Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 19

Author– Light

I…..Met My Match?

I slowly walked to the sword, and picked it up.
I then saw Than off to Hermes, and I quickly turned around to face those bastards.
“Oi Acil, close your eyes.”

I can’t let her see the mess upfront….
Well, I warned her.
So if she does look, it’s all on her!
I picked up the sword, and walked back to one of the men in the suits.
He was holding a great, black shield.
Other than that, he looks pretty much the same as anyone else.
Really, it feels like I’m looking at the Chinese…
……….I’m Japanese, so I really can’t talk………..
I held out the sword for the guy.

“Want it?”

The guy looked at my eyes, probably–he was wearing sun glasses.
The guy tried to make a move–he tried to run away, but couldn’t.
The men behind him kept pushing him, making him unable to run away.
And thus….he held out his shield.
It’s a good move, really.
Unfortunately, I can’t help ya at all.

“I see….well then, I apologize in advance.”

I swung the sword horizontally once, and believe me, just once….
And yet, all the men who were upfront, holding the shields….were cut in half.
Just before they could even bleed; their shields turned into shiny particles–and then they themselves turned to ash.
It all happened before they could gasp, before they could bleed, before leaving proof of their existence.
Yay magic~
I wasn’t a hero for nothing, I wasn’t blessed by Odin for nothing.
I then let go of the sword yet again, where it’s blade lodged itself within the ground.

“The sword is so cool and powerful! But it’s too powerful if you ask me….Or rather, y’all are too weak….But hey, we can still have fun!”

I quickly leveled the piles of ashes as I stepped on ‘em, up until I grabbed the spear of one of the guys.


I took away the spear by force.
I lowered my center of gravity, and took a step backward.
I grabbed a hold of the flat end of the spear, and then with all of my power……


The spear disappeared.
I took a look at the guy I just took the sword from, and he’s not there.
What took his place was a small pile of ashes.

“Hrm, so someone killed this guy…”

But Than isn’t here.

“Hey you, who killed this guy?”

I asked the guy right next to the pile of ashes, and he pointed to an angel while shrieking with a “H-hiiiiiiii…”

“Oh, so it’s you?”

A handsome angel tried to ruin my fun.
Now doesn’t this guy need some kind of discipline?
The angel descended a bit, just within an arm reach.
But he still in flight mood.

“E-esteemed master…….Y-you were about to launch t-that spear…….c-correct……?”

“And why does that bother you?”

He killed the guy in order to get rid of the spear…the question is, why?

“B-but w-we’ll get caught in it as well, Esteemed master!”

I see, so the angels have their master’s ability.

“And so? It’s not like you all are going to die.”

“B-but, esteemed master….! W-we’ll all get hurt!”

Is that so….
W-well then again, it’ll hurt….

“I’m sorry! It seems a little of blood kinda rushed into my head. Alright, those who are still in one piece, you can all leave. Of course, I’ll be having you all turn your back toward me and walk away. If you think that I’ll stab you in the back…..then remember, I can kill you now as well. I won’t gain anything from you turning your backs from me.”

And with that being said, I quickly grabbed the collar of the robe the angel who was talking back to me, and delivered a punch with my other hand.

“That’s for talking back to me.”

Good grief. I only punched him strong enough to break his nose.
I’m not that cruel!

“Hrm~ So this is your true nature. A ruthless tyrant to his followers, blood thirsty and a hypocrite. As expected of anyone That old man, Odin, choose! Not only have you charmed beauty, but you also charmed death!! But unfortunately, Master is unforgiving. Although he doesn’t have a second death god with him….Master decided to grant your original wish.”

“Oh, if it isn’t Hermes. What happened to Than?”

That should have gone to ya a few seconds ago…
I doubt that goddess really got done in.
And not only that….

“….We’re talking in riddles now, are we.”

“If you’re looking for miss death goddess, then she should have been sent to Master by a dear friend of mine.”

Is that so.

“Anyhow, would you please hand over that fake?”


“….Hey Acil, isn’t that you? Do you know this goddess?”

Acil refused to say anything, and simply twisted along my waist even harder.
I see.

“So you’re an enemy, is it.”

I quietly moved in to grab a hold of the sword gifted to me (stolen by me) by Than.

「Not So Fast.」

A sudden, emotionless voice rang from god knows where.
After a few moments, a figure of a man appeared in front of the sword, keeping me from even extending my hand to grab it.

“I see.”

I tried moving around, but the black haired man kept teleporting and obstructing my way to the sword with a hollow expression.

