Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 20

Author– Light

Wow, what a great move I say.
Getting rid of the two heroines and sending the main character into a world for god knows how long.
So, ahhh, I’ve been reincarnated.
What, you want some information about the world I’ve been reincarnated in?!
I have no idea the laws of this world….since, well, I’m an infant.
What I did notice though was that this world has medieval level of technological advancement.
And exactly how the hell did I guess that?
From all the carriages that I’ve been into, the fashion sense of these guys and the fact that these fuckers know how to use magic.
Well, they’re all Elves after all.
Me? I’m not sure if I’m an elf….but, well, the hot girl with the sexy body and plump boobies that feeds me seems to be..well, an elf.

So I can probably guess that I’m an elf as well.
So let’s count the score….
Twice as a human and once as an elf.
One with me being a warrior, another as me being a nerd and the last with me being a magician.
What an awesome history of reincarnations.
What’s left, being reborn as a fucking cyborg?
I suck at sarcasm, I know.
I’ve been born into this world for about a year now.
Besides sucking milk(A play I am quite fond of), I’ve been traveling all over the place with my parents.
We went to advanced cities with large buildings(nothing can compare to earth though), rural villages in the middle of plains of nothing but wheat in all directions for a few hours by carriages, and cities made of wood in the middle of huge forests.

God dammit, it sounds like the start of a whole another story!
Just you wait, I’ll commit suicide as soon as I can walk!!
Thank goddess there are beings here who are called Demons.
I am not quite sure, but there are humans here and there, in the rural villages.
It seems that their social standings are lower than that of elves, which gives me a kind of….well, mixed feelings as an ex-human.
Don’t worry, my fellow humans! Heaven is kind!!
Heck, they gave me a free reincarnation–even though I committed suicide!!!
Or rather, it was nothing but a punishment for getting ahead of myself with my girls.
*Sniff* I haven’t even taken a bite of those ripped cherries…..*Sniff*

“Alex~ It’s about time for your lunch~”

Oh, if it isn’t mother!
My partner in crime, my devil, my food supplier and the only thing that could give my brain a sexual impulse within this infant body of mine!
She brushed her jet black hair, and looked at myself seductively with her brown eyes.
Or rather, it was a motherly stare…but hehe, what’s the difference between motherly and seductively stares.

“Don’t you think you’re feeding this little fellow a bit too much lately?”

My mother looked to be in her early twenties, while the man who just exclaimed that…..seemed to be in his late twenties.
This man, who was neither old or young in his appearance, was my father.
He had, in contrast with my mother, had long, light green hair and emerald eyes.
His hair was braided in scorpion style, in which reached up to his lower back.
…..Damn, and here I thought most elves were blond.
But anyhow, elves boasted a huge lifespan.
So even though my mother looked to be in her early twenties, she might be in her…well, late sixties.

“Ehh~ But this little guy likes mother’s milk, right~?”

Oh, it’s my turn to extended my hand and cry playfully!
And I did exactly like that.

“See~ Alex enjoys my milk~ And he’s better at sucking it than you would ever be~”

What the hell, mum!?
Although I was playing earlier, I still have feelings toward ya as a mother who gave birth to me!
I quickly shot a look at the man, my dad, who turned bright red and began swinging his hands in rejection “N-not in front of A-Alex, Ballimes!”

Although my dad–Based on his outer appearance, should be a lot older than my mother– seemed to be as innocent as a middle school student in the adult business.

“Hahaha~I really love you, Uirdaer~”

And as for my teasing mother, she just laughed off his reaction as something cute and proceeded to undress her upper body for me to enjoy.

‘How the hell do you understand their language?!’

If I said that I picked it up in the last year….would you believe me?
By the way, those names are really complicated…right?
Well, it seems that Ballimes is my mother’s full name while Uirdaer is dad’s.
As for me….well, I’d rather not go into my full elven name since I, myself, haven’t memorized it.
Even my parents had to shorten it to ‘Alex’.
In which case, I am really grateful that my name is still ‘Alex’.
You can’t expect an infant to memorize a name that even his parents refuse to say…..right?
Either way, my mother unfastened her loosely worn dress, which only exposed her bosom.
My infant nature overrode my control of the body, in which case it began sucking on that perky nipple like a beast.
Of course, I kicked back and enjoyed the scene.
I’ll enjoy these interaction for as long as I am an infant.
I will, however, commit suicide… soon as I am given any kind of freedom.

‘What kind of job does your new elven family work as?’

