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I went to the clothing store in the Imperial Capital.
The same store where I bought the negligee and camisole that Sherry and Roxanne use.

“Buy one for each of you.”
“Understood. Thank you.”

I instructed Roxanne, and left to sell rabbit fur.
Because they took too long last time, I didn’t want to accompany them in shopping this time.
When I came back, however, they had still not finished shopping.

Roxanne picks up a camisole from the stand, and checks it minutely.
It’s pale pink, and looks same as the one she bought last time.

“Is this color that good?”
“Yes, because you said last time that it looked good on me.”

I call out to her, and receive a smile in return.
Come to think of it, did I really say last time that this color looked good on her?
I might have said that it looked good, but not particularly on her.
It’s best, however, to not say that out loud.

“Is that so? Thank you. Sherry, do you like white?”
“Yes, because it’s easier this way than choosing a color.”

Sounds rational.
Roxanne seems to have chosen pale pink, and Sherry has chosen white.

Because children don’t use negligee, there wasn’t one of her size. For this reason, Sherry had to choose next best size available there.
It was a little oversized, so much that the skirt became a long skirt.

But it’s negligee, so it’s size isn’t a concern.

Having done with the clothing store in the Imperial Capital, we head to the Merchant Guild in Quratar town.
We come to a halt at the entrance, and a man different from yesterday approaches us.

“What business might you have at Merchant Guild?”
“Mainly auction.”
“I’m Luke, a broker. May I entertain you, if you don’t mind?”

Luke Acid | Male | 28 years old
Armor Merchant Lv2
Equipment: Sacrificial Misanga
(TL: Misanga)

Oh, an Armor Merchant.
He may seem to have low level, but he is actually young for his job.
To be an Armor Merchant, you need to be at least Explorer Lv30.
It’s quite difficult.

“Seems fine to me.”
“Well then, this way please.”

We are led to a room inside the guild. It looks similar to the one from yesterday.
The broker goes to sit across while Roxanne and Sherry sit next to me.

“I’m Michio.”
“I recall you visiting the guild yesterday. Was there no order placed?”

I was seen, it seems.

“No, there wasn’t.”
“There is a waiting room on the left from the entrance. In case the placed order has been filled, the auction results are posted on a bulletin there. Otherwise, the broker personally visits you to annul the placed order. “

I see.
There is such a rule in place.
There seems to be solidarity among brokers.

When a person comes to Merchant Guild, a broker approaches the person, and it leads to new customer relationship.
This is to ensure that their interests are protected.

This way, every broker has equal chance of gaining a new customer.
If a person could talk freely to any broker, there would be a race to win customers, leading to shrinking commission.

“Was I approached by a broker, both yesterday and today, because I was standing at the entrance?”
“Ah, not at all.”
“Yesterday, I talked to a broker named Laurel. Don’t you mind?”
“If there was no order placed, I don’t mind.”

I thought it would be considered inappropriate to switch brokers, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

“Then there’s no problem.”
“So what kind of order do you want placed for the auction?”
“Both purchase and sell.”
“In regard to buying, we, brokers, are receiving many purchase orders. So, what kind of item do you want to buy?”

As expected, he wants to lead me into buying first.
But I can’t always be there to attend the auction.
Therefore, those who are new, like me, understand the need for brokers.

“Kobold Monster Card.”
“The day before yesterday, there was a successful bid of 5,200 Nar for a Kobold Monster Card. However, the buyer seems to be broke now, and the order stands annulled. It’s slightly high, but I can try to bring it down a bit. The day before that, there was a successful bid of 5,400 Nar.”

The broker answers quickly without looking at his notepad.
He seems to be an excellent broker.

Because I have already used Rabbit Monster Card, I can’t get Incantation Interruption skill, even if I buy Kobold Monster Card.
It was merely a question to cross check the information I obtained yesterday. To have all successful bids memorized passes him for further business.
He also pointed out to buy at 5,200 Nar.

“It doesn’t seem to be good time to buy. Oh well, let’s talk about selling then.”
“What would you like to sell?”
“Six Copper Swords of Obstruction.”
“Oh, is that one over there a Master Smith?”

The broker takes a glance at Sherry.
He can tell at a glance that she’s a dwarf.
Hair and short height aside, there’s not much of a difference between a dwarf and a human.

