Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 17

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I Don’t Want a Whip, I Want That Cool Looking Sword!

“Wow, was she always this powerful? I mean, I did train them…..Well, this can’t be helped. I’ll just be enjoying Acil’s boobies in a bit.”

With the being said, I still lost two hundred karma coins.
That’s a lot of money yo.
I mean, I still have much more…..but wasting money is a bad habit.
Gambling is good, but wasting money is bad.
Alright, let’s wake up Than so she could follow Mia out of here.

“Oi, Wake up.”

As I said that, I lightly stepped on Than’s stomach.


“Eww! What are you doing, spitting all that foam on me?!”
I’m already pretty pissed off, so why do you want to irritate me even more!?

“Just hurry and get up…….I need you to follow Mia.”

“Th-This one understands, Master…”

Like hell you understand.
Anyhow, just go.

“But since This one doesn’t want to separate from Master….”

With a clap of her hands, something….exotic appeared.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“……………Who the hell is this guy, Than?”

Why is there a handsome man with a pair of white wings in front of me?
Why is he calling you mistress?
Than, we got some talking to do later.

“Ahaha~ Master, this guy is one of my angels~ This one is going to have him follow Mia!”

This guy?
One of your angels?

“Just so you know, I haven’t accepted you being Mistress’s Master.”

This cheeky guy?
This hot, blue haired, blue eyed, Glasses wearing, cold staring with a pair of white, fluffy wings is going to be following around my Mia?
And not only that, he’s talking back as well?

“…………………..It looks like someone needs a bit of beating in order to learn his position.”

But that will have to wait for later!
They’re already pulling out the fainted, naked Mia out of the ring!!
Well, I got a glimpse of her boobies and my anger got down just a bit, but remembering that this guy is going to start looking after her….I can’t help but feel that a cozy atmosphere is going to break out!
And I finally got the girls to realize that they can’t go against me, and I’m pretty sure that Acil is treating them like queens and all, so I don’t think they’ll go betraying me anytime soon…
I can’t help but this guy is going to influence her affection toward himself!
Like saving her or something.
Or Saying something like ‘I’m your guardian angel’ while glaring at her….how will she not fall for him?!

“Than, get me a girl angel. I don’t want this guy to follow around Mia!”


What’s with the blank stare, the two of you!

“Umm….M-master….Female goddesses can only have male angles….”


“What an ignorant fool. Now then, Mistress! What do you request of I, your right hand man, to do?”

This bastard! I bet he’s grinning like shit under that harsh expression!!
This guy is Than’s underling, which also means….He’s my underling!!
I’ll be sure to train you well, you little bastard.
He’s too charming to be near my girls!

“God dammit! Just go, you little bastard!!!”

“Hmph. Mistress, can I kill this rude, lowly hu–”

Before the bastard could continue, His head….exploded?
Umm, I’m really, really sorry…..
But we’re going to get kicked out at this rate…..
The crowd’s enthusiasm and silence at the end was such a great touch, that even if we did something, the guards won’t act…
B-but…..exploding heads are still a no-no……Than!

“Shit, now you’ve done it, Than!!”

I grabbed her, and made a dash for the exit.
I’d rather not get caught be security! I’d rather go straight at Hermes than waste time on security!!

“Just what did you do, Than?!”

“This one is sorry, Master! That angel of mine dared to be rude toward Master….This one simply made him learn his place, in comparison toward Master.”

“Alright, I’m glad that you like me that much…But! Did you kill the guy? And even if you did, who will protect Mia now?!”

“Master! Don’t worry!! This one hasn’t killed that rude angel!! He will continue his mission, So Mia is going to be safe!!”

Isn’t this the first time I hear Than say someone’s name?
She calls me ‘Master’ and Acil a ‘Fake’…..
Hehe~ Are they perhaps her friends?
I did push them in that direction, and did say a few comments here and there…
Well, I’ll hope for the best.

“And doesn’t this mean that I won’t be able to see Acil in a bikini?! Oi, Than! Go grab her!!”

I talked to the Than, who I’m holding under my arm like a log.

“This one already did, Master!”

As she says that, She clapped her hands yet again; And Acil mysteriously appeared in front of us.
Wearing a flaming red……is that what I think it is?
Red bandages!
Oh my god, Oh my god!!
They’re only covering her important parts in a way more seductive way than any bikini!!!

“Wha-!? Why am I here?! I made sure I was hiding in a closet?!!”

“Hehehe~!!! Alright, mission accomplished! We’re going to bust ‘em out!!”

As I said that, I grabbed Acil and raised her over my shoulder.

“Hermes, we’re coming to get ya~!”

I broke into a dash and went up the stairs, and out of the door.

“Alright…Which door is Hermes’s office again……?”

I strained my eyes while channeling some power into ‘em.
With this, I can read where the doors lead to.

“Alright, found ‘em!!”

