Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 22 (Re-Written)

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So, ahh, I’ve deleted the previous chapter and rewritten this one! It’s completely different!! I can tell ya, last chapter was like….pretty awful. That’s what happens when a man is confronted with grief, lack of sleep, and a whole lot other stuff. If no ones knows, my uncle passed away a few days ago, and I was pretty busy helping with lots of stuff. both mental and physical exhaustion ain’t stuff to trifle with, mates!

P.S: I hope this one is a lot less confusing. I always have a lot of ideas when writing, which tend to confuse me as well…which leads to half-assed written stuff…

「And so, your son apologizes with all his heart!」

I knelt down with all my might at my parents, who I’ve tied up to a tree a few hours ago.
My head has hit the ground with all it’s power, so blood is tumbling down my forehead and down to my mouth.
I’m not into selfcest, so my mouth is closed shut.
I can’t see my parent’s expression, but as I was explaining who I am…their expressions were those of simply doubt and shock.
I can understand.
Your son is way stronger that ya’all, so I can understand quite a bit about your shock.
But who knows, your spells are grand and cool.
Your techniques are all wholesome and simply amazing to look at.
If I fuse your teachings with my own…then the mere thought of what will happen sends shivers down my spine.

‘Oh my god, you keep talking about magic and techniques…but all we heard was these people are legendary adventures! So what?’

Let me tell ya what I saw a few years back!
It was around the time…..actually, never mind.
I’ll just list what they’re able to do and be with it.
I’ll make sure to tell you their tales later though…but right now isn’t exactly the time.
I am kneeling in front of my tied up parents, who have just heard the truth about my origin.
And also the fact that I am going to commit suicide at the age of 21 in human’s terms.
As in, I’ll be committing suicide at the age of 2 in elves’.
So yup.
Well then, let’s begin with three of each, alright?

Mother can, for example, coat herself with a red aura like armor; reducing the damage inflicted to her body by a huge margin.
From what I see, is that the blood expelled out of her body from her wounds, bind itself to her skin, giving her that faint red glow.
Which means, every time you injure her…she’ll keep getting sturdier and sturdier.
So if you want to kill her rather easily, then you’ll need to deal with her in one hit-kill scenario.

But, her defenses from the start are by no means shabby…which proves that she did not get arrogant with her weird technique, to the point where she abandoned all defense and concentrates on offense.
She usually wears a light armor that emphasizes speed, but with yet another weird technique…she is able to her armor mid-battle to suit her enemies, exactly like some redheaded character from an Anime I used to like.
She also enjoys wielding a great sword with one hand, something I like to do myself.
She can also for example, coat that aura to her sword.
But for that, she needs to coat it in her enemies’ blood.

Isn’t that cool?
The more she injuries you, the harder she hits.
The more you injure her, the sturdier she is.
A complete berserker style if you ask me.

As for my dad, then it’s a whole lot simpler.
He wields an ancient wooden staff, passed down from generation to generation.
It could easily be called a national treasure in both history and strength.
It can reduce an incantation by 90%!
For example, the highest level spells have to be yelled word by word, for at least a couple of hours.
I heard dad once bragging that there was a legend about a spell book that was as thick as a thousand years old tree.

And yet, if he had the staff…he can, without a doubt, reduce that spell to something he can cast in five to ten minutes.
Not only that, he is able to use some lower class spells without an incantation at all!
That’s nothing special, right?
I, myself, do it all the time, right?
I only used spells twice, once to open a door through a wall and a second time to make a car work!
And both times, I had to use incantations!

‘T-then, what about that ‘time break’ thingy you always do!?’

Hehe, that’s something a lot more simpler!
You see, I use incantations in order to use magic on the world outside.
But, that thing I do is simply speeding up my body.
My mind is already a high-spec machine that is able to process a world that is that fast, and my mind only needs a bit magic in order to achieve that sort of speed.
That’s why when that stupid god of war was able to stop time, my mind was able to react, yet my body could not.
Influencing my body, which is like the container of magic, is pretty simple and doesn’t require any words.

To put it simply, words carry magic that would influence the world via sending the magic outside of your body in order to influence the physical scenery around the caster.
Sending magic to a normal wooden staff would normally distributes the magic into further distances.
My father’s staff would also release magic power from my dad’s body more efficiently than words.
And thus, he can achieve 90% incantation reduction on high spells, and a 100% reduction on easy, low leveled spells!
……..Let us all forget that I threw that national treasure to the fire eating away at the forest, okay?
He can also summon a dragon and burn a city to ashes in mere seconds.
Cool, right?

“………Lift your head, Alex.”

After a few minutes of pause, my mother finally spoke.
With a gentle tone, she told me to raise my head.
I quickly did so, and looked at her misty eyes. [A/N: watery eyes. it means there are some held up tears within ’em]

“I do not know whether what you said is true or not…but don’t you think that a year is simply too early?”

I, of course, explained to them everything.
From my first life, to Acil and Than, to how I’ve been sent here.

“Undoubtedly, your mind is that of an adult. I cannot settle with that for now, but your mysterious powers are evident enough.”


“However, no matter who you are, who have you been, you are still my son!”

What an awesome motherly line!
You’re making me shed tears!!
But unfortunately, you didn’t have enough character development in order to have those lines reach the reader’s hearts!!!
But whatever, those lines are good enough for me.

“Mphmphmphmph! Mphphphphphp…mphphph!”

Like hell I can understand you, dad!
But let’s just pretend that it’s something heart warming.

“And with that….you are not allowed to kill yourself at the age of two!”


“As your mother, I cannot see my child die before I am! And simply dying at the age of two is ridiculous!!”

「But mother! I’m already seven years late!!」

“Isn’t that by human terms?! In elven time, you are simply one years old! Heck, you aren’t even one yet!!”

「I can’t help that you elven count a decade as a year!」

“That’s just elven and human terms of time! What about the gods and celestial beings then? How much of their time is a ‘year’!? For us, a year is simply a decade for humans. And we’re based in the same world! Our sense of time is simply different than humans. What about those who aren’t in the same world? For example, you said you spent only about a month in the after life, right?!”

Oh yeah, I didn’t mention heaven and hell…and simply went with ‘after life’.
Don’t know their religion here, and the ‘after life’ sounds just vaguely acceptable.

“Perhaps, isn’t that ‘month’ of yours a year to elven? Perhaps a decade? Perhaps even a century! A millennium! So please…don’t kill yourself too early, Alex.”

Tears began to flow uncontrollably from mother’s eyes, as she stubbornly tried to tie me down with her unfazed glare that did not change under her flowing tears.

“You are not permitted to die…until both me and your father are dead as well! You can only die, literally, over our dead bodies!! If you want, you can simply kill us at the age of two, and then die!!! But it won’t be easy, both me and your father are too strong for you to even touch us, after all!!!!”

Say that after you release yourselves from the tree!

“We’ll keep an eye on you from now on and protect you! making you unable to die!! Even with the heaviest injury, we’ll still heal you! If your father isn’t able to cast healing spells on you, then I’ll simply use medicine! If I don’t have medicine in hand, then I’ll use my own blood! And if you, by any chance, die…..then, both me and your father, are going to die with you!”

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((But it won’t be easy, both me and your father are too strong for you to even touch us, after all!!!!”

Say that after you release yourselves from the tree!))



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