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Chapter 37 – Quratar



“About the groups of three monsters appearing, do they start from the 3rd floor?”
“No. I heard it starts from the 4th floor.”
“Then on the 4th floor, groups of four don’t appear.”
“Seems groups of four start from the 8th floor.”

After confirming Roxanne’s battle style on the 2nd and 3rd floor, we transfer to the 4th floor.
I ask Roxanne after I cast three spells at a group of two Minos and one Kobold that came first.
I confirm that [Fire Storm] only works against monsters.

“If that’s the case, then from the 16th floor, there are groups of five?”
“You understand it very well. That’s right.”

I got admired in an unusual way.
It seems that if groups of two come out on the 2nd floor, three on the 4th floor, and four on the 8th floor, then it is groups of 5 on the 16th floor.

With Roxanne guiding, next it is a group of one Mino and a Kobold.
First, the Kobold is reduced to ashes by [Fire Ball].

“Roxanne, take care of the Mino.”

For confirmation, I send Roxanne forward.
Roxanne, on the 2nd and 3rd Floor, was able to handle the Needle Wood Lv2 and Lv3 without any problems.
How well can she fight against a Mino Lv4 that looks like a compacted cow?

Roxanne dashes with her scimitar.
A light attack from the front. The swung horn attack is easily avoided.
Again, after an additional attack, she nimbly dodges the Mino’s attack.

What kind of bullfighter are you?!
She seems to be flawless against a single opponent on the 4th floor.

While Roxanne is facing the monster, I prepare Durandal.
I move towards the open left side and strike the Mino’s flank.
I defeat the Mino and recover my MP.

“Looks like there are no problems with the 4th floor.”
“However, the numbers. Will it be alright with three monsters?”
“Let’s see. Two enemies, there’s no problem at all. If we are surrounded by three, possibly we might suffer some attacks.”

I feel that such thoughts are returning.
I’d panic if I was surrounded by three Minos.

“Aren’t the horns scary?”
“Once you observe them there’s no problem.”
“Y-you dodged them very well.”
“When the horn is swung and goes SWOOSH, it’ll be alright if I pull my body like BAM and avoid it like WOOSH.”

Roxanne is the type of person who can’t teach.
Like one of those genius types.

“In the first place, even if it puts all its strength into the horns on its head and charges, once it starts moving, it’ll be greatly visible and you’ll know what its intentions are in an instant. It’s like it’s telling you to avoid it.”

And that’s Roxanne’s story.
Just by hearing those words, I think I can do it too.

No, no. I can’t be fooled.
The only one capable of such a feat is Roxanne.

Well, it’s no use worrying about future things.
On the fourth floor, battles can be settled within three spell casts, so there’s no problem.
If we go up, the vanguard must face three monsters in the time it takes magic to be cast.
Because Roxanne said that she can take up to two enemies without problems, I have to give it my best against one.

After hunting for a while in the 4th floor, we return to the wall in the Adventurer’s Guild.
It’s not good, shutting oneself in the labyrinth.
No matter what, you get a lot of mental strain in the labyrinth.
A suitable change of mood is needed.

When we finished hunting, the color of the magic crystal had turned blue.
Roxanne’s magic crystal turned purple.

It seems you don’t gather magic power if you don’t deal the finishing blow to the monster.
It didn’t turn purple while Roxanne was carrying it but after I borrowed it.

Couldn’t that mean if I’m carrying several magic crystals, these several magic crystals will be equally collecting magic power?

According to Roxanne, of course such a sweet deal couldn’t exist.
Although, maybe it’s different when using the [Crystallization Acceleration] skill.
To test that, I tried putting the two magic crystals in the rucksack.

The black magic crystal I borrowed from Roxanne turned purple after defeating nine monsters.
I had defeated two monsters using Durandal while the [Crystallization Acceleration] skill wasn’t active.
The magic power obtained was 9 monsters x 32 multiplier + 2 monsters. [1]
Since to turn a magic crystal purple you need the magic power from at least 100 monsters, it’s okay to think that when carrying two magic crystals, the magic power will clearly be divided in two.

As expected, it seemed too good to be true.
When I returned the purple magic crystal, Roxanne was surprised that without even killing 10 monsters it turned into a purple magic crystal that needed at least 100 monsters defeated.

Because I told Roxanne that Kobolds aren’t good prey, we didn’t fight many Kobolds.
Roxanne is really helpful.

