Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Side Chapter 1

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This is a special one time only event where I’ll write in 3rd person!

My skill with it ain’t that much, but…well, i hope i did it right.

Also, PS: i might have not edited this right…I’m not that good with hard words and grammar…My english is self taught 😛

“I would dare to say that spring is the worst season of them all.” Exclaimed a young, beautiful lady as she watched the pedestrians walk bellow her balcony.
She rested a hand on the steel as she looked down on the green scenery beside her, and brushed her blond, exotic hair with her remaining hand while sneering at the ignorant masses.
She appeared to be wearing a white dress that looked simply gorgeous as it did expensive. The flower patterns imbedded on both sides of the dress near her thin waist was, without a doubt, woven by a grandmaster. Her pair of golden eyes fell on her beloved butler behind her as she revealed a charming smile toward him.

“Is that so, Milady.”

The young man with the black hair successfully avoided being entrapped by her charming smile, something that all men ought to have fallen for already.
He narrowed his black eyes as he glared at the young lady.
In which case, the young lady simply revealed a disappointed expression followed by a mischievous smirk that fit her age perfectly.
She then moved away from the balcony, re-entering her rather lavish room.
The young lady in question is the imperial princess of the holy kingdom Alicegard.
The holy kingdom Alicegard is the last fort for humanity, who is pushed back to the brink of total slavery by the wicked elven…or so it has been taught in their schools.
It is true, however, that Alicegard is the last ‘hive’ or ‘cluster’ of human activities in this forsaken world.
All the humans look at this country as their haven from the evil elven clutches, and it does indeed provide absolute protection to any human who managed to escape slavery from the wickedly dominating race known as ‘elves’.

The holy kingdom is surrounded by the holy cage– An invisible barrier that doesn’t allow organic beings above a certain magic power to bypass it– and thus it remained as the last defending fort in the truest sense.
This holy cage protected the holy kingdom for more than a dozen millenniums, to the point where history has forgotten the true castor of the majestic barrier, and rather began to hail it as something god gave to the chosen humans of Alicegard.
‘The holy cage protects the kingdom from any organic being with magic power higher than a certain level’, this invisible cage does exactly that.
It protects the area inside of its belly while negating any magic or physical attack above a set level as well.
Humans, who do not have any ability to use magic because of their lack of ability to store magic, can go in and out of this barrier without even feeling it.
However, for magic beasts or other races that rely on magic…then it’s a whole another story.
Forget throwing magic from a distance, they won’t be even able take a single step within the barrier.
Unless they were born within the city before the barrier was erected…then there was no hope for any being with magic power to be inside this city.
And as such, after a few millenniums, the humans began to grow arrogant.

‘Magic beasts? In front of our holy cage, they are nothing!’

And as such, they began to aggressively hunt them for their cores.
As soon as a horrifying, formidable magic beast appears–they either retreat to the holy cage in time or perish.
As for the core, it’s the organ that stores magic.
The higher the magic ability, density, magic quantity and whatnot–the purer and denser the core is.
The humans began to pick up their swords and hunt the weak magical beasts around the city, before delivering them to certain factories who convert the magic within the cores to other types of consumable energy just outside the kingdom.
But that’s a story for another time.

“Either way, Fei. When do you think papa is going to allow me to return back to the castle?”

The young woman gracefully moved to the expensive looking bed, and sat by the edge while motioning her young butler who looked to be nineteen–perhaps as old as she to sit beside her by patting the the area beside her with a Pat pat pat.
Fei simply bowed and refrained from moving a single step, only facing his lady with dignity.
The young lady flashed a strained smile as she looked at his restrained demeanor, and simply perked her ears hoping for a satisfactory answer…a one which she could not have.

“I humbly apologize, Milady. But his majesty has yet to send the order for our return…”

“Is…….is that so.”

the young lady lowered her head, trying to hide her pained expression; but Fei’s comforting words soon followed “But, Milady. Please understand that this is all for your protection…”
The young lady understood what her butler meant.
After losing their fear of the outside world, the humans began to bore their fangs…on their own race.

“Those cursed geezers! Can’t they realize that we need to be united? Even more so now that we are provoking the outside world!”

The young lady bit her lower lip as she cursed at the corrupted ministers, who are trying to assassinate her, the only successor to the throne for the sake of crowing themselves!
What part of this monarchy is holy? the nobles plunder the commoners, then the commoners turn their hate on those from the outside!
In all honesty, the young woman did not care for this corrupted kingdom at all.
All she ever wished for is a peaceful life…with her beloved father and the man who captured her heart.

“So, Fei. I want to go shopping!”

“Haah…but Milady, it’s far too dangerous.”

God dammit, take a hint you dense bastard!

“Ehh~ But I’ve been stuck in this room for two weeks now! Not only have I missed papa, but I’ve also haven’t gone buying any new clothes!!”

Fei narrowed his eyes as he glared at the young lady, and with a stern voice said, “You aren’t even allowed to go to the balcony, and yet because of your constant nagging, I’ve allowed you to do so. And yet, you dare request for more?”

