Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 15

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Once upon a time in a place very similar to earth. There, lived a very famous yet happy doll maker and his genius son.
The father was hailed as the best doll maker in all history while his son boasted an even higher talent in doll making.
The father and son lived a very satisfying life together, competing, laughing and creating masterpieces hailed by the world.
Their human-sized dolls boasted realism that could not differ from those of the living…..heck, it even boasted the living’s warmth!

The only way to tell the living created by these father/son duo is that the dolls were motionless.
The father made dolls resembling a young, beautiful woman.
All of his masterpieces were that of the same woman.
Some speculated it to be his wife, while others conjectured it to be his long dead daughter.
Either way, the truth was never revealed by the master doll maker for he hates to speak of the past, which made the mere rumors all the more believable.
As for the son, he had a very special taste in dolls…..As he only made dolls of vague gender.

But due to the competition between the two of them, their skill rose to the level beyond legends.
By using the art of piecing a soul into a doll, you can give birth to it.
This was the dream of the father, in which the young man–the son, achieved.
He was very delighted at making his beloved father’s dream come true, as he frantically ran through the workshop in search of him.
The doll however, remained motionless when it reached the master doll maker despite its earlier movement.
The young man was very perplexed at the fact that it wont move, and his father simply rolled his eyes in irritation as he had his high hopes crushed.
The young man revealed a smile and laughed off his father’s irritation, in which the father simply gave a wry laugh and returned to his work.

The young man scratched his cheek lightly before heading back to his own table in the workshop.
The young man then created another doll.
It was the exact identical doll to the first one–except for the color and facial expression.
The first one boasted a devil’s black and an angel’s smile. While the other was puffed up with an angel’s white and a devil’s tears.
With their vague gender, the dolls were sold as any other to be hailed by the world, forever forgotten as the soul bound automatons and forever remembered as the young man’s best pieces.

Correction, it was forever remembered as the most cursed pair of dolls in history.
For the young man and his father mysteriously died mere hours after selling the dolls–and so did everyone who had the misfortune of possessing them.
For collectors, it was the ideal trophy.
But for the pedestrians… was said to be haunted by the young man and his father.
But both soon forgot their feelings toward the pair of dolls, as they have gone missing after a few decades with only their admiration left intact.
This is a story set a few centuries after the disappearance of the cursed dolls, focusing on one half of them–The Angel’s Smile.

Men, many men were lined up in perfect harmony.
In fact, they stood so well placed and calculated, balanced distances from each other that it looked like a well trained army.
Thousands of men stood still with stern expressions–All wearing different clothes.
Some who looked rough wore light metal armor with two pistols in each hip and a larger gun stationed in their back for ease of access.

Some were young who looked very relaxed while wearing heavy steel armor and massive, rail-gun caliber armories that made you wonder if these juggernauts were even able to move a step.
Though based on those huge differences between the expressions, matter of weaponry and defense and the mere fact that all of the old men’s rifles had their safety off while the youngsters had them on; showed the sheer quantity of experience between the veterans who focused on speed while the newcomers on defense.

Although they had a huge difference in experience, equipment and the healthy level of awareness to one’s own danger to life, they all stood still like a very well trained army; that which is worthy of the general’s praise to set such a great example to one’s own country.
As the sun made it’s half arc, a young blond man stood in a high platform that had both of its sides covered by the same flag, a silver cross within a golden lion’s mouth with a red background.
The young man cleared his mouth with a cough as he rolled his eyes in annoyance. He then proceeded to lazily open his mouth and utter “THIS IS WAR!” before slowly walking down the platform.
The men broke down in weary smiles as they remembered how simple minded their young general was, and began to slowly transform that smile to a worrying stare as they witnessed the general’s right hand man kick her superior back to the platform.

