Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 11

Author– Light

Alright people listen up! i got a final tomorrow and i haven’t studied yet. Wanna know why? It’s because i’m in denial! I wasted all day watching stand up comedy…….Well, the past is within the past! And due to that, i tried my hand on torture and gore. Just so you know, i think i need more practice. I’m still soft. But it’s still an attempt at gore so warning….well, its actually torture…..but meh.


It hasn’t even been an hour since I offered my ‘services’ to Hermes, and she already has a team of three girls waiting for me.
I stressed out to Hermes that I needed a sound proof room, and she gave me one with a kind smile, no question asked manner.
I get that she just doesn’t care about them?
But either way, this way I can test whether they’re tight lipped or not.
By the way, that could be taken in two different meanings.
You perverts.
Now then, The room I request was to be completely empty and preferably painted fully in white.
Oh, what about myself you might ask?
I’m dressed in a white suit.
I must go well with the decor you see.
As for why….well, you could say it’s a matter of taste really.
It’s been a while since I let loose and white just seems to emphasize the ‘purity’ of heaven.
My plan is to show ‘em the darkness of heaven.
Then ain’t a white room great for my philosophical ego?
This is all for self-satisfaction.
There, I said it.

“Alright, girl number one…..get inside.”

“I’m coming in.”

Oh, a cool voice.
It’s neither high or low, but a cool voice.
Not girly but ain’t manly either.
The girl who entered was dotted in muscles, but not macho.
Like, she had the necessary muscles in the necessary places without losing any of her femininity.


By no means am I dissatisfied, but I imagined them to enter in a….well, a mini bikini.
But she entered with normal clothing, a tight jeans and a T-Shirt.
She had pink hair and red, fierce eyes.
Basically put, a beauty.
But I’d rather see her in a bikini.
Mind you, that skinny jeans is showing off her tight butt, which is still awesome.
But man….a mini bikini….
Well then, Let’s approach her.
As soon as she closed the door and locked it, I already reached within an arm reach of her.
I extended my hand for a civilized hand shake.
She took my hand shake firmly, and then began uttering her own statements while glaring at me.

“So I heard you’re a trainer. I won’t follow you around until you pr—”

“Yeah yeah, the typical ‘I won’t be under ya until you prove you are stronger than me!’. That’s called being a muscle head you know? You won’t get married like that you know?”

“……………………….If you understand that, then it’s fine.”

As she said that, she began to squeeze my hand as hard as she could.
Oh, I bet she thought something along the lines of ‘Like hell I’m going to follow a wimpy guy like him!’
Just so you know, I’m manly, okay!?
Dammit to hell!
This is bringing bad memories.
Back when I was in highschool, girls used to throw buckets of water at me while calling me a delusional idiot.
Oh, I remember when they stripped me naked and took picture of me while saying that my manhood was small!
Like hell it was small!!
…..Oh wait, I just read that in a manga in middle of class.
But I’m still angry!

“W-woah, d-don’t you feel anything?”

“…………..? Feel what?”

I made sure to reply with a smile.
Well, I really don’t feel anything….so I didn’t really lie, like really….really!
I’ll slowly crush her confidence.
Then rebuilt it around myself.
I am her everything.
I am her god.
Even though I’m C rank.

“Oh? You are humble enough to shake my hand with both of your hands….It seems like there is a brain upstairs after all. Really, I’m glad!”

Oh, She’s squeezing, she’s squeezing~


I gave out a fake pained expression, and she broke a grin.

“….I’m sorry, is this where we squeeze hands in order to measure our own powers against each other? I’m really sorry! I didn’t know that because of how weak your grip is….I only realized it by your frantic behavior! Alright, alright, excuse me~”

And I squeezed.
Just a little bit.
Honestly, just a biiiit~


She broke down on the ground screaming.
I quickly let go of her hand and look at her with a worried look.

“E-eh? w-why are you screaming in the ground………?”

After about 13 minutes of rolling on the ground in pain, the girl finally stood up panting; seemingly still in pain.
She looked at her own hands in disbelief, and then began to look closely at my face.

“Ehehe~ Even if I’m hot….I’ll get embarrassed if you look at me with such passion~”

“W-who…are you?”

“Eh? O-oh right, we haven’t named ourselves. My name is Alison Alex, what’s yours gorgeous?”

“M-my name is…….Mia…..”

“Mia eh, what a beautiful name.”

I made sure to say it with a smile on my face.

“But you see, Mia…’re a baa~ad girl. You tried to hurt me….being a bad girl is not okay, alright?”

As I said that, I walked toward her and inserted my index and middle fingers into her eyes.
I inserted them so hard that they popped.


I grabbed her before she could fall down, and lowered her just enough so that we’ll see face to face.
I-it’s not my fault that she’s a bit taller than I am!

“Being a bad girl results in punishment you see……I really hate punishing bad girls….so please don’t be a bad girl, okay?”

Don’t worry, I’m talking out of love!
This is all necessary training!!
So that she’ll become, y’know, someone I can trust!!!
By the way, I ordered the sound proof room to not freak out the rest of the girls.
As for the white room and the white suit…..well, It is to freak out the girls when they enter and lock the door.
With blood paining my white suit crimson, I waited until the girl recovered her eyes.
Heaven is amazing, healing us and all.


“Don’t talk back to me……………..didn’t I just say that bad girls get punishment?”

With that being said, I inserted my free hand into her mouth that is full of saliva.
And I electrocuted her from the inside.


I have no idea what you are saying young lady.
If you want to talk, do it after you finish chewing!
Damn kids these days with their lack of proper manners.

