Din No Monshou – Chapter 04 (A)

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Without further ado, Part A of Chapter 4.

Chapter Four – Seven Years Later

Time flies like an arrow and the passage of time is quick.

Over the years, I have steadily aged into a seven-year-old. Walkin’s is keeping my inner-self a secret, as promised. However, I do feel that the pampering has decreased.

This is due to the fact that my thoughts and answers are equal to the youth level, I suppose. I won’t be treated like an infant for much longer. Though, I occasionally get teased, when she deliberately treats me like a child.

This is the relationship between Walkins and I. Today, I was also immersed in a fundamental magic lesson.

“Regis-sama, We assume the enemy has been using thunder magic. If that’s the case, how do you handle it?” (Walkins)

“Build a wall with earth magic, also, using the same thunder magic counteracts it.” (Regis)

“Amazing. The review is perfect!” (Walkins)

The attributes are a matter of affinity. There are five types of attributes which are confirmed – ‘Fire’, ‘Water’, ‘Wind’, ‘Earth’ and ‘Thunder’. These are commonly known as the five elements of magic.

They are correlated with each other. When the same attribute is used, counter-balancing occurs. After confirming the theory knowledge, I ask casually.

“Is it not about time to start learning higher magic soon?” (Regis)

“No good. Regis-sama’s body is still unable to withstand the recoil of magic yet. By all rights, at your age magic shouldn’t be possible. I can say without doubt that learning it would be a problem.” (Walkins)

The fact is, I was close to death when using Astral Fire. There is no helping crying without a rebuttal.

“How should I put it… To start with, I have magical talent?” (Regis)

“Rather than talent, you have vast reserves of magical power.” (Walkins)

I was too reckless and was swayed by my magic.

So it’s like that. No matter how strong the magic is, if the body cannot withstand the backlash of it, then it becomes insignificant. Although, I feel like I’ve become accustomed to magic in these seven years. This is because I haven’t had a backlash when using low-grade magic. Though, when used in rapid succession, it is painful as would be expected.

“But, I remember Walkins has unusually strong magic. When the fire was put out. Also, when the thieves appeared in the village, Walkins kicked them all around.” (Regis)

In this area with many mountains, bandits can easily settle down. The bandits from yesterday, the cannons rattling drew attention to them while they were mountain climbing, so the location was reported. They were crushed by Walkins. Towards the crime committed in broad daylight, Shadverga wore a bitter smile.

“There was such a thing.” (Walkins)

“In particular… (Chaos Cataract)? I mean to say, it didn’t appear in the master edition. Where was it acquired?” (Regis)

“As I am the hyper-servant, I memorised it from the beginning!” (Walkins)

“Liar!” (Regis)

Thinking that everything would be solved with words was a great mistake. My pointing it out with frankness hit the bullseye? Walkins is giggling.

Come to think of it, I don’t see Shadverga. Has he gone for an inspection?

That my inner-self is more mature than – he suspects it. I was worried he would behave weirldy. Judging from the result though, the fear was unfounded.

The person is of a higher calibre than I thought. Though Walkins help by playing a cushioning role was also big, I guess. Far from evading me, Shadverga speaks to me pro-actively.

According to Walkins, since the old days he was not one who would seem to doubt his family. People from the common population are judged on their personality and employed as maids. I think that’s the reason that the population relies on him in that area. However, as he has the habit of undertaking all the work, he is often swamped.

Nex time, I’ll help as well. While repairing the study tool, I bring up a topic with Walkins.

“Recently, my father hasn’t let me outside.” (Regis)

“That’s because outside is dangerous. As the country is skewed in disorder, the security isn’t good. ” (Walkins)

It’s as she says. In this area, multiple groups of bandits and thieves have been confirmed. The territories struggling attempts to deal with them are not catching up. Walkins also noted that there are other problems.

“The situation with the neighbouring countries is spurring the deterioration of public order. In an emergency, the Din house will also be recruited.” (Walkins)

“It’s unpleasant.” (Regis)

The neighbouring country was in the middle of a ceasefire, wasn’t it? Then again, no agreements were exchanged. IT wouldn’t be strange for a war to break out.

“Although the nation has become impoverished and struggled to deal with monsters. A war with a foreign country isn’t the case.” (Walkins)

Walkins said it sombrely. Though, troublesome words were said.

“Monsters….? Aren’t they slime-like things…” (Regis)
“There are various. They differentiate by race and family. Many demons also pursue evolution.” (Walkins)

Come to think of it, a monsters attack on a neighboruing village was intercepted by a pirvate army. Because of the rise in in injuries Walkins – the ultimate weapon – stepped in and it came to an end. The demon boar who lay waste to the field was slaughtered by such a peerless warrior. Her sword skill was not normal. Who is this person, really?

“Next time a monster appears, will I also attempt to exterminate a monster?” (Regis)

“Sorry, please leave it to Walkins and the Private army. As in the future Regis-sama must govern the territory. ” (Tl: The ‘sorry’ is actually Otto. Which means husband, and I got confused.) (Walkins)

“Even if you say territory…” (Regis)

It’s ridiculous as it’s a tiny area. It has only a single village. It barely reaches the lower classes of nobility.

“As it is small land, it gets used effectively. Recently in this place, a draught has continue. The territories finances are also tight. ” (Walkins)
“Nothing will come out of speaking with a seven-year-old child!” (Regis)

I mean it’s impossible even with knowledge from the previous life. I didn’t even have domestic stability – how could I handle the management of a territory? However, Walkins is intent on praising me.

