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Chapter 9 Legend class weapon

“…For the moment, let’s collect the drop items.”

Because I defeated the Aqua Wolf like that, I collect the items without missing anything.

[Kaijin ōkami large fang]…. Huge Fang of the Aqua Wolf.  Sharp, it can pierce an iron plate easily. (TL:kaijin okami is the name of the aqua wolf its direct translation is ash wolf I am letting his name like that its cooler)

[Kaijin ōkami fur]…. Grey fur that can be said to be the symbol of the Aqua Wolf.  It feels unusually well and the magic resistance is high. When processed to be armor, it becomes an amazing thing.

[Kaijin ōkami meat]…… Aqua Wolf meat. It is not good to eat raw; ordinary cooking methods are never tasty. If soaked in salt water, the salt seeps into the meat and becomes delicious.

The drop items I got in my hands are appraised and displayed. Wait, Kaijin ōkami it says…. So cooool. What’s more, the fang’s power is weird. To pierce an iron plate….

“Ma, it’s not bad this is great, I can make something like a spear with my kensaru rod and the fang….”

Because there is no rope, I wonder if I should use the tree vines.

“It should be fine if I do it this time, too.”

Putting that aside, meat! Salt is needed though…. Around here, there isn’t any place I can get salt.

I just don’t know. Maybe there is a place where I can collect something like salt stones. In my knowledge and the Clever Monkey’s knowledge, I don’t know such a place. For now, I will need to get salt in my hand; getting it isn’t a lost. I throw all the drop items that are appraised in the item box.

Since the appraisal changed to [Advanced Appraisal], there hasn’t been any things that is unclear. Well there are items that I know the effect though.

The plants’ “?” stopped appearing. This time, it shows how to use it.

Only when it comes to demons are the name and level shown. Not even one had their status appear. Well, that’s unrelated to me that keep hunting Clever Monkeys. (TL note: expect retribution… poor monkeys).

“Well, next is ……”

I say while moving my line of sight. Entering my vision is a card that has fallen.

“Skill card ……”

I have all the skills of the Clever Monkey… but I don’t have even one skill of the Aqua Wolf.

By the way, until now, all of the defeated Monkeys, for some reason, didn’t leave me a skill card even once. [TL note: apart of the first it means]

Probably, I don’t have any more to learn from the skill cards. Too OP absolute disassembly. While having a little curiosity, I appraise the card.

[Skill card ≪Twin Fang Attack≫]…. Skill ≪Twin Fang Attack≫ can be learned.

[Skill card ≪Enemy Search≫]…. Skill ≪Enemy Search≫ can be learned.

[Skill card ≪Strong Claws≫]…. Skill ≪Strong Claws≫ can be learned.

[Magic Card ≪Water Attributed Words≫]….It seems that you’ll be able to use water attribute magic.


It is there in the result of the appraisal. Words I never saw before make me tilt my head.

Ma,magic Card? A green card that appears in a certain card game? (TLC: Yu-Gi-Oh, specifically, spell cards.)

Iya, what’s more, the effect….eh, if I use this card, I will become a magician? It is fine not to wait until 30 years old?

When I think of such a thing, the skill cards and magic card turn into light and goes into my body.

And, that voice flows in my head.

[Skill card ≪Twin Fang Attack≫] has been learned.

[Skill card ≪Enemy Search≫] has been learned.

[Skill card ≪Strong Claws≫] has been learned.

[Magic Card ≪Water Attributed Words≫] has been learned.

I just can’t get used to this… suddenly learning the skills like this is weird, isn’t it?… I thought so that time with the Clever Monkey, why can’t I just be happy?… Maa, is it because I didn’t get them with my own power?….Maa, if I don’t become strong, then I can’t survive…..I stop thinking about it deeply. To begin with, I’m only a commoner; it is impossible to learn skills…. apart from resistances. I shake my head, shake off what I was thinking, and immediately confirm the effect of the skill.

≪Twin Fang Attack≫…… Originally it was a skill that is activated with the fangs. Hold a weapon in both hands, then attack with both at the same time. Like that, give it a rotation and it can return the attack from the enemy, a counter skill.

≪Enemy Search≫…… Presence, temperature, magic-power, all is detectable. With this skill, it is possible to recognize the presence of organisms in a radius of about 10m from the user of the skill.

≪Strong Claws≫…… It is possible to shoot the claws. With control, it can make a slash.


I was stunned.

All skills are too abnormal……! ≪Twin Fang Attack≫ is probably too strong!? While avoiding opponent attacks, you can damage your opponent! Counter!

