Slave Harem – 034 – Secrets

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Chapter 34 – Secrets

Needle Wood Lv1 is crushed with 1 blow from [Fireball] with bonus points poured in until Intellect increased to 99.
If I don’t allocate anything, it surely needs 2 to 3 shots.
I have no doubts that the magic attack power has risen due to Intellect’s increase.

I don’t think the size has changed, but the speed has increased.
If the movement velocity increases then it becomes difficult to dodge.
A welcome change.

Even if Intellect is increased to the max, it only gets bigger by approximately one size? That’s as much as it gets.
In my case, looks like it doesn’t change much.
To take it down in 1 blow, the power still increases, so there is no problem.

“Eh? Eeh? Eeehhh? … Is-isn’t this magic?”

Roxanne, who sees my magic, is a bit confused.

“It’s magic.”
“Isn’t Master an [Explorer]? But I have not heard that an [Explorer] can use magic.”

But, she soon regains her composure.
Her facial expression returns to the serious expression she had when we entered the labyrinth.
As expected, it seems that there are not many people who can take up a second job.

“Well, this is also a secret.”
“It’s a se-secret?”

I’m deceiving her by keeping everything a secret.
Actually, it is useless to explain.
Would she understand that second job is applied by [Character Reset]?

“Do you understand what [Character Reset] is?”
“What about Bonus Points?”
“Is it something specially received as a reward?”

After all, explanation is impossible.

“S-Somehow I don’t understand it, but being able to use magic is amazing.”
“Moreover, being able to defeat a monster with one blow from magic is amazing. Magic has more power than a sword, but I heard that defeating in one blow is somewhat difficult.”
“Well it’s not always one blow. Just don’t lose focus now.”

I think Roxanne is the type that doesn’t lose much focus in the labyrinth.

Roxanne goes to the place where the Needle Wood fell and picks up the branch.
I take it from the rucksack where she tries to place it.

“Erm. I will carry that.”
“It’s fine. There is still space in the [Item Box].”

I put the branch in the [Item Box].

“There is space? Erm. Excuse me, if it’s fine, I would like to ask what Master’s level is?”
“[Explorer]? It’s Lv27.”
“Lv27 … Amazing … Certainly, if that is the case, then there is space.”

I can put in the [Item Box] a number of items equivalent to the level.
It seems Roxanne also knows this.

However, Roxanne who was thinking “But we’re almost the same age”, was she pondering what my level could be?
Even though she was not at a price a low level could afford.

Is it that? Does she think that I spend my parents’ money?
The usual son who comes from afar, living on his parents’ inheritance.
It’s probably become an excuse for my lack of common sense.

My level, it could be summed up as a bit high if you look at my age, but not to the extent that it’s impossible.
For 200x Experience over 10 days of entering the labyrinth, holidays aside, that is just under 6 years’ worth.
Aren’t there children who enter a labyrinth from 11 years old in this world?
When I think about raising levels, I don’t know what will happen from now on, but…

“About my level, keep it a secret.”
“Of course.”

But since she asked, it is alright to tell her though it is discourteous.
As expected, Roxanne knows how important privacy is.

“Well then, where should we go?”
“Is it fine to go to a place where there are monsters?”
“Because I don’t want to be seen using magic by too many people, if possible, I would like a place where there are no people.”
“Understood. Because it’s a secret.”

It seems that she understands it is a secret.
Because it is an order, she seems to be giving precedence to maintaining secrecy.

However, it is amazing that she can easily acknowledge the direction of places without people.
If she recognizes the smell of monsters, it can be said she also can smell people.

“I am relying on you. Roxanne is really useful.”
“Thank you very much. This way.”

Roxanne guides me.

“Can you tell monster types and numbers by the smell?”
“I can tell to some extent, but not perfectly. Also, I can’t tell by the smell if they’re on the other side of a hidden door, so monsters may appear along the way. I can’t always know what the shortest route to *the monster is.”

While advancing and talking with Roxanne, we soon arrive at the place with monsters.
She is really useful.
This time, I raise my intellect to 50 points and fire a [Fireball].
Needle Wood Lv1 endures the hellfire.

“Not good enough?”
“Please, leave it to me.”

Roxanne pulls out her scimitar.
She runs off without waiting for my reply.

This is unexpected.
Even though 2 [Fireball] shots would have been enough.

Roxanne enters the space between me and the monster to finish it off, so I can’t shoot magic.
I can’t expect the [Fireball] to pass through party members.
Since [Firestorm] did not work on the thieves, then probably it will not work on party members.

Roxanne swings her sword which is held in her right hand and slashes the Needle Wood.
She steps aside to avoid the swung branch.
She targets the shoulder of the monster that just missed. Like that, she lands a single cut.
Roxanne again easily avoids the branch swung from the right.
She steps in and swings the scimitar down from the front.
The swung branch is avoided with half a step. While avoiding, she lands a hit.

I stare for a little bit.
Roxanne perfectly avoids the Needle Wood’s attacks.
It doesn’t feel like the monster’s attacks hit.

