Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 9

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A promise is a promise~

Alright, Listen up people! I might have not said this before, but English isn’t my first language~ so excuse me for my mistakes! Also, I’ll be adding another poll about my own release schedule, alright? for those asking, “why is there such a poll?” It’s because some guys dislike it when there are simply too many chapters releasing too fast. there is no wait, no anticipation. and i also suck at doing cliffhangers.

I like it when my girls bite~

Heaven’s Gate.
Although the name sounds like it’s a place from a video game, where the last boss corrupted it and took over it with his evil clutches; it’s a relatively peaceful city.
In here, people are very kind.
The roads are very cleaned and the general population all have their own smiles.
Merchants have their own shops open, large or small, are all crowded.

Some have opened luxurious restaurants, while others are working as street benders, selling hotdogs and burgers.
Of course, there are many foods unknown to the great me!
Casinos and bars are open in broad daylight where men and women alike meet and regret.
To put it simply, it’s the ideal city for anyone.

Be it a small kid, a young man, an adult or an old man.
Be it for singles, couples or families.
This perfect city must have some kind of darkness, no?
Now now, don’t take this the wrong way.
I’m a simple man, an idiot even.
But for one thing, I know for a fact that there is no complete holiness.
There is nothing such as ‘pure whiteness’
And exactly what am I going to do?
I’m going to the dark side……and take control of it!

“So Acil, where do you recommend us to go?”

“Let’s head to the inn first…”


Hehehe, since we’ll be spending Acil’s money, I can go all out at night duty~
No one will know if I sneak a coin here and there out and head to a brothel or a casino~
I am very disappointed in you people.
I don’t care about love.
I want to enjoy that sensation that a lot of people talk about…….a lot of people that seem addicted to it.
A-ahem, anyhow….

“Master~ I’ll be in the same room as you, right~?”

Than ehh….
Well, she’ll probably keep quiet so it’s fine.
But my target is Acil.
If she stays in the same room as me, then I’ll be able to sneak money out with the pretense of going to the bathroom while she’s asleep!

“Sure! What about you Acil, wanna share a room?”

Acil was staring daggers at me while I was chatting with Than after all.
Come on~ Be honest!

“I’d have to refuse.”

Really, dishonest…..
I got an idea.

“Oi Than~ Got any money?”

If I can’t sneak it out from Acil, then Than should do!

“There you go, master~”

Oh yeah, I’m still holding hands with Than.
Than took a pouch out of god’s know where from that erotic outfit, and handed me a few gold coins.

“Good girl~”

I insert said coins into my pocket and pat her head.
This is the rehab I’m going for.
Patting an ancient goddess that is a few thousand years old.
What, at least it’s showing some results!
Alright, going on to stage two!
I forcibly grab Acil’s hand, who was walking in front of me, and intertwine our fingers.



I avoid eye contact while faking a blush.
Hehe, I’ve read enough shoujo to know the right expressions to show at the right situations!
I sneak a few glances at her, and she seems to have accepted it while of course, blushing.
Her hand was sweating, an indication that she was embarrassed.


“I-I’m just thinking that….I-it’ll be better if we held hands….b-because you see, w-we’ll be having a twin bedroom. H-having us look like a family won’t raise any suspicion…..un.”

“….I-I see….”

Hehe, she’s an idiot.
Normally she’ll understand that this is a trap laid by me, but she’s too embarrassed to think about it!
Muhahaha, she has fallen for the great me!!
She even failed to notice that i made the ‘We’re going to use different rooms’ into ‘using a single twin bedroom’
Now all that’s left is having a girl packing some big weapons.
That’ll complete the set.
Hmm hmm~ Than on the left and Acil on the right~
Ain’t I the player?
If you asked me a few years back that I’ll be walking hands in hands with girls, I’ll probably tell you to fuck off~
Haha, so this is the life of a normal fag!

Which reminds me, I’ll have to say this once and only once, alright?
I do not play with people’s feelings.
Sure, I do horrible things, but the only thing I won’t do is play with their feelings.
Well, unless the situation asks for it then it’s fine.
But for now, I do not play with ‘em.
For example, if Acil were to tell me she loves me, I will not use her feelings to…well, do her.
Although, if the feeling is mutual then I don’t see the problem.
If she forces herself at me, then there won’t be a problem either.

“So~ Now that we all look like a nice little family, why don’t we all have a nice time together~?”

“Oh, Master~!”

I look toward Than, who was calling my name with a big smile on her face.

“C-can you squeeze a little harder on my hand…..?”

Oh, rehab ain’t workin’.
Alright, let’s apply as much force as I can so like, to scare her.


She broke down on the floor, foam coming out of her mouth.

Really, that was fast.
I didn’t even go half way through.
There’s still more power yo?
This is exactly why i hate my first life.
I’m too overpowered after all.
Life isn’t fun when you’re overpowered.
I make sure to always limit myself, and never in any situation use my power.
Well, maybe if my life depends on it then yeah…but I use it to a minimal degree.


Although the girl sighed, her eyes are swimming everywhere.

“Ehh~I’m sorry!”

Damn, I scared the little girl!
Don’t worry, she won’t die!!


