Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 29

Author — Light

Hello people! Long time no see! Who missed me? Anyhowz, sorry for the long delay!! The thing is, I had a trip with my family to leave the country which was supposed to be on the 26th (Tomorrow) but they moved it two weeks early without telling me! Do you believe it? I was suddenly woken up and told “Get ready! We’re going to the airport now!” And while being in a hurry…I forgot to pick up my laptop! So anyhow, Now I’m not in the country nor do I have my laptop. It took me around four days of writing on my phone’s small screen to finally finish this chapter…I really have no excuses! Anyhow, I’m really not sure when I’m going to be back home, but the most would be the 8th of August! (Because i got some stuff to attend to at home at around the 9th~10th of august)

TL;DR: This is going to be on hiatus up until the 8th of August!

Light’s P.S: Due to editing from my phone and kinda me growing frustrated from it has done it…well, not well…I wrote 1k words on my phone! How horrible is that!? Galaxy S5 by the way, quite a large screen for normal people…but I can’t do anything for the small buttons! So please excuse the grammar and typos if any. More than the usual at least.

“Oi you. Why have you started attacking me?”

I stared at the man dead in his eyes.
Let him feel a bit of fear I dare say!
The old man simply continued to have his pants drip in that foul liquid as he shivered ever so lightly before passing out in his own filth.

“Oh right…I need to signal dad so he can come over…”

I sucked in a large amount of air, and then shouted on the top of my lungs, “It’s saaaaaaaaaa~aaaaafe!!!”
Let’s just hope that he hears it…*shivers*, I never thought that not having magic in a fantasy world was this troublesome.
Gosh, I have no idea how the old me used to live!
After waiting a few minutes, my dad finally showed up.
His complexion…was dangerously pale.

“Hrm…this is obviously because of me going reckless eh.”

I couldn’t help but mutter that as I’ve seen his already pale skin has gone several shades whiter.
Oh well, I’ll make sure to give something back later on…Now then, how should we deal with this old man?

“Y..ou…You’re so ruthless!”


Is that something you say right after catching your breath to your own daughter!?

Sigh. Dad, don’t you know that mercy to one’s enemy is can one day come back and bite ya? Usually, I wouldn’t care at all…but I don’t have the power to kick their asses repeatedly at the moment.”

After all, who knows when my magic is going to return!
I’d rather not have a knife behind my throat and fall to the hands of my enemies that I spare because of carelessness.
Even if I want to die…I have my own pride as a warrior!
I will absolutely not die from ambushes that I am not aware of!!

“L-let’s just leave it at that for now…”

My dad said that and slowly turned to face the passed out old man who’s covered in his own piss.


“It wasn’t me! He just peed himself and passed out as I killed his friends, that’s all. I don’t have magic power nor do I know a way to force someone to pee and pass out at the same time!”

Or at least that’s what I thought his gaze meant…that I’ve done something to humiliate this old man.
I shifted my gaze to deeper in the woods, trying to find out where my mum went as I told dad, “Anyway Dad, hurry up and cut off our link…y’know, the one that’s continually healing me.”

Hearing no answer, I shifted my gaze back toward dad; in which case it was met with an unyielding one filled with unwavering determination.
But just as I was about to say something, light slowly dimmed within his pupils as he fell on the ground face first with a Thud.

“Dad?…….Dad?! Dad!!”

I quickly ran to the passed out father of mine, who was about three feet away from me.
With heavy steps, I quickly made my way to his side.
Although with my haste…I should’ve got to him in less than a second.
Yet, I still felt that the time it took me to reach him took more than a few hours.
Memories flowed in as I thought that perhaps he overused his magic power…and met with death.
One scene after another got dug out of my memory…when he picked me up and flew out of the ceiling.
Or how he played the pure role in his sexual plays in front of me while I was just an infant.
Or how he summoned a dragon to kill me…
Or how he cares about that damned stick more than he does to his own daughter…
Is it just me or is this guy just a horrible father!?
Well anyhow, I finally got to his side and slowly pulled him upwards…only to notice that he was quite heavy.

“Dammit…I can’t control this body right! If I used too much strength…I might crush his skill alongside my arm!”

