Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This!? –Chapter 23

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“……Puaah! Finally! Why did you gag me in the first place, Alex!?”

Hmm? Is it me or does this guy seem excited?

「…..I was afraid that you’ll use magic against me.」

“Is that so, is that so! Either way, telepathy huh! I always wanted to utilize telepathy…it could help a lot when you are surrounded by enemies!”

This is…odd.
My father, who usually is timid, is somehow agitated and talkative.

“But either way, it seems that something you said caught my interest. You said earlier ‘Your son apologizes with all his heart’, right?”


“But you aren’t a boy?”


「Come again?」

“It seems like Ballimes was too shocked to have noticed…but, aren’t you our daughter rather than son?”

I quickly shot mum a questioning glace, in which case she could only return a wry smile.
Oh right, I still haven’t pushed her buttons right to return her mobility back….
But me, as a girl?
Now this is a bit of a surprise…

“Either way, it seems like you’re quite powerful. Living two life times, is it? And yet, I’m still older than you by many years, Alex. And it seems like you have a bit of skill as well…you won’t mind me if I test a few things out, will you?”



O-oh, a blood vein popped in his forehead…
Oh shit…


After my dad finished mumbling for a while, a strong gush of wind came from my dad’s direction, blowing straight at the fire.
Oh fuck, I saw this happen once…
The fire began to twirl, and after a few seconds, began to compress; Leaving behind only the burned wood and a few burned corpses of animals.
A few more seconds later, the raging fire that was at least raging a few hundred meters was compressed to a small ball, something that you can lift with your pinky.
Although…the heat it emitted was pretty strong.
And then, cracks began to soundlessly appear on the small, red ball of pure flames.
Of course, normally you wouldn’t even notice these cracks.
Anyhow, I know exactly what will happen next…
From the compressed ball of flames, blinding light began to be omitted…followed by a bone chilling “ROAAAAAAAAR!”

This mother fucker summoned a dragon!
God dammit, I’m shocked enough to find out, after seven years, I’m a girl!
This bastard took that chance and used the flames to summon a fucking dragon!!!
I quickly opened my eyes, and witnessed the bright, crimson scales and a huge head peaking toward me.
The guy was about five meters away from me.
The head.
The body is simply enormous, spanning at least twenty meters through and five meters across.

「A-are you seriously going to use a dragon against your son…?」

With a smile that drew on like an arc, he said “Nope, you’re my daughter.”
At the same time that he said that sentence, the dragon opened its vast mouth…and began to suck on air.
Oh fuck.
He’s going to breath fire at any second!
This body ain’t fire proof!

「H-hey! Aren’t you afraid that you’re going to kill me!?」

“Haha! Weren’t you the one who just said you were going to commit suicide? Go ahead! I’m simply giving you a hand.”

Weren’t you like, supportive with my mother and stuff!?
I quickly shot yet another glance at mother, in which case she only replied with “It’s your fault for burning his staff.”
Indicating that she won’t get involved.
Ehh….weren’t you the one who said you won’t let me die!?
Ahhh! Screw it all to hell!!
Isn’t this the saying that goes ‘Beware of the rare anger’?
As in, fear the anger of those who usually never get angry?

「You asked for it, father!」

Just as I said that, I quickly jumped with all my strength.
With the help of magic of course.
I can heighten my physical abilities by utilizing magic.
For example, I can see magic threads and words and auras and whatnot when I send magic power to my eyes.
I can manipulate magic good enough to highlight which buff I need actually
For example, my ‘Time Break’ covers my body in magic, making it move faster than any living being could.
But right now, I sent magic to my feet to emphasize strength!
I took a look at the big old dragon, in which case he began to aim at the me who’s in the air…
……..And fuck.
He shot his flames at me while I’m in the air.

「Fuck! I don’t have any teleportation skills, nor my body is fire proof!」

God dammit!
No matter how angry you are, you usually don’t try and kill your own child, right!?

「Fucking interesting! I never killed a dragoon before…So be it. Father, don’t blame me when I skin this thing alive!」

I didn’t take a look back at my dad, but he’s probably looking at me like I’m mumbling simple daydreams.
So be it.
I always wanted to know that if bathing in a dragon’s blood truly gives immortality!
………Wait, I don’t want immortality to begin with, right?
Oh well, I’ll think about all of that later!
I quickly extended my left arm in the direction of the dragon, and concentrated all of my magic power in there.

“ 『I Request Thee To Bring Me Salvation Within Thee’s Earth.
I Request Thee To Bring Me Protection Within Thee’s Earth!』
『Asgard’s Shield』!”

You have no idea how hard saying all of that was!
If not for the adrenaline pumping within me, I probably would’ve bitten my tongue!!
Truly, in a life or death situation….the body matures pretty fast.
With that being said, A transparent, glass like appeared with my extended palm as it’s center.
This, light blue-ish square is ‘Asgard’s shield’.
it spanned about 30×30 meters, about the the size to cover both me and a whole lot of empty space.
Of course, it couldn’t guard all of the flames…
The flames spewed by the dragon easily covered over a hundred meters.
My dad was standing in front of mother, a dome-like structure of fire over them.
That’ll probably protect both of ‘em from the dragon’s flames…
I just made the thing large so that the flames the shield didn’t cover won’t get anywhere near me.


Immense pressure began to push back my extended arm as the flames began to collide with the shield.
Shit, that bastard is trying to kill me!
Get a hold of this crazy dragon, stupid pops of mine!!


Shit, I began to cough blood!
The blood I just coughed, of course, got stuck on that glass like transparent shield.



If you’re wishing that crack was from the shield, then wish again!
Asgard’s shield is something else, mere flames can’t destroy it!
But the pressure against my extended arm is something else!
I can feel the bones in my arm beginning to crack…
Probably, they’ll begin to shatter under the pressure pretty soon!
That fucking dragon doesn’t seem like he wishes to stop anytime soon!



