Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 24

Author — Light

If someone were to look at this scene, then without a doubt…they’ll open their eyes in simple doubt and laugh their asses off.
Why, you might ask?
It’s pretty simple.
A one armed toddler is carrying a shiny, silver great sword over his shoulders while going through a staring contest against a tailless dragon a hundred times his own size.
‘Why is the toddler facing off against a dragon while having half of his body is burnt?!’, ‘How can he even lift the great sword!?’ and ‘Why is he winning the stare down?!’ are all valid questions.

“Keh! Damn lizard.”


This guy seems a little discouraged now, ain’t he?
He jumped forward after I cut down his tail, and turned around to face me.
He is now effectively blocking my way from dad.
I had this idea run down to me.

‘Why not force dad to give up through pain?’

The god damned lizard already jumped away from me, which conveniently sheltered the flame dome like structure made by that damned father of mine.
This lizard thinks he’s acting tough by staring me down…but he doesn’t realize that I caught a glimpse of fear in the corners of its eyes.
I lost an arm?
So what!
I can easily kill this lizard with one arm!
But…this is a bit dangerous even for me.
Alright, I won’t hold back.
I can probably only sustain in this technique for no more than thirty seconds.

‘Oh my god, what’s this super duper technique of yours!? And why haven’t you used it back in heaven!?!?’

Let me continue, dumb-ass!
This technique let’s me revert to my old body.
And by my old body…unfortunately, not the ones I used back in my previous lives.
I mean, if I could use my body from my first life…then I wont even fear Ares!
But…this technique only lets me revert to my previous body.

‘Exactly how does this technique work?’

It’s something you automatically gain once you reincarnate!
I used it back in the day to beat up those bullies without needing to train my body at all.
Those were the good times!
So anyhow, my previous body should be the one I used in heaven.
Y’know, that immortal body of mine.

‘Eh, but isn’t that kinda unfair…? getting an immortal body…’

That’s why they limited it to half a minute!
And of course, this type of technique has another downfall aside from the super short activation time…
There’s a cool down period.
The cool down period is that of a decade.

‘A decade? It ain’t much now that you’re an elf, ain’t it?’

It elf terms, I’m simply one years old!
It means, right now, I can only use it once…and wait for a century in order to use it again!
But all of that doesn’t matter.
I need to go out in style.


Oh shit, the dragon widened its small eyes in delight…yup, that crack was from my wrist.
My magic is running out after all.
Right now, I’m directing half of my magic to my feet…while the other half just for my wrist.
I’m shifting all of the weight of the sword to my wrist.
This limited quantity of magic can’t do wonders…I can barely even lift the thing now.
After a few a minutes…I’ll probably won’t be able lift the sword any longer.
Worst case scenario, I might dislocate my wrist…
So…yup, me staring down the dragon is all a bluff.

‘You’re a child. Just go on your knees, cry, and your dad is going to forgive you~!’

Fuck off I say!
Like hell I’m going to fall on my knees, nevertheless cry and apologize!
Alright, I’ll start a mental connection with the lizard, my dad and mum.

「Attention please, you little bastards. I’ll be giving you guys thirty seconds to surrender. Either the dragon walks away or father desummons him. If not, then I’ll chop the dragon to pieces~」

Fufufu~ I tried to sound as carefree as possible.
Like hell I’m afraid of a lizard!
Well, my dad can’t use telepathy so he probably won’t answer.
I’ll just be waiting for ten seconds here.
If they gave up, then its all well.
If they didn’t, then I guess I wont be holding back anymore.

「Arrogant fool! How dare you cut off our tail!?」

Wait a second…Isn’t this telepathy?


「Fool! How dare you call us an inferior lizard?!」

「Wow, so dragons can talk? I want one! Hehe. I see. Give yourself up, you lizard, And I’ll take ya as a pet!」

「…….We already have a master.」

「Hehe, ain’t ya ashamed though? Getting your tail cut off by a one years old infant~」

「…….! Fine. We have already realized that you are bluffing. There should be seven seconds left, so we are anticipating how your bluff is going to crumble.」

Hehe, this arrogant lizard is even using the ‘We’ of the nobles.
Alright, alright, I’ll make you regret not running away.
Heck, I even gave ya the chance to join me…
To begin with, these ten seconds were also me buying time in a way.
I only need three seconds to chant the heavenly incantation of temporary rebirth…
Oh, by the way, you can chant this one in your heart and it’ll have the same effect~!

「Listen up you lizard! You should know your own limits. You should only be arrogant to those bellow you while bowing your head to those above you! But of course, it’s already too late for you to bow your head to me.」

A talking lizard?
If there’s one, then there got to be a second.
Let’s teach this fucker that he won’t be able to do anything to me.
I began to quickly chant the incantation, and my body began to glow in white.
The lizard began to shudder, as he quickly spread his wings which span for at least twenty five meters and sprung to the air.

「Y-you!? What kind of sorcery is that frightening power coming from!?」

「—-Heavenly transformation!」

The glow that was emitted from my body probably reached it’s peak by now, blinding everyone here.

“Phew~ It’s been about seven years…”

My vision point instantly heightened, as if all of those years past I spent my life as a midget, only to return as a giant now.
I looked down on my pale palms, and realized that they are…pretty big.

“Woah! It’s true…my left arm returned! As expected from an immortal body~”

I quickly reached to my ears…

“Hah~ my body returned to that of a human!”