After Fei revealed his true colors, the young lady blushed crimson before retorting “And as you have seen, nothing happened! Not only have the commoners not notice who I truly am, no one even tried to throw an arrow my way!”

It seems that…this imperial princess is nothing but a masochist.
Oh well, these nobles who live in luxury would always develop some kind of weird ‘tastes’.
Just as Fei opened his mouth to deny her, the young lady continued, “A-and to begin with…a-as long as you are beside me…nothing would happen, r-right?”

Fei, after closing his mouth; went into deep thought for a few minutes…and then he let out a sigh while scratching the back of his head helplessly while saying, “Fine. But only if you stay directly beside me.”

The young lady brimmed with happiness–her radiant smile that could melt even the icy heart in any cold person was proof enough.
To the point that even Fei, who held a stern and serious expression throughout his days, couldn’t help but break a small smile for a few second before remembering his role as a strict butler.

“No worries, no worries! As long as I have Fei, the genius who beat the kingdom’s strongest swordsman alongside me, nothing could happen~!”

The young lady quickly said that while jumping off the bed, intertwining his arms with Fei’s left arm; the so called lover’s lock.
And with another sigh, Fei couldn’t help but pat this spoiled brat’s head.
He then quickly walked toward the sword that’s within the jet black sheath that was leaning toward the wall next to the door before leaving in toes with the young lady.

“Ehehe~ A date with Fei~”

As they exited the door, the young lady couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear.
After all, she was stuck in this cramped room for more than two weeks, not allowed to even gaze outside with the balcony.
And when she was finally allowed, the only scene that could be witnessed was lovers walking around while flirting with each other.
How could the young lady, who was close to her beloved…yet far from his heart possibly not feel irritated?

I’ll take this rare chance and attack! I’ll show him how wonderful I am~!

Fei was raised along side the imperial princess ever since he was an infant as her butler and protector.

He was chosen because of the pressure from the prime minister, who wanted his child to have an intimate relationship with the imperial family in hopes of someday having his son take over as the king.
But, because of the jealousy from the other ministers and the king himself, he had no choice but to make an impossible promise.

“I’ll have my son become the best swordsman within the holy kingdom before the age of twenty!”

In order to have that happen…the prime minister had countless concubines at the same time.
Who didn’t want to have a relation with a noble?
Of course, the prime minister’s only hope was to birth a monstrous talent.
With tens, if not hundreds of impregnated women were all taken care of in one corner of the kingdom–in the prime minister’s massive estate.
He had a simple plan.
If, and only if, they are able to penetrate a full steel armor by the age of five…he will not butcher both the child and his mother.
Of course, that’s way too easier said than done.
But…it’s something else if it’s with the help of some ‘special’ tools, correct?
The kingdom did not develop enough to use body enhancing drugs…but rather, they used cores!

‘Exactly how do they use empty monster cores?’

It’s quite simple.
After converting all of the magic inside to consumable energy, the cores are, of course, going to be empty.
After emptying the magic out of the cores, they can be imported into the kingdom for quite a some of money.

‘What do you use these cores for exactly!?’

Well, we recharge them!
Not with magic…but rather, something far more sinister.


God no.
We fill them with life force!
So the plan was quite simple.
Give the three years old children these swords which are embedded with the empty cores and train them in the way of the sword.
At the age of four and a half–half a year before the final trial, let them have an elimination round.
Those four and half years old toddlers will battle it out to the death, and only the strong would survive with their swords filled with power!
Not only that, they are given a choice.
The toddlers…if they do not want to lose their life…they could offer their mothers instead and don’t fight at all.
Of course, none of the toddlers would offer the only emotional support in their lives, isn’t that correct?
If they are killed in battle, the winner would also have the choice whether to kill the defeated’s mother.
So…the mothers pressured their children to train…filling their brains with nothing but spilling blood.

But of course, they were nothing but toddlers after all.
They could not even kill their opponents…much less the opponent’s mother.
The prime minister was furious after learning of that…and held all of the mothers hostage.
He moved them away from the children, and gave them an extra week until the elimination rounds began.

“Let them taste their own life without their mothers! Let’s see if they wish to part again.”

The children who cried all of the time came to the sudden realization.
There is no redemption from this place.
There is no light at the end of the tunnel.
Their mothers will not…save them now.
They came to the cold truth, the realization that if they do not kill…they and their beloved will be killed.
Rather than show mercy and die…they’ll simply become merciless.
A human’s adaptability was…after all, frightening.
At the end of the week, the tears have already dried up from their eyes, replaced by the cold light of simple murderous intent.
The children picked up their swords, and battled to the death.
But strangely enough, when they were presented by the opportunity to kill their opponent’s lone family–they all declined.

