Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 7

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Alright people~ As promised, here’s another chapter! Keep in mind, i wrote this from scratch….So my style might have changed from the previous chapters, which i wrote a few months ago. Tell me guys what you think about the grammar and the like~ What else….oh right, this chapter is a bit on the short side since I need to study for tomorrow’s final as well……On the side note, we got 40 votes on “It’s Awesome!” and three on “Disturbing!” and “Disgusting and Disturbing!” respectively. And to my surprise, the joke choice ” I never even read the series…..I’m here for the poll.” tied for second! What a surprise indeed. Other than that, enjoy~ Oh, and as usual, This uses a bit of foul language so look out~

Ehh, Someone’s Jealous?!

With that being said, I quickly walked toward Acil to ask her what the hell just happened.

“Hey Acil. Was she…..always like this?”

“Not at all! What the hell did you just do, you savage monster?!”

You’re still shaking from that?!

“W-well…..I-I was caught in the moment…..”


Is it that, are you worried that because of your constant harassment; that you’re going to be next?

“Hehe Acil~ Don’t worry! I don’t hurt beau–”

Wait a second….
Let’s freak her out!

“–I only hurt beautiful women. So yeah, don’t worry, you won’t get hurt~”


“……………….Fuck you.”

“See, didn’t that calm you down? Don’t worry, I’m known as a gentleman! So anyhow, was she always like that?”

“………No. She’s a sadist……I can only see this as acting……but since she’s prideful, I’m still not convinced that she’s acting. Well, I don’t know for now.”

This little girl who is on all fours, looking at me in anticipation?

“Get up Than! I can see your erect nipples if you take that position with that erotic outfit!!”

Your droll is leaking.

“Wait, Than?”

Eh, why do you look so confused, Acil?

“What, are you….jealous Acil?! Can it be that you thought ‘I-I’m special because he gave me a nickname.’ or anything?!”


Hahaha~ averting your eyes while your face is bright red……now aren’t ya turning cute?

“But yeah, I shortened her name to Than. I mean, isn’t Thanatus a bit too long to say? There is no deep meaning behind it~”

Oh, she somehow looks relieved….
Alright, time to raise my flag.
Perhaps today I’ll be breaking through that fifty years old curse of virginity…..

“If you want to keep me for yourself, then why don’t you pop m–Bough!”

Left hook!!
Straight right!!!
High kick!!!!
Quadra Combo!!!!!!


This place doesn’t even let me regenerate…
Oh yeah, I kinda forgot to mention this; But in the afterlife, You can’t die.
No matter how grave the injury is, you simply cannot die.
Well, perhaps if its someone like Than against you, then perhaps you can….
But either way, the reason why she threw that knife at me was to speed up my transformation into G-class.
Since turning my body into that of a ghost takes a lot of time, so most people kill their slaves for a faster transformation.
I asked Acil and she said something along the lines of ‘If he dies, then the body needs to regenerate. if I killed a still not transformed G-Class, the system is going to realize that the person is G-Class and quickly turn him into one. Just think of it as being resurrected as a G-Class.’

Though I still don’t quite understand it…
Well, complicated stuff isn’t for me.
By the way, I could’ve easily blocked those hits y’know!
……I-I just chose not to.

“Hmph. Who was afraid of who? Don’t forget that until the end, you are my slave.”

“I know! Don’t worry, I’m glad to be working under you!! After all, I acquired a body that doesn’t let me process food, in which i don’t have to visit the bathroom and relive my nightmares!!”

“M-master…..Umm, Y-you’ve been ignoring this one for a while….”

I look down, only to see her licking my shoes.
Yup, how the hell is this thing prideful?

“Stand up Than. Although you’re nothing but a human waste–Nay, nothing but a germ; the ground is simply too resourceful to be touched by the likes of you. Stand up on your feet, let the ground do its job.”

With that being said, she quickly got up on her feet just as I have ordered her.

“See, the ground is very good at its job. You on the other hand, can’t even do yours. Where is the portal I requested earlier?!”

“M-master, R-right this instant!”

I-I’m by no means taking out my anger at my flag being shot down at Than.
That aside, I’m just making sure if she’s not putting up an act.
I’m testing her temper so to say.

Sigh. Just what happened? Exactly how did you, who is nothing but an idiot, tame her?”

“Ehh~ Don’t talk like that~ It’s not like I’m an idiot! I’m like, faking it. After all–”

Let’s get the coolest pose loaded up!
My right hand is holding my short black hair up while my left hand is in my pocket.
I looked deep into her eyes and said “–I’m smart.”


Ehh~ but I think that was cool~
It must be that I’m not quite handsome enough….
Damn those normal fags!

“Master~ This one finished opening the gate for heaven!”


I looked at Than’s direction, which was near the wreckage of the SUV and that other car I rammed into her.
There stood a black door that would leave you wondering ‘Isn’t this a door leading to a last boss?’ because of its exotic high quality texture, the realistic horrified skulls as door knobs and the frames which are inscribed with various strange spell circles.
To put it simply, it’s a door straight out of a nightmare.

“Come over here Than.”

I beg her to walk toward me, and when she got close enough for my arm to reach her head, I raffled her hair.

“Oi. Why do you look disappointed?”

“T-This one thought that Master m-might…..”

I need to start her rehab.
She was eagerly looking for me to start grabbing her hair for a reward, and not petting it.
Rehab rehab~

“Alright Acil, let’s get in.”

I held Than’s small hands and turned to look at Acil, who was behind me, while saying that.

“As I said, if you are that worried we can always do it~”

“Shut up.”

Uwa, she looks angry~
The green monster got the better of her~
Oh, you want me to hold your hand?
I mean she is walking toward me….
……..Or not.
She just walked pass me while avoiding eye contact.

“Let’s just go in~”

I quickly kick up my feet, and walked hands to hands with Than, who delightfully smiled like an angel.
…………….Alright, correction.
It seems I put too much strength into my hands, and I kinda crushed her small hand……
Y-you can’t blame me right?!
I-It’s my first time….holding a girl’s hand……

“No wonder she was smiling….”


Your back looks lonely, Acil!

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hahahaha, so he turned her into an M? haha Love it!


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Than makes me remember one dragon that turned into an M after a pile-driver shoved to her @$$.


btw ur doin a great job massive improvement from the first 4 chaps so less poop jokes and more gore plus violence