Well, they’re adventurers.
I’m not sure if they are good to this world’s logic–but to me, they seem like monsters with magic.
This opens up the possibility that I’ve been sent to this world in order to learn it’s ways….power up, and then return to heaven in order to kick Ares’s arse.
Well, I’ll keep an eye out for their magic, and determine whether I can learn it or not……if I can, I’ll delay my return to heaven until I learned said magic.
I used to hear a saying back in the day, ‘A thousand years in earth is but a night in heaven’, In which case I really hope it is.
Since god knows what happened back in heaven for the last year or so– Even more so if I decide to learn this world’s ways of fighting.

Alright, time flew by and now I’m seven years old.
I’m finally able to walk.

‘Seven, and you’re finally able to walk?!’

Blame it on the elves dammit, on the elves!!
It seems my mum was pretty surprised(She looks exactly like she did six years ago), exclaiming how much of a genius I am to be able to walk at the age of seven.
Yes, she stressed that I am a genius for being able to walk at the age of seven!
An elf’s lifespan is something else.
My father said how it’s normally at the age of ten to be able to walk–even for those who are pretty early walkers.
So to put it simply……I’m one years old by the elven standards.
Nay, I should be even younger than that…
Either way, I found out more things about my parents.

It seems like they are respected, or rather, admired as the legendary adventurers couple.
Able to split the oceans, flat the mountains and shape the skies, the legendary warrior and sorcerer, Ballimess and Uirdaer.
The warrior is, unexpectedly, Ballimess–My mother. My dad is just a wuss of a sorcerer.
The other thing I noticed was that….these couples are crazy.
Although the father is a bit reluctant, the lady has a fetish where she enjoys having her nightly feast in front of her sleeping infant.
Are there any sane couples who do that? Have sex right besides their sleeping infant?
I blame my dad for not being a man enough to refuse my mother’s advances.
But that’s all besides the point.
The point is, is that my tongue has finally adapted to their language.
I can finally, finally talk!
I made sure to practice while they weren’t seeing….hehe.


“Honey, HONEY! Come quick, Alex is about to utter his first words!!”

Eh, is this fine?
Are you alright doing that…..cutting me even though I was about to utter my first words….?
I might not speak again for the next ten years y’know…..

“W-what!? I’m coming right now, Ballimess!”

Dad, who was a few steps outside the carriage, setting up the camp quickly came over and peered through the opened door with a messy hair.
It seems like he had a bit of trouble outside, setting up the tent.
He always sucked at those….since Mum was the one who usually did those.
But mum called it quits today to play with me.
So anyhow!
They’re interested in my first words, right?!

“Y-you…..L-l….ike….i-it….w-when….I ride…you….like…th….at?”

I made sure to title my head cutely as I restated my mother’s famous words that sets my dad in to berserk mode in bed.


“Alex! Where did you learn that!?”

Oh my dad can’t even say anything while his face is painted red, even redder than a tomato!
While my mum is..well, both open wide eyed and furious.
Of course I learned it….
I can’t even sleep while you two love birds are making pies every night.
I’m still wondering how the hell they haven’t birthed a sibling of mine yet.
Well, I won’t be there to witness it though.
Anyhow, I’ve already wasted seven years……seven years is a lot.
But within those seven years, I saw my elven parents slay dragons like it was a spider.
Dragons can’t even hold a candle to their power.
With this, I am sure that I’ve been sent here to attain enough powers to rescue Than, and Acil if she wasn’t able to run away with that angel’s help.
I can only think that Sophia butted in, and sent me to become the child of these powerful parents of mine.
Learn their skills and return to heaven, destroying that master of theirs and saving Acil and Than.
If that was the case…then I really have to learn from them.

“See! This is exactly why I kept saying it was a bad idea to do that in front of him! Of course he was awake with all those sounds and shouting!!”

“Oh shut up! Even you got excited from thinking that we’re doing it in front of our own child! Argh, fine! We’ll start doing it somewhere else now!”

“Like where?! We only have one tent!”

“Then we’re doing it in the carriage!”

Eh, I refuse!
This is the only carriage we have, and we use it to travel everyday!
I refuse to ride in a smelly carriage!!


This way, the small child (Me) suggests that we get a home because he’s too tired of moving around, saying goodbye to his friends!
Not that I met any but yeah!
This way, I can force them both to retire, and decide to pass down their knowledge to their only kid, which is, me.
Haha, a great plan worthy of my name being in it!
They both looked stopped their argument, and looked at me with a sad expression.
The light in their eyes began to flicker, and then they looked back at each other…and nodded.

“Alright. I was thinking for a while that we should just call it quits. I also want to teach my cute Alex some sword skills~”

“Fumu. No, he’ll be learning magic from me.”

And, well, that was the start of my elven reincarnation?
I’ll also put a time limit on my time in this world.
I’ll commit suicide at the age of….twenty one, the same age I was back on earth.
I’m already seven years late…..And I’d rather not return back to heaven, seven years late, with no progress in strength.

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Holy Dragon Emperor [innocent mode]

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