That said right hand man of this young general was a young maiden with straight black hair, delicate features and skin as white as snow.
She wore a raven-colored long jacket that strangely didn’t have any buttons and a suit of the same color under it.
She, who attracted the sun’s hate with her black clothes didn’t seem to be getting a tan–nevertheless a heat stroke under the blazing sun’s glares that were filled with hate.
In fact, she didn’t look like she was in need of any kind of air conditioning when you witness her smile.
It was a smile that could be said to be crafted by the gods’ themselves, a smile that could not compare to any angel whatsoever.
That smile never left her face, not even in the slightest; even when she was beating around her lazy superior.
The young man cleared his throat once again with another cough, and then began shouting loud enough for the whole army to hear.

“In this burning sandball we call home has been ravaged by wars for many years, decades, and even centuries. But today marks the end of them all. Today, we march and take a hold of the world. Today, we grab a hold of fate. Today, we shall destroy this world. Today……..”

The young man paused for a second as he began to collect his thoughts and then his light blue eyes began showing an ambition far too distant as he continued, “…….Today, we mark the rebirth of this world. The world we shall call home. A home should always be clean. A home should always be safe. A home should always bring a smile to those who reside within it, not tears of sorrow. Today we shall grab a hold, take the first step and conquer this world, Get rid of all its filth and begin proper construction of its barricade–A cage in which we shall entrap ourselves in for the sake of peace. For the sake of the smiles of those waiting!”

All of the soldiers stomped their feet in unison as the speech ended, creating a wave of sand that crashed against the high platform.
The platform shook as the young general took his first steps to freedom, only to fall face first into the smiling subordinate of his.
The young man showed an expression of disappointment when he fell toward what he could only call a washboard.
He stood up while heaving a sigh full of grief and disappointment at the maiden’s chest
The young man began to walk with the maiden behind him in tows, keeping her distance perfectly behind him.
The young maiden opened her white pupils as if to adsorb all of the light into them while looking at the young man’s side. The young man in question had an aloof expression as he walked back to his own tent, making sure that everything is packed for their departure time in a few minutes.

“Alright then…..”

The young man felt a sudden gust of wind, and turned around to face it’s direction.
As the sudden gust of wind began to calm down, the soldiers, in turn, began to utter screams like none other have heard before.
The screams were those of absolute horror.
The young man, in shock, turned around and began running toward the platform.
As he got there, he saw the view bellow.
Two, creepy four meter sized monsters are running havoc throughout the soldiers bellow.

“W-what the hell are those?!”

“Like hell if I know. Either way, are you alright with them turning your soldiers into mixed meat?”

The man jumped back in fright, as he realized his own position.

“B-but, aren’t you my right hand man?! go on, attack them as well!”

The young woman stared coldly at the young man, and then with a sweet smile, unsheathed her sword and jumped down the valley.
If you take a closer look, you’d realize that all the old men have taken a weird formation of shields up front, spears in the middle and heavy armory at the back.
The youngsters however, were not the same.
Some ran for their life, others began to sprint toward the weird creatures in excitement.
The hairy, giant ape monster began to stomp on the miniature creatures under it’s feet.
The young, smiling beauty took her sword and began brandishing the humongous hairy monster, only to fail to go throw it’s sturdy strands of hair.

“Aim for the hand!!”

A loud shout from the general echoed throughout the battlefield, and the sturdy men simply had to follow.
The heavy machinery aimed at the huge ape and the other, weird creature and fired.
The young lady quickly got away from the ape, and ran behind a shield in order to find safety.
The smell of gun powder and the sounds of explosions ran through, and the ape and his friend simply took off in anger, still holding to the weird creature in their hand; protecting it with their other hand.
Well, in case of the second, weird monster….it was its green tail.

“What the hell was that….?”

The young man could not help but exclaim his utter fright for the weird monster that attacked them.
For something that they’ve seen for the first times in their lives, they have fought well.
In the end, monsters did not live in their world after all.


The young man noticed another strange silhouettes approaching.

