Din No Monshou – Chapter 02

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Chapter 2 – I learn my position

For the past six months I’ve been unable to stand.
I have come to understand this household somewhat.

I am Regis, the only son of the Din house.
And my father who is naive and prone to worry – Shadverga Din.
He is 32 years old.

He’s a man wise to the world who seems to manage the politics of this territory by himself, mostly.
Despite this, his popularity within this territory seems to be high.

My mothers name is Sefina.
Her age is 15.
No, as there was a celebration after I was born, she’s 16?

My parents are a man who’s 30 years old, and a girl of 16.
Isn’t this what’s called a crime?
The police should do their work!

After Sefina gave birth to me, her physical condition seemed to have become bad.
For the past six months, shes been in her room resting.
Even her husband Shadverga, seems to meet her only occasionally.

Of course, I still haven’t met her yet.
It’s strange to say,
I have never seen the mother who gave birth to me.

In a mirror, it seems I resemble my mother.
My voice and outline are from my father, though.
On the whole, It seems not much of Shadverga’s appearance is taken.

And the servant, Walkins.
Her age is unknown.
But judging by appearance, she’s in her later teens.
Apparently the relationship with the master Sefina was good since childhood.

Even if I observe Walkins, I cannot guess what’s on the inside.
I don’t mean that she’s plotting something.
Just a fearless aura is being given off.

Finally, their are several other servants.
They are residents of the Din house.
By the way, the standing of this house in the country is simple.

The so called “Fallen Noble”.
What does that mean, and what is it’s impact on me?
I’ve not heard it in detail.
Well, as it won’t be a pleasant story, there’s no need to know now.

But in the meantime.
I have a sincere question.

It’s a common discussion,
Is the view during my meal ethical?
I think that it’s rare for the real mother to give milk in this world,
A young woman nurses me by breastfeeding at meal times.

I wonder if this person is one of the maids.
Without reluctance, I get my calories.
The fact that the partner is a pure infant, makes such a thing possible.

If I tell them I have an ego, what on earth would happen?
They may faint at the speed of light, unexpectedly.
I don’t say it as it will be inconvenient.

[Haa. You drank well. ]

*Stroke* *Stroke* Onba-san][1] caresses my head.
The fact that milk is produced, has she given birth before?
However, 20 years old is a suspicious appearance.

The heck. What kind of man sinks his teeth into such a young girl.
There may be a lot of fellows with a lolita complex in this world.
It’s something I’ll use to my advantage.
It would be lovely to have a cute bride.
While somewhat jealous, the rooms door opened.

[Oh, Finished? I’ll take over.]

It was Walkins that entered.
Held in her hands, is a child’s plaything.
I grasp at the strange stone with one hand, as she approaches with a smiling face.

How should I say… This fellow is tricky.
She feigns ignorance, while in truth being quite capable.
Moreover, there is a fondness for mischief.
That said, Shadverga seems to have a weak conciousness of her.

[Please listen, Regis-sama[2].
Today something interesting was taken from a burglar.
Look, please see this, Probing Magic Stone! ]
[…. A.]

I reply weakly.
How should I put it, did you not just say you took it away from a thief?
In order not to chase too far, I nod obediently.

[Oh? As expected, Regis-sama
Somehow or another, I think you understand what I’m saying.
As one would expect, Regis-sama is mature early, and wise!
Study more, then please tell me how to easily raise money! ]

If there is such a thing, I want you to tell me.
How much trouble I had with money in my past existence.
Walkins raises me with her arms and holds me against her body, disconcerting me.

[This Walkins, will devote all my body and soul to playing with you.]

This is it.
It appears possible to move by crawling.
When I attempt it, Walkins and the other maids stop me.
The over protectiveness is troublesome.

[Well, well. In this room… … ]

Walkins had taken me to a library tightly packed with books.
There’s mountains of information.
When she lay me down on the mat, I picked up the strange stone.

[This demon stone has the power to see latent magical powers.
When someone has a lot of magical power, it glows red. For those without talent, it breaks.
It’s not as precise at the crystal from the 『Employement league』 though.
But it’s fine for just a rough magic check.]

Walkins strips off my shirt and
A chilly and cold sensation.
But gradually the stone begins to heat.
My body temperature begins to rise.

30 degrees.
40 degrees.
50 degrees.

I have a bad feeling.
The heat is rapidly rising, and not settling.
Noticing the unusual phenomonon, Walkins twists her neck.

[The stone is easy to use and…. Hey? Is it getting hot?! ]

Did she just notice?
One step before being burned.
The magic stone is filled with enormous heat, faint light from within the stone.

Then immediately after.
The stone burst and scattered, without leaving a single un-touched part of the room.

[… … Gwu, ah!]

The roaring sound penetrated my eardrum.
My retina was burnt by the radiance, taking away my view.


