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I ended up busy all weekend, so didn’t get anything done for RTD that I had planned.

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Slave Harem – still at least once a week.

Shinka no Mi – 11 & 12 are still soon, 13 is being worked on by Kaiz I think. Arc is busy til later this month with exams so nothing after 13 in progress yet. This project could really use one good translator to help it along, or a semi-good well motivated one…. So recruiting for this – contact me skype: cyrojen

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Otka sent me a message regarding Slave Harem, something like “At some stage monsters switched to demons and Appraisal switched to Judgement”.

I’ve been using demons and Judgement since the start, Otka & Yomero were using monsters & Appraisal.

I didn’t think Appraisal worked too well in regards to checking out people/monsters, and Judgement not so much in regards to items. Otka accidentally said Analyze at one point & Yomero & I both thought it might fit better so I’ll try and use that in place of Judgement/Appraisal from now.

demons/monsters I told Otka & Yomero I had been using demons since the start because Michio asked if there were monsters, and was told “there are demons”. Apparently that’s a slight MT fail on my part. The actual translation was something like:
“Are there MONSTERS” (written in english)
“No, there are mamono” (mamono can be translated as monsters or demons, but more commonly monsters)
Since we don’t add foreign words into our sentences the way the Japanese do, translating how I did it is probably closest.

Yomero also added that Monster cards isn’t written “mamono cards”, but instead written “monster cards” using the English word the same as “are there monsters”. So if I tried to add a foreign word instead of “Are there monsters”, the foreign word would also apply to the cards…

I don’t think any of you are worried about it since nobody has mentioned it, so I’m inclined to just leave people translate whatever they want in this case.

Some of the conversation in this was absolute hell for MT, so I got Yomero to help out. It’s the chapter I’ve had the most trouble with so far.


After exploring Vale’s Labyrinth, we went out to Vale’s Adventurers guild.
We entered the Labyrinth to stockpile some items.

Since the 30% bonus to sale price is effective in the guild, a yellow crystal worth 100,000 nars will sell for 130,000 nars.
An increase of 30,000 nars is quite a bit, so I’m worried the guild staff may have doubts.
They might be able to notice easily because the number of gold coins will be 13.
To try and decrease suspicion, it might be a good idea to sell off a large quantity of items at the same time.

I also need to think about the place I’m selling to.
Since I’m selling a magic crystal for the first time there isn’t a problem, but if I bring the next one here they might be suspicious about the speed I made it.
With the 32X increase to magic crystallization skill, I can collect magic 32X faster than everyone else.
It would be better to sell it in the confusion of a busy place.

“Can I sell the magic crystal in the Adventurers guild?”
“Yes, I think that it is possible in any guild.”

Roxanne confirmed it.
If I can sell it in the Adventurers Guild, then I can sell the crystals off in another four places. Both the Adventurers guild and Explorers guild in the Imperial capital and Quratar.
With this I can rotate around the additional four places.
If I mix in some other towns as well it will be perfect.

The yellow crystal was put on the tray at the counter of Vale’s Adventurers guild.
Other items are put on top of it to hide it.

“I’d like to sell these.”

The 30ish year old woman accepted the tray, and went to the inner guild area.
Waiting was nerve wracking.

She came back. Was that about the same time as usual? Was it longer than usual?
I quickly counted that there were thirteen gold coins on the tray.
The woman does not look like she has any suspicions.
It seems it’s all fine.

I quickly put the gold coins into the item box.
The silver and copper coins I put into the drawstring bag, and left the counter.

“Let’s go.”

Basically, the staff at the counter don’t seem to comment about the amount of money in the sale.
Since it’s an income source for the Adventurers & Explorers guilds they probably don’t think anything of it.
If it’s scrutinized they can get to know one’s living standards and other things.
Without touching the subject, they could practically already have a grasp of it.

I went out and had my first walk through Vale in a long time.
There doesn’t really seem to be any changes.

“I want to meet the Slave Trader.”

We arrived in front of the Slave Traders business, and spoke to the man who came out.
I can’t remember the slave traders name.

“This way please.”

The man went inside once, and then came back and guided us in.
We were taken to the back room.

Why is that?
I was taken to the room I first saw when I came to sell the village thief who became a slave.
Does it seem like I came here to sell Roxanne?

I glanced towards Roxanne, but I can’t see any changes in her expression.
It seems she feels safe even in the slave traders building she was in previously.
I sat down, but Roxanne remained standing.

At this time it’s better if you don’t sit next to me?

“You’re standing?”
“Yes, I think it gives a better impression.”

Roxanne’s judgement is probably better than mine, I don’t have a clue.
I nodded towards her and left her as is.

“Welcome Michio.”

The slave trader came straight into the room.
I checked his name with [Analyze].
That’s it. It’s Alan.

