Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 14

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I’m sorry!

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I’m sorry.
After thinking deeply and thoroughly about what I did a few hours ago, I can only say ‘Ehh~ I took a hostage?! Ain’t I villain rather than an ally of justice?!’
I was caught in the heat of the moment.
It was an honest mistake….
Either way, I got my hands on a few pieces of information.
The son/father duo seemed to not wish for revenge, so they let me walk away.
I mean, they can’t kill me but I can kill ‘em using Than.
Ain’t I awesome?

Anyhow, it seems that my thoughts were spot on.
The loser gets sold off for a night or two to those who pay the highest, and Hermes gains a few extra coins.
She seems to have been selling girls to all the big shots in this city, so I can pretty much conclude that she is the true ruler of this city….with blackmail of course.
Things have gotten rather way too interesting.

I also took the messed up girl with me back home–to the castle I mean.
I can’t bring a naked, unconscious girl back with me to the inn, now can I?!
I’ve instructed Than to get Acil and the other two girls back to the castle as well.
Now then, I got the naked girl tied up to my own bed at the servant’s quarters.
I found some ropes at the storage area, so I tied her limbs to every end of the bed.
So she’s pretty much spreading her legs at the moment.
………..T-this isn’t a sexual play!
I just wanted to tie her up in a….well, comfortable position!

“Alright little girl…”

I said that, grabbing a near, bright flash light in this dark room and aiming it at her face.
………….A-a hero is allowed to borrow stuff from houses!
Y-you people, d-didn’t you ever play any RPG games?!

“T-t-t-t-the light! I-it’s too bright!!”

“Shut your trap! you ain’t a vampire, right?! Now tell me, what are Hermes’s secrets!”

I slam my other hand on the edge of the bed, and the girl shrieked in fright.

“I-I-I don’t know anything……!”

“Oh yeah?! Well guess what, all of them say that at first!”

Hehehe, Are you ready?!
If you don’t say anything, I’ll start aggressively seeking that information yo!
Are you alright with that?!
Oops, I haven’t said that out loud…

“If you don’t talk….I’ll force it o—Ow! what are you doing?!”

“The poor girl doesn’t know anything……Can’t you understand that just from looking at her expression?”

Dammit Acil, you returned way too fast!
And why did you hit on the back of my head?!

“Her expression?!”

Well, no matter.

But hrm hrm~

“Alright Acil, I leave her to you as well! I’m taking the two girls out for a bit!”

Is what I said, but it’s almost sunrise….
Oh well, they have a match in seven hours.
I quickly left the room while waving behind my back, and grabbed the two tired Mia and Olivia; who fell asleep near the door on the ground.

“Wake up~ the devil came knockin’!”


Eh, even if you tilt both of y’all heads I ain’t gonna be fooled y’know?

“It’s training time!”

Saying so, I lifted both of their bodies over my shoulders and walked off.
Where are you going, you might ask?


“Yes, Master!”

And without me even noticing a thing, she appeared behind me.

“Send us to a world filled with monsters!”


I like your style, Than!
Appearing from my shadow when asked, and accepting my requests no questions asked!!
With that being said, a window appeared before me.
‘Do you accept?’ is what it said.
It’s probably the default invitation.
Anyhow, I quickly pressed [Yes] with the help of my feet.
We don’t have time to waste after all!
And with that, I blacked out.

“Alright gals, we’re going to have some fun!”

Than teleported us to a barren place, with only concrete ground and nothing else–including building or anything at all beyond the horizon.
Simply concrete ground.
Than left us because she’ll simply interfere with the world if she’s within it.
Something about gods and worlds don’t go together.
Then I wonder why she was in that zombie one…
Well, I don’t plan on praying.
And with that out of the way, I threw the two of them in the mix of a pact of goat headed-lion bodied-snake for a tail- chimeras. Not to mention, add a mini godzilla and a huge ape that might make you wonder if he’s king kong into the mix–which all made a fun packed training regime!


“Hehe, look at you girls! so in sync ever since we got here…..who would’ve thought you’ve all grown to be such close friends?”

Perhaps, unknowing to me; they are both rivals for Acil’s love.
Wouldn’t that be interesting as a sub-plot?
Oh, better yet!
What if they loved each other?!
I’m not anti-homo, but don’t get any gay guy in front of me.
I mean, it’s fine if they do it out of my sight, it’s their business not mine.
But I’m always open for cats making love!
Hehe, can’t wait until they bloom under my strict training regime.
Where they’ll only find comfort between each other’s arms while in hell!
But unfortunately, we’ll only be here for a few hours.
Oh right, you might be asking ‘What are they wearing?’
Hehe, I’ve made sure that they’re wearing their battle outfits.
mini bikinis.

‘Oh, you’re making them fight huge apes, mutated monsters and a pact of chimeras with only miniature swim suits as an armor?’

Fuck off, you sizists!
They’re called dwarf bikinis.
And yes, yes I am.
Oh yeah…..there’s also some risk of them dying….
Alright then, I’ll keep a good watch over them.
………..Only to find it’s too late.

“Dammit! I was stuck in my own head!!”

I tried running toward them, but I simply couldn’t.
The place is densely packed with all kinds of shithead monsters and I can’t use magic.
Right, I didn’t think this through at all.

“Oh well, they’re sexy ladies in mi–dwarf bikinis. They’ll probably only be raped…..”

“That’s it, Master Alex!?”


