Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 13

Author– Light

For whatever reason, I didn’t feel like writing today. It might be because I woke up around at one in the afternoon. Well, here’s a chapter! now back to studying….


“Alright, rest in peace, My cutie pie!”

Like hell I’m going to compromise my plan!
I even went as far as to ‘train’ them dammit!!
Which reminds me….I haven’t done the job I was given….which is, actually training them……
Oh well, I’ll use a few threats and they’ll be playing with their lives on the line.
With a reward in the line if they win~
I’m not a demon for god’s sake.
But for hell’s whatever reason, I followed the men from behind while making sure that I won’t be found out.
Of course, I do know a few spells to hide me from ‘em, but that ain’t fun at all.
With that being said, I really hoped to have someone monitor the shop in my place…..but that can’t be helped.

There aren’t any cell phones in this world to call up anyone honestly.
So where are we you might ask?
In front of a grand house!
It’s the biggest mansion I’ve ever seen in heaven!
Aside from Acil’s castle at least. But hey~
So anyhow, do I really have to describe the place?
Ugh, fine.

Just remember, this is on the outside!
The place looks to be that of a prime minister or perhaps a noble.
The whole thing looked like a modern mansion, which came to me as a surprise seeing that heaven has that ‘old’ feel to it with all those old western style wooden houses and stuff.
Heck, the whole place has artificial lighting!
Now if that isn’t surprising then I don’t know what is.
As I said, this place uses candles and stuff y’know?
Although me, Than and Acil have night visions.

Me, well for obvious reasons *previous hero, blah blah blah* while Acil and Than for being gods.
So we don’t need those damned lights.
The whole thing is painted green; Tasteless in my opinion.
The garden to the front door is at least 1 kilometer, which is by my honest humble opinion WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY AND SPACE.
Heck, that damned door looks like a dot from outside the gate.
Oh, what about those three people I was following?
They’re already in, heading toward that dot.
That’s exactly why I guessed it was the front door to begin with.

“Now then, This is proof enough that she’s here to service the owner of this house….”

Phew, thank god I realized something like this might happen, so I took the liberty to smuggle something out while Acil was asleep.
Now then, give me a few seconds to get ready…..

“Y-you, what are you doing in the middle of the street?!”

Oh, good timing!
Alright, let’s start the monologue!!

“Seeing the world devoid of justice. Women, forced to sell their bodies against their will! And dirty men willing to buy them. I, decided to rise for the sake of those pitiful enough to call my name. I, believe in that every woman has the right to service those she deems worthy. After all, HENTAI IS JUSTICE! And I rose to fight with that conviction.”

While saying that, I slowly took off my shirt, revealing my sexy ripped muscles that don’t normally appear through the t-shirt.

“Y-you! W-what do you think you’re doing in front of Sir Audric’s mansion?!”

“Shut up, fool! For you, who stood awake while witnessing a crime most horrible can take a taste of my ultimate weapon, Golden Balls!”

Well not really.
I punched the guy’s stomach, and he fainted.
It seems like he’s a security guard.


“Hmph. For you to not have heard of I. I am known as…………H*ntai Kamen!”

I had that pause to think of whether to change the name or not….but whatever.


After making sure the guard has passed out, I quietly opened the gate and entered.

“Hrm~ That name sounds like it belongs to a blond, hot nobleman…….well, I’m saving that girl nevertheless.”

Half naked with Acil’s used panties on my face.
W-what, I couldn’t find any masks here….
Is it that, you’d rather have the girl raped?!
Then shut up!

“Well then….let’s go save that little girl. Oh, and while I’m at it, let’s strike a deal with that perverted old man.”

Hrm~ I wanna call Than right now…..


“………………………………What the hell are you doing here?”

“This one felt that Master needed This one!”

“Yes, I did just think ‘If Than was here, then it’ll make things a whole lot simpler’ but how did you locate me?”

“This one was following Master after This one parted with that fake!”

“So to put it simply, after shopping you decided to look for me?”


‘Un’ my ass.
Ain’t ya turnin’ into a stalker?
To begin with, how did you know I was stalking that store?!
And how did you follow me without me realizing your presence!?
Well, honestly speaking, you can’t sense presences at all y’know?
It’s all a huge lie fed to the masses via comics and the like.

“That aside, Good job following me Than! You just made my life a whole lot easier!!”

With that, we kept running toward the entrance, taking out every security guard in site.
To tell you the truth, we took everyone out without even making sure if they were security guards or not.
Including women.
Alright, I’m sorry okay?!
J-just let’s get our focus on the main girl here.
Anyhow, we easily got past the huge garden and entered from the unlocked first door.
It seems like this guy is having too much confidence in his security guards.
Well, there were tens of ‘em, I’ll give him that.
So, we took everyone out from the inside–Going from the painting filled, exotic entrance hall, up the stairs for another three guards and then going into the main hall; which were filled with the paintings of a young man, which I presume to be the owner of this place– Until we finally came about to this door, in which moaning can be heard even from the outside.

“For fuck’s sake….put some sound proof on this thing.”

I cleaned my hands off the blood of the two men in black suit.
I had Than wipe them out of the map, and they pretty much turned into white particles and scattered in the air after she delivered the final blow.
All that’s left of them is their blood which was spattered all over the door.
Of course, we killed the two of ‘em without making a sound.
Want to know why we did that?
It’s because we can’t let them find out that Than is involved.
For all I know, these guys might be the people who took Acil and Than to the casino….
I can’t leave any loose ends!

