Is Heaven Supposed To be Like This?! –Chapter 3

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This thing’s synopsis: Ever believed in the afterlife?
Well, face it, it exists.
To tell you the truth, i’m not religious at all…’s just that, i’ve been reincarnated before.
I mean, who wants to go to a boring place such as heaven?
And hell just sounds painful!
It seems that those who committed suicide aren’t able to reincarnate again!
Teehee~ i-it’s not like i wanted to reincarnate a-anyway!

Warning, Aimed at mature readers!

From Heaven To A Zombie Apocalypse?!

So now I’m a slave….
Really, if I were to be asked ‘In a day, you are going to be sent to heaven. Now then, would you rather be a slave or a slave owner?’
I would totally ask the guy ‘Are you crazy? slaves in heaven?’
Ahh~ What is going on with the world.
Oh right, for the ones who are expecting a ‘Night Service’, then I have a simple message for ya.
Dream the fuck on.
That shit doesn’t happen at all.
In fact, I’m being worked to the bone.
…..Not that I have any.
With enough practice, I can now touch objects….
But the only objects I’m allowed to touch are the fucking brooms.
I’m a house keeper.
And that brat hits me at every single chance.
Even though most objects that she throws at me pass right through me, her fists for some reason don’t.

“Hey Acidalia, Why do you hate me so much….?”

When I asked her why she hates me so much, she refuses to say anything in return.
Heck, she’s making that hot night dress go to waste!
Truth be told, she looks like a vampire with that blond hair and red eyes.

Sigh…If only you packed anything in the meat-buns department…”


Oops, there goes the vase I just dusted off.


“Acidalia, why the hell are you throwing that?! You do realize that it won’t hit right?! You’ve been repeating those actions for the last week dammit! Why?! If you’re going to break them, then don’t let me clean them first!”

“Shut up. You’re exactly like a dog, popping everywhere you like. Dog. Heck, dogs are way cuter than you.”

Then why did you take me from old man’s!
I mean, I kinda prefer you more than old man…..but still!
This is exactly why tsunderes should burn in hell!!

“You know what, Screw yo—Bouugh!”

And Acidalia throws a punch to the stomach!
The blond beauty just after delivering the punch, jumps and then turned around. She used the jump plus the turning’s momentum and added it to the power of the kick she delivered into her victim’s (me) head.


And just like that, I flew right out of the window.
Acidalia moved toward the broken window, and looked down at me, who was groaning in pain.
For fuck’s sake…..!

“Damn…! How can you hit me while I’m in a ghost like body?!”

Acidalia looked up at the blue sky, and then returned her gaze to the transparent body lying in the ground. (Which is still me.)
she then answered with an irritated voice.

“Shut up. I’m a god, and you’re surprised because I can hit you?”

What, you’re a God?!
Waaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, how can a spoiled brat like you become one of the two gods here at heaven?!
It seemed as if she looked at the sky earlier to complain to the gods how idiotic this person is.
But then, remembered that she herself is a god.
She quickly made a motion in the air, as if she was hitting on a keyboard.
And I, who was on the courtyard groaning in pain, suddenly had my vision flung right through the sky; only to have it focus back on the inwards of the mansion.
I looked around in surprise, and then settled his eyes on the window that I flew from.

And the window was restored to the form it was before I went through it.
Oh right, I totally forgot my current location.
I’m currently at the edge of the slums, in a ruined castle of a former god.
Wait, Slums?! Some of you might ask.
Yes, there do exist slums on heaven.
It’s for those who haven’t ranked up to C, and gain access to the city.
Of course, those who are above rank C are able to enter other, higher heavens based on religion and other factors.
It seems like this heaven is a general purpose one, and those of rank B and above are able to enter the heavens they were promised by their respective gods.

“Now then, can you fuck off and make dinner? I’m hungry.”

“Ehh~ I thought divine beings such as yourself don’t need any?”

I mean, I have been making dinner for a week now….for her at least.
I mean, I did realize that living in a mansion is kinda like, special and all so I pretty much thought she was rank A or something…

“We don’t! but I prefer having hunger and retrain my human body is a lot better!”

Woah, stop saying that while pushing me outside~
Well then, off to the kitchen.
But still…..Acidalia’s behavior was a bit weird, no?
Since Gods feeling hunger is unheard of.
It can’t be that she isn’t a god…because I pretty much confirmed that just now.
Well, it’s probably something like being kicked out of heaven after she worked hard at doing something against their policies.