“Wow, now this is really annoying…”

It’s like trying to get in your friend’s car but he keeps driving forward annoying.
It’s like your friend when he extends his hand to return your phone after your crush sends ya a text, but he keeps retracting that arm every time you almost touch the phone frustrating.
Point is, it’s very frustrating and annoying!

“God dammit!!”

I sent a punch toward the guy, but he caught my hand like it’s nothin’

“………………! What the fuck?”

Even if I didn’t go all out, he shouldn’t be able to catch my punch that easily…
I mean, touching my hand is fine and all….be he should have been blown away with a ‘Fwoosh!
But the man let go of my hand rather easily, and looked back at me blankly.

“Oi you!”

I quickly looked at the guy with the broken nose-Which already healed-, And I gently tossed Acil to him.

“Even if it kills you, don’t let her go.”

Although I am a bit worried that Acil might fall in love with this guy–the mere thought of another man touching her is already bad enough–The current me needs to have all the freedom he can get.
The guy in front of me looks to be a tad special after all.

“Now fly away!”

The guy spread his wings, and disappeared.
Probably teleported.
Well whatever.
I kinda had ‘em here as a worst case scenario after all.
It’s not like I trust my power to the point of arrogance.

“Fufufu~ So she got away. No matter, you’re the target for now.”

“Ahaha~ Well, I can kinda agree with ya y’know? I am popular after all! No wonder that someone is going to get jealous of me at some point~”

“Impossible. Master had that fake within his grasp all this time….You are simply a worm who plugged in my Master’s way.”

“……..So do I take that Odin is your Master?”

“Foolishness. That old man has done nothing but gone senile.”

“Is that so..”

Dammit, I can’t get any kind of information from her…
Guess I can beat it out of her.

“Is that so.”

Well, it seems like she has some kind of connection to Than.
I really didn’t plan on digging through it with ‘em….unless they themselves planned on involving me–something that hasn’t happened yet.
Well whatever.
Let’s just get rid of this guy first.

“Hey you. If you don’t move from my sight right now…’ll get hurt?”

「See if you can try.」


The emotionless voice yet again…
Without a doubt, it’s that of a man….
The location of the voice is a bit vague, and the guy in front of hasn’t even blinked once since he came.
So I really doubt he can even talk.

“………..Wait a second. Telepathy?”

「Ain’t cha a smart one.」

“……….This guy is beginning to piss me off.”

So be it!
I won’t be holding back now yo!!

“Fufufufu~ Let me warn you. That guy is Ares, the god of war~”

Ares, is it?

“So might you be her Master?”

“Like hell Master is someone as lowly as Ares!”

「Oh, but I did bang Hermes before.」


“Hehe. Let me take a guess, your master had his eyes full of Acil… this guy seduced ya?”


“See how red her face is~! Gosh, you’re kinda cute, Hermes~”

「She was the one to seduce me by the way. She was in my bed naked after I returned from a mission, telling me how Master wasn’t paying her enough attention.」

“She can’t even speak anymore! Hahaha~ you’re as bold as you look!”

Her face which was painted red won’t lose to Acil in any way.

“It would’ve been fun if we have met in a different occasion. We could’ve been friends…..So anyhow, Ares. It seems like you’re a god…how about we play a game?”

I could at least get a rank out of this.



The whole world lost it’s color.
This is a….technique that I used earlier on Than.
Even though this is one of my techniques…..for some reason, I can’t move.
My mind is able to analyze exactly what’s happening, but my body can’t respond.
What I can say is….it seems like my mind is able to keep up with this superior version of my own technique(I haven’t named it at all), but my body couldn’t.
My mind was the only thing that evolved from the fountain of knowledge….so I can guess that’s why it’s able to stay awake.
My body……was something gifted to me by the heavens.
I mean, I already had two bodies.
They both should be rotting back in both Miðgarðr (The human world) and Japan.

「Hoo. It seems like your mind is awake.」

Dammit, it seems like this is where I have to overcome this and evolve my own technique to be superior to his!
But the man in question is…nowhere to be found.

「You bet your ass it’s awake!」

Yes, I know how to communicate telepathically!

「But still….you’re far too weak.」

After that telepathic line ended, a sudden gush of pain rushed from my whole body to my brain.
The world regained it’s colors with that sudden gush of pain.
I guess my power is nothing compared to a true god of war.
The blushing Hermes looked at me dumbfounded, but then she faintly smiled as soon as she regained her calm.