And, ≪Enemy Search≫….. now, it does feel like the most important skill in this forest…..that amazing guy, Aqua Wolf…. To defeat it with one of my attacks, as expected, it’s a fluke, isn’t it?

≪Strong Claws≫, it somehow feels like a hand version of cutting leg. I can profit from this.

“So…… the effect of that magic card……”

[Water attribute magic:]…. Water attribute magic learned. I will be able to use all the magic of water attribute.

“Too Cheat!!!”

Terrific!? I will not become a magician!!! Suddenly learning all water magic attribute!! The aqua wolf efforts were for naught?! Somehow sorry!

Even if I apologize, it doesn’t mean that it will be forgiven…..! Because, I, without trying, got in my hands Water attribute magic that needs an unbelievable amount of effort just like that? If my position was reversed, I will resent it for my life.

And, water attribute magic information flows in my head.

“….Somehow, I am very sorry…..”

And I say that.

“T, to recover my mood, the next thing is….”

Then like that time with the Clever Monkey, the same booklet is here. On the cover of the booklet is written as “Knowledge of Aqua Wolf”.

For the time being I open the booklet.

[Aqua Wolf is a wolf that inhabits high level fields or dungeons and is called Kaijin Okami. Though it can’t use fire magic in its life, it can use water magic. When it is mating season, it normally has one child. It has a strong territorial instincts and it has a lot of turf wars with its companions. It made a lot of war with the surroundings creatures to get more territory and it is proficient in detecting presence. It’s also active at night.]

“What, it’s named Kaijin Okami!!?”

Well, I wonder if it’s because of the gray fur…… somehow there should be another name……Wait, it was nocturnal? Until now, I haven’t been attacked at night. Well I might have been fine because I sleep in the trees…..While I think such things, I turn the page.

“Life of Aqua Wolf”

“Again so grand!!!”

Did it not have any more titles!? …… Mou, anything is fine.

Eventually As I flip through, the next page has the life of Aqua Wolf, the knowledge of several new types of useful plant, and names of the monsters who live in this forest written.

The booklet becomes a ball of light and goes into my body.

And, just like the knowledge of the Clever Monkey made a map in my head, this time, the page updates with the new info.

However, in the map of Clever Monkey and Aqua Wolf, for some reason, there is a part filled with black.

When I saw the map of the Clever Monkey, I thought the black part was a part outside the activities of the Clever Monkey, but now, in the map of the Aqua Wolf, the same part is black.

“Yes…..this seems like it needs to be investigated.”

Maybe it could be a way to get out of this forest.

After all, with the knowledge of the Clever Monkey and now with the Aqua Wolf, I can find a way out of this forest.

“Well, its fine… for now I have to think of survival.”

I still am at level 1.

“Then next is…”

The next thing I got is the status of the Aqua Wolf which turned into a sphere.

[Magic: 10000]

[ATK: 9874]

[DEF: 1230]

[AGI: 8762]

[Magic Attack: 5553]

[Magic defense: 4887]

[Luck: 20]

[Charm: 1000]

“Luck so low!!”

It is the only status that’s low! Wait, why do all the demons I come across have low luck? Is that? It’s unfortunate to meet a guy like me? Shit!

Furthermore, charm is high! And mine is still blank!

“….it’s fine, I don’t care. This means I will have a 100 plus in charm”

I am in a good mood! This way, I will recover my charm!….this is baaad. Until now I didn’t have a bit of confidence.

When I am in a high mood, the sphere of status goes into to my body. And paying no attention to the voice in my head, I decide to open the treasure chest.

“Weeell…..what is inside?”

I open the box in a good mood and with excited feelings.

When opening a thing filled with treasures and secrets, it raises your tension, right?!

“What will come out?”

I open the treasure crest while saying that. Inside is a single dagger.


I take it out of the treasure crest and hold it in my hand.

It doesn’t have any ornate decoration, but the light blue gem studded in some places is mysterious. Even I feel strangely intimidated.

I immediately use appraisal to the dagger that was in my hand.

[Dagger of the Water Spirit’s Sphere]

……The dagger in which a spirit of the water was formerly sealed which caused a cataclysm that drove away and killed many people. Legend-class weapon. It can make a blade of water, can cut a lot, and doesn’t lose sharpness. When using water attributed magic, it considerably reduces the consumption of magic. The Water attributed magic’s effect is greatly increased.


Somehow I got something terrible in my hands. What’s more, Legend-class you know. Speaking of Legend-class, I got quite the rare classification. According to the different world knowledge that I got from God, there seems to be many levels of rarity.