I beg your pardon…I forgot to mention–this trial is a two stage one.
The first stage is strength.
The second stage is…foresight.
The prime minister expected that no one would take notice of the second stage of the trial…because, well, they are all toddlers.
Even when they are presented with the harshest environments, toddlers…will still be toddlers.
Only a cruel monster would even consider that killing someone’s mother in front of her child’s corpse is part of the trial.
And yet…a little child with jet black hair and jet black eyes did.
He slaughtered the mother in front of her child’s corpse without batting an eye…so much so, that it sent a shiver down the prime minister’s spine.

“Bring that child to me.”

The prime minister couldn’t help but exclaim as such.
Did this child notice that by killing the child and their mother would give them twice the life-energy, and thus a huge advantage to the final trial?
He couldn’t stop himself from being curious about this child…And thus, he invited the child over for dinner.
Oh, and if you didn’t know…the prime minister’s appearance was that of a pig in the hide of man.
He was simply fat.
Rather than sweat, what oozes out of him is oil.
Rather than fingers, what he has are meat sausages.
My point is, he is super fat and gross.


The prime minister smiled as he was stuffing his mouth with meat covered in gravy.
His clothes were in utter mess, his skin was covered in a thick oily moister and his face and hands were covered in nothing but gravy.
The servant who was attending to his dinner had already got used to it…if not, then he would’ve already been executed alongside his family.
But the first time he saw how this man ate, and for the mere fact of not having nerves of steel and his family’s lives on his shoulders…he would’ve barfed right on the spot.
But to his surprise, the four years old child he brought in didn’t even react to this horrifying scene at all!
Seeing the child’s silent attitude, the prime minister couldn’t help but nod.

“I like you, son! You already realized your own position.”

The prime minister already kept in mind that if the child had any kind of reaction, uttered any type of sound, then he would’ve been executed on the spot…by the servant standing next to the child; the same one who was surprised by his calm demeanor.

“Come. Sit down and enjoy a meal!”

The prime minister was all smiles as he pointed at the chair right across him with his filthy finger, and the child simply followed.

“This meat is rare I tell ya! It’s from a rare magical monster. Come, come, eat!”

Although the child sat in across to the minister, he, by no means, touched any of the food.
The smiling expression on the prime minister’s face quickly faded–replaced with a dissatisfied frown.

“I see. Well, it’s your lost, son.”

The child still did not have any change in expression.
He simply looked at the pig dressed in clothes in front of him without showing any kind of expression, uttering a sound or doing any action.
He simply sat…exactly like a doll.
The prime minister couldn’t have been creeped out from the child anymore than this, and his frown was itched even deeper.

“Ahem. Son of mine, it seems that you are not very talkative…So, let me cut to the chase. Why did you choose to kill that child’s mother?”

Of course, the child in front of the prime minister already knew what he meant by ‘that child’s mother.’

“Because I felt lonely without my mother.”


The prime minister dropped the piece of meat in his hand as he looked for any hint of ridicule in the child’s expression.

Is he taking me for a fool? What does him feeling lonely has to do with killing that child’s mother?

The child, who noticed the confusion on the minister’s expression, calmly followed it with, “If I missed my mother, then of course she should have missed me just as much. But now that I have killed her child…how can she bare with the loneliness? So, all I did was send her to the same place–reunite her with her child.”

And with that simple sentence, the prime minister understood that this child wasn’t someone who had good foresight…but rather, he was nothing but a lunatic!


The servant jumped back in fright as the pig’s huge body began to shake and tremble as he laughed.

This…..I found someone even better than anyone with foresight…I actually found a pet with a few screws loose!

And with that, the minister quickly dismissed the child.


The minister quickly summoned the caretaker of his estate, who frantically ran to the dining room and quickly answered “Yes, My lord!”

“I want to have a few changes with the last trial. I found the child I was looking for!”

“As you wish, My lord!”

And with that, half a year quickly flew by…and the day before the trial came.

“Listen, Fei. No matter what…I want you to pass the trial, alright?”

The young lady which appeared to be in her late twenties quickly said to her son, who had both black eyes and black hair.


The woman closely looked at the child’s expression, before her own change to something like that of utter fury as she slammed the child to the ground.


The child simply frightened her.
She did, indeed, always tell her child to kill in cold blood.
But…she did not expect him to truly do it.
And not only that…her child, which she remember to being a crybaby, changed into something without emotion.
She couldn’t help it.
She impulsively hit him.
She quickly tried to justify it with “It’s not yes! You do not show that you have actually wish to win, do you? Are you wishing for your own mother to be killed!?”
As she said that, she went on to kick him in the head followed by another one in the stomach.
She shed her tears as she apologized for her son…It’s all my fault, she cried within her mind.

“You reply with a yes ma’am!”


She quickly kicked him the face, making him cough up a pool of blood with a couple of teeth within it.

“That wasn’t fast enough!”

T-this child…he doesn’t even cry in pain……!

Her child simply frightened her.
She kept hacking at her own child until she calmed down…while she kept whispering ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘It’s all my fault’.
Unknowing to her…that the last trial would also be the last day of her life.

I had two reasons for writing this.

The main one was that I wanted to introduce how the world works and how things are at the human side.

The second one was to introduce a few key characters~!

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