Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 12

Author– Light

I-I’m not a bad girl~ TT^TT
I-I’m a guy after all…..!

Decisions, decisions~

“Hey Than, can you take those two and go play?”

I told Than as we exited the whi–crimson room, into the waiting room.
Here, we have the confused Olivia, the lively but scared Mia, Than and- the pretty much too shocked and sacred to speak- Acil.

“Yes, Master~”

As Than said that, I noticed Mia’s crooked look but whatever, since I’m supposed to be dense.

“Just don’t kill ‘em….”

With a big nod, she grabbed the two girls and forced them back to the…well, crimson room and locked the door.
The place is sound proof, so I just hope she’s doing the carrot rather than the stick.

“So….err, you want to go first or do I?”

“…….I-I’ll go first……..”

Haha, picking me up brought you one hell of a bad life, Acil.
Well, this is all destiny ya know…
Not that you heard anything I just said now….
………Unless you can read minds?!

“So….Well…As me and Thanatus were going shopping for clothes and the like, we–or rather I got scouted by two men in black uniforms. They introduced themselves as Black Sheep agents and inquired if I needed a job….and well, I said no; But they forcefully brought me here against me will…..If only there was a rule set against violence…..”

“Hrm~ Anything else happened?”

“Ahh…..well, on the way here, one of the two men left us to go into a grocery store and never left?”

Oh, a grocery store eh?
It must be a front!
My detective’s instincts are screaming as such!!

“O-oh right, my side of the story….Well–”

“No need to say anything.”


Wait a second, what’s going on?
“As long as you aren’t hurt….I don’t mind.”

“But aren’t you scared?”

“Sure I am.”

“Of me?”

“I’m scared of you.”

“Then why won’t you let me explain myself? Why won’t you run away?”

“………….Maybe it’s because, there is hope that you are deep down, well, is kind?”

“That’s called naive y’know?”

“I know.”

Sigh I haven’t known you for much. Yet, why do you act like this?”

“………I don’t know why myself.”

“Is that so….”

I don’t think I raised that many flags though…..
……..Must be the thing with the zombies.
Anyhow, she turned out to be an idiot but whatever.
But for this kind of idiot, I must be there to protect her.

“Alright Acil, From now on you’ll be moving around paired with Than. She’ll be your bodyguard alright? Also, you are to show those girls the carrot~”

“….The carrot?”

“You got to treat them nicely. I’ll be the devil while you be the saint. What else….oh right, I want your opinion on something.”

“…………..Okay. I planned to do so ever since I saw you come out. Just before you talk, are you planning on using their bodies?”
Oh, she’s quite sharp.

“Yup~ I’ll have them gather information~ And you’ll be needed for the carrot so that they can’t betray me~ So! I’ll be checking out that place for a few days while have all four of ya bond together, alright?”


Alright, time to hit the casino!
Black jaaack~ here I come!

“Alright Acil, here are a few thousand coins~”

I ended up hitting the black jack table, the roulette and poker until midnight!
I ended up with a fortune~
So much so that I was kicked out because they couldn’t find out how the hell I got so much money.
I hoped that they might have invited me to an underground casino or something like the movies, but nothing like that happened.
I guess Hermes has me blacklisted~

“Umm, Alex, where did you get all of this…….?”



I feel like she’s getting older the more we talk…..or is it just me?

“Anyhow, don’t worry that little head of yours about money and just go shopping and enjoy the hell out of heaven with the girls, alright? Although, I’ll be needing them the day after tomorrow for a match…but aside from that, you can do whatever you want~”

“Okay. Oh right, the girls refuse to talk about you…….just thought I’ll send that message. And about Than, it seems like she picked them up as her own followers. I guess that’s the report of what happened after you left that room…”

“Hmm~ sounds like everything is going smoothly! Alright, Thaaa~aaan! It’s beeed tiiime~”

“Coming, Master~”

And Than comes running toward me with a huge smile, like that of a child who just made new friends!
Sometimes, I forget that she’s older than me.

“Alright ladies, we have a busy day tomorrow~ so let’s all go to bed!”

I pick both of them up and throw them at the bed!

“Yay~” “Woah—!?”

I jump straight in and give both of them a huge hug together!
I need to replenish my energy after all~ My heart took a hit from all that torture~~

“By the way, Than, what happened to Mia and Olivia?”

“Oh, they’re sleeping next door! This one lent them some money~!!”

Is that so~

“Master~ where is Master going?”

“Nnn……Alex, what are you doing?”

“To invite some company!”

I walk toward the the wall opposite to the bed, pretty much an empty wooden wall with a little footing space because of the huge bed.

“Alright, let’s punch through this sucker!”

I take aim, get ready and shoot!
With enough power behind me fist to crush Mia’s skull *because it’s the same amount of force I used earlier~* launched at the wall!
But surprisingly, blinding blue light ran throughout the room, blinding me and probably Than and Acil as well.
Although the light was blinding, there was no sound that accompanied it, which made it look a little bit out of place and unsatisfying.

“Was that a barrier just now?”

I mean, it must be right?

“I think…….it’s to………prevent……robberies…….”

Oh~ Acil you’re so cute when you’re trying to explain shit while rubbing your eyes!

“Is that so~ Can I break through it?”

“I don’t…….think so?”
Well, who asked for your opinion?!
I’ll still try to break through it!

“Suuuuper puuuuuuuunch!”

This time around, I punched with everything I have.
The blue light interfered this time as well, making me lose all the strength i had in my fist.
Something that didn’t happen earlier.

“Alright, let’s ask nicely this time around. Than, do you have a key to that room?”

“Yes, Master!”

Good girl!

“Alright, give me that key!”

Hehe, good thing I learned this magic!

