Slave Harem – 054 – Beast Attack

Some of this chapter was quite painful to translate, one part gave the impression that the meaning of the Japanese word had changed over time, and there were two lines that my rough idea of just didn’t sound right. They didn’t make any difference to the story so I just left the original in a Translator note & skipped them. Sorry ๐Ÿ™

Beast Attack.

Equipment was scattered all over the boss room on Vale Labyrinths seventh floor.
This probably means that the parties who wore this equipment have been wiped out.

Were those men who had been indecently looking at Roxanne annihilated?
You could say they got divine punishment for their actions.

“Roxanne take the front. Sherry move the equipment out of the way.”

The fight has already begun.
I can’t get too distracted focusing on the area.
I give some quick instructions.

I push the thoughts about the men who died here into the back of my mind.
It’s not something I need to worry about anyway.

It’s understandable that someone would die on the battlefield if their thoughts were too focused on the opposite sex.
Even I make an effort while I’m in the Labyrinth to not focus too much on Roxanne’s chest.
A very serious effort.

For now, it won’t be easy to fight with equipment lying around our feet.
Something needs to be done about it.
It’s likely that someone would trip at a crucial time.

I move around to the demons side & kick a gauntlet and some boots towards the wall as I move.
Roxanne takes up a position in front of the demon.
Sherry moves a sword that belonged to the previous party towards the wall.
There’s some dangerous things lying around.

A red magic formation appears at Pan’s feet.
It happened immediately?
According to Sherry, Pan uses some strong magic.

I raise Durandal and jump at the demons chest.
One cut from it’s upper right.
From the half-man’s shoulder to it’s waist in an exaggerated strike.

“That? A single strike?”

Pan collapsed after being struck by Durandal.
The demon just fell down.

“It seems so.”

The half-man, half goat becomes smoke and disappears.
It seems it really was a single blow.
No matter what, there’s no way I would have thought it would be weaker than an escape goat.

Goat Meat.

It dropped Goat Meat.
Is that really the dropped item of a half-man?
The reality of it doesn’t make much sense.
We got an ingredient for dinner.

“It seems to have annihilated the previous party. Maybe it’s physical strength was worn down by them.”

Sherry brings over the sword that belonged to the previous party.
Pan didn’t appear after we entered the boss room. He was already there.
It seems if the previous party is annihilated, the boss fight continues. It doesn’t start from scratch.
Damage suffered from the previous party is still there.

“Hmm, so that’s how it is.”
“It seems that indecent party was wiped out.”

Roxanne mutters with hostility.
Sherry mutters “people who judge someone from the size of their chest should die”, but I want to pretend I didn’t hear it.
Because it’s scary.
I took the sword.

Bronze sword of Obstruction. Two-handed. Skill: Incantation delay.

“They even went to the trouble of preparing a weapon with [Incantation Delay].”
“You can tell just by looking at it?”

Sherry looks up at me.

“Oh, did you possibly use [Weapon Analyze] without the incantation?”

I was going to proudly confirm it, but the gaze goes away.
Sure I have the weapon merchant job, but…
Aren’t you surprised anymore?

“As expected of Master.”

Roxanne is my oasis.
A man needs a little admiration.

“If we attack with weapons that have [incantation delay] then enemies magic will be delayed.”
“Yes, but weren’t you able to cancel it?”

Sherry takes the Bronze Sword of Obstruction again.
There are five Bronze Swords of Obstruction.
There’s also another Wand.
Was one of the six a monk or a priest? Or maybe a wizard?
I forgot to use [Analyze] because I got angry at the looks they gave Roxanne.

“Wasn’t five people enough?”
“I don’t know.”

They got it to the stage where I could defeat it with Durandal in a single blow.
Things probably went well for the first half.

Was there an accident? Couldn’t five people finish it without having Pan’s magic go off?
With five people attacking in succession, wouldn’t it have been fine?
When one person was defeated things probably became chaotic.

I became a little sad imagining it.

“When you rely on information and strategy too much, things can collapse if one piece doesn’t fall into place. It is important to steadily increase in ability.”
“Yes. I’ll do my best, Master.”

I don’t need to say it to Roxanne.

“That might be so.”

The top-heavy person nods as well.

“Do remains disappear?”
“People defeated by the labyrinth are absorbed and digested quickly.”

After the sword, Sherry brings the gauntlet I kicked about.
It’s what I expect from a Labyrinth that lures in people as food.

“Equipment can’t be digested?”
“It’s a foreign substance to the Labyrinth.”
“Is that so.”
“It would get vomited out sooner or later.”