“What is the most humiliating thing for a god? It is to retrain their mortal body….”

As soon as I said that, as if all the pieces fell into place, a frown appeared on my face.
I did my best as to not let out a frustrated sigh, but it still escaped….

Sigh She’s such a nice girl….is what I want to say. But……….. I bet that they shunned her after all of her effort, denied it and kicked her out to the slums…”

I began kicking the wall, venting my anger at the heavens.
But as soon as I calmed down, I noticed something rather troubling.

“Umm…? Where is this?? To begin with…..where’s the kitchen?!”

I was lost in the mansion.
Well, no one can blame me…right?
I mean, this place is huge!
If I’m stuck in my head while walking, of course I’ll be lost…
While scratching my head in puzzlement, I decided to hang around the left wall.

“Hehehe! I read this in Wikipedia before, but if you always stick to the left wall; you’ll find the exit and never be lost!”

Unfortunately, this isn’t a maze.
Oh right, I don’t need to eat if you’re wondering.
Why not?
Because I’m a fucking ghost!
Goddess’ grace, I have a trauma from those smelly things.

Do You Want To Escape To Play a Game?



A window suddenly appeared in front of me, which made me…..trip and fall down.


I groaned in pain out of a force of habit, even though I didn’t feel anything at all.
What the hell is this window?

Alex then sharpened his eyes for a second, and believe me, just for a second before he returned them to normal.

He then said “Woaah~! What the hell is this?”

He said it as if reading from a script, with no emotion at all.

“Nooo~ my hand slipped~!”

He then pressed the button [Yes]
At that moment, everything went dark for him.







What’s up?!
Where is this?!
Ouch! My check hurts!?
That fucker…..

“Wha–?! did you slap me awake!?”

I protested while looking at Acidalia straight in the eyes.

“Of course! Just where do you think this is?! look at your body!!”

What the hell?
I began looking around….
it appears…….we’re in Akihabara.
At first, I thought it was normal; I thought I just fell down because of a heat stroke.
Since the weather in Akiba is quite hot…
But that’s when it hit me.
If I’m in Akiba, why is Acidalia here?
And as if a truck just ran through me, with a sharp pain, I regained my memories of before the events.

“Umm….I think this is my fault.”

“No, it isn’t your fault.”

Why the hell do you have to sound so sarcastic?!

She then continued “This isn’t heaven…’s one of the ‘dead’ worlds. with that much information, I already know who’s the culprit. Aside from that, look at your body.”

I do as instructed and look at my hands.
I can……see them quite clearly.

“I see. I’m back to my old body.”

“It’s not ‘old’ if you returned to it in a week. Other than that…..where is this?”

“……? Didn’t you just say this is one of the dead worlds or something?”

“Yes, I did say that….what I meant is, where is our exact location?”

“No matter how you look at it…..isn’t this Akiba?”


Forgot, she doesn’t know what Japan is…

“It’s a location from my world… looks exactly the same….but I doubt its truly from my own world. Anyhow, what is this ‘dead world’ you speak of?”

“It’s the only worlds that the dead can go to….of course, with the help of a god. A dead world is a world that has ‘ended’; And there is only a single person that I know of who is able to get us here……..Thanatus.


“Yes. that guy is the god of death……leaving that aside, its troubling that this is an unknown location…..I mean, how come these buildings are so high…? Are they all towers….? Also……..I’m worried about the objective to clear this game, and what type of death did this world have.”

Wait, a game?
I remember reading that in the window….
“Wait a second, what do you mean by a game?”

“Yeah, Thanatus can invite the dead to these worlds via inviting them to a game. They can only return to their respective home after clearing the game….”

I see…..
I began taking another look around me, and all I see are normal electronic stores that are a few stories tall…
but then it hit me.

“You mean by the world ending….as in it has no life? like a meteor hitting and wiping everything out?”


But as far as I can see, everything’s normal here…..
The only thing that caught my suspicion is that cars are all jammed together….As if to block something.
That’s when I noticed it…
No, I heard it.

“Ghoouuuu” *Growl*

I think I know what kind of ending this world had.
I quickly grabbed Acil’s hand and got up, then I started running with my life on the line.

“Woah?! Why are we running?!”

I quickly gesture to look behind us and shouted “ZOMBIEEEES!!!!”

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