“ 「I, Who is cannot look for a door request’s Thee to create one. I, who is too lazy to look for a door request’s Thee to create one—」”

Green light began to emit from the wall, mixing in with the blue light to create……well, a blue-green color.

“ 「–DOOR!」”

Although I hate the incantation, the magic itself is pretty useful for someone as lazy as myself~
But meh, I couldn’t use it back in japan.
Anyhow, this magic creates a green wall from magic into any wall, that only opens with the key to the original key to the room you’re trying to enter.
Now that I have their room’s key, I can open it from our room through the wall!


Don’t be surprised, Acil!
For I am meant to be a god who will rule hell!
I hope so!!!
I quickly insert the key into the key hole as Than and Acil watch my cool, awesome back in shock.
Or at least that’s how I expect it to be.
I quickly turn the door knob and open the door.

“Woah, unsurprisingly…..this room looks exactly like mine….”

It’s the exact same!
Well whatever.


“No need to be surprised ladies, I’m here to pick ya up~ Now be the good girls you are and follow me!”

If you’re wondering, we got the muscular woman, Mia, doing push-ups in unfashionable black sports bra and underwear, while Olivia is crying her eyes out in the bed.
Although the underwear is unfashionable, she looks…..well, sexy.
I might have a thing for woman in six packs…..

“Well, whatever~”

I quickly run off and grab Mia and rest her on my shoulders.

“H-he—–I-I’m sorry, Master Alex.”

Were you about to say ‘Hey!’ or something?
Well, I’m in a good mood and that event was….well, a one-time thing.
By the way, her soft boobies are hitting my shoulders.
Nothing compared to Acil and Than when I pick them up!
I also walk toward Olivia, Picking her up as well.
Although, she didn’t utter a single sound; Accepting her own fate while still shedding tears.
Don’t worry, I don’t bite~

“Alright guys, we got company!”

I quickly got out of the green door and shouted as such.
I throw both of them on the bed, and I myself jumped in.
Although it’s a bit cramped, I slept like I was in heaven.

“Alright, I sent off all of them to go on a girls only shopping spree with a fortune, so they’ll probably enjoy themselves for now, Un.”

I got to send them to battle tomorrow after all.
Aside from Acil, which I had her to quit right in front of Hermes earlier *Which she totally was fine with, and gave off a kind smile as well*, we got Mia and Olivia to battle it out with two another women.
I’ll get to training them later tonight though.
For now, we’re on stake out at this ‘Crimson Wolf Grocery Store’.
Seriously, is there something up with places named after color plus animal combinations?
Anyhow, this is the shop that Acil told me about yesterday.


Oh, the one who works here is an old lady.

“Hello~ Grandma! Are you by any chance own this place?”

The old lady gives me a nod when I asked that.

“Oh, then keep on the good work, Grandma!”

Alright, seems like everything is normal in this place.
Nothing….out of place at all.
Yup, this is a normal Grocery store as far as I can see.
Although, there is a door behind grandma over there; but it might be her own residence at the back.
It ain’t rare I mean.
Well, this place still smells fishy…
Alright, I’ll continue my stake out until midnight!
For now, let’s just buy a coke and some anpan.
You have to get those on a stake out after all.
Oh, what about milk you ask?
I hate milk.
“Come again~”

“Sure thing Grandma!”

Hehehe, I’ll fish you out of your covers, Grandma!
……………..Actually, never mind. I don’t want to see this white haired, full of wrinkles grandma…well, naked.
Now you have to live with that image as well!
But before I knew it, five hours passed by.

“Shit, isn’t this just a normal store?”

“……..No, I must not give in! I’ll wait until past midnight, then we’ll see!”

Another three hours went by.

“It’s already night….And the store closed an hour ago…..yup, ain’t this a normal store…?”

And after another four hours…..

“Oh? Just when I was coming this close to counting the seconds before leaving……two men in black suits are visiting an old woman’s grocery store at the end of the night. Hrm~ Ain’t that suspicious~?”

Oh, they went in after knocking a bit.
A secret knock is it?
Well whatever.
After waiting for another hour, the two men came out.
In toes with……….

“Isn’t that the blond in that sexy red mini bikini?”

Oh fuck, oh fuck what have I stumbled on?!
Well, not really, I did stake out here expecting this.
But that old grandma……ehh~

“Well then, is it like that? The loser gets to be fucked by the highest bettor is it? Now ain’t that disgusting…”

Although this is based on an assumption.
The girl herself looks like she gave up on life.
Now the question is, leave her to her own fate or save her…..
If I left her alone, I won’t get compromised.
If I went to save her, my own plan could go down the sewers.
Decisions, decisions~

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By the way guys, Don’t get too used to two chapters per day thingy that’s going on lately! It’s just that I’m waking up early to *Study* pfft, like anyone does that! So i end up writing a chapter while looking for an excuse to not study at the mornings. That’ll all end when my finals are over~

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Holy Dragon Overlord (darkness mode)
Holy Dragon Overlord (darkness mode)

Yay chapter! Thanks~
Now, I, your mortal enemy, the Holy Dragon Emperor (dark mode) demand MOAARRR!


>Light Uses 「Sanctuary」
>>Holy Dragon Emperor Reverts To His Original Form, A Little Cute Dragon.

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Holy Dragon Overlord (void mode)

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So, I have one question.
What is happening with Shinka No Mi? I really want it to update.
Also, thanx for the chapter.


I have no idea whatsoever….I’m sorry……


Tis fine, I just really want more from it. it cut off at a good point.


nice chap as always tnx Light


Thanks for reading!


well im glad that i decided to keep reading to at least chap 5


Those were chaotic times indeed!
More like, I couldn’t delete the poop sides of the story without having to re-write the whole thing, and like….well, i’m a lazy person….i hate re-doing stuff…..