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Magic Crystal

Later on I asked Roxanne things about the Labyrinth.
The Labyrinth is believed to be a creature.

The Labyrinths aren’t everywhere, they’re just in various places.

“So it’s like the larvae inside the Antlion?”
“Ah, don’t worry about it.”

The Labyrinth lures in humans instead of ants.
The human is digested and absorbed by the demon for it to live.
Then it multiplies.

The Labyrinth is an area that the Labyrinth creature produced with magic.
You won’t find it even if you dig into the ground near the Labyrinths entrance.
Is that why the levels go up instead of down?

If you go to the top floor of the Labyrinth and defeat the boss, you will kill the Labyrinth.
Exterminating a Labyrinth near where people live is the Lord’s responsibility.

“Also, if you defeat a Labyrinth in an area without people, you can become the Lord of that region.”

Roxanne explains it with enthusiasm.

“Thank you, I understand.”
“You’re welcome.”

It seems I need to be taught a lot.
I return my thoughts to getting back to the room.
I pull out a leaf from the item box.

“Roxanne, the rucksack is ready.”
“Is an antidote the only thing you can use a leaf for?’

I was curious.

“What? That’s right. That’s what I’ve heard. After you sell it to the guild they will distribute them to the pharmacists & herbalists to be turned into antidotes.”
“I thought so.”

I place the leaf in the palm of my hand, and raise it towards Roxanne.
I used [Herbal medicine generation].
Ten antidotes appeared and spilled out of my hand.

“What? This…. This is…. amazing.”

Roxanne looks at me with respect.
I like to show off.
Surprises one by one.

“This is a secret.”
“Yes… Master is amazing.”

It’s not that big of a deal if I reveal the secret.
This is possible for Roxanne as well if I change her job.
Roxanne looks captivated.

After the antidote is made I put 59 of them in Roxanne’s rucksack.
One piece is placed in the item box.
There is already 26 of them in there, but the space has increased by one.

“Are there a lot of demons that use poison?
“Yes, I have heard there is a considerable amount.”
“So antidote is a requirement?”
“Only if the demon manages to hit you.”

I’m extremely thankful for Roxanne.
They’ll probably be needed soon.

After making the antidote, we went to the explorers guild.
We bought the Magic Crystal that Roxanne had told me about.

“Lets make it two Magic Crystals.”
“Would you like the black Magic Crystal?”

Roxanne? You didn’t tell me about this.

“Um, I want to use it to collect magic.”
“Then it’s the black Magic Crystal. Please wait a moment.”

After selling the antidotes from her rucksack, Roxanne went over to the notice board.
She’s reading intently.
Being able to read would be convenient.

I bought two black magic crystals for 20 nars.
It seems the 30% discount still isn’t working with the explorers guild staff.
I exchanged 10 copper coins for each magic crystal.

Magic crystals are small stones, about the size of a chicken egg.
As the name black magic crystal indicates, the color is black.

I don’t think I’ve seen any in the Labyrinth.
With the small size I may have overlooked them.
[Judgement] works on them though.
The name of the crystal is black crystal, not black magic crystal.

“What is the higher level ointment of nourishment?”
“Nourishment medicine.”
“How much is it?”
“600 nars for one.”

The price suddenly got rather high.

“And the level after that?”
“Nourishment tablets.”
“How much is that?”
“It’s 6,000 nars each.”

It increased by ten times.
It’s a price that I somewhat expected, and I bought two nourishment medicines and a tablet.
Let’s hope we don’t take any major injuries.

“It seems to be a black magic crystal.”

I go over to Roxanne and show her the crystal.

“Magic crystals change color according to the amount of magic they contain. When you defeat ten demons it will become red. It will become purple after 100, blue after 1,000, green after 10,000, yellow after 100,000 and white with 1,000,000.”

So the color changes?

“It’s a black magic crystal because there is no magic in it?”
“Yes, and the price changes according to the color. As soon as the color changes you’ll get the higher price. There aren’t many who work on them until they become white though, most will sell them off when they are yellow or green.”