But Walkins wasn’t fazed, and covered my body to protect me.
I was momentarily confused, but I regain composure from her scent like vanilla ice cream.

The light gradually shrinks.
The stone was shattered, causing it’s shape to be destroyed, and it ended up as dust.
When Walkins separates from me I take a good look at the broken stone.

[Th… This is…]

To be honest, It’s an unpleasant feeling.
If the stone is broken, it may mean there is no magical talent.
Even though it is frightening to think, I may be an incompetent person.
Walkins opened her mouth in shock, about to faint in shock.

[… The light and heat were too strong, it just broke and scattered. ]

The cross-section of the stone is scrutinized, and she determines something.
After checking briefly, the stone is thrown out the window.
And now, at a lightning speed, I am jumped at.

[It’s wonderful, Regis-sama!
I have never seen such a reaction!]

Walkins looked extremely excited.
She lifts me into the air over and over in delight.

[For even the kingdoms top magic teacher, a crack is difficult.
To serve such a person, Walkins is glad!] (TL: Third person speech is a sign of going crazy, don’t do it kids. 😉 )

I don’t understand it well, but it seems that it was a good result.
Should I be pleased?

[H-Hey, Walkins!
Wasn’t the library door just blown off!?]

Shadverga burst in, confused.

When you look properly, the rooms door has disappeared somewhere.
Was the thunderous roar from earlier the door meeting its end?
It was decorated with a feeling of luxury.
Craftsmanship like that might have made it valuable.

[I just presented the money to the king….
Must I also take out a repair fee for my private property?]

Shadverga’s facial expression is shrouded with dark clouds.
Like that, Walkins went about soothing him cheerfully.

[Well… Putting that aside.
Your son’s future is very promising. ]
[That’s not the issue!
Does Sefina know about this?]

Shadverga breathes out a sigh.
However, without being timid, Walkins whispered.

[Although you like being tormented…]
[I don’t like it! What thing are you saying to your employer? ]

Pouring oil onto the fire.
Though, in the case of Walkins this is normal.

[You are mistaken!
My employer is Sefina-sama right? Regis-sama agrees.]

While requesting affirmation, Walkins smiles pleasantly.
In contrast, Shadverga is struggling with the servant of his wife.
Who was in the higher position was something I did not understand.

The dispute between them seems to have gotten quite lively.
Shadverga does not seem to be seriously angry though.
Walkins lightly shakes me, pressing for an answer. (TL: Aggressive maid-san!)

[Regis-sama is on my side.]
[You can’t use a baby to win an argument]
[…. Aww.]

It was me who did not understand the relationships of this house properly.

Shadverga and Walkins are quarrelling happily.
I dropped my eyes to the floor.

In this room there are many books.
A book which collapsed has left its pages open from impact.
I took a brief look, but the characters seem to be readable, somehow or another.

I’m a bit relieved because I won’t end up with any failing marks while being taught it.
Learning about this world won’t be a problem.

It became possible to come and go into the library as the door disappeared.
This could be called a godsend.

In all honesty, I’d like to have knowledge of the thing called magic.
I wonder if you accumulate training, like in an RPG?
My heart beats quicker in anticipation.

Taking the word of Walkins, I probably have magical aptitude.
If there’s power in the beginning, I’ll develop it.
Because this time, I’ll live without regret.

I take an oath in my heart.
I remained a spectator of the fight between the head of the household and servant.


Incidentally. a few days later.
Shadverga was called by Sefina after she heard about the library.
It’s been a while since he saw his wife so he might be happy.
However, it was not like that.

After several tens of minutes.
Shadverga came out of the room, with the eyes of a dead person.
Even though it wasn’t cold, I felt a chill and my teeth began to chatter.

Shadverga unsteadily sits down near me.
He seems to have been through something terrible and his hair is standing on end.
Walkins called out to him, as he’s in an abesentminded condition.

[Oh, Shadverga-sama. What has been done?]
[It’s nothing.]
[Fufu.3 Sefina-sama is as merciless as ever.]

Walkins smiles wryly.
It seems she knows what happened.
She speaks while patting my head.

[Also, Sefina-sama would like to see Regis-sama.
When she is well rested in the morning, should I take him in?]

Don’t do it!
After seeing this devastation, is it safe for me to go in?
Shadverga puts a hand on my shoulder.

[….. Don’t die, Regis.]

Quit being so ominous.
In my past life I’d be throwing salt!

Seriously though.
Sefina won’t do anything horrible to a baby.
There shouldn’t be a problem even if she sees me.
A landmine won’t go off until you step on it.

Well, I’ll tread carefully.
Even so, I trembled at the thought of the upcoming encounter.

1. Onba-san means ‘Wet Nurse’ or ‘Nursing Mother’
2. I’m sure it’s mostly known, but it’s used to refer to people of higher status.
3. It’s laughter. Mostly devious.

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