The Adventurer’s Guild feels like it was more crowded than usual.
Could it be because of the Search End Declaration?
People are lined up at the purchase counter.

The people that came to sell place 4-5 branches and a leaf on the tray.
Certainly, people have been giving it their all in the first floor since the search ended.
Though the numbers are low.

“Leaves aren’t something we can buy.”

Roxanne says in a low voice.
With leaves costing 80 nars, even if I buy them at double the cost and without [30% Discount], selling 10 antidote pills with [30% Sale Price Increase], each leaf leaves a 165 nars profit. [2]

“The Guild has the advantage on transactions with leaves. I think it’s better that we give up on it.”

Roxanne, as before, replies in a low voice.
Indeed. If we trespass on the Guild’s interests and are targeted, we don’t know what kind of retaliation they’d resort to.
I’ll stop pursuing this method to get income.

It was in a very low voice; nobody should have heard it.
Even so, today is very crowded.
From the Guild’s wall too, various parties are turning up.

Again, somebody comes out.
This time, a group of two people.

“Quratar, one way trip, anyone need?” [3]

The first guy that comes out announces that.
Uh-oh. Is that an Adventurer that came from Quratar?
This is convenient.

I cast [Party Formation] and remove Roxanne from the party.

“I’ll go and be back in a bit.”

Seems Roxanne soon understood the meaning of that.
Maybe she was simply obeying her master’s orders, but her eyes looks like she understood.
I think she probably understood.
It would be good if she doesn’t do something like running away while I’m not here.

Well, if she disappeared while I wasn’t watching for a short time it would mean she already ran away.
It would mean we must be together around the clock.

I pay a silver coin and I’m taken to Quratar.
I confirm the sun’s position and return soon after.

Roxanne is… there.
She really stayed.

“I’m back. Want to go visit Quratar?”
“Yes. I’ll accompany you.”

The party is formed, and after confirming the sun’s position in Vale town, we warp to the Adventurer’s Guild in Quratar.

The time in Vale is before 3 o’clock in the afternoon, so around a bit after 2 o’clock?
There’s about 3 hours before dusk, so there’s time to spare.
Quratar is in the middle of the day too, but I don’t know the direction or longitude, so the time difference is unknown.

The Adventurer’s Guild in Quratar is slightly larger than the one in Vale.
It still can’t be compared to the Adventurer’s Guild in the Imperial Capital.
There are only three purchase counters.
It’s bigger than the Adventurer’s Guild in Vale, but from what I’d heard, I thought it was much bigger than this.

“Umm. Is that it?”
“Because in Quratar, the labyrinth and Explorers are in the center of town, the Explorer’s Guild is substantially bigger.”

Roxanne explains to me.
That’s probably because I unintentionally muttered that while leaving the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Is that so? Have you come here before?”
“Yes. I came here to inspect the labyrinth once. There are many labyrinths I want to enter at least once.”
“Well then, do you want to visit it again?”
“Certainly! It’s over there.”

Roxanne points without any hesitation.

“Do you know which way north is?”
“I’m sorry. I don’t know.”
“Still, you know which direction the labyrinth is in!”

Ah. The smell?

“In the town of Quratar, the labyrinth is located in the center. In the towns with a labyrinth at the center, the streets radiate and extend out from there.”

Seems it wasn’t the smell.
If one looks at it, towards one direction of the street the buildings gradually become sparser.
In the other direction, the buildings get more crowded.

I see. Is that way the center of town?
We start walking towards the center of town.

Even so, the townscape of Quratar is still smaller than the Capital’s.
It’s more prosperous than Vale town. It could be compared to that degree.

Nearing downtown, many stores do business with an open storefront on the 1st floor.
There are fish markets and bakeries, and over there is a hardware store.

After coming to this world, it’s the first time I’ve seen stores, other than some street stalls.
Especially the nondescript ordinary stores.
It could be said that the stores don’t have really complex shapes.

Beyond the hardware store where the street intersects, there is a roundabout and at the center, there is a thick hill.
It is the entrance to the labyrinth.
From the town center, many streets stretch out; there are shops lining both sides of every street.

“Is that the labyrinth?”
“That’s right. The Knight’s Order station is built across the street in front of the entrance. The big building on the opposite side of the entrance is the Explorer’s Guild.”

I can see a bit of the right side of the labyrinth’s entrance, the black wall.
Opposite there, across two streets extending from the center, a 5-6 story building is standing.
A red-brown brickwork building boasting a majestic look.

