Slave Harem – 055 – Master Smith

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Not as accurate as my chapters before because I had no TLC this time to check lines I was not 100% sure on or even lines I was completely baffled about, and having editor who is 12 hours different time zone from me means for good editing I would need like another week due to communication intervals so some not so important lines changed meaning post editing. But no important lines were affected so I decided to release.

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In regards to this chapter from my understanding a club is a type of hammer so the 2 words are used interchangeably, Sex Maniac is probably not the best title for job as it could also mean Seducer and Lady-killer plus few others that are less appropriate like Wolf. Oh and there is a skill called [Medical Care/Treatment] but after editing it somehow got turned to healing but I lack motivation to fix that.

Anyway enjoy reading.

Translator: OtkaMak
Editor: Cyrogen

Chapter 55 – Master Smith

We advance to the 8th floor of Vail’s labyrinth.
From the 8th floor, the monsters will come out in groups of up to 4.
When I think about dealing with that, Sherry makes a proposal.

“What is it?”
“Because the weapon I am wielding is a hammer, I can strike several monsters simultaneously. Roxanne can handle 2 monsters and it should be possible for me to handle 2 as well.”

I did not know that.
Was there such an advantage with a hammer?
If we have two people as vanguard then I am at ease.
Even then one must deal with it by adapting depending on the opponent.

“I see. Is it fine to try to attempt it immediately?”
“It will be useful when there is a crowd of monsters, so whenever possible when 4 come out I would like to try it.””
“I understand. Then for now we will do as Sherry says.”

First to come out was a Collagen Coral Lv8 which went down in 5 magic hits without a problem.

There are lv 7 Collagen Corals to fight in Quartar labyrinth.
In this world’s labyrinths, being unable to deal with monsters getting tougher just by going up 1 floor shouldn’t be the case.
I haven’t collected enough information on it.

Next Roxanne found a group of three monsters, and after that was a group of 4.
Like usual I had requested for Roxanne to lead the way to the nearest monsters.

Collagen Coral Lv8

Collagen Coral Lv8

Escape Goat Lv8

Naive Olive Lv8

Escape Goat is a bit troublesome but it can’t be helped.

“Roxanne on Escape Goat and Naive Olive. I entrust to Sherry the 2 Collagen Corals on the left.”

I issue instruction, then start off with 2 [Fire Storms].
The escape goat will try and escape if I use a third shot.

The two vanguards confront the monsters.
Sherry swings the club from the left.
She swung her club, however, it hit the round body of Collagen Coral, and then it stopped there.
The Collagen Coral who avoided getting hit throws itself ramming Sherry.

“Simply just swinging seems pointless.”
“Is it difficult?”

It is not possible to attack several monsters simply just by swinging.
It hits one then it stops.
In order to attack 2 with one swing, perhaps you only graze the first one?

“Is it useless if I don’t swing hard enough to knock one out of the way?”

Such thing happens.

“Or since the impact of the hit is being absorbed, should I just graze 1st monster.”

I used healing and put [Plating] back on.
I cast a third [FireStorm].
Escape Goat begins to retreat.

This is a chance.
They don’t seem to reverse well when 4 are lined up in a line.
Because Roxanne suppresses the front skilfully they can’t break through.
Because of that it would take time to escape.

By the time the retreating Escape Goat turned around I launched the fourth shot.
Sherry swung her club once again.
She hits the first Collagen Coral, the trajectory greatly changes and misses the second one.
Therefore again she receives attack from the second one.

Because the Escape Goat is escaping, I don’t replace [Plating] and instead shot a 5th [FireStorm].
With this everything is sure to go down.
The sparks dance, the monsters die.
Before Sherry’s next attack struck, all the monsters were defeated.

“It is difficult to graze them.”
“What to do? If it seems impossible, we can consider other formations.”

I ask while using healing and [Plating].

“Please let me do a bit more. Because I feel like I can somehow do it.”
“Is that so.”
“It should be alright”

When I look at Roxanne for confirmation, she nodded.