She doesn’t just easily avoid them; the avoiding distance is paper thin.
She evades the monster’s attacks by centimeters, no, it’s millimeters.

At a simple glance, it looks like there isn’t much margin, but it’s actually the opposite. [1]
If avoiding by a lot, it results in wasted movements. Shifting to attack becomes difficult.
If one can perfectly see all enemy attacks, then just barely dodging them is best.

Roxanne’s movements are exactly that.
She looks like she’s dancing magnificently.
She is avoiding with light steps or turning her body to let them go past.

Are the Needle Wood’s attacks so predictable?
Well certainly with the branches.

I put the wand on my waist, drawing the copper sword, and I also engage.
Because Roxanne is present, there’s time to switch weapons.
There might be even enough time to bring out Durandal.
I’ll do that starting from the next one.

I join the battle with the copper sword.
I take up position a little bit apart from Roxanne on the left side and swing down my copper sword.
I receive a branch swung from the left.
I deflect the branch from the right.

The branch that misses Roxanne due to her dodging approaches me.
I avert my upper body in a hurry.
With my posture about to collapse, from the left, the branch is swung.
Somehow, with the copper sword, I receive it.

Yeah. To say it plainly, it is unreasonable.
It is not easily avoidable for me unlike Roxanne.

Moreover, Roxanne is slashing many times in the meantime.
I also find a chance and drive in my copper sword.

The Needle Wood collapses.
It drops a branch, becomes smoke, and disappears.

“A-amazing. You avoided all of the attacks.”
“Thank you very much. Because we’re in a party of two, I wasn’t worried.”

Not at all. When you are alone, you dodged everything, isn’t it?

“Is that so?”
“If you look properly, that level of attack can be dodged.”

That might be so.
However to be frank, I don’t think anyone can do it.
Roxanne is an amazing person, isn’t she?
Even knows the monsters’ whereabouts.

“Going to the next monster, I want you to leave it to me.”
“Got it.”

The way things are going, I’ll be taken lightly as a master.
Although, I can use magic.
I feel like I should show her a fight with some impact.

Generally, Roxanne’s movements feel almost like a demi-god.
That is impossible for a normal person.
At least, it is impossible for me.
Since there is [Overwhelming], I might be able to imitate her a little bit.

So, I might say Roxanne is always in a state of [Overwhelming].
Perhaps she’s really using it, isn’t she?

“Regarding [Beast Attack], what kind of skill is it?”

Beast warriors possess [Beast Attack] skill.
It might have an effect similar to [Overwhelming].
By the name, I think it is an attack skill.

“It is a technique that deals a large amount of damage to monsters. However, I’m sorry. I cannot use it.”
“Can’t use it?”
“All skills and magic incantations are in Brahim language. Since ancient times, due to the Brahim language’s power of words, it has been treated as a sacred language. A person who can’t speak the Brahim language can’t use skills.”

Is that how it is?
It seems that Brahim language is a useful language.
To use skills, one must learn Brahim language.
It has become a common language.

“But, it seems you have reached a point where you can speak Brahim language.”
“Yes. However, it is still insufficient.”
“Don’t understand things like incantations?”
“No, since the incantations needed to use skills appear in the mind. However, the differences in pronunciation, accent, intonation, minute nuances, etc., if they’re not all perfect, the incantation will be unsuccessful. Not only to the extent of daily conversation, but if you aren’t completely fluent in the Brahim language, using skill incantations is impossible.”

Come to think of it, I understand that incantations somehow appear in my mind.
This seems to be the same for other people.

“Is that so?”
“When using a skill, one must make an opportunity to chant the incantation. Not being able to use skills is not a big problem. For a beginner like me, it is not good to use skills.”
“I see.”

I guess for a vanguard to use attack skills, that is the case.
I don’t think Roxanne is a beginner.

“Errm. Is it fine to listen to one?”
“When Master uses magic, there is no chanting of incantations. I thought chanting was necessary for skills and magic.”

My asking about skills has brought trouble upon me.

“It’s not something I can teach. I think it’s impossible with the exception of me. Keep it secret.”

I already feel bad keeping everything secret.

“As expected, Master is amazing. Also, you’ve mastered the Brahim language so easily. People who master the Brahim language are really amazing.”

Roxanne intensely gazes at me.

I am a bit embarrassed. Since the ability was bestowed to me.
I don’t really understand why I can speak the Brahim language.

“Oh, really?”

I pull myself together and move on with Roxanne in the lead.
While following, I take out Durandal.
For other skills, I set [Required Experience 1/5] and [Experienced Gained x10].

Bonus skills are a reduction in necessary experience and an increase in acquired experience.
While together in a party, the [Experience Gained] may be divided between the party members.
The [Required Experience] might just work only for me.

In few minutes, we arrived at a place with monsters.

“As expected, Roxanne is amazing!”
“Am I?”

Until now, I had been walking around randomly, waiting to encounter monsters.
The difference in efficiency is overwhelming.

“Hmm. By the way, have a look at my sword. What do you think about it?”
“It is a very splendid sword.”