Before I could notice anything, I collided with a tree behind me due to the flame’s pressure pushing me back.


The shield went down because I unconsciously directed magic to my back, cushioning my collision with the tree.
With not enough magic going to the shield, of course it went down!
The fire quickly began to scorch my extended left hand as I fell down to the ground.


You fucker think you can just burn my hand and I’ll accept it like nothin’!?
I didn’t even think about healing my hand, since it was beyond repair for now.
I quickly got up from my lying down position, grinding my teeth with all my might to endure the pain in my left hand.

「Shit! My hand….!」

Fuck, I regret even taking a single look at it!
It’s truly beyond repair!
I just meant a few moments ago that I can’t spare to heal it now!
It seems that up to elbow, the whole thing was burned to a crisp.
The skin got as rough as burned wood, while emitting a horrible, horrible smell!
As for above the elbow up to shoulder….a second degree burn.

‘How do you know its a second degree burn?’

Because it looks fucking terrible with my skin half melted and it hurts!
You see, third degree burns don’t hurt!
I can’t feel my palm, nonetheless feel any pain for there!
But I still feel pain from my left arm!! God dammit, no matter how much I bragged about fighting with angels and gods…I’m not freaking invincible!
Either way, this arm of mine is a goner.
I quickly tottered to what was once our one day home, and began to quickly look for anything with an edged end.
By the way, I am now behind the flaming dragon. Or rather, under him.
I believe that the staff is already a goner, but I can’t believe that the sword is.
A legendary sword melting in a mere fire?
Back in my first life, legendary weapons would hardly even melt in lava, nonetheless a puny fire!
「Found it!」

I found something!
Not shiny though.
Since the world lost its color.
Anyhow, I quickly picked it up while dusting it off….and indeed, it’s my mother’s great sword!

I quickly enchanted my right arm in order to pick up the sword with my remaining magic. Which is probably something that’ll diminish pretty soon…I need to end the fight pretty fast.
Alright…the sword is at least three times my size…which probably looks like a misfit with my current appearance….but whatever!
I quickly looked above me.
I am….above that lizard’s tail.
Alright, you little fucker…time to repay ya.
With a snap of my fingers, the world has returned to its original colors.

“You little…piece of fucking….turd….”

As I said that, I quickly swung the sword to cut off my left arm.
That arm is useless for me.
As soon as I did that, I threw the sword in the air.
Just a bit, not too high.
And then, I hit all the pressure points to stop any bleeding from happening…


I then jumped with the help of magic, grabbed the handle of the sword, and soared the sky.
Well, not really, ‘cause his tail is pretty much above me.
Anyhow, as I was approaching the tail…once I confirmed that the tip of the sword will soon reach him….I back flipped.
After finished the back flip, my momentum behind the sword pretty much doubled.
I then attempted my second back flip.
This time around, however, I did something a bit extra.
I extended some magic to the sword’s blade, as the sword tip was about to come in contact with the lizard’s scaly tail.
The lizard was pretty slow, so he couldn’t react in time.
The sword easily went through his scales, and began to cut through it.
And as I am in the middle of my second back flip, and the fact that I am gripping the sword’s handle pretty hard…
The sword made an arc while digging through his flesh.
I easily cut off the lizard’s tail like a hot knife through butter.


Author note: So! This is my first time writing a battle scene this long in pretty much two years now? So tell me, how bad was it? Or perhaps, was it any good…..!?

P.S: I’m imagining Alex as a toddler who looks to be around 2~3 years old. In size atleast. Super baby!

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ummmm i think u messed up all the italics


WordPress refused to accept my codes for some reason. Had to manually convert ’em. Fixed now though!

now for the battle review it was pretty decent, although i still can’t imagine a less than 1 yr old “girl” do that. so if u could make it more magical like instead of jumping use magic to float and other stuff. btw how could he grab the handle of a great sword isn’t that too big for a 1 yr old to grab although u could say he used magic to enhance his power i still can’t think of a way how he could grab the sword with one hand nonetheless,still can’t argue with u puttin good scenes in… Read more »

Wait a second, i didn’t write that? lol
I totally forgot! Shit, sorry! gonna add that now!!


yep….. don’t worry i’m probably the only person who stalks ur story the others would come in bout 30 minutes or so


Alright, added. Also, I’ve added this little part as well ‘pick up the sword with my remaining magic. Which is probably something that’ll diminish pretty soon…I need to end the fight pretty fast.’


reread it now i can barely imagine a (OP) baby doin that btw i think u mastered the art of cliffhangers although there could’ve been even worse cliffhangers


Yup! I am currently trying out how good I could leave my cliff hangers. Learned from IET, that guy is a pro.


who’s IET ? and if u ended it with the crack that would’ve been a big cliffhanger or when he sees the dragon says oh shit then the chap ends


But the chapter would’ve been too short! I’m too lazy to actually think up conversations to pass the time…
I Eat Tomatoes, or better known as IET is a famous Chinese webnovelest who wrote stuff like desolate era and coiling dragon


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nvm my mistake


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Clearly that attack down the tail is like the Revengence fight against Ray at the beginning.

“Yeah! Split it wide open!”


And that father gets D-Bag of the year award. Interesting chapter btw.

“See~ Alex enjoys my milk~ And (he’s) better at sucking it than you would ever be~” So, a small mistake with chapter 20. So yeah. Anyway, I enjoy the story by the way. I like the concept of heaven having all religions as part of it. Though, I wonder if atheists still burn for all eternity. At any rate it occurs to me that Alex being called a he may not have been a mistake instead it may just be another one of his father’s dick moves or his real dick move as by this point he should be confident… Read more »

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