“Got it. Well then we will continue as it is. Roxanne’s current position was good.”
“Thank you very much”

Sherry while muttering things like “more like this” is practising club swings.
It is close to baseball bat swings.
In one swing striking 2 or more enemies, is it natural to swing horizontally?

She swings the club from the left for practice.
Is Sherry left-handed batter?

“Aren’t the positions of the hands reversed?”

A left-handed batter’s left hand is positioned on top.
Sherry holds the club with her right hand on the top.
A grip which is usually used for holding a sword.

“If you grasp like that to swing, then you can swinging smoothly from the right.”

When in kendo, left-handers had right hand on top.
But I don’t know why.
In case of baseball, left batter’s left hand is on top.
I also don’t know why.

“Ah. It is true. This way it is easy to swing.”

Sherry exchanged her hands and tried it several times.
Next I considered teaching her raised-foot stance, but I stopped myself.
It’s a martial art for a single opponent, and may create openings against groups.

“But by looking at how it is held, you can work out if the attack will come from the right or the left.”
“This is if the monster has that much intelligence”

I talked to Roxanne while watching Sherry’s practice swings.
Sherry with right hand on top swings from the right then changes left hand to the top and swings from the left.

“I see. Does occasionally reversing swing direction make it difficult to be seen through?”
“There’s benefits to using a hammer, so I think it can’t be helped if they start to see through your movements.”

Next we came across 3 monsters, 2 of which were defeated with Durandal, following that we came across four monsters.

“Let’s go”
“Alright. Time to show some results.”

While casting [FireStorm] I send off Sherry.
Because there was no Escape Goat in the group, I shot the monsters 3 times before they arrived.

Sherry stands in front of the monsters and swings fully the club.
The attack magnificently sends the first monster flying back and hits the second one.
Overbearing or rather forcibly with all her strength.

It won’t work if you don’t swing it strong enough?
Dwarves attack with alot of brute strength.
I think I understood the reason dwarves equip a hammer.

Is that the reason why dwarves equip a hammer?

“I did it”

While praising Sherry I cast the fourth [FireStorm].
Followed by the fifth shot.
The four monsters fall.

After defeating the monsters, I think about [Party Job Settings] and look at Sherry’s Jobs.
The reason dwarves equip a hammer.

Villager Lv9, Explorer Lv10, Herbalist Lv1, Warrior Lv1, Merchant Lv1, Shrine Maiden Lv1, Swordsman Lv1, Monk Lv1, Master Smith Lv1.

It’s there.
That much overbearing skill and technique.
If the dwarf is not strong enough then I think it would be impossible.
In other words, no wonder you need to be a talented dwarf to do it.

[Master Smith] acquisition condition is to strike several monsters in one swing.
After having [Explorer] Lv10 (or more?). [Villager] Lv5 or more, there might be something else but I don’t know.

Anyway, Sherry has obtained [Master Smith] Job.
With this Sherry can be [Master Smith].

Finally her desire of [Master Smith] has been obtained.

“Alright. Today’s exploration will stop here.”

I think advancing too much will burn us out.

“I think it is still early but”
“Well there are various things still to do.”

Aside from business, I have a feeling that continuing would be bad.
Also called “Lights are usually followed by shadows”. [Otka: this means that when things are going well something bad is bound to happen]
I don’t want to have my last words to be “Let’s do a bit more…”.
Todays exploration stopped, I think it is better to rest.

The labyrinth is never a safe place.
In front of us there was a completely crushed party of 6.

“Are we going to the merchant guild?”

Sherry asked.
Was there equipment with attached skills being auctioned by the Merchant Guild?
The crushed party have left behind 5 weapons with attached [Incantation Delay].

Sherry has become a [Master Smith], but the person herself dosen’t know it yet.
The usual tension.
Has it only become high for me?

“Yeah. Has Sherry used the auction?”
“No, I have not. Anyone can use the auction but they seem to often go through brokers.”
“Brokers? Well when we go and see I will understand”

Today’s exploration is up to here, we jump to Quratar Adventurer Guild.
When we come out the sun has not set yet.

I ask about the location at the Adventurer Guild, then go to Merchant Guild to have a look.

