Slave Harem – 061 – Genghis Kahn

Here’s chapter 61, aka Dead boring chapter.

I think Mranon will have 62 up tomorrow, and I think it’s a double length chapter so should have something more interesting in it I hope 😛

Genghis Kahn

Today’s dinner is a Mongolian mutton barbecue.
TN: There is apparently a Japanese mutton & vegetable dish named after Genghis Kahn.
We don’t have the special pan for it, but it’s a Mongolian mutton barbecue.
We don’t have the special sauce for it, but it’s a Mongolian mutton barbecue.
We have the goat meat that we got from defeating the boss, it’s a Mongolian mutton barbecue.

We prepared two sheets of iron, and a wooden stand.
One sheet of iron is put on the wooden stand, an arrangement of stones is put on it, and the second sheet of iron is placed on that. Charcoal is put between the plates.
The charcoal is set on fire, and the meat and vegetables are cooked on the top plate.

It looks like Teppanyaki. TN: Japanese cooking on a steel plate.
I’m really very thankful.

It’s a Mongolian mutton barbecue.
Even though I used an original fish sauce, and a different kind of meat, it’s a Mongolian mutton barbecue.

Since I said that it’s a Mongolian mutton barbecue, today’s dish is Genghis Khan.
The vegetables have been seasoned with the juices from the meat, so it’s roughly about right.

“It’s finally done.”
“Thank you, Master.”
“Thank you.”

When it’s cooked, I serve it up.
It’s my duty as Master to serve meat.
I’m like a cool parent.
Well, neither Roxanne nor Sherry can use chopsticks.

We have a stew which Roxanne made, a soup that Sherry made, and the bread that I bought.
You could say that it tasted quite good.
Yesterdays adventures became today’s provisions.

“It’s delicious.”

Since Roxanne said the taste was good, today’s meal is a Mongolian mutton barbecue.
TN: In case anyone didn’t notice, it’s a Mongolian mutton barbecue. 😛

The meat and vegetables are both delicious.
Grilled meat on the dinner table, and two beautiful women to talk to, while enjoying the Genghis Kahn.
It’s a luxury the same level as  Lieutenant General Mutaguchi had with his Geisha’s on the battlefield of Maymjou.

“Why did you become a slave Sherry? Can you tell me?”
“Ah, you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

I casually asked about it in the conversation.
They don’t seem to have had the same problem as Roxanne, since they had books in their house.
I think this time it’s okay to ask.

“My older brother was injured in the Labyrinth.”
“An injury?”
“My father doesn’t have much talent, so my older brother was relied on as the income for my house.”

Sherry’s grandfather seems to have been quite good and prosperous.
Sherry’s father ruined things, he might not have had talent, and might have lost respect since he brought on the family’s downfall.

“We went into debt to buy medicine for the injury.”
“Can’t the injury be cured if you buy a high ranking ointment?”

I agree with Roxanne’s opinion.

“That’s right. I believe they sold me to cover the amount spent on the medicine.”
“They couldn’t stay in debt?”
“When you borrow money, paying it back becomes difficult. A little debt can become bad pretty quick. I didn’t want that to happen to my house.”

That’s how it is?
You can’t get out once you’re in.
The interest rates must be high, and the collection methods severe.

“It’s a house like that.”
“When you borrow money once, you need it straight away, it’s a small amount of money at first, but it becomes big if you don’t repay it quickly. If it gets like that your family will fall apart, thus it was suggested that I become a slave before it got that far.”
“Did you suggest it yourself?”

It was the rational choice?
Thinking about the situation, it was probably one of the best options.

“That’s great.”
“Yes, it was the best option. I had already failed to become a Master Smith, and a Shrine Maiden. I could also learn Brahim if I became a slave since most of the people who buy them speak Brahim.”

That’s an advantage to becoming a slave?
In this world, if you can speak Brahim, you can get a variety of jobs.
For Sherry, the chance to learn Brahim after becoming a slave is a benefit.

“My younger brother & younger sister are still small, and the older brother that supports the family can’t be sold, so it’s the best option to sell me.”

Can’t your father be sold?
Or did the father say that a daughter without talent would sell at a better price?

“I see, well you’re part of our family now, so please do your best in the future.”
“Of course. Thank you for looking after me.”

Roxanne just treats it like it’s natural.
Get more meat. Eat meat.
I pass some meat to Roxanne.

The Genghis Kahn seems to be quite popular.
I’d notice if there was a decrease in anyone’s health.
The three of us continue to eat until we run out of food.

It’s sad that we don’t have any Chow Mein to go with the meal.
I didn’t think of it, I could have prepared some earlier.
There are noodles like pasta in this world.
If I used those, there’s a good chance I could make it.