Now then…to make sure the most important thing is here.
I quickly lowered my hands to the area between my legs…and…my willy is there.

“Phew~! I’ve truly returned to my own body!”

Oh, and by the way, I’m completely naked right now.
Not that I’m ashamed.
Although I don’t have much time left.
Alright, thirty seconds and ticking!

‘Is that enough?’

Of course it is.

‘If you use time break, does the time limit extends?’

Nope, this thing is divine…you can’t cheat it at all.
Even if I were to stop time, after a few seconds within that time stopped field, I will return back to my original body.
Point is, this is a divine spell…if the time limit is a few seconds, then it will be a few seconds no matter what.
Hehe, I should probably start narrating what will happen from now on.

‘Why is that?’

Because from now on…for the next three seconds, I’ll move so fast, that I won’t have time to explain it.
Alright, here goes nothing!

“Yay~! I’m back in my old body! Although dad and mum are hiding behind that flame dome thingy, I bet they’re surprised! Thank god the lizard took to the air, or else they wouldn’t be able to see my elegant and graceful appearance! Feast your eyes on me! Too bad I can’t see y’all expressions of shock…Whatever, I only need three seconds to kill this flying lizard~”

「Y-y-y-you! How can a puny human give off this sort of power…even the elves cannot compare to you! And you’re a human! We demand to know your race! You simply cannot be human!」

“Haha~ Didn’t I tell ya to know your limits? It’s already too late for ya to lower your head and beg for mercy~” Exclaimed the handsome, elegant, awesome young man as he gracefully brushed his hair while staring deep into the puny lizard’s soul with his hollow eyes.
The puny lizard shivered as sweat began to roll down its mirror like thick scales.
The elegant young man fixed his grip over the sword, as he turned into an unidentifiable white blur.

「You can’t be huma—」

“Hehehe~ Shut your mouth, fucking lizard!”

The young man suddenly appeared on top of the pitiful lizard’s skull, sitting cross legged while his great sword was firmly inserted into his skull, ramming through his brain matter like pudding.
The dragon was about five hundred meters above the ground…something normal humans, without the ability to use magic, shouldn’t be able to do.
The elegant black haired young man crossed his arms as he smirked, and quickly said “I can’t believe I had to revert to my actual form just to kill ya. Well, my magic reserves returned to those back in heaven…which is virtually unlimited, so it’s fine. Even those dead worlds didn’t allow bodies to restore magic…hehe, I guess this world does have a natural supply of magic, so perhaps that’s why I can use magic?”

The badass young man quickly pondered about the reason he could use magic, since he clearly amplified his legs to an insane degree to achieve that near god-like speed.
The dragon, who his small eyes seemed to have rolled to the back of his head, slowly descended as his wings began to realize that strength was no longer exerted to keep them straight up.
The awesome young man who was sitting cross legged on the lizard’s skull quickly turned into a white blur, before disappearing yet again.
The sword that was lodged within the dragon’s skull, having only the handle above its scaly scalp, also disappeared with him.
That, all happened in a matter of a few seconds.

“I should have another twenty seconds…alright, let’s have a chat with those parents of mine~ Freak ‘em out a bit~”

The amazing young man suddenly appeared in front of the dome made purely of fire, and dropped the sword with a cling! He then quickly extended both of his lips, blowing air with a “Fuu!”
The fire…instantly was blown away, revealing two elves.
A female elf who used a tree bunk to rest her body on, and a male elf who was standing up, both of his hands aimed toward the air…as if it was trying to sustain the nonexistent flame barrier.
The female elf looked at the handsome young man with shock and tears in her eyes, while the male elf looked on with sheer disbelief.

“Hehe, that lizard of yours is quite something! He could talk! I really wanted him…y’know? But alas, he was too arrogant. I’m not fond of training anything that isn’t female…Oh well, I kept my promise. Look?”

The male elf didn’t respond…or rather, he couldn’t respond.
No matter how powerful he expected this person to be…he never expected it to be to this degree.

“T-t-t-that was…..that was a fucking dragon! How could you chop it to fucking pieces!?”

The amazing young man simply grinned, as he looked back at the dragon himself.
The dragon…was reduced to four, exaggeratedly large pieces of red scales glued on meat.
The ground was covered in nothing but blood…to the point where you can’t spot a single green dot within two meters radius of the piles of meat.
Of course, the crimson area is expanding as we are speaking.

“Hehehe~ See how fast I am? Don’t underestimate me! I can survive on me own…if I want to beat ya both, I can do it with a flick of my finger, okay? I’m a man who keeps his promises after all. I will commit suicide before the age of 2, or 21 in human terms! If you stand in my way, then as you wish, I’ll take you guys with me! Now then, you little bastard…”

The young man quickly walked to the male elf, in which case the elf could do nothing but shudder uncontrollably.
The young man quickly thought of what to do to the elf, since he cannot really kill him…since no matter what, the guy is his father, and the young man kinda was at fault.
So the young man quickly arrived at the decision of hitting the elf with the grip of his great sword gently, simply making up wither in pain as he passed out.
The young man then stared deeply at the moist, brown eyes of the female elf as his smile deepened with affection.

Author note: Yup, the whole 3rd person is done by Alex himself.

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Holy Dragon Emperor [innocent mode]

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Holy Dragon Emperor [innocent mode]
Holy Dragon Emperor [innocent mode]

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