“Brokers snatch away the profit, but it’s difficult not to use them because they look out for each other I’ve been told.”

Along the way to Merchant Guild, I heard the story from Sherry.
If there is a profit there, it can’t be helped that people will go for it.
Brokers seem to be profiteers.

We arrive at the guild building and enter inside.
There are several people in the lobby.
Some people doing evaluations looked this way.
Their gazes aren’t pleasant.

When we stopped, one man approached us.

Laurel man 31 years old
Sex Maniac Lv35
Equipment: Landslide Iron Sword, Lucky bracelet of Sacrifice.

[Sex Maniac].
First time I see one.

“I haven’t seen your face before. Is it your first time here?”

Because lying is pointless, I replied truthfully.

“I do brokering, call me Laurel. Will you hear what I have to say?”
“Only what you have to say?”
“If you don’t particularly like it you may decline. Let’s go to the other room.”

The broker showed us inside the guild.

“Please wait a moment.”

I turn to the two behind me.
I feel it would be bad to take these two to [Sex Maniac]’s room.
For beautiful Roxanne with big breasts and little, lovely Sherry.

“Roxanne and Sherry, go ahead of me to the clothes shop. Buy two sets each of top and bottom clothes for Sherry. Roxanne may also buy one outfit”
“Is that fine?”
“I don’t mind. We ended up with some extra income.”
“Thank you very much.”

Anyway she can’t only have one set.
I originally planned to buy Sherry’s clothes soon.

The two went outside and I followed the broker.
He leads me to a room that only has a table and chairs.
Feels like a meeting room.

“This is a room where we may freely use to do things like business discussions.”
“I see”

The broker went around the interior and sat on the chair.
I also sat down on the chair on this side.
If it is this side then it is possible to immediately run away.
There is no harm talking?

“Have you been with those two long?”
“Not really.”
“You seem to be human. For humans it is a good job going into the labyrinths. How about you come to our guild?”

The talk is, invitation to [Sex Maniac] guild?
I lost my nervousness.
Well, if you see a human man leading two beauties then I get him noticing the condition, but…

“[Sex Maniac]?”
“What. Were you in the same trade?”

The broker leaned against a chair and looked at the sky.
I feel like looking up too.

“No, not yet in same trade. But I would like to hear about it to some extent.”
“What would you like to know?”
“Let’s see, regarding [Abstinence Attack]? How is it used?”

I will try asking about it during this opportunity.

“You know about it to that extent? I’m not really supposed to teach a non guild member.”
“I see.”

Skills seem to be a secret.
Society has a prejudice against strange jobs, so the group has to be strong.

“Well it’s probably fine. I enter the labyrinth once every 10 days. The Boss does not die in one hit but, it is a useful skill.”
“Is that so?”
“It’s horrible to practice abstinence for 10 days, but I’m married and normally work here, so it’s not bad.

[Sex Maniac] explained to me.
Based on the explanation, I assemble the pieces.

To do [Abstinence Attack] it seems abstinence is necessary.
The marriage is related.

“10 days is terrible”
“Well even in 2-3 days it has moderate power.”

When I agreed like a parrot, additional information came.

2-3 days moderate power, 10 days considerable damage on boss.
In other words, [Abstinence Attack] depending on the time of abstinence the attack power changes.
The longer amount of time I abstain, the more the attack power increases.
In my case since I hadn’t abstained long, so it was at that power.

The more I abstain the more attack power increases.
Of course, in order to accumulate abstinence I have to continue having [Sex Maniac] active.
[Vitality Increase] skill then is in effect.
[Sex Maniac]’s seething sexual desire accumulates into a mass.

Violent instincts due to [Vitality Increase] are suppressed by abstinence.
And releasing it all at once after it’s accumulated over long time.
That becomes an amazing thing before long.

It is certainly an effective skill.
Effective skill without a doubt.
It is effective skill, but.

“Sorry but it seems difficult for me.”

After all for me having unusable skill does not change anything.
Something like abstaining for 10 days in front of Roxanne and Sherry.
Is Impossible.