“You’re lucky that we can’t kill you. But Master is a bit worried that you might become a powerful man with the right motivations……so be glad. He decided to grant your wish. He decided to give you a deathless death.”

My field of view changed. I had to look up in order to look at Hermes.
It’s as if I’m on the ground.
No, I am on the ground.
That gush of pain wasn’t that strong…..or rather, I believe that it was far too strong that my body refused to register the entirety of it.
And as for why….well, I’m limbless.
Lack of reaction?
That’s because I can’t even feel pain.
I mean, I do..but like, it’s not as strong as you might expect….

“It seems you can’t even talk. Well, accept my Master’s mercy and forgiveness. You have not only took his beauty, but also courted his death. And for that, he decided to give you another chance at humanity.”

Talking in riddles again….?
If death is Than…….then is Acil his beauty?
She did say he didn’t have a second god of death with him to kill me….
But a deathless death?
What’s that?


That’s when a third, familiar figure appeared.
It was none other than Sophia.
Y’know, that kuudere girl from chapter one!
The one in the office, who saw my naked butt?
She walked toward me expressionlessly, until she reached me and lowered herself to my ear.

“I’ve been promoted to the position of a Human Goddess.”

Isn’t that the guy responsible of creating new bodies….?
To begin with, what the hell are you doing with these guys??

“I’m really sorry to see in such a shape, Mister Alex. But for Master, I have decided to grant the wish you wanted back when you came back to the office.”

………………………………And by wish, do you mean that reincarnation shit?
I don’t want that anymore, I wanna go to hell!
And to begin with, I also need to save Than and reunite with Acil!!
This place is far too interesting than any world out there!!!
……….Actually, is that Master of theirs really that powerful?
I only met Sophia twice, the first being when I died as a hero…..and when I died as an otaku.
And yet, she didn’t look like the girl that would do horrible stuff.
……….Ahh, is she perhaps mistaking this to helping me?
………..Who the hell is this ‘Master’ of theirs?
Is he powerful enough to promote people to just two ranks?

Because if I remember correctly, Sophia should be an S rank…a purebred Goddess.
It shouldn’t be that easy for purebred gods to level up in heaven.
After all, they could only become true gods when they inherit a job from another true god–and that god becomes an ancient god.
So is that ‘Master’ of theirs is powerful enough to influence the human god to step down from his position?
By the way, the humans who become gods are granted a new title, or they can inherit one if they want.

“It took three days in order to create this new body of yours.” Snorted Hermes, and then continued “It’s very special, y’know? You better thank Master with all your heart in your next life.”

And with that line, a familiar white light blocked my view.

‘This light….it’s the same as when I reincarnated last time. Ahh, she must have really became the Human Goddess. Weird though, I read somewhere that mosaic appears on human gods….Damn, I really hope that damn angel ran like he meant it.’

And with that, I blanked out.

Author note: And with that, Arc/Volume/Book 1: Heaven is over!
I kinda ended it abruptly, i know.
‘This thing actually had a plot?!’
Yes, i’m starting it now.
I think this is a risky move on my end.
If i pull it right, i could create a very interesting story.
If i failed, I could pretty much screw the story to the point of no return.
Also, I’ve been hit with real life real hard!
That kinda explains why the chapter is kinda late…
Anyhow, the chapters are going to be released in an irregular time intervals until i can sort things out in real life!! This might actually also be why my last few chapters lacked any emotion or passion…
And without further a due, here’s a sneak peek to Arc/Volume/Book 2: Reincarnation.
Ps. : I haven’t started anything yet, so take this with a grain of salt. Said lines might not be in the thing to begin with, since this is what i feel like going to at the moment. Also, i was inspired by this from a song.

I wonder how this happened.
A teenage girl, a person i knew from the time I was born….
…She is in front of me, kneeling.
Her head is stomped hard to the ground, dirtied with the dirt of this forest.
I am a bit worried that some bugs might enter her ears….

“I don’t care. I don’t care that this is a shrine of lies. I don’t care if you sharpen your sword, as you see witness to my sins. You are my good god…..And I’ll be worshiping you like a dog. Amen.”

Really, how the fuck did this happen?

Author note: It wasn’t much. I Know. by the way, this might not happen at all. I just, at the moment, feel like writing something like this. It might not unfold like the above, or heck, it might actually go that way. By the way, i’m thinking that every Arc/Volume/Book go for about 20 chapters~

P.S.S: i’ll keep the whole ‘Chapter ##’ because if i suddenly go ‘volume’ or ‘book’, it’ll confuse people~

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