Indeed, the Explorer’s Guild is pretty substantial.
From the open doors on the first floor, many people are going in and out.
Also, at the Knight’s Order station, many people are standing in line.

“Why are they queued there?”
“To enter Quratar’s labyrinth one has to pay at the entrance. 100 nars per person each time.”

They require an entrance fee?
It looks like it’s a tourist attraction.

“If there’s an entrance fee, it would be better to enter once we have more time. Do you know the best way to rent a house?”
“There are managers. We could ask in a shop somewhere about it.”

Lets look in this hardware store or something.
I pull Roxanne’s arm and enter the hardware store.

“But, Master.”
“Wouldn’t it be okay if we entered with Master’s magic?”

She tells me in a whisper.
I see.
Since I can use [Warp] to enter directly into the labyrinth, after only entering once, we won’t need to pay the fee every time.

Echigoya, you too are evil! [4]
I want to unwrap your sash, round and round. [5]

We enter the hardware store.
Saucepans, scissors, hoes, shovels, and other unknown things made out of metal are on display.
There are padlocks too.
Weapons belong in a weapons store. Hoes and shovels seem to be considered farming tools.


The one who comes out is a middle-aged aunty.
37 years old, Merchant Lv44.
I feel her level is questionably high.

“We’re searching for a place to live in the area, do you know where I can fi-”
“You’ve found her. I’m the manager for the 6th district.”

Before I finish asking, she answers.
This is the manager? We’re lucky.

“6th district?”
“This town is divided by the streets that stretch out from the center. The area where the Explorer’s Guild is located is the 1st district. Followed counterclockwise by the 2nd, 3rd and this would be the 6th district.”
“I see.”

Each district has a prominent location facing the labyrinth.
Because this shop is the most prominent place in the 6th district, she’s probably very competent if she became a manager.

“Are you an Explorer?”
“That’s right.”
“What kind of property are you looking for?”

I’m stumped after hearing that.

“On the contrary, I’d like you to show us what kind of properties there are. We’re looking to rent one for around 40,000 nars a year, besides that we don’t have any other conditions.”
“You two will be living there?”
“Currently that’s the case, but later on…”
“Indeed. You’re an Explorer after all.”

Without saying everything, the aunty takes over.
She seems like a person that loves to talk.
An Explorer entering labyrinths would form a party of up to six members.
I guess there are many Explorers that live together with their party members.

The aunty looks towards Roxanne for a bit. Next, she looks at my face, grinning unpleasantly.
Seems like she realizes Roxanne is a slave.
And again, she stares at Roxanne like she’s using [Appraisal].

I don’t know how she realized Roxanne is a slave, but that face looks like someone that knows.
As one would expect from someone called a manager.
Or, like the slave trader told me, probably there are many people that make parties with slaves to enter the labyrinths.

“You have a good girl here. Is it alright to be near the labyrinth?”

Being stared at, Roxanne wants to say something. The aunty leaves her alone and talks to me.

“I’m not being particularly picky.”

I guess the rent will be high being closer to the labyrinth.
Being close to the labyrinth, it is also close to downtown.

But in my case, I can just use [Warp] to go to the labyrinth.
Even if have something to do in the business district downtown, it would be enough to come out the wall in the Adventurer’s Guild.
There’s no reason to be living near the labyrinth.
Rather, I think that because being far from the labyrinth the rent would be cheaper, it would be better to live farther.

“If it isn’t for an Adventurer, there’s a house with the right value, what do you think?”
“It isn’t good for an Adventurer?”
“The previous resident covered it all in shielding cement, it’s difficult to use.”

I don’t understand the meaning.

“Because shielding cement was used, one can’t travel with [Field Walk]. It would be hard for an Adventurer.”

Roxanne, getting a glimpse of me looking like I need help, covers for me.
Roxanne is seriously helpful.
Furthermore, to hide the fact that I didn’t know what shielding cement was, she nonchalantly covered it up.

I see.
An Adventurer would be living further away from the labyrinth.
It’s fine to travel using [Field Walk]. There’s no special reason to be living somewhere with an expensive rent.
But since it’s covered in shielding cement, that house would be useless.

“Will you show it to us?”

There’s no other way than to test if [Warp] works or not.

“Understood. I’ll make the arrangements.”

The Aunty goes back into the store again.
She reappears after a while and we depart via another street in the direction of the Adventurer’s Guild.

