“When I Returned” Chapter 1

TL: KazuZenshin

TLC: Otkamak

Editor: Clueless Panda

00-01 Compensation for the mistake

Author’s word:
This is the first time I am doing serialized story.
I do not know how far I can go, but I’d appreciate if you follow me.

※The beginning after the end of the tragedy

– – – – That day, I made an irreparable mistake.

Flames are burning with a tremendous sound.

Did that burn until it collapsed?

Did it stop burning because it collapsed?

Many of the houses made from wood are partially burning.

There are no movement and no voices.

Only the sound of flames burning the lives of people remains,
mixed with the sound occasionally produced when a building collapses.

From the small village, only ruins remain.

Therefore, even if someone survived, the only thing remaining from his usual life would be a big black mess.

Or there are only cruelly torn up body parts scattered about.
Can’t even figure out where the source of flesh and blood is as they are scattered around everywhere.
Signs of destruction and slaughter are carved into the ground.
No one will know.
About this little village which was calm just one hour ago.
No one will know.

That the trivial choice of a boy would change this scene into hell
No one will know.

The only survivor is the boy who caused all of this.
” Uuu, uaaa, uu……I’m sorry, so sorry.”
The boy with black hair while shedding tears is holding a body of a woman who is missing a left arm.
The black clothes the blonde beauty is wearing are torn and covered with blood.

Her eyes were still showing sign of life, but the blood she needed to live have run out for the most part.

Her body is showing serious injury and in addition to the left arm she had lost, her body is suffering from deep lacerations.
It is really strange that she remained alive in this condition.
” ……Boys should not cry……”
“Isis, you are conscious!?”
Although being in such a state, she smiles at me.

She uses her right hand to try and poke my forehead, but she didn’t have enough strength remaining while the boy’s tears are not stopping.
Well, no matter what is done right now, the woman can’t be saved.
Because he is the cause, he understands it fairly well.

“Baka……why! Why did you try to help me?
It’s my fault! I killed everyone!”
“Shin, what are you saying?”
“Jake, Lily, Rho, Serene, and everyone, it was me!
Also Isis, you too … … …. I killed you”
There is still a short breath, but there is no help.
Her life is fading away without even a minute left.
It’s certain that I did it myself.
“Aaah… …for me to have made a blunder like this?”
Even if she has no power left, she shows an easygoing face and laughs.
The boy cannot understand that attitude.

She should blame him; she should be angry; she should hate.
But before that, she should have killed me
“Stop ***ing kidding me, what’s the meaning of letting only me live?
Do you wish me to remain guilty for everyone?
I only wanted to help Isis …!”
The result cannot be changed, but she was still safe.
Therefore she chose to save the boy.

“It’s because I was worried about the crybaby boy… No wonder I’m in this state”.
When asked why, she didn’t answer with the same voice as usual.
I got caught with the reality and it quietly ended.
“Isis? Hey? Hey? He–ey? Isis’ corpse!?”
I can’t stop yelling at the scene in front of me
Her body is wrapped up in light and the light gradually scattered.
“…Even so, it’s like I was never holding her.”

“I can’t believe it is your soul fading? Why? I can’t understand!!!
What does that mean to be rescued if I’m separated from you!?”


The compensation for the miracle to rescue the boy was literally the woman.

Not to mention life, it even consumed the body

Silently he is looking up at her while wanting to ask questions of her countless times.

Tears show in his eyes and his face is completely worn out. He does not know which way the dead body is.
He was ready to collapse from the weight of guilt at any moment.
Thus speaking.
“Why was someone like me saved?”
Finally… To be able to have a decent conversation, servile little boy.”
“Shut up !
This is as expected of a thoughtlessly violent sister isn’t it? “

While he is shouting with a tearful voice, she smiles happily.

She is really happy about the way he called her.
” Fufuffu ~ for the friends that would say that, my principle is that I will not forsake them.”

“From … now, I want to protect … will not let anyone have …”
In order to interrupt his sentence, with her last power, she pulls the necklace from her chest.

The silver Crescent Moon which shines covered in blood is passed to the boy.

“It’s not a memento… it’s a really important thing… please… protect.”
“A-aahh, wait! Isis, wait!
No, wait, I still have more to say, a lot more.”

While holding her tightly, the sign of her shaking means that time to have to let her go is drawing closer.
That’s because the right hand I should have been holding is missing.

Almost all the parts of her body that should have remained becomes light and disappear.
As the weight in my arms is less than half, I understand how much has disappeared.
“I understand … it’s good.”
“What is good? Ah, oh stop! Don’t disappear!”
From her body, only the top part of her chest remains.

There is no more weight in one of his hands.

“Fufufu ~ it’s funny right……”

“Not a chance, ehh, wait… wait for it!”

Even so, she disappears immediately and there is no more weight applied on his arm.

Only the smile is left which is really contrasting with the surroundings.

“…Ah … … a boy but inside is like a man.
Fairly decent, quiet, romantic ———–”

He tried to grab the light with his hand even though he knew this was meaningless.

He grabs the air over and over with his hands, but nothing remains.

The only thing remaining is a big sense of loss that hit his body.

“———-IISIIIISSS !!!”

He couldn’t hold the pain and wails through the heaven.

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I immediately thought of When Marnie Was Here at the title. Not related. Thanks for the new story!