Oh dammit.
Those two syllables which are filled of agony, grief and utter despair got to me.
Alright, they got to me!
That girl is too cute to be raped by apes, chimeras and whatnot!
I quickly jump in on the crowd of monsters, pushing them away while making sure to avoid any hit if possible.
I grab the two girls, and throw them away from the densely…err, populated area.
By the way, the two girls were collapsed in the ground.
I don’t know anything aside from that.
I made sure to not sneak a glance, since who knows what might have happened!
I’m not responsible.
I’m not saying that something happened, I’m just saying that I….ahem, respect privacy.

“What was that?! I can’t clear my throat internally?!”

……….It seems that retorted to myself with my actual voice.
Yay me.
Now then, what to do….
Those guys have been attacked me for a while now.
And by that, I mean for five minutes now; while having that back and forth conversation inside my head.
I lost my right arm and left eye.
I look like some kind of pirate.
All that’s left is losing a leg and I’ll be completing the whole set.
But seriously though, I want to shout my eyes out.
But there are women behind me.
I must act cool.
Losing buckets after buckets of blood is nothing to a cool man.

“Alright Alex, show them who’s the man!”

I grabbed my torn arm, and swung it toward a chimera who was the closest to me.
The hand bitch-slaps the goat’s head, causing the tail to bite the hand of king kong who was behind it.
King kong goes on a rampage because of the pain–and perhaps more from now on because of the poison?
I don’t know.
So here I am, slapping the chimeras.
The now furious king kong grabs the chimera I slapped first with my severed hand, and viciously tightens his grip.
That poor chimera’s goat head popped like a balloon, spaying brain tissue and blood everywhere.
The now covered in blood mi–dwarf godzilla is also pissed off, and stormed toward king kong.

“Eh….wait wait wait a second. pfft! blueeh!!!”

I vomit out the brain tissue that entered my mouth, and then throw away my weapon.
Which is essentially still my severed hand.
I then grab one chimera and ‘psshhh! come here!’ the rest.

“Listen up! Yesterday’s enemy is today’s friend. Alright?”

All the goat heads nodded in unison.
If you’re wondering what we’re doing at the moment….
We’re all in a circle, heads down just like those coach speeches in football movies.
We’re coming up with a game changer plan, people!

“Alright alright! round up!! we’re going to fight through this, alright?! It ain’t gonna be a King Kong Vs. Godzilla! It’ll be King Kong Vs. Godzilla Vs. Alex and the Goats, the movie; alright?!”

All of a sudden, a horrifying scream echoed throughout the place.
King Kong’s grabbed Olivia and made a run for it.
Godzilla grabbed Mia and followed after King Kong.

“Eh…..Don’t tell me….is this going to be King Kong and Godzilla Vs. Alex and the Goats….?”

Those bastards conspired against us!

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Ehh~ And here I thought i was going to do something witty with the first comment…Like complain….complain or complain…
But yeah, fast!

Holy Dragon Overlord [bored mode]
Holy Dragon Overlord [bored mode]

Thanks for the chapter. Is it just me or there is something wrong with this chapter? Like, the repeated content?


Yeah, ended up pasting it twice by accident…fixed it though

Holy Dragon Overlord [bored mode]
Holy Dragon Overlord [bored mode]

Ah, its already fixed


what were you going to complain


You got the second comment as well?!
Look bellow you~

Alright, I shall settle for the second comment! Third ;__; Now then, I apologize people. I really do. I’m sorry for being late. Also, I’ll be taking a break for a week; until next monday where my finals are going to finish. Why so sudden you might ask? I got a wake up call two days ago, where i took a test and didn’t know right from left…. Well, the test itself was given to me by mistake–it was something i would be taking in my next course by the same teacher. But meh, it still gave me a reality… Read more »
Roaming Reader

Study! Learn! Progress!
If you do not focus on your work and plan for the future, you’ll end up a leecher like me!
Truly a fate worse than death…


Not only was your chapter late u even dare to slack off on your studies?! You dare to be IN front of me, IN my preesens and worst of em all asking too much for forgivenes?! Apologising only this much is gonna get you punished. (heheh too much and too little) You are going to get whipped a thousand times while writing a new chapter till sunrise. Your gender, age, sexual interest, hobby and stuff doesnt matter while getting whipped, whipped i tell you!


The only person who could whip me is……….! *Blush*
Well, I’ll try my best to type anything every time i have some freetime, but don’t expect anything before monday…..


Woah, i just woke up from my nap….*only had two hours of sleep the day before* and to my surprise….how could i post this?!
I gave it a proofread but it seems i was too tired to even notice all those mistakes and typos!
I’m really sorry for that as well……..!!!!




It seems this chapter has duplicated paragraph.


Whoops… Fixed already. Thanks!


im always reading the 2nd june, but i have still 1st june ;18:38hour


It’s probably because it’s set on the server’s time.
As in, the server has it’s own time within it’s location–aside from yours.
If the server is, for example, in japan; then it’ll be using the japanese time….probably. i don’t know.


Reblogged this on Archivity.

I just found out about this and started reading. Initially, I was only following the progress of SL until I ran out of WNs to read because of IRL stuff by various TLs. Well, anyway, overall, it’s good stuff. This is good stuff, though I didn’t thought so at first cuz of how the protag was until he turn 360 the following chapters, which piqued my interest. Though I’m deeply curious if Alex will have his “sexy time” with the two goddesses or not, I am not so eager to have that scene as well, at least “not yet” since… Read more »

btw, SL* is supposed to be [Slave Harem], I meant to press “H” but I dunno why it went to “L” instead.


Glad you’re enjoying reading it :DD