Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 16

Author– Light

I sometimes ask myself.

No one will want to take credit for a story such as mine, so do i really have to write the ‘Author– Light’ at every chapter? Also, is it morally wrong to like my own posts? Just some questions that occur to me from time to time….

Dammit Than, I Missed it All Because of You!


I’m an idiot.

‘Eh, did the girls lose?!’

Nope, they’re in their waiting rooms.

‘Did you lose your virginity?!’

…..I’m sorry……….But no…….Guuu *Cries*

‘Did Acil leave you?!’

No! Goodness grace people, you’re so horrible!!

‘You forgot to tell one of them to fail in order to infiltrate their ranks in the prostitution?’

Yes! Yes, yes I did!

‘You….trained both of them, correct?’


‘You messed up!’

That’s why I’m shocked!
I got too caught up in the moment!!!
Now how am I going to expose ‘em?!
I must get someone in with a recorder for evidence!!


Actually, aren’t I over thinking this?
Well, just in case….Let’s have Acil enter.

“E-eh!? I-I have to enter?!”

People, please understand my pain.
Sometimes, I think this goddess can read minds….No thought could be safe with her around!!

“You’re just thinking out loud! And also, I refuse to enter!!”


“Too late~ I already signed you up! Oi, You! And you too! Come over here, pick this girl up! I’m her trainer, and yet, she refuses to enter the competition!! Also, make sure to get her in the most naughty bikini you got!!!”

“W-woah, stop, w-what are you doing!? L, let me go!! G-get your hands away from me!! E-eh, why are you lifting me?!?!”

Alright, I got two men in suits to get Acil to the waiting room……
Now then, what to do.
Well, I can think about all that later.
First, let’s enjoy the show.
And yes, this is a fan-service chapter.
Hehe, too bad we got no one to draw these scenes for y’all~
Actually….These girls are mine, don’t you dare even try to picture them!!!!
I’ll come back to the living and beat the shit out of anyone who dares to put them into pictures, alright?!?!?
W-well, maybe after I take a copy….
Oh, as soon as I turned to face the ring, I found that the Mia’s match is about to start.

“Oh shit, I forgot to bet on her! Oi you, broker!! Two hundred Karma coins on Mia! Yes, the hot girl in mini red bikini with the ripped tummy! Yes, Of course I’m sure. Just hurry up before the match starts!!!!!”

Dammit, yes, yes I’m sure I’m going to bet two hundred coins on her!
I trained her myself, of course she’s going to win!!
Now then, who is her opponent again?

“…………..? What the hell? Why is Olivia facing off against her!? Shit!”

Since one of them is bound to lose, I didn’t have to sign Acil up!!

I wasted a chance to look at Acil’s expression as she watches them knock each others bikini off!


Well, I don’t think she actually knows the rules…right?
I mean, we didn’t watch a match yet.
Hehe, Acil’s match is going to be interesting.

“Alright, Than!”

“Yes, Master!”

“You, who lurks in my shadow. I am sorry, but for today, I must offer you to someone else.”

I decided to wing the rare delusional moment that just happened.

“I want you to be the loser’s shadow. I don’t want you to kill anyone…just reduce them to a state where they won’t be able to move if they bothered the loser. I’ll be there to get the both of you out before you get shipped off.”

“……….M-master…….A-alright, but can you give This one a reward first….?”

Shit, I forgot to rehabilitate her again.
Damn, I was too busy and completely forgot!!

“R-right here….?”

“Yes, Master!”

Ahh, the match starteeeeed~
B-but I want to waa~aatch it!
Ehh~ The girls are quite good, so they’ll probably survive while I give her one right?!
And by one, I mean…her reward.
Dammit, people call these punishment.
Not rewards…..punishment!!!!
With a sigh, I lifted than so she could be able to see me eye to eye.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Master!”

Damn, those ‘Yes, Master!’ are becoming your catch phrase, Than.
Are you alright with that, Than?

“I’m going to make sure for the last time. Are you alright, in this current location, to give you your punishment?”

