Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 28

Author — Light

So! Ahh, I kinda wrote this while listening to metal…and usually, music have a great effect on the chapters…so, well, if it’s confusing, tell me in the comments and I’ll instantly delete it and re-write it! Point is, because I don’t have an editor or proofreader or anyone who reads this before i post ’em…well, i don’t know if something is confusing or not! So ya’ll be my test subjects~

Dammit, now what…
Based on how many strings have been pulled–Yes, I can hear how many strings have been pulled! Yay being a zombie!!– there are around nine archers.
Oh, all the arrows already missed their target by the way! I’m completely safe!!
Which probably means, each archer is launching more than a single arrow…
And yet, for them all to hit their target with that precision…it sends shivers down my spine.
Fucking hell, are they all green arrows!?
Of course not, this has to be with the help of magic.
Oh god, I never felt so powerless before…
Alrighty then, this will be fun!

“Hehehehehe…….HEHEHAHAHA! FUCK!! AIN’T THIS FUN!? It’s been a while since I got my blood to pump this hard! A hopeless situation, ain’t this every man’s romance!?”

Me? Hugging the ground? Fuck off!
What’s been through my mind?
I never been the guy to think through shit…if I want to something, I’ll simply take it!
This reminds me back then at Yggdrasil, where I murdered the king of my kingdom as I honed my fangs for countless years for revenge!
What he did you might ask?
He killed my father, took my mother and ravaged her and then let her meet my father in the after life!
But that’s a story for another time.
Point is, back at those times…I was powerless.
I couldn’t use magic and had to resort to using skill!
Humans can’t possibly use magic after all.
But is there a sword in my hands?
But what do I have to fear?

“Curse you, monster!”

“N-no, t-th–”

“Quickly, into the woods!”

“–Listen to me! She is my dau–Woaah!”

“Shut up.”

I quickly pushed the guy into the woods to the side, and then began to look at the tree branches above.
Those bastards know exactly how to use the shadows of the trees to their advantage, never mention how to hide from my sight by positioning themselves into the branches.

“Quickly, use fire magic!”

“Oh, is that why you wanted him out of the woods? But…”

Are they a bunch of idiots?
Isn’t this the forest?
And they’ll actually use fire magic?

“Oh right! I was wondering what I forgot…I need to learn magic before dying! Oh well, this situation is unexpected…so why not see if fire can extinguish my life? Either way…”

“『–Holy Aura!』”


My body began to glow…I see, that bastard of a father of mine used healing magic on me again.
I turned to face him, and gently smiled.
Although at this moment…my eyes have yet to regenerate.
So yeah, I might have disgusted the shit out of him.

“Thanks. Oh, and don’t try to kill them…alright?”

I’d rather not have anyone steal my entertainment.
Although, dad, I think you cast that spell a tad bit early…
I’m going to be burned in a bit after all.

“Phew, thank god Acil isn’t here…or I would’ve totally freaked her out. Anyhow, you guys! The four up the trees, hurry up and shoot before I get sleepy~!”

Do I have a plan to counter attack?
But, I kinda wish I had some guns…
Y’know, going with a ‘a fantasy world with guns!?’ Kinda feeling…

“I guess you’re all too busy chanting to respond, huh…”

And here I thought I might send a shiver or two down their spines…

Woosh~!”, “Woosh~!”, “Woosh~!”…

Ohh? Still arrows eh?
This time around…only nine!

“Ohh, flaming arrows is it?”

Flaming arrows are, as the name implies, arrows made from pure flames!
But can these kill me?
Let’s test it out!
Oh yeah, by the time they released their arrows, my body fully regenerated.

“『–Flaming Orb!』”

Psh~!”, “Pshh~!”, “Pshhh~!”…

“Oh? Gosh, dad! why do you always ruin things for me!? I’m so moving out after this!”

Being a teenage girl is fun.
But aside from that, this stupid father of mine created giant fire barrier, the exact same one he used earlier; but this time around, it’s on many levels bigger than the previous one.
The previous one only covered him and mum and a little of extra space…while this one, it covered me, him, and the trees around us as well as a fair chunk of land in front of me.
Y’know, ‘cause the place in front of me was already burned to the ground.
After the empty space of a few hundreds of meters, there’s more trees…where those nine archers are hiding around.
And yes, we were all shouting earlier.