That reminds me, the equipment of dead people become treasure chests.
It’s definitely a foreign substance if it gets vomited out later as a treasure chest.

“I see.”
“Since it’s a foreign substance, it can take a while to absorb.”

Since it takes a while, that means that the next party against the boss can pick it up?

“Wearing too much equipment from dead people doesn’t seem like a good idea though.”

The previous party had mainly focused on weapons with skills, so there isn’t really any better armor.
At the most there is leather gloves and shoes.

“The equipment from the defeated party goes to the next party. I’ll give it all some maintenance when we get home so it will be fine.”

Roxanne is always persistent about maintenance.
Are you fine now that Roxanne has said it will be alright?

There are several leather armors amongst the protective gear, but I’m the only one who wears that.

“What is it?”
“Is selling it the only thing we can do with the leather armor”

I didn’t say anything.
I don’t think I said anything.
I was just staring at the leather armor.
“Very small.” mutters Sherry with her paranoid complex.

There were also six magic crystals.
One was red, one was blue, and the rest are purple.
They don’t seem to have defeated many demons.
I put all the equipment into my item box and we leave the boss room.

“We started that fight half way, do we need to fight it again?”
“I think we could use the experience.”
“I think so too, I would like to fight it again to learn Pan’s attack patterns.”

I said too much, so I was roped into it.
It’s not possible to walk straight back into the boss room, so after exiting to the 8th floor, I use [Dungeon walk] to return to one of the small rooms on the 7th floor.
It seems I can’t go straight to the boss’s waiting room.
I have a feeling that [Warp] could go there, but it would be bad if someone was there & saw.

“Aside from that magic attack, Pan didn’t seem to have any weapons. I’d like to try using my skill. Is that alright Master?”

Roxanne asks before entering the boss room.
Was a beast warriors skill beast attack?

I always have Roxanne take the front when fighting demons.
It’s difficult to do other things while using an incantation, so it would be hard to use a skill while facing the demon from the front.

“That’s fine. Sherry, can you try and handle Pan from the front?”
“I’ll try my best.”

Sherry nods.
Will it be alright?

“When the incantation begins, I’ll cancel it. Roxanne use that chance to use your skill.”
“Thank you.”

She has the skill, so it should be usable.
It might be useful in an emergency.
It will be good to test it out in actual combat.
Since Pan uses a magic attack, it’s a good chance.

“I think we’re ready. Let’s go.”

The door opened, and we entered the boss room.
Sherry takes the front, and we surround the boss from three sides.
Sherry attacks with her club, and I follow up with Durandal from a rear angle.
It seems it won’t be defeated in a single blow.

“warriors of the beasts xx? Unleash the united power of xxxx, beast attack.”

Roxanne also recites a skill, and attacks with the scimitar.
She hesitates a bit, and part of it isn’t translated.
Even though the attack hit, it didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary.
It’s likely that she didn’t succeed.

“I don’t think it worked.”
“It’s a failure. The brahim language is difficult.”
“Try again. Read it aloud nice and slow.”

I move around the back of Pan, closer to Roxanne.
The incantation sentence is sure to have appeared in her mind.

“warriors of the beasts of amaraha? xx. Oh, I understand it. The power of eighty is unleashed.”
“What’s amaraha?”

The mistakes aren’t translated.
Roxanne already corrected one part herself.
A red magic circle appears beneath Pan’s feet, and I slash at him with Durandal.

“Amaraha, amarama, araraha, it’s ugly.”
“Something like that.”

Roxanne translates it as ugly.

“There are no warriors of the beasts of ugly.”

Is it translated accidentally?
Is it similar to another word?
I think about it while watching for the magic formation.
TN: While fucking around, our Villager Lv5 tank is killed.

“Maybe not ugly, but ugliness.”

Roxanne repeats my brahim word.
I’m not sure, but the mistake might be gone because it’s been translated.

“In the olden times, it had a meaning of strength.”

The magic formation appears again, and I cancel it while explaining.
Though I’m not sure I’m right.
It’s the brahim language.

“Are you familiar with the word?”

Sherry dodges a punch from the demon as I’m asking.
Aside from magic, Pan really isn’t much of a problem.
His physical power isn’t a worry.

“Well, maybe.”

It might be good since it was translated.

“warriors of the beasts of ugliness? With the united power of eighty, beast attack.”
TN: The original for ugliness was ้†œ, which doesn’t have any useful other meanings that I know of, so I left it as ugliness even though it just doesn’t sound right.

Roxanne revises the incantation for the skill with my advice.
There’s still a question halfway through it though.
She makes an attack similar to the first one, so it seems to have failed again.