I go into a dash for the door, and without a sound whatsoever, countless macho guys in black appeared.
Out of nowhere.
Like, the whole place flooded with them.
There’s simply no end.
There’s at least a few hundred.


“Oh, shut up Acil!”

Just as I was wondering what the hell was happening, the men in front of me, in their tidy black suits and their muscles almost busting out of them, had a pair of white wings grow out of them.


Are you serious?
These are all angels……..?
And they all look like the security of this place….
…………..They’re Hermes’s angels, no?
I quietly lower Than, and adjust -the now screaming in silence- Acil down to my stomach.
Now, her pointy nipples are pocking my manly chest, while her legs are intertwined on my back.

“Alright Than….They don’t seem to be going to attack us at the moment…So, I got a question. If someone were to kill an angel of yours….can you feel it? As in, can you feel that the angel is no longer alive?”

“Yes, Master.”

Fast reply.
I like you, Than.
But if that’s the case…..then they already know that we killed two of ‘em when we busted that father/son duo mansion.
God, that trap sends my blood boiling every time I think about him.

“Alright then…..Let’s make this as bloody as possible, maybe make that goddess feel a little fright for her own good.”

As I said that, I began loading power into my arms.
I really hope we had some weapons….

“………….Oh. Wait a second, Than! Can’t you call your angels as well?”

“Indeed, Master…..This one has been thinking of gifting you this, and frankly speaking, This one doesn’t find any more suitable time other than this.”

Oh, are you going to give me a legendary sword?!
Hehe, I made sure to raise the flags earlier after all!!
Woohoo~ See, Acil.
Than can read the atmosphere! Unlike you!!
With a clap of her hands, an Angel bearing two weapons slowly descended from the roof, while emitting some kind of light show.
All that’s left is a chorus, and we’ll be having us a weapon granted to the hero by the gods!

The angel, male, slowly collapsed his wings and knelt when he reached the ground.
I-is that a black great sword?
God, the inscriptions on it are amazing.
It looks like something out of a myth, with godly, uninterpretable symbols inscribed on the sword.
The angel slowly lowered his second weapon, the black, normal looking whip on the ground; and held the black sword within two hands, presenting it toward it’s master.
It’s not me, It’s Than.
This is to be expected, no?!
Oh, wait! Maybe he’s giving it to Than in order to present it to me!!

Than held the weapon, and slowly looked at me.
Hehe, as expected….that sword is for me!!
The angel slowly got up, and held the whip with only one hand.
He walked in front of me, and then stopped.

“Umm, can I help you?”

The angel broke into a glare, and then a grin.
He raised his whip, and……..spat on it?
What a horrible way to use a whip, man!
He then slowly extended his hand to me, and said “This is for you, esteemed master.”


This is?
What about the sword?!
And did you not just spit on this thing?!?!!

“Thaaan! Isn’t that sword for me?!”

“Eh? Master…..This one got master a whip…..”


Do I look like I’m good with whips in a fight?!?!
Nee, nee, do I look like that!?!??!?!

“Why….To punish This one, Master!”

“In this situation!?”

Shit, look around you idiot!!!

“But this fucker also spat on it! Aren’t you going to punish him?!”

The angel looked innocently at Than, and said “Mistress….I only thought of lubricating the Whip.”

He then looked back at me and grinned.
Alright, this fucker is going to die.

“Oh my god…..Hey Acil, don’t you have anything to say in the matter!?”

I began shaking Acil, who has been silent for a while now.
I mean, those numbers are great….yes.
But for some reason, they aren’t attacking, so lower your guard a bit.

“Hmm? Why are you hitting my back……?”

I began shaking her more….

“Y….you idiot……..!”

“Woah!? Shit!!”

I felt something warm run down my back!!
Please, oh please, tell me its not vomit!!!

“Ahhh!!! God dammit, this girl is so scared that she puked!!!”

Well, that and my shaking, but whatever!
I don’t care anymore, I’m going to kill all these…….for the horrible experience they made me run through!!
And Acil!
She threw up!!
Do you know how grave of an offense is when you make a cute girl like Acil throw up?!
I quickly grab the whip from the hand, and whip Than with all my might!


And she quickly let go of the sword in the air, and I grabbed it.
I gripped the sword backward, twisted my wrist and slashed that fucker of an angel.


With a small gasp, the guy turned into dust.
It seems….like this sword has Than’s power in it.

“Alright fuckers, I’ll be killing every single one of y’all.”

Probably, they were set here in order to intimidate anyone who ran to her office with a killing intent.
They won’t attack because they’re pretty sure that they can’t be killed.
I mean, this is heaven, right?
You can’t kill anyone in heaven.
That was up until that damn angel turned into dust, when their expression turned stiff and frightened.
The ones in front of us took flight while brandishing what seems to be bows, and the ones behind us began to somehow materialize spears.

“Mark my words…..I’ll make this bloody, you bastards. Don’t even think of escaping.”

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