“What the hell…….was it a bad day to think about conquering the world…….?”

The young man begged someone to answer his question, but unfortunately…no one was by his side.

“Oh? Oh, oh, oh, oh! what the hell?! What are these creatures!”

“………? Wait, that strange creature can talk?”

“Oh!? You can talk!?”

That’s when the fateful meeting happened.
Between the aspiring, young general and the strange goat accompanied, one eyed, one armed strange creature.

“Woaaaaah~ Oi, goats! look, these small creatures can talk!!”

I quickly pointed at the small creature that tried to hold a conversation with me a few minutes ago, and the goat I was ridding…….ate it.


Oi, stop munching on it!
Damn, and here I thought I met something interesting in this dead world…..
It was like a mini—Ahm, super dwarf, armed man with horns.
I could’ve got that guy as a gift for Acil!
Dammit goats!

“But, I can’t get angry at ya, goats. You burned my hand in order to close the wound after all. You’ve been a great help!”

Yup, after those guys made a run for it, we followed ‘em.
But the constant bleeding began to be a problem after a while…figures, right.
So anyhow, one of the goats suddenly burped fire.
And there came the idea to barbeque my wound close.
………….I feel like they were the ones who actually severed my hand…………..but what’s in the past, is in the past.

“Alright, after them~!”

The funny thing is though, that this place is a lot weirder than I first expected.
For instance, our current location was a dried up beach.
The goats made a mess out of the place if you’re asking me.
It seems like they’re all munching on those small monsters from earlier.
I wish they’d leave one for me to pick up earlier….
As for how long we’ve been following them…
My internal clock says it’s been three days.
I’m getting hungry as of late as well.
No wonder those goats are munching on those things like maniacs.

“Those girls must be hungry as well….”

Those bastards don’t know when to stop….

“Alright, no more games.”

I quickly take a grab of the goat’s-the one I’m currently riding-snake tail and twist it with all my might.


The startled goat began to sprint for its life.

“Wooohoooo~ now we’re talking!”

At this rate, we’ll catch up to them in mere minutes!

“I’m sorry goat-san, but you must suffer a bit if you want a reward!”

With that being said, after a few minutes….we caught up to them.

“Woohoo~ I should’ve done that days ago! Well, blame your own foolishness, Godzilla and King Kong! You bastards had the leisurely to take your time, destroying ants while being chased by me. But of course I’ll catch up! Who the hell do you take the great me for? Now then, you two got to hand over the girls….or you’ll both die.”

Those bastards don’t even look behind them, but simply continue running.

“Not even a sound?! Not looking behind?! No hesitation?! No thinking it over?!?!?! Alright, you guys have earned yourselves a ticked to hell!”

Or the void in this case!
Since we’re already in the after life….what’s after the afterlife is the void!
I quickly jump from the sprinting goat, and land on the ape’s shoulders.
I prepare my signature punch, take aim and then….

“I live my life with only one motto. Girls are Holy! Your sin is kidnapping my girls, and for that….You must pay….with your life……..! Galaxy Puuuunch!!!”

I punch the ape’s head, and it flew over.
Blood bursts everywhere, but strangely enough….it only covers me, and avoids Olivia.
More like, Olivia was shielded by his grasp.
Well, whatever.
King Kong’s body falls down, and I quickly grab the guy’s arm as to lower it’s falling force.
And as I gently lowered the arm-alongside the body-I began opening it’s grip.

“There we go…”

I got to the passed out Olivia, and place her on the goat I rode earlier.
The other goats haven’t matched our pace yet, so they’re pretty much all left behind.

“Stay here. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

And with that, I did the same to Godzilla.
Or rather, Godzilla obediently gave Mia back to me safe and sound without any complications.
With both of them passed out, I couldn’t help myself but for a quick meal.
….My single hand enjoyed its meal oh so delightfully.

“Alright…Than, open up a gate for us.”

“Okay~ Master!”