Stop it Thaan!!!

“Shit, I intended on teaching her a lesson…now look at what I’ve done!”

……..Well whatever.
I’m still walking with two beauties while holding hands.
On the left, we got the idol of pedophiles with her erotic leather outfit that might slip at any given second, Than!
On the right, we got the goddess of beauty that has the perfect body, so perfect that big breasts won’t fit in with that image of elegance within that black dress and blond hair, Acil! [A/N: she’s flat yo. but hey, I like breasts in all sizes~]
Un, I’ve been through a lot but I’m really glad that I’ve died!
I might have had a few glares from the men passing us, but since I have no interest in ‘em, I didn’t pick ‘em up.
Who cares.
I should be the only man alive after all.

“So what will we do after setting camp at the inn, Acil?”

I’m leaving everything with tactics to Acil.
She’s my strategist!

“After that……I gue–”

“We hit the casino.”

Yup, we got to hit the casino.

“I like your ideas Acil. Casino, right? You’re pretty smart~”

“Woah?! I never said that! didn’t you just sa–”

“Shh~ You fake. Don’t question master~ unless you want to die?”

“Un. Than, joking around is fine and all, but since you’re the goddess of death, you can kill souls y’know? Please don’t joke around like that~”

“Yes, Master!”

“What have I gotten myself into…..”

“Haha~ This is fun~ Now this is what I call bonding! oh? It looks like we made it~”

Yup, the sign says ‘Inn’
Really, the only word in it is ‘Inn’
This is probably the only one in the city?
And so, we entered.
An young lady in a one piece dress greeted us with a “Welcome~”
Although the one piece dress should’ve been masking it, her ‘cannons’ are quite apparent.
Oh, I can feel Acil’s jealous stares.
But, she quickly recovers.

“Hmm~ two rooms?”

“Hey miss~ My name is Alex!”

“Yeah, I don’t need to know that~”

Woah woah woah, STOP IT THAN!
I quickly glared at Than who was about to let go of my hand.
Your eyes Than, your eyes!
Her eyes turned hollow, as if it’s a bottomless pit of darkness!
This is dangerous!!
Alright, rehab has to wait later.
I apply a bit of force into her hand, and she returns to reality with a tingling sensation of pleasure.
Honestly speaking, I would’ve rather played with her hole from behind, but I don’t wanna let go of Acil’s hand.
I’m a gentleman after all.

“Hmm…..just so I can say this, there is always room for three!”

“I don’t think so.”

Woah, this red haired lady is so harsh~

“I might fall for ya if you are that stubborn y’know~? Although I like mine honest, breaking ‘em is even more fun~”


Alright, she’s glaring at me.


“Umm…Excuse me……W-we would like a….t-twi–”

“Get us a single double bedroom~”

Like hell I’ll be giving up!
I’ll be raising all of your flags, Acil~
I’ll try to max Than’s affection as well while I’m at it~
Oh right, we didn’t bring any luggage with us.
We don’t own anything ya see.
Living here is way faster than going back and forth from the castle after all.

“As you wish~ Please follow me~”

The lady acts gentle, but she has a bad personality y’know?
Y’know y’know, I like breaking people?
I hate dishonest people like Acil, and rather like girls like this honest lady with her contempt y’know?
Don’t worry guys, although I said that I don’t violate them without their consent; breaking them with other methods until their begging me to violate them is acceptable, right?
Well, it’s all just a big joke~
“Here we are, dear guests~”

After taking us through the hall way, up the stairs, and then even more hallways; we stopped in front of the room ‘666’

“Haha. I’m going to ask something just in case, but is this room haunted?”

“What are you talking about, dear guest? we’re in heaven, there is no such thing as spirits.”

I see.
Well, if a demon or a spirit were to pop up, I’ll be using Thanatus shield! Alright?

“Dear guest, this is the key to your room.”

She quickly handed the room’s key to Acil, and ran off.
Hehe, I’ll make sure to raise your flags later, unnamed lady!

“Woah…..The place is…….small.”

Although the bed is huge, it takes about a third of the room’s space.
No, the room is small?
I think it’s because they’re the only inn within this place, they can do whatever shit they want?
Well whatever.
So anyhow, there’s a closet at the wall at the far end of the room, and a door leading to the bathroom at the left, right beside the door leading outside.
And that’s it.
The room is painted in brown… it even painted?
I think it’s not painted at all.
Just how cheap can these people get?
Well whatever, everything for my H-scene~

I quickly lift Acil and Than over my shoulders.
Than seems delighted while Acil is resisting with all her force.

“W-woah, s-stop…………..!”

Haha, you ain’t gonna escape honey.

“Alright, why don’t we give this bed a test try?”

I throw both of them on the bed, and I jump in.
Oh, don’t worry yo, it’s already nighttime.
The city was larger than expected, so we took the whole day looking for an inn.
It seems like Acil didn’t enter the city at all before.

“Well then ladies~ Let’s go to bed!”

I’m tired~
I made sure to use both of them as hugging pillows, and slept like there was no tomorrow.
Yup, using sexy ladies is an awesome feeling.

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