Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! Is Moving! Finally!

After a lot of people’s rather polite requests, I am finally going to move! I actually had a website for quite some time, a wordpress…but! Well, I was too lazy to orginaize it. Too lazy to make it presentable.

So what about it? I just randomly chose a theme, made some pages, and viola, I can use it now! I still don’t know how wordpress works…but anyhow, I’m finally moving! To tell you the truth, I always knew that people are going to request that of me. the moving i mean.

Anyhow, the kind of polite way of how people requested that of me put a smile on my face…since I’ve been a while on the internet, I know how horrible people can get. So to those who read my stuff and those who don’t. Those who requested me to leave and those who didn’t. Thank you very much! It was a lot of fun! Am I suiciding myself? Probably. But this is indeed a translation website, and original work shouldn’t make its way in…right?

Jokes aside, here’s chapter 30 in my own site. Don’t worry guys, I’ll be spamming at least a chapter every day if not once every two days!!

Don’t worry peeps. It’s just a move between websites. Now then, let the games—Ahem, celebrations begin!

Ps: I just told Cyro on skype and he still hasn’t responded…I feel like a bad boy already!

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Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! --Chapter 29
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I’m really glad you are moving from here.




Looking forwards to the new sites progress, that and next chapter. Cliff hangers ya know?


Hrm I wasn’t aware people wanted you to move, however I can’t seem to read it as any other way than GTFO…. Guess I should go back and read comments on other chapters.

It seems to me there is sarcasm in this post but as I’m completely clueless of the situation, I have no idea.


well it just means i have to go to another site to read your awesome story


Congrats on moving up in the world~Nya
Next we’ll have you find a wife, now that you have your own home~Nya


hey guys,

i have done chapter 50 of slave harem. i was wondering if you guys might wanna post it here after necessary editing? i also intend to continue doing this series.

if you guys are not interested, i would try to publish the google doc file.


mitico giorgio

wrong place to post this


yeah, i realized that after posting.

have reposted it in work section.

sorry all.


Ah, honestly i thought you were goning to move awhile ago.
Also you should try posting on some of the larger sites with alot of readers.
With a increase of readers i know the negative comments will increase but their are helpful ones too. for non XXX posts for XXX post
Also noticed a Monster hunter vein in Ranks try its mixed