Shinka no Mi – Chapter 11

Translator: Istian

TLC: Black Assassin

Editor: Lord Fyre and Clueless Panda

Red lines are the lines the TLC has changed/added/improved. This is just to show you how important a TLC is.

Shinka 11 – Clash

“With me, fight.”

Is what gorilla-san said in front of me. Is it an idiot?

“By the way, the bet is…….”
“Don’t want to.”

This is a first for me. A gorilla denies my rights as a human.
I quit thinking. I’m somewhat tired………
I, who doesn’t have enough energy to even Tsukkomi, appraise the gorilla in front of me quietly.

[Kaiser Kong Lv:775 «State» Evolution × 1]

I regret it.

“Do U~wei~tsu!?”

That unbelievable level make me raise a strange voice.
No, no, no. Isn’t it strange!? More than 700!? I can’t understand the meaning of this!
In addition, as for that [State] that I have not seen before on monsters until now. Furthermore, evolution x1?! Has it evolved the same way I did?!
No matter how many times I rub my eyes, what I see in front of me doesn’t change.

“Something wrong?”
“No, nuthin at all..…….”

I-I can’t answer right!? … This is bad… I don’t have any will to win…!
That reminds me, Clever Monkeys know that Kaiser Kongs are above them.
As I thought, did this gorilla come here to challenge me in order to get revenge?
No. If that is so, when they appeared, why didn’t they attack simultaneously then? I’ll fight you fair and square even if you attack in a group.

When I bend my neck while thinking, the Kaiser Kong in front of me snaps its finger.

“Don’t worry. Other than me, won’t let others to obstruct us.”

No, that isn’t the problem here-!?
Without any other means to understand what the gorilla said to me, it stepped forward being ready for battle.

“Soon quickly end. Relax.”
“It’ll end quickly? Isn’t it me being dead.”
“…Say something!”

Scary! Is it for revenge, like I thought?

Okay, I go.
“Eh! No, wai—–”

As the Kaiser Kong moves in front of me at tremendous speed, my hand just reacts to it.

“Amazing, it’s the first time I have been kicked. First time.. po~tsu.”
“Why are you blushing on that!”

The heck? Is it perverted? Is it a lie? Please tell me it’s a lie! No, is it because it’s a gorilla that it looks perverted? But it’s obvious it’s a gorilla though.
This only makes me disgusted!

“Strong, Healthy, Male.”
“I’m scared of gorillas now!”

So you are a pervert!….I start to think about what would happen in the worst case scenario….if it comes to worst….No, let’s stop thinking.
While we have this kind of exchange, Kaiser Kong tries to attack me knowing I let my guard down.
So with that, I advance my foot lightly and…….

“………Ei!” (TLC: The gorilla attacked.)
“…E bu~tsu!”
— –I failed to see that.
Suddenly Kaiser Kong throws a stone at me and it hits my face…..It hurts a lot.
But because I kept on enduring the pain of evolution, I’m not as weak as to cry from a mere rock!……which is unpleasant to be accustomed to.
That aside, even though the rock is thrown with that kind of arm strength, I’m glad I didn’t take that much damage.

” Mu, negi geru, dame.” (English: Nothing, Escape Gel, not good)
“It’s not “not good”!? If that hit me, I would’ve died!”

Kaiser Kong’s thick, flailing arms comes near and even when it barely hits me, something in my body seems to be blown off. I can also feel the bones being shattered because of the momentum.

“If this continues, I won’t get any more chances.…….[Cutting Legs]!”

Just like the time I used [Cutting Legs] on the Aqua Wolf, I swing and release it with full force.

” ! ”

However, when I thought Kaiser Kong created an opening, it easily dodges my attack with a speed that doesn’t match its large body.

“You’re the dangerous one!”

Why are you dodging my attack? Why are you so nimble despite having such a big body?! Isn’t it unfair?!

“Well then, me too. [Madokaude Shunwan]!” (TL:Instant Skill: Blinking Arm.)

