very important now for me.

“Somehow, I also seem to be building up muscles……”

I think so while touching my own belly. It’s abnormally tight.

“Maa, it’s probably my imagination. Furthermore, getting slim doesn’t change me being disgusting.”

I conclude. My pants feel weird.

“Are……My pants are falling……”

Why?… There is no reason to think about it. I slimmed down.

“I am really happy that I slimmed down, but the clothes I am wearing…”

The upper part of the clothes I am wearing feels absolutely saggy.

It can’t be helped. I put the belt in the tightest hole and somehow it’s holding up.

“The upper part…… I have no choice but to give up!”

I do so and realize another abnormality.

“N?…Somehow I got the feeling that my viewpoint is taller…”

Did I get taller? In this short period of time?

“…It can’t be. Suddenly losing weight is a thing. but suddenly getting taller is impossible. The bones are different than fat.”

Maa, I also don’t think I have gotten thin suddenly……. isn’t it?

“Only, that sound that is not supposed to be heard that came from all over my body… it can be possible.”

Un…. It’s fine. There doesn’t seem to be trouble for the moment.

I don’t understand the reason. If you experience that horrible pain that makes you slim down, it could sell…… Iyaa impossible. To make you want to endure that pain…. Just how much do you want to lose weight? Take care of yourself.

“Saa…. What will I do next…”

I sit down on the ground, thinking.

“In the battle against the clever monkey, I used two first class recovery medicines…”

I understand the method of making them from the knowledge of the clever monkey and the location of the herbs as well.

Moreover, to make the first class recovery medicines, I need water and right now I am quite thirsty and want it.

“….Yosh!  First let’s think on how to survive in this forest. For that objective, I have to make full use of the knowledge I got from the clever monkey.”

So I decide, let’s work.

“I will do it!!!

What I should do?…. Saa?

[ED note: This guy became a cow with all his “Moo” (I know it’s not like a cow mooing).]

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