Lol, they aren’t even close! It was a bit difficult to comprehend at certain points, but I managed. Double thanks!


Thanks for the chapter of a new series!


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Thanks for the new teaser chapter!


Looks interesting cant wait for the rest

Clueless Panda

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So….. no starting where the last guy left?

Clueless Panda

Nope. We’re starting from the beginning.

Anish Kumar

thanks a lot


theres a spelling mistake : “About this little village which was calm just one jour ago.” jour should be hour XD thanks for working on this

Clueless Panda

Thanks! It’s been fixed.


and if you don’t mind, may I ask why you translated the girls name as Isis? XD

Clueless Panda

Need to ask TL. Is there something wrong?


nah just felt a bit weird reading her name as Isis when Haigi translated it as Aishi XD

Clueless Panda

Sounds similar but maybe different because of the different pronunciation style used.


This is mainly the reason why I translated this as Isis after a bit of search.


i see, btw first thing that made me think when I read her name as Isis is the egyptian goddess of the same name…also if she is Isis then maybe (SPOILER) the evil god sealed in the MC is Osiris? XD (SPOILER)


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Btw can I ask for the release schedule?


I didn’t plan on a schedule yet but i’ll try to do at least 2 chapters per week.


Thank you for replying. This has an interesting premise, so I’m looking forward to your work & read more.

There are no movement and no voices. is no movement Her eyes were still showing sign of life, but the blood she needed to live have run out for the most part. signs…has run out “Baka……why! Why did you tried to help me? try to “Why someone like me was saved?” Why was This is as expected of thoughtlessly violent sister isn’t it? “ of a Almost all the part of her body that should have remained becomes light and disappears. parts…disappear There is no more weight in one of his hand. hands Thanks for the chapter, only got to… Read more »
Clueless Panda

Thanks for catching the mistakes. Being sick makes my quality drop T^T

The first one, though, is right. It is referring to more than one object hence “are”, not is.

Rumanshi Ichigo

I do believe that the are is wrong, but if you say so.


At least with American English grammar, if you want it plural it needs to be,

‘There are no movements and no voices.’
Either way the plural/singular needs to match, so if you were going the other way, I’d say:
‘There is no movement, and no sound of voices.’

Idiomatically I’d probably render it:
‘There are no signs of movement and no voices.’

But that’s more a literary convention in at least American fiction.

Rumanshi Ichigo

That looks more in-depth than my lazy comment.

Brandon Heat

This’s badly translated…

Clueless Panda

Uhhhhh the TLC is someone who TLs SH without using TA. This means he doesn’t MTL. I find that his translations are pretty accurate.

Well, personally I find that there are a lot of points, that while they may be accurate to the original, are sufficiently confusing rendered in English, that I have a hard time grasping the meaning. And parts while likely grammatically correct, sound odd, or at least not Idiomatically English. ‘Did that burn until it collapsed?’ I would have written as, ‘Did it burn until it collapsed?’ Switching from that to it in a single sentence feels odd to me. Miracle isn’t a verb, so it can’t really use to. ‘The compensation for the miracle to rescue the boy was literally… Read more »

Is there no edit button?
Anyways, for that last sentence, thinking it through the basic issue is since it’s the body, it should be a definite instead of indefinite life. And while I realize that use of pronouns (including possessive) isn’t common in Japanese, English doesn’t do implied nearly the same way so here are some alternatives:

‘Not merely her life, it even consumed her body’

I could probably work in some alternatives, but it would probably require changing the underlying structure of the sentence too much.


Thank you TL, TLC, EDITOR, the story seems interesting, but I’m a little confused….
Maybe I’ll read again sometime.


She should blame him; she should be angry; she should hate.
But before that, she should have killed me

Which is it, third person or 1st person? There’s a few other places where the narrative voice changes from first to third and back. It should probably be one or the other. Now if the source material had the narration changing, I would recommend italicizing the first person sections to make it clear that they are the character’s thoughts/vice to separate them from the 3d person narration.

Tsunami Infinatus

they are usually narrated by the MC or someone else if stated before hand. If it’s in third person, it will usually be accompanied with a particle that states the view point (1st or 3rd)….i think, i don’t remember

Clueless Panda

For this, I blame the author. He keeps changing from first-person to third-person and vice versa.

Tsunami Infinatus

they are usually narrated by the MC or someone else if stated before hand. If it’s in third person, it will usually be accompanied with a particle that states the view point (1st or 3rd)….i think, i don’t remember


Btw someone already translated the first 4 chapters;

Thanks for your effort!

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Thanks for the new story please continue

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Gracias por el capítulo de una nueva serie!


someone actually translated this novel up to ch2. It is really a unique and interesting story! I cannot wait for the next chapter. Thanks a lot!


Moar please this is so good and its so interesting, thanks for the chapter.


hi may ask is this series drop look very good series

Clueless Panda

As far as I know, it is not dropped, but the TL is facing some RL issues like getting sick.


Looking at the raw, I think the author is just bad at writing, like, really bad. Baka-tsuki original story bad.

Chance Thompson

When will the next ch be released? I just found this LN I want more.


I have no idea wtf I’m reading. Is it me or does the chapter make no sense whatsoever? The sentence structure is all over the place and completely disjointed

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Allahu akbar to save a life?


Damn, this really gives me flashbacks to SAO, and maybe even Angel Beats