I show Durandal to Roxanne.
The answer isn’t quite what I wanted, but she understands that it’s a good sword.

I charge towards the monster.
While running I raise Durandal and strike at the Needle Wood Lv1.
In a single blow, the monster is defeated and disappears into smoke.

“In a s-single blow, Master is amazing.”

Roxanne has a slightly bewildered expression as she picks up the branch.
It’s an unprecedented good feeling to have such a beautiful woman looking at me.
After all, I can rely on Durandal.
I think Roxanne’s impression of me has gone up.

“Well, but it is the sword that is the amazing one.”
“It’s definitely a good sword. Also, it is properly maintained and it looks just like new.”

Roxanne inspects Durandal while I’m holding it up.
Durandal’s condition seems to have been acknowledged by Roxanne’s judgment.
If I think about it, whenever I use [Character Reset], it probably appears as brand new.
Otherwise, despite me having thoroughly used it, it would not be in great condition unlike the scimitar and copper sword which are almost unused.

Roxanne was angry at the condition of the scimitar and copper sword.
I don’t know how they were used before I got them though.

“This sword is a secret.”
“It’s a secret?”
“Well, if people find out about this sword….”

I take Roxanne’s hand and pull it. [2]
I turn my hand towards her neck, and motion it like a sword.

“Give me the sword or I’ll kill this woman! That sort of thing might happen.”
“Ye-yes. That is certainly so. I understand.”

I let Roxanne go.
With a slight threat, I think she won’t treat a secret irresponsibly.
There really is a possibility.

“However, if a time comes when that happens, please choose the sword without holding back.”
“Well, I’ll be choosing Roxanne, but… I want to try and avoid getting into a situation where I could lose either.”
“Certainly. …Well, thank you very much.”

If she understands that there is such a possibility, she will not talk about it.

After that, we try a few things.
Testing objectives are: First, I want to calculate the smallest number of bonus points I need to increase Intellect by to defeat a Needle Wood Lv1 with one spell.
The fourth and fifth jobs are set to [Merchant] and [Herbalist] since they both have small intellect increases as part of their job stats.
And then, I want to test if there is a change in how many bonus points I need to increase intellect by to defeat a Needle Wood Lv1 with one spell.
If the necessary bonus points decrease, then match the effect of adding a job with small intellect increase.

The results:
Probably, the effects of the fourth and fifth jobs properly overlap.
It probably wouldn’t change even if I added [Warrior] Lv16. Since the small stamina increase from [Warrior] probably isn’t related to magic attack power.
Even if I add [Swordsman] Lv2, they probably wouldn’t decrease. Perhaps the manifested effects are only the added parts (or the positive stats). [3]

It’s only a possibility because even if I have the same bonus points allocated, sometimes a monster will be defeated and sometimes it won’t.
There seem to be individual differences between the monsters.
Or, perhaps the correlation between the magic damage and intellect isn’t constant?

However, the fact that with the same points sometimes they’re defeated and sometimes not, there’s a use for it.

“Alright, I will defeat it bare handed.”

Even if the monster isn’t defeated in one shot, it is nearly dead and easy to defeat.
I put away the Wand, and attack it together with Roxanne.

Roxanne attacks the Needle Wood Lv1 from the right, and I attack from the left bare-handed.
I punch its bark, but was it damaged?

A branch swings from the left.
I move my body roughly and narrowly avoid it.
I jump back two or three steps and nearly fall on my butt.
Since I’m not using the sword and I’m in close to the monster, it feels like quite a serious fight.

Roxanne brilliantly dodges the Needle Wood’s attacks.
I wonder how she avoids it so easily.

Maybe it’s better to kick in this situation.
I turn sideways and kick it.
After the kick, I drive in a punch.
It swings a branch at me again.

No good, I can’t avoid it.
In exchange for three jabs, I receive one hit myself.
I continue with a right straight punch delivered with all my might.

The body of the Needle Wood shakes violently.
After a little while, it begins to crumble.
The monster disappears into smoke.

I cast my [Job Setting].
Was that fine?

Hu? There is nothing.
Next is [Party Job Setting].

[Beast Soldier] Lv6, [Villager] Lv8, [Farmer] Lv1, [Warrior] Lv1, [Swordsman] Lv1, [Explorer] Lv1, [Herbalist] Lv1, [Monk] Lv1.

Roxanne got it.

“Did you get in the last blow Roxanne?”
“Yes. After Master hit it, it fell when I attacked with a thrust.”

Really? I didn’t see it.
Apparently you need to land the finishing blow to acquire the Monk job.


^ [TL Note: As in to untrained eyes she’s avoiding by a hair’s breadth, but with Roxanne’s ability there’s a lot of margin in that hair’s breadth.]
^ [Panda note: This guy could have just said it, but noooooo…..sasuga ecchi]
^ [TL Note: I think he means that stats and stat increases aren’t averaged with the additional jobs, so adding a low level job won’t decrease your total stats or stat increases.] [ED: Everything from main job, but only extra bonus stats and skills from the others. Got it.]

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