Another red magic formation appears, so I slash again with Durandal.
Roxanne recites it again, but it ends with a similar outcome.
It seems to be useless as a question.
warrior? Asking it might have no chance of succeeding.

“How is it?”
“I think it’s another failure. The brahim language is difficult.”
“It’s understandable since it’s in brahim.”

Sherry tries to cheer her up.

“Your sure it’s warrior? How about warrior?” TN: The first is senshi, the second is mononofu, both of which mean warrior.

I suggest something while I swing Durandal.
TN: no good clue on this:ใกใฏใ‚„ใถใ‚‹็ฅžใ€ใŸใ‚‰ใกใญใฎๆฏใ€‚
TN: or this ๅ…ซๅ ใซใ‹ใ‹ใ‚‹ๆž•่ฉžใŒใ‚‚ใฎใฎใตใฎใ ใฃใŸใฏใšใ ใ€‚

“It’s an older word for Warrior.”

Sherry seems to know about it.

“Ah, I understand, I’ll try it.”

Roxanne does the incantation again.

“warriors of the beasts of ugliness, with the united power of eighty, beast attack.”

Roxanne drives the scimitar into Pan.
The swords speed is several times faster than normal.
It’s literally a power of driving it into something.
The scimitar cuts into Pan.
Pan has a meaty gash in him.

“I did it, it’s a success.”
“It’s amazing.”

It’s a single blow that can surely take a life.
The momentum and power is totally different.
It’s a success with no problems.

Probably because of our offensive, a red magic formation appears at Pan’s feet.
I can’t miss it.
I cut it again with Durandal.

Pan is defeated by the blow.
He collapses on the floor.
Before long, he becomes smoke and disappears.

“We did that spectacularly.”
“Thank you so much, Master.”
“Well done.”

I slashed it with Durandal many times, and I don’t think the beast attack had much difference in power compared to Durandal.
Maybe the same, or double at best.
It’s still quite good for the scimitar to be able to match Durandal in power though.
I’m not sure how often we’ll be able to use it however, as Roxanne is normally fighting demons head on, but it will be useful for something.

“Roxanne is amazing.”
“Thank you, Sherry.”

Roxanne and Sherry share the joy.

Sherry picks up the dropped item.
She passes it to me.
It will be dinner for tomorrow.

“It’s amazing that you know such an old expression.”
“Master’s brahim is amazing. As expected of Master.”

Does Sherry think of me the same way Roxanne does a little?
I can use the brahim language, but saying that I know it isn’t really correct.

“To finish it so quickly even though it’s the seventh floor boss… I didn’t get much chance to learn Pan’s movements.”

After hearing the complaint, maybe it’s impossible to get respect?
Ignoring Sherry, we go to the eighth floor.
We’ll be fighting up to four demons at once here.

“As usual, lets try to start with somewhere with a small amount of demons.”
“Yes… that way, there’s a Collagen Coral.”

After issuing instructions, Roxanne points straight away after sniffing out an area with few enemies.
The demon on Vale Labyrinth’s eighth floor seems to be the Collagen Coral.

“So it’s the Collagen Coral?”
“Um, you can ask the explorer at the entrance which demons appear on which floor, or you could go to the nearest explorers guild, or the explorers guild in Quratar.”
“Oh, I guess we could.”

Sherry gives advice, but there’s no point just knowing the type without experiencing it.
What’s it’s weak point? What attacks does it do? How should I deal with it? Those are the things that matter.
If it’s a demon we’ve fought previously, we can deal with it straight away. If it’s a demon we’ve never fought then just the name doesn’t help us.
At least so far.

“From now on, I’ll leave learning these things to Sherry.”

I leave the problem to Sherry and she has an amazed expression.
This should be fine.

“I’d be happy to.”

Sherry nods with a determined expression.
Her eyes look odd, so I hope the expression won’t become a habit.

“The problem will be when four demons appear.”
“Yes. Will Sherry take one while I take three? Or two each? Or Master one, Sherry one, and two for me?”
“I’d like to try half, is that alright?”

As I think about the new situation, Sherry makes a suggestion.


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Ah, “beckoning” is the listed definition for ๆŒ‡ๅ‘ผ, not ้†œ, which is squeezed on the far right side with its definition of “ugly, unclean, shame, bad looking.” That website apparently have a seriously odd design, with the search results separated between two columns; with words containing the two katakanas shown on the left side and individual kanji for the katakanas presented on the right side. Kinda like if one search for the word “cat” and ends up with “category” as a result, just for containing the three letters of “cat.” Who search for word groups anyways? Especially considering ใ—ใ“ also… Read more »

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