It might be hasty to rent a house.
Because I need to learn more after coming to this world, or it’d be better to think more seriously about things from now on.
Concerning earthquakes, volcanoes, tropical cyclones, and other such natural disasters, I might need to investigate. [6]

“How’s the climate around here?”
“It’s good! Summers are cool and it almost never snows in winter.”
“How much does it rain?”

Roxanne is asking for information from the Aunty, but that amount is not enough.

However, at any rate, I don’t have many choices.
At the moment, Quratar and the Imperial Capital are our two options.
There might be other places we can live without any problems, but it’d be more economical to rent right away than to spend many months researching and pondering.
If this turns out to be a very bad place, I won’t feel regret if we find a better town somewhere else.

The manager aunty guides us as we continue down the street.
In the town of Quratar, tall buildings are only built in the downtown area; once we go farther away, it becomes the residential area.
Two-story buildings are side by side with some degree of separation.
It feels like the outskirts of some countryside.

Progressing further, it becomes more vacant lands and fields than houses. A man there, for some reason, greets the aunty.

40 years old, a Villager Lv53?

I’ve never seen such a high level villager.
I feel like he’s fearlessly strong. Is he really strong or am I being deceived by my own level?

“That was my husband just now.”

She informs us after she exchanges a few words with him and leaves.

“He looks like an extremely strong person!”
“There isn’t a rampart in this town, is it? Since this town was built around the Labyrinth, a rampart is meaningless. Monsters can appear anywhere in town, although they’re weak. People afraid of monsters don’t live in this town. My husband and I try to enter the labyrinth three days at a time.”

According to Roxanne, monsters not only appear inside the labyrinth, but also in its vicinity.
Like the Slow Rabbit in the forest behind the first village, or the Gummy Slime that appeared while traveling in the carriage.
Towns are surrounded by ramparts so that such monsters won’t attack.
Because there’s a labyrinth right in the center of Quratar, it’s probably useless to surround the town with a rampart.

If you think about it, it’s a terrifying town.
Living in such a town, this couple seems to have tempered themselves.
The result of that is a Villager Lv53.

I’m alright because I can pull out Durandal anyways, but is Roxanne gonna be ok?

“Aren’t there any problems if monsters appear in the town?”
“There aren’t any problems.”

It was a foolish question.

“My husband works as a blacksmith in that shed over there. I handle the goods my husband produces.”
“Is he a Master Smith?”

If he’s a Master Smith, maybe he can tell me the job’s acquisition method.

“A Master Smith is a job only Dwarves can obtain.”
“Is it different?”
“Inside the shed with a small smelting furnace he cast commodities. This has no relation to race. It’s something anyone can do given the techniques. Master Smith is a job in which, by means of magic skills, weapons and armor are produced, and only dwarves can become one.”
“I see.”

Somehow I don’t understand, but it seems Master Smith and Blacksmith are different things.
If you think about it, he is only a Villager Lv53.
That means one size fits all equipment is manufactured with skills?
Unfortunately, it seems impossible to obtain the Master Smith job to do smithing.

“Well, it’s over there.”

Progressing a bit further, we enter a narrow alley and then the aunty points towards a white house.


[1] TL Note: That is 290 total

[2] TL Note: Read chapter 23 for the same calculations. For the maths: Antidote = 100 nars market price or 25 nars sale price. Leaf = 160 nars market price or 80 nars sale price. Antidote 10 x 25 nars = 250 nars + 30% sale price increase = 325 nars. 325 nars – 160 nars for cost of a leaf at market price = 165 nars profit.

[3] ED Note: WTS Quratar TP 1way 100nar PM

[4] TL Note: 越後屋、おぬしも悪よのう。 “Echigoya, you too are evil!” is a line in one of many Japanese historical plays about an evil magistrate. The line is when he’s conspiring in his residence with an evil merchant. The magistrate says “Echigoya, you too are evil!” and the merchant responds “But not to the same degree as Mr. Magistrate”. Evil laughs ensue. Here are some YouTube videos of parodies or recreations of that scene:

[5] TL Note: And one of the things that evil magistrate likes to do is undressing girls in kimonos by pulling their Obi (sash). Here’s a video of such a scene from a PS2 game: @ around 12 mins in.

[6] TL Note: tropical cyclone is the general term, but they’re called hurricanes, typhoons, etc., depending on where they are formed here on Earth.

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