“That’s correct. She’s Sherry.”

I introduce Sherry to him.
I thought she would introduce herself, but she remains silent.
Although I don’t know etiquette of this world, it can’t be much different, right?

“There are two options available to you. First, I buy the items from you right now. Second, I notify you when I find the best opportunity to sell. commission shall be charged in latter case.”
“Can you tell me the estimated time?”

I wasn’t informed of this option yesterday.
Isn’t it better, if I’m notified when it’s best to sell?
But it isn’t any better if I’m selling at the bargained price.
You can’t expect to sell at the same price as the price which you buy at from a broker.

“Even I can’t tell you when the best time to sell will be. If you’re in a hurry to sell, I suggest you to sell to me right now.”
“I’m not particularly in a hurry to sell, but I’m wondering if it would be better to sell to you right now.”

It’s possible to sell for higher, if I wait.
On the other hand, if I sell right now, I can invest the money I receive in upgrading our equipment.
Selling early seems more beneficial, even though I might be selling for less.
It’s not like it’ll grow, if kept in Item Box for long.

“As you may already know, Copper Sword of Obstruction is quite useful on lower floors of labyrinth. For this reason, it’s used by young knights in training, so there’s quite a demand in the Order of Knights for a set of six.”
“I don’t have that sort of connections.”
“But I have, so it’s better for you to sell to me.”

From what the broker said, it would indeed be better for the Order of Knights to buy it directly, rather than from the auction.

The broker knows well that I don’t have any connections in the Order of Knights.
So there’s no risk for him in suggesting it to me. Rather, it improves his credibility.

Still, he’s an excellent broker.
He surely has connections in the Order of Knights.

I look at Roxanne and Sherry.
They don’t seem to have any objection either.

“How much can you buy these swords for?”
“15,000 Nar for one sword. For a set of six, however, I can give you 100,000 Nar.”

Price isn’t much different from yesterday.
Is this the market price?

“How about 18,000 Nar for one sword?”
“That’s too much.”
“17,500 Nar?”
“I’ll buy six at 17,000 Nar apiece.”

The price hardly went up, but it’s alright.

“That would do, I guess.”
“Thank you. Do you have the swords with you right now?”
“Yes, in my Item Box.”
“Okay then, let’s have a Weapons Merchant appraise it. Because I’m an Armor Merchant, I can’t do it myself. Please be at ease, the appraisal charge is on me. As soon as we have confirmation, I’ll make the payment.”

The broker stands up.
We stand up as well, and go out of the room with him.

“We had already decided to sell these swords, so there’s no problem.”
“I was able to make a set of six only because of Sherry. Thank you, Sherry.”

While the broker was distracted, I take out six Copper Swords of Obstruction.
Because I would have to recite incantation in front of the broker, it would be troublesome.

The broker comes back with a Weapons Merchant.
This Weapons Merchant is probably a broker as well.
The Weapons Merchant picks a sword up from the table, and checks it out.

“All six are unmistakably Copper Swords of Obstruction.”

The Weapons Merchant confirms, then leaves.

“There doesn’t seem to be any problem. I’ll buy then, six swords at 17,000 Nar apiece. Because this is our first transaction, however, and I look forward to more business with you, I will give you 132,600 Nar.”

The broker opens his Item Box.
He puts six Copper Swords of Obstruction into his Item Box, and takes out gold and silver coins.
13 gold and 26 silver coins.

30% bonus. Wonderful.
It was effective because of negotiating price for one sword instead of for a set of six.
As planned.

“Well then, if there’s some cheap Monster Card available in future, I would like to buy it. Is it possible?”

I receive the money, and put it in my Item Box.
While putting it in, I talk about future business.

This man, Luke, is an excellent broker. And because he’s an Armor Merchant, 30% bonus will be effective.
Isn’t it better to do business with him in future?

It’s an absolute advantage to be able to identify empty skill slots on weapons using Appraisal.
Monster Card Fusion is possible without any fear of failure.
I have decided to auction off weapons with Monster Card skills attached from now on.
If it’s difficult to do it by myself, I will do it through a broker. There’s no helping it.