” !? ”



I didn’t see the attack of Kaiser Kong at all. When I start to think about how it activated something like a skill, it suddenly comes. In other words, I was hit by Kaiser Kong.
I, who was sent flying, finally hit the ground after knocking down a few trees.

” Geho~tsu ! Goho~tsu ! ”

I cough while holding my belly, struggling.
The thing that comes out of my mouth is dark-red blood.

“N-, No more….”

I couldn’t help crying from pain.
But, in this situation, my life is in danger, so I immediately take out the super effective recovery medicine from my item box, and drink it all at once.

“Puha~a~Tsu!…..I thought I was going to die… …”

Go, gorillas are scary!……I don’t want to see a gorilla again in the zoo my entire life.
Ah, that’s right, I can’t return to Earth.
While I was thinking that, Kaiser Kong catches up with an unimaginable speed.

“Amazing, My [Instant Arm] didn’t kill you.”

After all, you really want to commit homicide!

“My interest is getting bigger, I, Strong male, Want.”
“No thank you, you gorilla.”
“My name’s not gorilla. It’s Saria.”
“Why do you have an unnecessarily bishoujo-like name?”

This is fraud! I request an explanation! Someone! Someone please help-!
Even more so, why do you have a name?! Isn’t it Kaiser Kong!? Why am I dissatisfied about this!?………Well, isn’t this fine?
Rather, hey, engage in conversation with me… …! (Mou~!) Really, which is it?

“So [Cutting Legs] is not enough……. [Hard Nails]!”

Around the place, I start to run, activating my Tsuyoshitsume skill.
(Tsuyoshi = Hard/Strong/strenght , Tsume = Nail/s)

As I swing down my arm all the way, the next thing is that 5 lines of claw swipes suddenly fly towards Kaiser Kong.

“Tou~tsu!” (Eng: A hit!)
“It was avoided?!”

However, Kaiser Kong softly jumps on the spot effortlessly, avoiding all the nails.

“Skill, sugoi” (Eng: Skill, wow/cool/amazing.)
“Ahhh…..I see?”

I’m already desperate, becoming senile.

“And in the first place, fighting with a weapon, using the dagger would certainly be bad as to how I’m immature with it, I could use the [Monkey Ken Rod], but the distance is an issue…”

I think about how I could fight while staying at a distance.
Then Kaiser Kong is soon in a state of floating in the air; you won’t believe your eyes about seeing such an action.

“Then, follow me. Pierce of the empty air, [Sky Thrust].”

Suddenly Kaiser Kong, whatever principle it is, kicks the air and then comes rushing at me!

“Iyaaaaaaaaaaa! Kowaiiiiiiiii!” (Possible Eng: Huh!!!!!!!! Scary/ that was scary!!!!!!)

I didn’t think that a gorilla flying over would be such a scary spectacle!
Perhaps the skill makes you step into the empty air and dash, but hell, it is unexpected and terrifying!
I twist my body at the last minute and successfully spring back farther than where I was.
Then Kaiser Kong just smashes the ground where I stood just a while ago.

“….it would be good if it just killed itself from that absurd attack…..”

After all, she hit the ground with tremendous strength. As expected, she probably……….

“I’m surprised. My [Sky Thrust] can cut the wind, but you avoided it as I thought.”
“That’s bad, she’s perfectly fine!.”

There’s no damage. I really want to cry.

“In this situation where I can’t even land an attack, what should I do?”

I can manage to counter with the skill [Double Fang Strike], but even this seems like it can be avoided.
As I’m thinking such thoughts, Kaiser Kong shows me an impression that would likely be an attack.

“Ja, [Instant skill].”

”The skill that sent me flying!:
In that moment, by judging it where it is all or nothing bet, I grab the [Water Spirit Ball Dagger] and the [Monkey Ken Rod] at my sides and try activating [Double Fang Strike].

“[Double Fang Strike] tsu!”