So the price won’t change for a purple crystal with 100 monsters worth of magic compared to a purple crystal with 900 monsters worth of magic.
So I have to defeat 100,000 demons to make it yellow, and a million to make it white.
If I defeat 100 per day then it will take around three years to make it yellow, and 30 years to make it white.
As Roxanne says, there won’t be many chances to sell them in a lifetime.

“I understand, so shall we go to the Labyrinth?”

We left the guild.
Even though we spoke a lot in the inn, not much of the day has passed, it’s still morning.
In the bright sunlight, I walk while often looking back over my shoulder.

I’m looking at Roxannes breasts.
She follows along behind me and they jiggle with ever step.
It’s not easy to see though, since she is wearing the Leather Jacket.

They are shaking.
Even though I didn’t notice it in the dim light of the Labyrinth.
It definitely isn’t an illusion.

The shoulder strap from the ruck sack appears to be digging in at the side.
Like tied up large, sweet fruit.
Very distracting on the eyes.

When Roxanne notices my eyes, she smiles.
I’ve been discovered.
All the respect I had managed to build up from things like making antidotes has been ruined.

After being found out, I continue hurrying to the Labyrinth.
Even though I could watch the jiggle if I walked beside her, having a man and woman walk side by side on this world doesn’t appear to happen.
My body also hides the shaking of Roxannes chest from other mens eyes.

“The first floor seems to be rather crowded.”

As soon as we enter the Labyrinth, Roxanne checks out the surrounding area with her sense of smell.
She doesn’t even need to look.

“It’s crowded?”
“Yes, there’s a search end declaration out stating that the exploration of the first floor has been completed.”

I don’t understand it well, but is it a notice from the explorer’s guild?
So alot of people have heard about it?

“Should we move on?”
“Yes, I’ve been as far as the third floor. I can fight monsters on that floor.”
“Lets try the second floor.”

We head into the black wall, and come out on the second floor.

“The second floor doesn’t seem very crowded, there’s a demon to our right.”
“Is that right. Do we just need to keep the magic crystal in our possession?”

I pull a magic crystal from the item box and pass it to Roxanne.

“Yes, it’s fine to keep it in the rucksack. Magic won’t be collected if it’s kept in the item box though.”

The rucksack is lowered and the black magic crystal is placed inside.
We prepared our equipment and went into the right cave.

“I’ll try to defeat the demon with magic. Don’t dash ahead without permission.”
“What is the search end declaration?”

After giving Roxanne a warning, I questioned her.

“It’s a declaration that all searches of the first floor have been completed.”
“And the amount of people here increase when the search ends?”
“Until the search ends, there might be some rooms with large quantities of demons.”

Ah, there was a room like that.
There was a room with at least ten Needle Woods in it on the first floor and it was a difficult fight.

“That doesn’t happen after the search ends?”
“When the search ends, it means rooms like those have been searched.”
“When a demon appears in a place like this, after a little while it will start traveling around. But when a demon appears in one of those rooms it’s just stuck there, so after a while the amount of demons in the room start to build up.”

Roxanne explains it since I look doubtful.
Is that how the demon room happened?

“So now that the exploration is done, that won’t happen anymore?”
“Mostly, but if people don’t go there for many days the demons will still build up. That kind of room is an extremely dangerous trap.”

Even though that kind of room is appealing now that I know AoE attack magic it seems the chance of finding one will be less.
There’s still a chance if I continue climbing the floors though.
Was my luck good or bad finding one before I could use magic?

“I see, and that’s why the people have increased.”
“There’s a demon.”

Roxanne interrupts me with a warning.
A demon appears in front of us.
Needle Wood Lv2.

I launched a fireball that was powered up by me placing 99 points into intellect.
The demon was not defeated in a single blow however.

The second one is fired and the demon is defeated.
The demons seem to get alot stronger as their level increases.

Roxanne takes the branch and puts it in the rucksack.
The color of the magic crystal is still black.

Next I am testing the magic crystal.
In the bonus skills there is a crystallization upgrade.
Even though I didn’t know what it meant before, I now think it’s about the crystallization of magic.

I open the character settings and tick crystallization upgrade.
The skill becomes 4x increase.
I remove the bonus points from intellect and put them in crystallization upgrade.
The skill goes to 8x, then 16x, then 32x, and stops at 64x increase in crystallization.