“Sorry to have turned up so suddenly Alan.”
“Don’t worry about it. Please come any time you like.”

I stood to greet him, and then he gestured for me to sit down.
An employee brings out two herbal tea’s, and places one in front of me and the other in front of the slave trader.
There doesn’t seem to be any for Roxanne.
Is that because they think I came to sell her, or just because they know she’s a slave?

“Roxanne has been doing quite well, you’ve sold me a great warrior and you have my gratitude.”

For a start, I clarify that I did not come here to sell.
It’ll be troublesome if there’s some awkward interaction or atmosphere.

“Thank you for your kind words.”
“Your recommendation was spot on.”
“There’s no problems?”

Since the person we are talking about is here, I wouldn’t want to say anything bad anyway.
The slave trader probably understands that.

“That’s great.”
“Since Roxanne has worked out so well, I’ll be thinking about another party member soon.”
“I understand.”
“I was wondering, is it possible to purchase a Master Smith?”

It might be an issue that I’ve exposed my intentions, but it can’t be helped.
I had to ask.
It won’t be possible for me to find out without talking.

“You want a Master Smith?”
“That’s right.”
“Well… it isn’t impossible… but it’s quite… difficult.”

The slave trader answered me while thinking.
It might be difficult since it’s for a specific job.

“I understand.”
“Are you aware that the fusion of monster cards is often a failure?”
“I know.”

“That won’t change, even if the Master Smith is a slave. If it keeps failing, eventually the owner will start suspecting the slave. Even so, there are quite a lot of people such as nobles who want a Master Smith but none of those stories ever end with both of them being happy.”

So there are problems even when working with them directly?
You never know if the slave has stolen the monster card instead.
Well, I can understand the anger if failures continue to happen.

“I see.”
“Dwarves understand this, so before they become a slave they will often change their job to something other than a Master Smith.”
“So there are no slaves that are Master Smiths?”
“Well, it isn’t that there are none, they do exist, but that also makes the price go up.”

So the price goes up because they are rare.
I would be angry as well if I paid a lot and failures kept happening.
It feels like the negatives just keep coming.

They have a bad reputation, so the amount of them decreases.
Since there isn’t many of them, the price goes up.
If it’s cheap they can give up easily, but people are angrier if they specially pay a high price and they don’t succeed.
They vent their anger at the Master Smith slave, the bad reputation spreads, and the amount of Master Smiths decreases even more.

“I don’t think you’d go that far desiring a Master Smith. How about a dwarf who isn’t a Master Smith? Might be useful as a vanguard.”

Looks like it will be hard to buy a Master Smith.
It’s still worth trying though.
I can request a Master Smith, but the chances of finding one are low.

However, since I have the [Party Job Setting] skill it doesn’t have to be that job.
If the dwarf can get the job then it will be fine.

“They make good vanguards because the dwarf race is quite strong.”
“I see.”

Some of this I have already heard from Roxanne.
Just enough to keep up with the conversation.
Can I buy a dwarf slave? I haven’t asked the important stuff yet.
I hesitated about if I should talk about that part with Roxanne.

Dwarves, dragon people, and beast people like Roxanne all seem to be suited to being a vanguard.
So, are humans just powerless?

“However, unfortunately we only have one dwarf here at the moment. I think based on her personality she isn’t cut out to be a fighter.”
“Oh, that’s too bad.”

He referred to her as female, but I can’t jump at just that.
Hearing it’s a female is my weakness.
I need to stay calm.

“I can write a letter to introduce you to other shops. Why not try some to see if they have a good dwarf?”
“You don’t mind if I do that?”
“It’s fine.”
“Even though it’s your competition?”

Don’t you want a customer like me?
Is it because I get things cheaply?
Because of my 30% discount?

“This business doesn’t really lack in customers coming to purchase. What I need is people coming here to sell. We also have our own routes to get stock, all of the Vale region and the southern plains are our trading area. Shops stocked in different regions aren’t really competitors and we help each other out when it’s needed.”
“So that’s how it is.”

Those in this line of work have their own circumstances.

“I’ll introduce you to a business I’m close to in the Imperial Capital, though at the current time they may be low on stock as well.”
“Spring is the farming season.”

So there’s a high demand at the moment and it’s busy?
Nobody would put up a proper worker for sale while they are busy.
When the farming work is done, then the supply will go up.

Even for the farmers, it’s not good to buy in a hurry when you’re already busy.
It’s necessary to prepare the slaves beforehand.
If they aren’t at least that skilled, then getting slaves would be hard.

“Ah, I see.”

I worked it out myself and came to my own understanding.
It doesn’t matter if I’m wrong.
It doesn’t change the fact that the market price is high at the moment because supply is a problem, compared to when business is slow and the price gets cheaper.