Next as if it is a slow-motion replay, the other party’s movement is slowly revealed to me as she slowly extends her arms at me.
Surprised in such situation, I push my two weapons at the enemy to parry and receive it’s thrusting arm.

“I’ve got you now!”

I surely thought so at that time.
But, Kaiser Kong can’t be done in so easily.
In my vision, her figure is seen slowly as I attack, but Kaiser Kong handles my attack contrary to my expectations.

“Haa !?”

I utter this surprised voice to match the Kaiser Kong’s unexpected conduct.

“…really amazing. I barely managed to see that.”

As for Kaiser Kong in that slow-motion, I didn’t know, but she manages to go between my guard and then stick out her arms to grab my hands, preventing my attack.

“Tsu !” (TL: Imagine their position.)

As the danger closes in, my instincts then follows, At point blank range where my hands are held, I activate [Cutting Legs].
Then, Kaiser Kong lets go of my hands to follow and at speed far greater than the skill [Momentum], my [Cutting Legs] is dodged in unrecognizable speed.


The cold sweat doesn’t stop.
It’s too strong. It seems that I wasn’t that strong after all. As the result of fighting Clever Monkeys and Aqua Wolfs and the little power I got…… I may have been too confident of myself.
When I get out of this forest, will I be the prey of demons?

……Let’s postpone the issue later. If I think negative thoughts, surely my mind will definitely go dark!

But, as all of my skills doesn’t make sense and is not successful, I also don’t know how to deal with it.
It’ll be acting without rehearsal, but it may be that I don’t have a choice, but to use magic to compensate.

I, thinking so, immediately start to use magic.
Although it’s not written in the status column, all information about water attribute magic was inputted to my head. I understand the consumption of Magical Power, but also don’t know a thing of it as I don’t see it.

Now that I decide to use it in actual fighting, I raise the consumption of MP to the highest for the Water attribute magic.
It’s the same with ドラ(Dora) and マダ(mada) ! The higher the magic consumption, the stronger the power is.
In addition, currently, I have the [Water Spirit Ball Dagger]. Being weak in water magic would be unlikely.
As for the magic consumption being the most valued knowledge, I know many ways to make use of magic consumption. One of them will be used.


The gorilla in front of me starts to tilt its head immediately as I become quiet.
This time is the best to get in a hit!
So now, I’ll use this different world’s thing called magic…!

“[Fall Disaster]!”

I raise my right arm to the heavens and shout. Why did I raise my hand? Because it’s cool, you know!

“Na~tsu!” (Possible Eng: “what……?” or “Eh…..?”)

I just used magic and Kaiser Kong’s eyes and mouth are wide open as if she knows what magic I’m using.
Fufufu……Was my magic a successful hit?
While thinking such things, I get why the Kaiser Kong did have that expression.


“EH ? ”

I think I hear this amazing sound coming from above. Involuntary my line of vision is attracted to the sky.

I didn’t see that……!

The origin of the sound from the sky — — is a tremendous amount of water.

“Eh !? That thing…….isn’t this situation awkward?”

The upcoming water falling from the sky, its landing point is surely my position.

“Tenma, have to avoid—–”
(TL: Tenma is written in characters evil and sky. He means that the water is evil coming from the sky……not the pegasus meaning of tenma. In the raws it is written in katakana.)

However, my thoughts are just in vain. The ruthless large amount of water which has fallen from the sky gives me this tremendous shock.
Dobaaaaaaaaaaa~tsu! (TL: Gitaigo/Onomatopoeia for shock/a hit.)

“aba baba baba baba baba baba baba! There…….. breathe!”

I can’t seem to move as well for I’m pinned down by the force onto the ground.


Because I feel her stare, suddenly my eyes are somehow turned to her. She is stunned and is looking at me.
The heck. Why is Kaiser Kong left undamaged?

“This feeling is not far from being ripped bobobobobobobo~tsu !”

Oh, I can’t breath…..seriously!

Ultimately, that scene where I drown is for three minutes until I am released from the violent attack of water.

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