“You’re kidding! Before even being a 1-year-old, is it not that Regis-sama learned two Master-rank magic’s? Now then, domestic administration. In my head – Regis-sama is farming!” (Walkins)

“Be eaten away at by locusts” (Regis)

“You’re cold, aren’t you?” (Tl: I think this is a localised translation, as I asked someone else about what it meant. 「釣れないですねー」 ) (Walkins)

To say I learned magic… Honestly, there is no meaning when it can’t be used.

When I used Fire Magic ‘Astral Fire’, it was a complete failure. Though the acquistition was completed, the construction of the image and pose was incomplete.

If activated in my condition today, it would surely end up running wild. Why it was listed in the master edition – I finally realised.

“But for now, I’ll leave that to Walkins and father. Speaking truthfully, that’s not what I’m interested in.” (Regis)

During my life I had no work experience. The NEET experience of a NEET. With that clear declaration, Walkins had a troubled-like face. (Tl: Regis’ mind wandered for a second there.)

“So, what are you interested in?” (Walkins)

“The ‘Dragon God Spoon’ rumoured to be in the royal capital, and the ‘Elf Elixir’ said to be buried in the Elf Village.” (Regis)

“Etto, that is his wife… ” (Walkins)

Walkins words are vague. This is because it’s a delicate issue. Right now, my mother Sefina’s life is in danger. The day before I was meant to meet her for the first time — she collapsed.

Her skill in magic is excellent. Even the sword of the private army’s leader was overwhelmed. The mental pressure was also strong and it seemed that person was like a flame.

However she fell sick when shave gave birth to me. It was thought she’d recover quickly, but that was naive. In order to end her suffering, I wish to solve the mystery of the strange disease which troubles her.

— Commonly known as “Illness of No Return”.

It seems it is an epidemic in the kingdom. It’s characteristics are super-delayed, so death isn’t immediate. That said, it has never been cured and is lethal. While being accompanied by intense pain, they gradually arrive closer to death.

According to the doctor, the danger level is no joke. Despite being in her early 20’s, her life being threatened by such a disease. The misfortune is just too great.

As time passes, the signs of death become clearer. I must do something. That was what I decided when I was a one-year old.

Shadverga and Walkins do their best in governance. When it is I, the only son of a noble, I have no choice but to take action.

For the time being, my goal should be to obtain two medical ingredients. In other words “Dragon God Spoon” and “Elf Elixir”. When these two are combined, it becomes possible to negate any disease.

But the two abnormalities are priceless. It’s nearly impossible for even first-class nobles to lay their hands on them.

“I must go to the royal capital soon – it is absolutely necessary for me to obtain them.” (Regis)
“The ‘Dragon God Spoon’ is a national tresure. Once, ‘Four Sages Of The Continent’ known as Supreme Magic Masters gathered and the thing was made in a year. As magic masters are nearly all dead now… Making a new one is difficult.” (Tl: 『大陸の四賢』 Ehhh… Whatever.) (Walkins)

Four sages of the continent. They’re deified – with overwhelming faith being assembled in ancient times for these magic masters. The people who were known as magic masters created the ‘Dragon God Spoon’.
“How many still exist?” (Regis)

“There should still be seven. Three of them are in the custody of the Royal Capital.” (Walkins)

“To that extent, is it possible for even 1 to be loaned?” (Regis)

I think so, but ordinarily such a thing isn’t possible. I don’t think there is a single government official who’d leave a treasure of the country in a fallen nobles hands.

“Nevertheless, there is a way. If it’s Regis-sama, it may be achievable.” (Walkins)

“…There is? Tell me more.”  (Regis)

“Trutfully, about ‘Dragon God Spoon’ – One of them is currently in the custody of the Royal Magic Academy.”  (Walkins)

“The Royal Magic Academy –!”  (Regis)

This country sits on the west edge of the continent. Furthermore, my house is to the westernmost point of the country. A little bit further and the place where the sea penetrates can be seen.

As the Royal Capital is in the middle of the country, it’s a fair distacne. Walkins glances at me who is lost in thought and continues with her explanation.

“At the end of the year, one graduate is selected at the Holy Scriptures festival.”  (Walkins)

“Which means?”  (Regis)
“The student who was most active is given the award for a year. It’s possible to borrow the ‘Dragon God Spoon’ for one year as the prize.”  (Walkins)

“Oh, I see!”  (Regis)

There’s such a method of acquisition. My head had turned to illegitimate means but this is good fortune.

“Though…. The minimum age for entrance to the academy is… 15-years-old.”  (Walkins)

“What? That is…”  (Regis)

“So, let us study now in preparation for that time–”  (Walkins)

I wanted to take action immediately. If my age is insufficient, there’s not helping it.

Sefina’s disease. It continues to cause pain until they day they are at deaths door. But, in contrast to a violent illness until death, it seems it takes ten to twenty years.

Severe pain drives at the body. It seems there are many cases in which the spirit breaks after five years. If you’ve heard of it, Sefina’s power of perseverance is tremendous.

Anyway. Before her physical strength runs out, I must obtain the necessary things.

For now though, I must prepare for adulthood.

“Yosh, let’s start studying! ”  (Regis)

“That’s the spirit, Regis-sama!”  (Walkins)

The aim has been decided and the passion I put into studying increased magnificently.

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