“Listen well,” I said while removing my hand from inside her mouth, “If you won’t be a good girl….then you’ll continue being punished?”

After that, I made sure to ‘punish her’ every time she screamed in pain, talked back or did anything human.
It’s not like I’m trying to create another Than, but this is a must.
I injured her in the flashiest, bloodies way possible in order to make it both hasty and pain the room….well, crimson.
Cutting fingers off, removing fingernails, ripping her jaw open, scooping out her eyes and feeding her, cutting off her tongue, ripping open her stomach and let her watch as her insides gush out and many more.
I made sure to keep the gentlest smile I could muster.
She screamed for help, then daddy and after that mummy. She cried while snot was running down on her face, saliva and blood gushing out of her mouth and mixing with her tears as she begged me for mercy. But by the end of the first hour, she lost the will to even scream.
What an unfortunate girl.

“Now then Mia, are you a bad girl?”

“N-N-No….Ma-master……I-I’m a good girl…”

Oh, her eyes are dead…..well, that’s how I need ‘em.
Oh and, “Don’t call me master.”

That phrase is reserved for Than~
She shrieked in fright, as I probably said that with a stern tone of voice.
Ehh~ I’m not a monster y’know?
I won’t hurt you for something like that….

“Just call me Alex~”

“Y-yes……….Master Alex……..”

“You’re behaving as a bad girl y’know?”

“B-but…..I can’t call someone as powerful as Master Alex by his first name…..”

Ehh~ stop kissing up to my shoes~
An hour isn’t enough to brainwash anyone.
I’ll make sure to come to ya later.

“Just get out and call the next girl~”

“Y-yes, Master Alex….”

My now crimson suit is soaking in blood, and the whole room turned into blood red.
Like, you cannot find a spot where the blood missed.
Thank god the insides of people disappear after a while.
Or this place would be a mess.
Well, blood doesn’t though for some reason.


“Oh, she’s here~ Mia, Be a good girl and lock the door~”

The door is open, she should have heard me~
And with a clang, the door got locked.

“Hello, Nice to meet you.”

She should be freaking out.
I am still wearing my everlasting gentle smile and extended my bloodied hand to shake hers.
She just fell down on her butt without uttering a sound in fright.
She then took a look at her smeared in blood hands as she just used them to cushion her fall, and uttered an inaudible scream of agony.
The girl looked to be in her middle school, a little girl so to say.
She nonetheless had natural cushions installed in her chest.
It’s the so called oppai loli.
Oh, this one is also wearing a bikini y’know?
Well, I didn’t violate Mia nor will I to this cutie pie.

“Oh, never mind the blood…..Mia was a tad bit stubborn you see, so I had to….educate her?”


“Right right. Well, I’m sorry….but I need to make sure that you’re a good girl, okay?”

Her blue twin-tales fluttered in the air as she quickly stood up and ran to the door.
She tried to open the door with all her might, but the thing won’t open.
She screamed, and banged on the door so as to leave.
Oh yeah, the banging might alert the third girl…
Oh well, I made sure to instruct Mia to keep her in the room.
The girl then realized that she can’t open the door, and then looked back at the me who didn’t move an inch.
I’m still keeping that gentle smile yo.
I’m trying to.

“Bad girl…….What are you doing, banging the door and leaving your back to face me…..? Am I not worthy to look at your pretty face? Is that it?”

Oh, and she let loose.
She pied.
Her tears began to gush out as well.
And she’s also throwing out with snot coming out of her nose.
So let me get this, she just hit eject all?

“That’s just disgusting….”
Well whatever.

“You can’t be a bad girl.”

And with that, tortured this little one for three hours.
I need this cutie brainwashing to be perfect after all.
I used too extreme methods to mention here, so yup, I’m omitting that part.
Boo~ Yourselves, sadists.

“A-am I a-a good girl….Papa….?”

“Yes, you are a good girl, Olivia~”

Haha………………Oh fuck.
I-I’m not really delighted that she’s calling me papa, okay!
She chose to herself!!

“Now then, run along and call in the third person~”

“O-okay, Papa!”

Olivia walked to the door unsteadily, unlocks it and then leaves.
By the way, she could’ve unlocked the door at any given moment, but was too scared to even realize that.
Well whatever.
And then, after finally four hours, the last girl entered


What the hell?
By the way, I’m the one who uttered ‘Ehh……?’ because the other party is….well, too shocked to speak.

“N-no, t-this isn’t what it seems…!”

The third person is……!

“Who was the third player? why was Alex so shocked? And exactly why is he apologizing?! Tune in next week, for all these answers!”


Okay, that didn’t work.
The third person is fucking Acil.

“H-hey Acil…umm, well, let’s take a second and step out of the room? I-I’ll explain everything outside……N-no need to freak out!”

Oh my god, the girl is too frightened to even listen to my excuses….
Just why is she here?

“Oh, Master! Master!!! You were here? ………..Were you playing with me, Master? C-can you……play with This one next, Master?”

“Err…I appreciate the puppy eyes Than, but I’m working right now…..Not that, can you grab Acil and walk out of the room? I’ll be there in a second.”

“Do Master promise to play with This one after that….?”

“Ahh, yes yes.”

I brought this to myself dammit.
This is all me.
Well, whatever.
I’ll work through it like always!
I’ll bow and lick her shoes if that’s all it takes for Acil to forgive me!
Heck, Please let me do it!!

“But still…..what a mess I brought upon myself…..just why the hell are they here?”

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Or atleast that’s what i’m going for.
I’m sorry for sucking at writing….


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