I have no choice but to flip the guy, and get him to rest on my lap.
Dammit…this dude is going to enjoy a lap pillow from me! How is that even possible?! He’s married! And I never even experienced it myself!!!
Alright, I’m totally having Acil lend me her lap…while getting Than to rest on my chest…hehehe.
More reason to quickly return to heaven!
…..And even more reason to grow stronger!!

“Oh right, this dude might be dead…”

I quickly adjusted his body, and offered my lap for him to rest on.
What? He might have died because of me yo! I can’t be badass all the time…
Anyhow, after making the guy face upwards…I could finally hear his faint breathing.

“Phew, not dead yet!”

As I released a sigh of relief, I turned my neck to look at the old man yet again…because I couldn’t help but notice a ragged breathing coming from his side after calming down.


He held a dagger in his hands that was covered in green blood–obviously mine, as he look at me with a hint of despair in his eyes.
By the way, it was me who went ‘Y-you…!’ because that’s what people usually say when they get unexpectedly ambushed by an unexpected person.
Anyhow, that explains why dad passed out…

“And here I was willing to spare you…”

As I said that, I quickly removed two arrows from my body.
I held each between two fingers…and controlled my strength just good enough to not harm myself.
To begin with, the guy is only like five feet away from me; so I shouldn’t hit my arrows with that much power to have ‘em penetrate his body.
I threw the two arrows like darts, and one of them penetrated his right shoulder while the other broke his rib with a Craaack! and he passed out yet again.
Oh well, I’ll just keep watch of him now.

“Who….are you?”

I suddenly heard a sweet voice a few ways behind the passed out old man. A rather familiar one at that!

“Eh……? Mum?”

It was mum, who was covered from head to toe in crimson blood…and a rather creepy smile hang on her face.
Oh…I know exactly what that creepy, arc like smile signifies…this woman gave up her sanity!
And not only that…fuck, didn’t she think I was dead?
And now…I’m a grown ass woman with a dozen arrows sticking out from her body, giving a lap pillow to Dad–her husband.
I…fucked up, didn’t I?

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Really, really sorry guys! I’ll try to make it up to you guys when I get back…I promise!


i missed you man T.T


Aww, I missed ya too~!


nice the mom in yandere mode to bad it was short but oh well still good chap man


Are you still planning on concentrating on this one even though it gets less ratings?


Although my talent lays in mystery and stuff( I hope at least), writing this one gives me a whole lot of less stress lol
Although, I am still writing several stories (three at the moment including this one) via other names……and no, I won’t link anything until I am satisfied with it lol
I’d rather not give up just yet


Writing a chapter on my laptop doesn’t even take an hour. And for now, at least, I can get a thousand view per chapter per week, compared to the big old 300 views per week when I first started…though to be honest, I really want to see this one to the end — even out of sheer stubbornness


Keep it up. The protagonist is sick and twisted, talks to the reader and is a total bad as. He’s basically Deadpool.


That’s exactly what I’m going for! Thanks for reading!!


Is it alright to ask about the status of Shinki no mi? If not then I’ll just patiently wait.


Sorry, I have no idea what so ever… but yeah, I think waiting patiently is a great idea!


Thanks for answering! I really don’t mind waiting since I’m just a leecher who has nothing to offer except gratitude. Thanks for your hard work!


yep, nothing but a leecher 🙂

just tried to joke


Good joke?


Mum in “Yuno” mode?

Dearest John
Just a thought here, but maybe you could make your own page and if you have any followers make another post telling them where you’re going. Honestly, every time my feed updates and I get excited, but when I see it’s this series it bums me out and if I read the site’s objective correctly, this is supposed to be a site that “Raises the Dead” as in reviving dead translation projects on the off chance they’re interesting. Unless I misunderstood and it’s just meant to be a ‘life after death’ page (which I shouldn’t be since the first project… Read more »

No no, you’re totally correct ^^ well, I’ll think more about it later; just took three flights (all of ’em combined is 15+ hours of we count the wait between the flights) and I’m exhausted! I’ll think all the complicated stuff when I get back home ^^ sorry for the annoyance


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