“No, Alex! To be honest, I’m currently thinking that a demon have taken over my daughter…but, well, we’ll talk about it later with your mother.”

“Oh? And here I thought you believed me~”

“I sure did, Alex. But…this is indeed, too much even for me. But aside from that, I can only this thing has taken a bit of magic from me…so quickly, run away from behind! I can’t hold it for long, this huge barrier!”

“You want me to run away?”

“Yes! Quickly!!”


“Then dad, are you going to kill ‘em by yourself?”

“I…can’t do that, Alex.”


Is it what I said earlier?

“Your mother is in there, no? Then I can’t risk it with a big spell.”

“Is that so…Alrighty then.”

God damn hypocrite~!

“Dad, do you have a spell that can automatically repair my body for a period of time?”

You know, the kind that once you put it on someone, he’ll slowly heal by himself for a period of time.

“I do…but the spell links my magic to the target’s body. The more injured the person is, the more magic I lose to repair it.”

“Hehe, then quickly, cast that spell on me!”

“I refuse. Now, quickly run away before it gets complicated!”

This guy…

“No, dad, no! Be a good daddy and cast that spell on me!”

“Grrrrr! Fine! I don’t care if you die, alright!? If it all happens, then Ballimess is going to commit suicide! Shit! Just, don’t die on me!”

“There we go. Was it hard, dad? Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to teach ya a few spells while you do the same to me…alright?”

Annnnnnd his eyes instantly shone.

“Just don’t you dare die! And remember, try not to get hurt too much…I don’t have much magic left. This spell, those two high level healing spells and summoning Warloth; they all did a number on my magic reserve.”

“Hehe, no worries~! Just give me a bit before casting it~”

Alright, who’s ready to paint this forest crimson with blood?

“Although this won’t hurt…I won’t be able to move after using this technique.”

What technique you might be asking?
Well, it’s releasing my limiters!
Now that I’m a zombie, those limiters naturally have been lifted.
So, ahh, I have super human strength!
But using it breaks every bone involved!
And thus, I’ve been really making sure to not use too much strength and accidentally rip off my muscles and break my bones…
Oh well, this doesn’t raise my reaction speed though.
So I can’t do something as awesome as catching those arrows mid-flight and sending them back…*Sniff*
I guess I’ll be making do with something else.

“There we go…”

I quickly picked up all of the arrows, and inserted them all into my body.
What, I don’t have anything to hold them with!
I’m butt naked after all!
Ahhh I wanna touch my boobs again…
That’ll have to wait for later.

“W-what are you doing……..?”

“None of your business~! So anyhow, cast the spell now~”

“What is lord Uirdaer doing?! Why is he protecting that high-leveled undead monster!? …..Whatever the case may be, ready your bows for when the orb of fire comes down!”

Kehaha! It looks like they’re getting ready as well!!
And like that, we spent in about ten minutes before dad finished his spell.

“Alright dad, go take cover.”

“Just keep in mind…you can’t go too far or the spell will stop working…”

“No worries~”

Me, with two arrows in my hands and around another twenty digging into my flesh throughout my body, got ready for my dad to lower these walls of fire.

“Hehehe, I already know all of your locations and exactly how you’ll target me~”

And with that fleeting comment, these walls of fire got lowered.
I quickly walked out, and readied my hands to throw the arrows at any given second.



Woosh~!”, “Woosh~!


Woosh~!”, “Woosh~!”, “Woosh~!”…

Of course, the first two arrows were mine.
Another nine, flame arrows flew toward me.
I wonder why they just stick to a single flame arrow rather than multiple ones like the first two shots…
Anyhow, I quickly broke in a run toward the woods in front of me…which are about four hundred meters away.
Both of my arms and shoulders shattered after throwing those arrows by the way, but the bones quickly healed.
As expected from dad!


Hehe, one of my arrows collided with one of theirs!
It seems one of those bastards realized that I was aiming for him, and thus aimed at the arrow by reflex…
I quickly removed another arrow that was digging into my thigh and threw it at that person.
The whole in my thigh instantly healed.




But of course, multiple arrows missed me…except for two, which were fired from the ground.

“Argh! My hair caught in fire!”

Yes, one brushed my scalp and got my hair to catch on fire…while the other penetrated my neck.
Gosh, I’m not into gore, alright?
Also, I’m the one who usually does the penetration dammit!