Normal class…. It can be bought in normal Shop. It can be made normally. (TL note: I suppose that Shop exist in that world is only  that our MC haven’t been in one))

Rare class… the better class of drop items from monsters. It has convenient effects when equipped.

Unique class…. It can be obtained defeating decently strong demons. It has a lot of effects when fighting.

Treasure class…. It can be obtained defeating powerful demons or in a treasure chest in dungeons. It has powerful effects.

Legend class….a low possibility of dropping after defeating strong demons or in treasure chests in high level dungeons. It has various powerful effects.

Mythology class….ultra-low-probability of dropping from a strong demon or in a treasure chest in ultra-high difficulty level dungeon. Because only a few humans got it, the effects aren’t well known.

Fantasy class….don’t know the method of obtaining. Effects unknown.

How rare is the Fantasy class? Even the obtaining method is unknown. Is there a benefit in making it? So I was thinking when obtaining the order of rarity from the other world knowledge that I got from God.

Because the effect is unclear, maybe it’s not known on how to use it. Unexpectedly someone could have it.

Anyway, this is the scale for rarity. Legend class is quite rare. I knew it. The Aqua Wolf was strong. In contrast, the Clever Monkey was weak as expected because it dropped a rare class. To be defeated by a fluke…. Aqua Wolf, somehow I am sorry.

“Ma, I got it in my hands, let’s equip it!”

I put the dagger in the space in my belt. It fits so well that I don’t worry about it falling off.

“…….Oh? There is another one.”

After equipping it, I see a second item inside the treasure chest. A bracelet with a small dark yellow jewel embedded is there.

“Is this a drop item as well?”

Even I think I won’t understand it, so let’s [Appraise] it fast.

[Night bracelet]…….Unique class item. It is possible to keep the same kind of visibility of daytime at night.

“The effects of the equipment aren’t half assed!”

Aqua Wolf is too amazing…..! As expected of a nocturnal!

What’s more to see at night better than day…… it’s so amazing, I have a weird feeling.

“…..I will equip it though.”

Because it is too amazing. I equip the [Night bracelet] on my right arm.

“Well…..last is the gold.”

The gold will increase more…..While thinking so, I take out a bag from inside the treasure chest. 3 thousand platinum and 70 thousand gold coins were inside.

“Like I said, I do not need any more money!”

There is no place to use iiiit!!!!…… No, when I get out of the forest, it will be necessary.

“Mou enough…… either way it is going into the item box. It will show only in the status.”

Waiting for the time I need to use it.

≪A large amount of exp has been confirmed. From here on, the evolution will take place.≫


I have completely forgotten. The Aqua wolf is a more powerful enemy than the Clever Monkey——


Again, the terrible pain!

“My heeeeaaaaad! Its breakiiiiing!”

Recently thanks to my defensive posture, I thought I could endure it!  But, take it out from your mind a second and this is the result!


And just like that, I who endured the terrible pain in my head, is assaulted with pain in my face.


The face unusually hurts! I am desperately clenching my teeth and trying to endure to not let out my voice.

Such a state in my face ends after I endure the severe pain.

“Fu~u! Fu~u!”

I want to cry with full force. But if I cry, it can become the same as that time with the Clever Monkey.

I continue to desperately endure so that I do not let out a voice.


“What should I do about my lower bodyyyyyyy!”

The leg is still good. It hurts, but I can put up with it. But “there”, I can’t endure iiiiiiiiiiit!.

“Iiiiyaaaaaaaaaa! My manhood is aaaaaght!!”

Eh, it isn’t needed?….. Don’t say sad things. (TL: Pain makes him crazy. He is speaking alone plus making fun or himself. “Facepalm”. At least, console yourself man…) Only, the severe pain in my lower body can’t I stand. It’s making that Bakiboki sound. (TL: It’s starting to hurt me….)

But I, who have endured the severe pain until now, have not tentatively lost the function of “there”. I can relax. (TL note: I am not a pure maiden. It’s just that the author keeps saying that place like that not using any name to refer it)

“But this hurts nne ~e~e~e~eeeeeeeeee!?’

I can’t relax at all! Even now, “Gukya! Baki! Mekya!”, it is making this sound!

…..But is it my imagination? I get the feeling that “there” grew a bit since I was on Earth.

Ma, because I always saw it when I do the business, it may be a visual illusion.

All done, I have managed to survive the severe pain that can be said to also be torture.

“Ze~e …… Ze~e …… Ze~e ……”

I go to confirm the st,status…….

Even with my breath erratic, I didn’t forget to confirm the Status.

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