“This one want’s a reward!”

Dammit, this kid is getting cheeky!
Alright, a punishment!
I must get myself in the mood for punishment, or else I can’t do it with emotions!!!


I let go of her small body, in which case I could already see her naked body under that seductive leather outfit—Ahem, naked child’s body.
*Ding ding dong~ This Work of Art Does Not Support Child Abuse! Just Remember, This Stupid Masochist Goddess is Over a Thousand Years Old~Ding ding dong*
Just in middle of her falling down, I took my move.
I had to do this in order to not let people notice that I was the one who injured her this much…
While I’m at it, let me hurt her so much….that she’s going to regret it!
I do feel a bit Déjà vu right now, but I must be wrong!
I moved so fast that the world appeared to have stopped.
Of course, it didn’t.
I’m just moving too fast.
This is with the help of magic, kids~ So don’t attempt this at home!

I poked her eyes to the best of my capabilities, dislocated all of her joints, broke all her fingers, punched her in the face multiple times, broke her spine, broke her neck, snapped her cord, gave her an upper jaw, a straight toward the stomach and I delivered a high kick to finish it off.
Of course, she didn’t move an inch while all of this happened.
By the way, this all happened while she is falling down.
So anyhow, I let time pass just a little bit and then quickly healed her.
I don’t want to see blood on the floor and get kicked out after all~
Still, she’ll be feeling the pain because her sensors already picked up.
Now then, she’ll be feeling all of that pain At the same time.
And proof enough, she fell on the ground like a puppet that suddenly had it’s strings cut off.
Eww, foam is coming out of her mouth.
Alright, Than is out for now.

“Oii~ I hope that you hated it~ Oops, I mean, Hurry up and recover before there is a winne—”

“And the winner is, blue corner, Olivia~!”

The crowd went silent, paying no attention to the passed out Than.

“Eh? You got to be kidding….not even twenty seconds passed since the game started……?”

Even though I trained both of them at the same time?
How the hell did this happen?
Where’s my boobs?
Mia is passed out on her belly, naked.
Olivia is standing up straight, blushing.
And yes, she’s wearing a full bikini.


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Alright, sorry for the short chapter~
Summer vacation started but! I wasn’t home all day. I wrote this while being tired, and will probably head to bed in 15 minutes or so~ See y’all tomorrow~ Also, if you’re all lucky….maybe double chapters tomorrow? @w@


thanks for the chapter


Ha! I beat you to it!! The first comment crown belongs to me now!!!


aww…noo..damn..i was reading ln in fullscreen mode 🙁


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Did i already commented that this story needs sex?


Nah forget this post already had this conversations last chapter


im just waiting for that moment where he finally loses his virginity


Yeah? Me too
Go polish the ero in your heart light


No problem.
Just keep in mind, it won’t be rape~
I don’t like writing rape~~

As for when it happens’, then I don’t know~ But if it’s his first time, then it’ll either be super horrible or super awesome. In the original, he lost it when he was reverse raped by a trap. He then turned into the demon overlord of death and decided to create his own world in that is filled with only girls. that was fun to write about.

J-just keep in mind that all possibilities are open.

Rumanshi Ichigo

Traps are Gods!!! 😀


I’m in for the reverse rape. Alex nee- *cough* deserve it. But, a trap? I have mixed feling ’bout that.

Rumanshi Ichigo

Don’t have mixed feelings about my Gods! 😛

(I’m kidding, feel what you want.)


Hahaha… okay…
Just let the “Light” guide us, to whichever nighmare that’s going to be written…

Ahh….well, i broke down in a fever…..I’m sorry, but i can’t write anything at the moment………! I can’t make a whole post just to write that. What a horrible way to start off summer. And i’ve also broken my promise…..ahhh…….i regret this already….well, see y’all either tomorrow or the day after that. Btw, i already got chapter 17 halfway done, so I’ll sleep early tonight (which is right now) and finish that one up tomorrow even if i’m sick. If not, then i’ll either write one or two more chapters to make up for the days i was sick. I’ll… Read more »