And with that, the ominous gate to heaven appeared.
I quickly opened the thing, and got inside with the goat.
I mean, I can’t carry both of them, right?
Haha, I got a goat.
Well, it’s a chimera….But it’s a goat.
As long as the head is that of a goat, then it’s a goat.

And with that, I returned to the familiar old Castle.
With a goat beside me, carrying Olivia.
As for Mia, she’s on my back…her, ahem, puddings are squashing my back.
And soon enough, my left eye and right arm regenerate.
And Than quickly runs over to me, paying no heed to the goat or the collapsed ladies.

“Phew~ Hey Than……it’s been three days, right?”

“Eh, Master….It’s only been three hours?”

Oh right.
She never mentioned anything about the time difference between heaven and the dead world….
Teehee~ It seems that a day in a dead world is an hour in the after life~
Teeehee~ An honest mistake~
I’m sorry.

“Well….doesn’t that mean that we have four more hours for training? More like, four days! Alright, this time Than…send us to an empty dead world!”

And just like that, I spent four days–or rather, four hours training Mia and Olivia while being accompanied by the goat.
Hehe~ With this, they’ll win no matter what!

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thanks for the chapter


Woah! Fast!! I missed fast replies like these~


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You’ll have to wait until tomorrow 😛
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what’s your project name on roaylroadl

Last three chapters were “meh” quality because…well, i’m too tired XD
Well, i’ll give ’em a better proofread. It’s nothing like a main project, just something i felt like writing to bind my time…


i saw the title..i’ll give it a try after i complete my current reading list
so just to be sure is it a gender bender or yaoi themed FF?


Trap main character, no yaoi planned yet


Alright, the first part of the chapter was a draft i had for a while now.
Like a very long time.
It’s a failed attempt at me trying out third person perspective…
Well, Rather than wasting the thing….why not use it? Is what i thought.
So! I used the whole thing as is, and made it to suit this chapter’s needs.
Alright, i was too tired to write anything from scratch, so I had to use something i’ve written before, so i went through my old failed drafts, alright?!
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So, the other title for this story is “The Adventure of Sh*tman”?
And now I’m curious about those two dolls.


And thanks for the supper~


Why not~
Well, the stuff i gave cyrogen to read was…well, full of poop jokes XD
The draft was actually something for a contest i was going to enter, but life got the better of me and the entry deadline ended before i could finish the two-part story~


LoL. So that’s why the title written as that.

Put and “enhance” your unfinished draft in this story, then. I want to read the actions of two mechanical dolls rampaging here and there. :3

…wait a minute…
A pair black-and-white cursed dolls that cruel and loves blood (?). Man, sure this world is tiny. I (and maybe someone else) have a story draft that have simmilar plot. XD


nah, i was going for a more treasure hunting, with both the dolls looking for their other halves…..thought that would be interesting to write about….Well, it might see light in the far future if i got nothing to do~
And indeed, the plot line is nothing out of the ordinary~ I actually regard myself as talent less in writing! I just…well, wing it!


Meh… There’s saying:
Don;t wait for the inspirations come to write, but write to get the inspirations come. (something In that line)
Write the plot as you like! As a reader I will digest any meal (plot) that you (the author) gave to me. m(_ _)m

And lastly… talent is nothing compared to a lot of efforts and experiences.

I will always waiting pateiently for the next awesome “Sh*tman” moments.
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This story needs sex


Yup, but i just like to tickle that part for a bit.
Since i can’t write lewd….i tried before, and believe me… wasn’t pretty.


well u look like the type that can write guro rape really well and granted this is heaven u can knock ur self out plus don’t forget bout tentacles


The first H-scene that i ever wrote was tentacles rape…….haha…haha…ha.


see i told ya u have talent in that section also guro


Or maybe just some kinky action. (Wait… there’s already some “kinky-ness” here, I think)


found your japtem novel (just leaveing that info here)