“Well, when there are beautiful companions… Even so, entering a guild while you’re young is good. After all only a few live to grow old.”

Internal energies are the energy source. Probably when Vitality declines, [Abstinence Attack]’s power decreases.
If only the intervals were the problem, then an old man with a declined sexual desire could use [Abstinence Attack] as much as he wants.

“I see. Then did you come to the auction to buy or to sell?”

When refusing, the [Sex Maniac] easily withdrew.
Inviting me to the guild seemed to be a bonus.

“For now I want to hear about how things work from both sides.”
“It is appropriate to go through brokers like us for purchases. Since you don’t know when it will be exhibited. Since you don’t have free time to stick around in the auction, right?”

What or when there’s an exhibited, there seems to be no system to let you know in advance.
You can’t continue staying until a thing you desire shows up.
Therefore you place an order with a broker.

“In regards to sales it’s also appropriate to hire a broker, as they can organize the timing of the sale. Because you can get more at certain times.”

Since regular people don’t know what is exhibited, and don’t know the timings of when the customers want that.
There is a possibility of getting a bargain.

“I see.”
“What would you like to buy?”
“Hmm. Kobold monster card.”
“Kobold monster card? Please wait a moment.”

The broker took out a note book from inside a handheld bag.
Brown, cheap note book. It’s papyrus.

“Yesterday it appeared for 5,200 nars. Before that 5,400 nars. And before that on springs 20th day it was 5,200. And the day before that it also appeared for 5,200 nars.”

I don’t know about monster card value being 5 thousand and some nars but, since that is the market price I can only nod.
However, rather than it being the market price, someone might be putting purchase price to 5,200.
Monster card fusion often fails.
The person wanting it will keep buying until it succeeds.

“So that’s how it is.””
“When I am broker, the commission is 500 nars. Because I also enter labyrinth I am fine with deferred payment. Other brokers ask for payment in advance normally.”

If entering the labyrinth there is danger to his life.
If by chance the broker dies then the commission does not come back.
Therefore it is deferred payment?

“I see.”
“Please decided the highest bid value before doing the request. Since the guild puts up the auction results, we are reliable. Because of competing, it seldom drops below specified price.”

The broker made an unpleasant grin.
I heard from Sherry that the brokers cooperate.
It is easy.
You tell the highest bid to your colleagues and they compete up to that limit.

Since the seller is also a broker the profits can be divided.
Even if it is not dividing, you can help the sale.
If said other way round, if the customer who is not a broker is a seller then they can bring down the highest price.

Certainly it is difficult to circumvent the broker in the auction.

“I understand. But it seems now is a bad time.”
“Then how about selling. What would you like to sell?”
“There are 5 bronze swords of obstruction.”
“5? It is regrettable.”

The brokers face was a bit strained.
Well it might be bad timing to sell 5.

“Not good?”
“Bronze sword of obstruction is a weapon which is often used on low level bosses. Because there are 6 people in a party, a set of 6 sells for a lot. Can you hold on to it until you get one more? …”

The broker gets a considering look.
Seems to be calculating various things.

“Does it sell high if there are 6?”
“That’s right. For 5 bronze swords of obstruction I can give you 15,000 each. The winning bid might be 30,000 or more but only if they are auctioned one after the other. If it’s a set of 6 I can give you 100,000.”
“I see. It’s like that?”

Half the price.
Broker’s share is large.
It’s as Sherry’s acquaintance said. Trying to circumvent to make a profit is difficult.

“What do you want to do?”
“I’ll try to look for one more. Sorry for only hearing what you have to say.”

I stretch and stand up.
Even if I do use a broker, one who exposes his skills is no good.
It’s better to look for someone else.

Besides [Sex Maniac] job does not have the [Calc] skill.
As long as there is a possibility. there should be a merchant broker.
Though there is no 30% increase effect for auction itself.
One sword for 15,000 however if 30% increase effect 6 swords are 117,000 nars.

“Try to search for it somehow”
“I’m not sure if it’s possible, but we’ll see.”

I don’t feel like putting any effort into it.
I might put effort in if I’m able to make one to sell them for the better price.

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