Next, I defeated another Needle Wood Lv2. It still took two shots of magic so the benefit from increased intellect can’t be noticed here.

I check the Magic crystal.
It’s become a redish color.
This is a red magic crystal?

Another one is defeated and I check it again.
The color is now purpleish.

“When you defeat 100 it becomes purple?”

If two were defeated with the 64x increase, it becomes 128 kills.
The skill seems to be working.

“Roxanne, look at this?”

The purple magic crystal is take from the rucksack without waiting for an answer.
It will be seen at some stage anyway.
I want to recover my lost respect.

“What? Ah? …What!?”
“Mm, this is a secret.”
“Um, yes…. Master is amazing.”

After briefly showing Roxanne, I place it back in the rucksack.
I’m a bit surprised to.
Secretly cheating seems bad, but Roxanne doesn’t seem to mind.

“Do you know how much magic crystals sell for?”
“Green is 10,000 nars, and yellow is 100,000 nars.”

So if you need to hunt 10,000 demons for it to become green, then it’s one nar per demon?
So 64x is 64 nars? The income efficiency is better than the dropped items.

So if I want to earn money I put points in crystallization, if I want to become stronger I put points in experience, and if I want to fight something tough I put points in Durandal.
Things are going well.

“That’s will do for that experiment, though there are more to do.”

I declared to Roxanne.

“What experiments will be done?”
“There will be various ones with Roxannes help.”

In the party setting I switch Roxannes job to Monk.
I also set it to one of my jobs.

Kaga Michio. 17 year old male. Explorer Lv27, Hero Lv24, Wizard Lv26, Merchant Lv22, Monk Lv1.
Equipment: Wand, Leather Shoes, Leather hat, Leather armor.

Roxanne. 16 year old female. Monk Lv1.
Equipment: Scimitar, Shield, Leather Hat, Leather Jacket, Sandals, Mittens.

There’s been numerous times I was injured, but now Roxanne and I both have the Monk job.
With this I can test how experience works.
Is my share of the experience divided between each of my jobs? If I compare Roxanne’s Monk level to my own I can get a better understanding.

I’m not using my skill to decrease required experience til next level, and I’ve put the increased experience skill to 20X.
If I level up first, then the increased experience skill only works for me.
If Roxanne and I level up at the same time then we get the same experience.
If Roxanne levels up first then my experience is divided between my jobs.

Lets see how we go.

“Do you feel any changes to your body?”
“No, not really.”

When I removed the Hero job I didn’t notice my body feeling heavier.
It doesn’t seem like something you can be aware of.

“I would have liked to do this on the first floor, but I guess we’ll have to do it here. There might be some danger so please do not fight anything until the experiment is over.”
“It will be dangerous?”
“Well, the experiment won’t be dangerous, but it may hinder your fighting ability a bit.”

I don’t really understand the difference between Beast Warrior Lv6 and Monk Lv1 so it’s best to be cautious.

“Did you do an experiment like this already? Was I not supposed to fight?”
“No, but I might get you to try fighting later.”

What happens when I change Roxannes job isn’t the aim of this experiment.
If I test that it’s best to do it on the first floor.
I don’t think she’ll be defeated in a single blow just because she’s Monk Lv1, but it’s best not to even try it.

After that I hunted some demons.
The increase in level happened at the same time for both of us.
The increased experience skill must work for the whole party.

Perhaps it isn’t divided between my jobs either.
There’s always the possibility that it’s divided six ways though, between my five jobs and Roxanne’s single job.

Next is testing out the skill to decrease required experience.
Only my Monk job increased to Lv3 quickly.
Well, that’s how it is.
We had to hunt 20 demons to get up to Lv2.
After decreasing required experience to 1/10th I was able to increase my level with three kills.

Since Roxanne’s level did not go up, it seems that the skill does not work for her.

At the moment my bonus points when I’m not using Durandal are like this:
31 points in decreasing required experience to 1/10th.
31 points in increasing acquired experience to 10X.
31 points in increasing magic crystallization to 32X.
15 points to get to the fifth job.
7 points to get 3X MP recovery speed.
3 points in incantation omission.
3 points in party job settings.
1 point each for Warp, Judgement, Party Job Settings, and Character reset.

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