Actually, there’s an advantage of not exposing myself by doing it through a broker.
Because it’s a business secret, Luke won’t talk about his trading partner.
Market price won’t fluctuate either, if I sell in small quantity, rather than in bulk.

Not a bad deal for either of us.

“Monster Card?”
“That’s right.”

Luke gazes at me and Sherry with a doubtful look on his face.
Alternating his gaze between me and Sherry.
I wonder what it’s about.
Did I say something strange?

“Well, you do have experience and skill, I can see.”

Luke shakes his head slightly.
He thinks that Sherry is the one to successfully make six Copper Swords of Obstruction.
To be able to successfully fuse six times is considered quite an skill.
There’s no use in going out of the way to point out that she fused only one of these six swords.

Experience huh?
Sherry’s ears are pointed, which is a feature of a mature dwarf female.
It’s a relief that he didn’t straight out call her a hag.

“Of course Sherry is skilled.”
“If you intend to buy a cheap Monster Card, to fuse it with a weapon, and sell it elsewhere for higher, I won’t recommend you doing that.”
“You should fuse Monster Cards with only equipment of your own use, and auction off equipment that you don’t have any use of anymore. After all, there has been no precedent of a Master Smith who can successfully fuse Monster Cards with certainty.”

I see.
There are many competing Master Smiths, and there are many who fail at it.

Monster Card Fusion is a gamble.
If successful, you’re in riches.
Actually, even if you’re successful but you don’t have connections, part of the profit goes to broker, which is harsh.
With big dreams, Master Smiths try their luck, but most of them fail in the end.

“It’s a popular belief that success rate of Monster Card Fusion increases, if Master Smith is skilled.”

Sherry comments.
Because it’s Sherry who’ll be responsible for fusion.
She seems anxious.

This, however, is in my favor.
Because success rate doesn’t seem to be dependent on the level of a Master Smith.

“Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to do something unreasonable.”

I reassure Sherry.

“Is that so?”
“I don’t plan on taking any gamble. I only want to upgrade our equipment.”

I explain to Luke as well.

“Well, it’s my job, i’ll gladly be the broker. Because there’s extreme competition, however, getting a Monster Card for cheap would be impossible. What would be the acceptable price to you?”

He seems to be willing.
I have at least 130,000 Nar available.
There’s no problem in that regard.

“As long as it’s less than the going rate, there’s no problem. I’ll leave the decision to you. Go for Insect-Eater Pincer Plant first.”
“MP Absorption?”

Sherry asks. I nod to her in confirmation.
Insect-Eater Pincer Plant Monster Card.

“That, and Rabbit Monster Card, even if it’s a little expensive. After that, go for Kobold Monster Card.”

Bonus points from Durandal can then be allocated toward increasing Gained Experience.
That should be our first objective.
Incantation Interruption is useful too against Needle Wood Lv8.

“Insect-Eater Pincer Plant and Rabbit Monster Cards?”
“Is there anything else?”

I ask Sherry.

“We can also buy Caterpillar Monster Card to make Sacrificial Misanga.”

Luke is wearing a Sacrificial Misanga too.
When you get attacked, does it sacrifice itself for you?

“Caterpillar Monster Card… okay, added. This might end up on higher side.”
“Well then, there will be commission of 500 Nar. You’ll have to pay it in advance. When there’s a successful bid, i’ll send a messenger over. When you visit Merchant Guild, please proceed to the waiting room, and ask the representative of the guild to call Armor Merchant Luke.”

I take out 5 silver coins, and hand over to Luke.

“Well then, I look forward to more business with you.”

Luke bows, and finishes the talk.
Pressed by his words, I leave the room.

“That man was strange.”

Sherry says immediately after leaving Merchant Guild.

“Even if it’s a bonus, why quote such an odd figure as 132,600? No matter how much I think about it, I can’t understand.”
“Ah, I see.”

From a third person’s point of view, it would indeed be an odd figure.
It’s natural to be suspicious about it.

“He is a broker after all. It’s better to not trust him too much.”

Sherry has some distrust toward brokers, it seems.

“Thank you for your concern.”
“No, it’s nothing to thank for.”
“Still, thank you. I’ll be more careful doing business next time.”
“He must have realized the splendor of master, that’s why he gave that bonus.”

It would be better for Roxanne to have some distrust toward brokers too.

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