“Well then, catching the guy in middle of the action and saving the girl…..Haha, with Than’s help, I’ll be able to get information about the Hermes’s dark circle…”

I just couldn’t help but mutter that!
But still, the girl is moaning like she’s having the most fun in the world!
This makes no sense.
Earlier, she had these gloomy, dark eyes of a human who gave up in any life.
The look that those who refer to themselves as the trash of the world kind of stare.
Hrm~ I can have two guesses at this.
Either she fell for the guy inside or he’s using drugs to heighten her sexual pleasure.

“Mind break eh~”

I grabbed the decoration sword that was hung on the wall opposite of the door.

“Hmm~ This is quite sharp for a decoration~”

Well whatever.

“Oi Than, we’re going in! But don’t kill him, alright?”

Oh shit, wouldn’t it be better if we had a live demonstration about Than’s powers….?

“Actually Than, can you go grab anyone from downstairs?”

Oh………..No actually, an even better idea!

“Than, wait wait! Remember the door we passed earlier? Err, the one filled with pink signs and that board ‘Lisa’s Room’?”

“This one remembers, Master!”

“Alright, Good girl! Go inside that room and bring the girl inside here!”

“Roger, Master~!”

I kick open the door, and immediately throw the sword toward the head of the blond handsome young man.
By the way, the sexy girl earlier was now giving him a cowgirl service.
What a messed up world, won’t you agree?
Well, take this young man who is wearing panties on his face’s words with a grain of salt.


“H-hey…w-why did you stop…….?”

By that girl who has yet to realize that I am within the room words probably meant ‘Why aren’t you pushing upward?’
Really, and here I came to ‘save her’
Well, she could fuck off for all I care.

“O-oh…? H-hey…..w-why do you have a sword stuck in your….forehead….?”

“Oi, Woman. Get off that sinner’s thing.”

Well, I can take her home and rehabilitate her later.
I might just throw her in the streets as well.
But whatever.
But for now, let’s get this one out of the room

“Hey hey…..why did you kill him……? I still haven’t had my full…….Hey, hey…if you killed him….then at least you satisfy me……!”

She jumped off the guy’s thing, and ran at me.

“Wake up, you animal.”

I slapped her when she dashed toward my pants.

“W-why……? Even though I didn’t ask for any of this….w-why do you look at me with those eyes…….?!”

Fuck off is all I can say, you corrupted maiden.
Either way, let’s put this one to sleep and put my heart at ease.

“Hey hey hey hey he——-!”

“There we go. Just sleep for a while, and hopefully wake up as a better person.”

The naked girl passed out when I hit her through the stomach.
I also helped myself to a few servings of her breasts.
But that’s aside from the situation!
I quickly took off the sword from that guy’s head, and blood spouted everywhere.
But soon enough, that wound closed.

“W-who are you?!”

“Can’t you tell from my appearance? I’m the ally of justice!”

“All I can see is a pervert!”

Hmm, what a tasteless guy.

“I’ll be blunt here. Did you buy this woman?”

“No! The girl over there is my wife!”

“Is that so…”

What an obvious lie…..
Think of something better next time around, alright?

“Master~This one is back with the girl!”

“Oh~ Great timing, Thanatus!”

I made sure to call her full name, just to see if that will ring any bells with this guy.
Oh, it did it did!
The guy went pale!
Well, he could have gone pale because his daughter was brought here and will be harmed.
Or perhaps he doesn’t care about that, and simply realized that his lie won’t hold now that his daughter is here?

“Hello miss~ I’m sorry to have woken you up in the middle of the night….but is that naked, fast asleep woman is your mommy?”

The girl, who was shaking in fright, violently shook her head left and right.

“Hrm~ See? She isn’t your wife.”

“Y-yeah! B-but I planned on marring her!!”

“I have no idea why you’re lying, mister…”
Well whatever.

“Then, you don’t mind if I hurt this little kid, right?”

As I said that, I pointed my sword at the nape of the kid.
Oh my, don’t I appear as a villain right now……?

“A-anyhow, who is that woman!”

“I-I’ll tell you everything, but please! Leave my son out of this!”

Oi oi, son?
You look pretty desperate so you can’t be lying…

“Than, care to lower this little girl’s pajama pants?”

Oh yeah, the girl was wearing pink pajama, in which she had long brown hair and long eyelashes.
She was a girl no matter how you looked at her.
And yet….
AND YET………….


This damned girl has a willie!
Trap is it!?

“……………….Than, you can kill that traitor of men!”


“Yes, Ma—”

“Never mind!”

Phew, my nerves almost got the better of me!

“You see, this little girl over here is Thanatus, the Goddess of Death! If you don’t want your daughter–err, son dead, then you better tell me what is your connection to Hermes!”

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Studying……….I curse the one who thought education was something to give our children….! It’s nothing but torture.


thank you for another chapter`

Holy Dragon Overlord (void mode)
Holy Dragon Overlord (void mode)

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Holy Dragon Overlord [light mode]

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[Where there is life, there is death! where there is death, there is darkness! where there is darkness, there is Light!]
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Solitary Pinecone

While I do somewhat enjoy this, I just noticed that on the list of “recent posts” there’s only 1 which is not Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?!


That’s because….well, because i write super fast….while translations take a longer time to finish up…..but indeed, this is a problem….maybe halt release for a bit? like my story’s release?


god trap !!
oh my ! good thing he restrain his emotion


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Sorry, I missed it. How did his fists become so powerful? which chapter did it start from?


he’s a [Hero] blessed by Odin[Norse myth] from his first life… then he died. He got reincarnated in modern day Japan, then died coz of pooppoisoning or poopnot. So the MC is OP from the get go.


Stop being a fucking nigger and make your own wordpress. I’m tired of getting updates for this shit. Isn’t this a translation site? This isn’t a place for an original work anyway. If anybody actually likes this series they’ll follow you. if you make a link to it in the next release.

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