Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 10

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I Got A Job?

Never mind.
Than tried to kill me within my sleep while Acil took every opportunity to kick the hell out of me.
If I didn’t have my own reflexes, I would’ve died over ten times already.
But really Than?
You can’t kill me when I’m in my sleep?
Don’t mind rehab, you need some more training.
Their bodies were soft, and their nipples that were going through their cloth tickled me at every given chance.
I’ll be sure to sleep with them every day.

Now then, I really need some more, round softness within that bed.
Well, I’ll leave hunting for our third phantom player for later and head to the casino.
Acil seemed like she’ll go shopping, and doesn’t want to have anything to do with me or my petty plans.
I made sure to warn her about running away.
Well, she’s too involved to leave halfway through.
Muhahaha, I made sure to emphasize the fact that I know where she lived!

Oh, I made sure Than tag along with her.
Wanna know why?
I’m heading to a casino.
I’m there to cheat them out.
If security found me, I’ll be beaten to death.
Having a goddess of death that wants to protect me and kill me at the same time ain’t gonna help at all.
That’s when i came to a huge place, gigantic even.
The place looked really large, larger than any mall I’ve ever seen.

“Black sheep casino. what a strange name for a casino….”

Well then, let’s enter~
I opened the door and to my surprise, very loud shouts was echoing throughout the place.

“What the fuck…..? But there weren’t any sounds before opening the door….”

I closed the door to check, and yup.
No sounds at all.
I opened the door again, and there we go, loud shouts of booing with a mix of cheers.
But, there is a lot of booing.

“Oh, this could make for some good music…”

I closed and opened the door trying to make up a tone, but nothing came up.

“Hey you. Are you entering or not?”

I look to the high voice that called to me from behind, and it’s a girl.
She has short, shoulder length silver hair~ Dotting a frilly black dress like a Goth and packing some considerable firearms.
By the way, she’s a little bit shorter than me, who is 172cm tall.

“Oh, I’m sorry~”

I quickly held the door open for the girl to enter, and she done so with a smile on her face.
I followed her in, paying no heed to the noise at all.
I’m going to try and have her give me a tour~


I call out to her from behind, with a voice loud enough to get across my message from all this noise.
It also made pretty much everyone in the vicinity of this hall, which contains many doors, to look at me as well.

“Oh? You’re talking to me?”

She looked behind, still having a smile drawn on her face.
If I were to describe the smile with a single word, then it would be angelic.
It’s a kind smile.
It kind of goes in contrast with her clothes, but it mysteriously suits her.
Oh well, timidness works on people like Acil while aggressiveness works on Than.
But I think this kind of person enjoys the kind of person that is aloof, free perhaps.

“Can you show me around? I mean, although this place has a huge ‘Casino’ label on the outside; there’s nothing inside here but doors…”

“If you have any information you want to inquire, shouldn’t you go to the information desk over there?”

And as she points toward a table centered directly in front of the main door, right in front of us.
The desk looks pretty neat, and there’s a young man behind it waving his hand at me.

“Like hell I’m going to that creep. I’d rather get a cutie like you show me around~”

She looked at me surprised, and then moved her pale hand to her mouth and chuckled.

“You’re pretty interesting~ Sure, why not?”

“I get that a lot~ Now then, why are there so many doors? countless even.”

Really, the place looked pretty big on the outside, but this hallway goes both sides.
But both to the left and to the right contain many doors, tens if not hundreds.

“You see, this place is a casino in heaven. That means that we’ll have to have the games that most people are most familiar with, correct? If that was the case, we created casinos for each world. And those are what those doors are for, leading you to your world’s familiar casino~”

“Wait a second, ‘We’?”

“Oh, I own this place.”

“W-wait what?”

“Ahaha~ Didn’t you find it weird that I was surprised when you talked so casually to me earlier~?”


But what the hell?
Why are girls have control over everything?

“Are you by any chance…..a goddess?”

“Of course I am. My name is Hermes y’know?”


“Question, question! Are there even male gods?”

Oi oi, don’t tell there aren’t any!
Because I’m getting a bad feeling, all the gods i met are female!!

“Of course there are~”

The way I see it is that the only religious people are guys.
And guys would rather worship a sexy lady rather than an old man.
Anyhow, time to start playing.

“So, what do you recommend?”

“There’s the arena~ want to give it a shot?”

“Hmm, why the arena though? do I look like someone strong?”

I look down at my own body.
And yup, with the shabby clothes given to me by Sophia, I look pretty skinny and poor.
I would’ve understood if I was a macho….but yeah.
I’d rather not go into me becoming a macho.

“Well, I just thought that would interest you enough.”