“The smell of burning flesh is as bad as ever! Not only that, you burned my hair!! Don’t you know that a girl’s hair is sacred!? You bastards are so gonna pay!”

“You monster…..How dare you kill my son, Laimare!”

Oh, I killed the leader’s kid?
Ahh, was he the one with that amazing reflexes?

“A-and Ameer as well!”

That must be the first guy.

“These guys names are so weird…Oh well.”

I’m not into arguing with the guys I’m about to kill.
Anyhow, this magic of dad’s is kinda awesome…
It quickly put the fire on its own, regrown my hair–I know, right?– and healed my broken bones yet again.
I heard of healing magic, but never one that can regrow hair…
I mean, I can probably achieve the same result if I used the magic I used to age my body…but who knows, I never tried it before.

Woosh~!”, “Woosh~!”, “Woosh~!”…

“Hehe, like that’ll work on me again!”


I used all of my strength and jumped toward the nearest tree in front of me, which was around a hundred meters away from me.
In which case, both of my legs have shattered, changing positions in the air like a plastic bag flying through the wind!
With the sacrifice of my legs, I dodged all of the arrows(They released more than ten, since they didn’t have enough time to cast the spell for a flaming arrow) and slammed into this giant tree of over ten meters.
Good thing I lost all of my senses of pain…
But aside from that, I quickly used my finger nails to dig deep into the bark–slowing my descending and eventually stopping it for the price of ruining my fingers and a bit of green, disgusting blood which quickly healed up.

“Alier, abandon your bow and pick up your sword! Others, keep firing at it!”

What a good leader, he kept a cool head and issued logical orders even though his son just died…truly admirable.
I quickly reached a thick branch, and I climbed on top of it.

“Hrm…There’s one over there…north west of me, on the third tree….It’s probably that Alier…These names are simply too hard to pronounce!”

I quickly began to jump from a branch to branch, while making sure I hide from their line of fire.
I-it’s not like I’m afraid of their arrows, okay!? Hmph.
Well, These arrows can….and probably will, make me lose my balance, no? So I got to avoid them.

“This……….! Kill it! How dare it try to hide behind the trees!”

Or not.
You should have, at this point, ordered your troops to retreat commander…because you’re clearly in a disadvantage!
And here I was praising ya for your clear thinking…
Oh, and I reached my third victim!

“I commend you for not running away~!”

“Damnable Undead!”

This young man–do I really have to describe him?
Even though he’s going to die right now?
Let’s just call him young man #1….
Alright, young man #1 brandished his sword as he faced me, on a freaking branch.
Are we for real?
Does this guy know any swordsmanship?
How would he keep his stance intact in this narrow place?
Only masters can do that y’know…
And this guy is clearly an archer no matter how you look at him…
Oh well.
I sent a straight punch, holding back nothing at all.

“Hehe, a fist against a sword? Stupid undead!”



And the sword got bent!
Although the sword didn’t break…it didn’t stop my fist’s momentum either!


With the sword in the middle, I slammed my fist straight into his skull.
That cracking noise came mostly from his skull…although my fist did indeed shatter.

“Alrighty, I got rid of the third guy…the fourth guy is another three trees away from me…while there’s another two with the leader bellow me….decisions are way too hard to make!”

I quickly took out yet another arrow from my body, and quickly flung it with all my strength toward the fourth, and final guy on top of the trees.



And then I jumped down, crushing both of my feet yet again in the process.
Ahh~ I bet Than would’ve loved all of these plays if I forced her to do the same…
Oh well.

“D-damn monster!”

The leader, who was down on his butt, exclaimed.
Woah, this guy is a bit…of a fatty….
He’s also bald.
And has elven ears.
The other two guys quickly unsheathed their swords, and I also quickly got up after my feet were healed.

“How about I make ya some deals? Lower your swords and I’ll let you walk away.”

I said with an angelic smile!
When doing business, you must always wear a smile.
The two macho guys quickly looked at each other, and then nodded at the same time.
They both quickly dropped their swords, and made a run for it!

“Oh no you don’t~”


Wooosh~!”, “Wooosh~!

Like hell I’ll make ‘em walk away.
Both of my arms and shoulders shattered, yet again!
And those two arrows dug deep into both of their necks, as they quickly collapsed…soaking the ground with their red blood.



I quickly turned to face the old man, who…

“….Eww, did you just pee yourself?!”

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