“There’s a good shop doing business in the Imperial Capital that I’ll introduce you to. I think you might be able to find something nice there.”
“That would be good.”
“Even if they don’t have a dwarf, they might still have a good person who can serve as a vanguard.”
“Yes, I’ll take a look.”

I made my request without saying anything odd.
It was well done.
Since this is a business for the slave trader, I would have thought he’d try to convince me to buy something.

“Since you’ve let me know what you’re looking for I can hold onto one for you if I see one.”
“I’d appreciate that.”

When I was introduced to Roxanne, I mainly saw female slaves.
They didn’t show off any talented men.

“They’ll end up mostly males though.”
“I understand.”

There might be no helping it.
Should the forward be an old dude?
Any dwarf would be good, but there’s always the chance to refuse.

“Thank you.”
“Oh? I’d still like to see your dwarf as well.”

After saying that I feel I made a mistake.
I drew attention to the fact I was interested in the female dwarf.

“She just came recently.”
“I see.”
“Even though I say that, her memory is good and she has already learned the Brahim language, but the rest of her education is lacking.”

The slave trader seems slightly flustered.
His response was a bit hurried.
I see. Since he said she hasn’t been fully educated yet, is that a weak point?
I’m not worried since I was able to find out what the quality is like.

Roxanne seems to have learned the Brahim language and manners here too.
A slave who doesn’t learn it is not good.

The slave trader said what he needed to, and then left to prepare.
I let Roxanne sit down, and passed her the herbal tea since I hadn’t touched it.
When I came to pick up Roxanne I thought they might have drugged my drink, but I don’t have that worry anymore.

Judging from the results, the slave traders recommendation was spot on.
He feels like a merchant that can be trusted.

“Do you have any requests for the vanguard?”
“I think that it will be fine if they are to Master’s liking.”

I’m slightly embarrassed as I think about what I like.
After speaking with Roxanne about a variety of things, the slave trader returns.

“I’ll show you the male candidates first. Sorry, but she will have to wait here since the area is for men only.”
“Ok, I understand how things could get if a beautiful woman like Roxanne comes in.”
“Roxanne, please wait here.”
“I will.”

The stimulation might be too large if I bring her in front of the male slaves.
They were dropped to the position of slave and then kept locked away in the slave traders establishment. If that happened to me and then a beautiful woman like Roxanne showed up I’d cause a rebellion.

The slave trader guides me to the second floor.
We enter the room.


It’s like a classroom here.

Reflexively everyone has a questioning expression.
Some will definitely be suitable for a vanguard.

It might be impossible.
Ordering around guys like these would be too difficult.

It feels like I’m being attacked by their glares.
Is it alright to be in here? There won’t be a revolt?
I’m glad I didn’t bring Roxanne along, though it may have been necessary for a guard.

If they jump at me and I’m quick I can draw the copper sword at my waist.
I’m glad I left it there.
I’m in the castle. [TL Note: 殿中でござる (Denchuu de gozaru = I’m in the castle.) is a reference to historical plays, specifically the 47 ronins. That in the castle there are rules that must be followed, among them drawing weapons is forbidden, so it’s a safe place. If broken the culprit must commit suicide, specifically it alludes to where Feudal Lord Asano Naganori assaulted a court official that enrage him by drawing a dagger, because of that Asano was compelled to commit suicide and that brought his 47 samurais to avenge their masters honor]
Don’t lose my mind. I’m in the castle.

After examining them I will escape quickly.
Even though I’ve felt the pressure of being interviewed, it’s the first time I’ve felt that pressure as an examiner.
If I was threatened with “buy me” then I would start nodding unintentionally.

Some of them aren’t candidates, some of them are the shops guards though that doesn’t cause me to be more comfortable.
I feel like a detective that’s just been surrounded by gangsters.

I’ve underestimated the experience of owning a slave.
If I had a slave like these I might have problems within just a few days.
Even the person who owns slaves needs talent.

“How are they?”

The slave trader asks me after we leave the room.
I’d like to say they are all shit.

It’s impossible.
It’s really impossible.
It’s definitely impossible.

“I don’t think I have enough talent to handle them.”

This is truthful more than just being humble.

“If there are any you’d like to speak to on their own, let me know.”

He wasn’t deterred.
He seems like a person of ability, and isn’t worried about anything.

There might have been someone there who looked decent and was worth checking out.
However, in a room full of gangsters lined up it’s impossible to pick out one that doesn’t seem scary from the crowd.
Even if there is one that isn’t scary, there’s still problems as a vanguard.
If I picked one that looked fine in front of me, he might also be rebellious.

Should I ignore a useful vanguard?
The road ahead seems rocky.

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