“Is that so….”

“That aside, what type of games do you want to play?”

“Hrm~ Do you have anything that involves boobs?”

“Ahaha! Even after you knew I was a true born goddess, you still show no restraint? I like you, Human.”

Even if you say that….I got another one behind my neck y’know?

“Wait a second, you’re serious?”

“Of course.”

“You’re not kidding at all?”

“Nope. Oh, we’re here.”

Before us stood a door, perhaps the one where most of the cheering came from.
Judging from what she said earlier, I bet there are horse races and the like here.
Heck, I won’t be surprised to find out there are even car races.
Alright, maybe I’ll be a little surprised.

“This door doesn’t look any different than the rest…how do you know which door leads to where?”

I mean, these doors are all wooden doors with no name tag or any indication visible to the naked eye….

“You see, you need to activate your magic eyes in order to see what’s happening.”

Magic eyes?
Ahh, the skill that enables you to see magic??
How do you do that again?
If I remember correctly, you need to grab something soft to initiate the spell.

“Oh yes, how could I have forgot.”

“Oi, Human. What do you think you’re doing?”

“Hmm? Activating my magic eyes? I need to touch some pudding to do that~”

“Oh, is that so. And here I thought that humans don’t have that ability.”

“Oh, they don’t. I got it from my first life, before reincarnating……I drank from the fountain of knowledge.”

“What? You’re reincarnated?! And you drank from that bastard Odin’s Mímir?!”

“Hm? Yup.”

Alright, I don’t really want to part with both of you, Lucy and Lilly…..but I have to.
By the way, Lucy is the right and Lilly is the left.
What, these boobies simply named themselves?!
Damn you people with no proper etiquette, at least they know better than you lot.
They named themselves after all.

“You’re very interesting, Human. If you want to work anywhere, just give me a call.”

“Err, no problem at all. But can we like, open the door?”

It seems like she knows exactly what happened to me after I drank from that fountain.
By the way, after I opened my magic eyes *which have nothing to do with boobies, just channeling some power to my eyes*, appeared a few writings on the doors.
For example, the one in front of me was named ‘Muddy Heaven’.
Now I, for one, like what I’m reading.
I want to get in right now!

“Ahh, sure sure~”

She opened the door slowly, and the light within the room blinded me.
It took me a few seconds to recover, and then I entered myself.

Well, not really….b-but i-it’s not like I need a f-few seconds to prepare myself……alright?!

“Thanks for holding the door for me!”

“No worries~”

And inside, the sheer cheers are…..well, frightening.
I descended the stairs found straight after opening the door, and honestly speaking; the place looked like a tasteless hideout.
The place is built with cement, with no paint applied at all.
I wonder, do they not know the term ‘paint’?
Either way, the place is huge.
The noise is ear deafening.
But that won’t stop me from going down stairs.

“This is….Heaven….”

What laid before me was…..mud wrestling.

“Haha, unlike normal mud wrestling, this goes on until all of their clothes are taken off~”

“Eh, like Senr*n [email protected]?”

“What’s that?”

Wait, don’t they actually gain more power the more clothes they shed?
Well whatever.

“So….all I have to do is bet?”


That’s when a huge cheer, like nothing I’ve ever heard, ran throughout the place.
I took a look at the arena, to see two blond girls.
They both boasted good muscles and six packs, and let’s not forget the huge bewbs.
One of them was wearing a sexy blue mini bikini, while the other just had her upper bra of her own red mini bikini taken off.

“Ahh…..Heaven indeed…..”

Although I want to bet right this instant, that’ll only result in me getting more money if I won.
I want to rank up.
And to do that, I need information.
I want information on the illegal side, so I can do high stake bets.
And for that, isn’t a casino of this size a power house?
And I was just offered a job within it.

“Alright, Hermes. How about I accept that offer of yours?”

“Oh, you’ll work here?”

“Yes! Oh, and if possible…..”

With that, I changed my line of sight to the two girls fighting it out.
Hermes, understanding what I meant, replied with, “Fufu, alright. I’ll have you train a few girls, how about that?”

“I’ll gladly accept it! Err….c-can I also ask you a favor?”

“Go ahead~”

“I want you to introduce me to the darkness of this city.”

Bluntly is the best.
Hermes narrowed her eyes, and cautiously as if to kill me with her own words; a complete opposite of her behavior a few second, said “There is no darkness in heaven.”

“Is that so~”

Well, I can always use the girls I’ll be given to gather information….
Oh shit.
Won’t she now give me girls that are firm and tight lipped?
Oh fuck, I just fucked myself up…..
Well whatever, I’ll be sure to train ‘em well.

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