I’m not sure if I could make Chow Mein by adding the fish sauce to the pasta.
Thinking about a failed dish gives me a fright.
I’ll have to be careful when I try it.

“No need to thank me. Come to think of it, is explorer a good job for a slave’s master?””

I was curious about it when I bought her.
Roxanne said it was good, but is it really?

“Um, is it fine to say it?”
“It’s fine, because he’s our Master.”

Roxanne supports her.
Is it hard to talk about?
Will they try and change the subject?
Is it hard to say something bad about your Master to your Master?

“Well, there are three things that a slave wants for a good place to work.”
“The first is to be bought by a millionaire. It’s the most liked and you’ll do your best to get a position there. The treatment and environment are normally good, and slaves in places with large numbers of slaves have a chance to get a better standing.”

Maybe in places with large numbers of slaves, some are given the job of directing the work of the other slaves.
A different job like a warden or something.
Is it like comparing a large company to a small or medium size company?
Is it something different?

How about the first slave in a place with only two slaves?

“Oh, I heard that too.”
“Roxanne as well?”

Since Roxanne and Sherry both came from the same place, it isn’t surprising if they have heard the same things.

“I’m not sure exactly, but there’s a good chance of becoming a concubine. If you become a very wealthy concubine then you can live a carefree life.”

Roxanne, I’m extremely happy I got you.

You need to be good looking to become a concubine.
The slave trader was probably trying to promote Roxanne as a concubine.
Thus Roxanne would have heard that story.

“Well. It would be nice to be bought by a millionaire, but a lot of luck would be necessary for that to happen.”

I return the conversation back to the original story.

“Of course it’s quite rare. People who become a slave like to have hope, there’s a lot of people who dream of being a rich person’s favorite.”
“Escaping from reality?”

To stand out from the large number of slaves, ability and fate might be necessary.
If you’ve become a slave, you have no luck.

“Another good position is being bought by someone who has lost their wife, instead of looking for a new wife.”
“There’s stories like that as well?”
“If you re-marry you might have trouble with succession and inheritance. If you buy a slave from a different race then you won’t have that problem. Your children will recommend that you buy a slave to avoid trouble.”
“Like a nurse maid?”

They have that problem in this world.
The family has money because they can buy a slave.
Later on there will be troubles with inheritance.

“When the person in question dies, they will often free you from slavery in their will. Someone buying a slave as a second wife looks for a certain age. Slaves who have been worked for a long time are not that beneficial to re-sell.”
“That seems a reasonable choice.”
“People who become Masters are normally successful, calm people, and looking after them in the future isn’t bad.”

You’d be troubled if you treated someone meant to look after you badly, so they probably get good treatment.
Otherwise they’d get revenge on you if you became bedridden.

When you become senile, you’d like a slave to look after you.
You don’t want a slave stealing your money.
A slave who has been treated bad will probably treat you bad.

However, I don’t think that someone suffering dementia would live long in this world with their medical care environment.
It’s not like modern Japan.

“Finally, Third is when a slave is bought for the Labyrinth.”
“There’s quite a difference with the others.”

Well, it’s still a natural choice.

“Slaves for the Labyrinth aren’t much different to other slaves at first, however they will improve their strength and combat techniques quickly. It’s hard work, but they won’t be treated badly either.”
“I see.”

Slaves who work on farms or in mines aren’t worth as much without skills in the trade.
There’s not much chance to earn anything from their Master either.

Slaves who enter the Labyrinth have a definite path of improvement.
And it’s not impossible for them to surpass their Master’s.
Actually, they’d always be in the same party.

If their level goes up, their strength goes up, and their treatment gets better.
There’s less chance of dying in the Labyrinth if you get stronger, and getting rid of a slave after you’ve put effort in to making them stronger isn’t a good idea.
Even if the slaves level is in the single digits, eventually they will still go up to 40 or 50.
The change is that big.

“Only because it’s you, I’ll tell you that if a slave who isn’t treated right becomes strong then they might approach other people asking for them to buy them.”

There’s a trick like that as well?
Then I need to look after my workers.

That’s how things are here.

“In other words, in the future I’ll have to look after you two well.”
“No, no. I only mentioned it because it’s you, Master. I don’t have any interest in talking to approaching other people.”
“No, me neither.”

Roxanne and Sherry’s level will go up fast.
Replacing them with other slaves would be difficult.
It’s also not profitable to replace them.

“I would rather die than be bought by someone other than Master.”
“Me too.”

A replacement would not be at the same level of strength, and income would change.
If strength changes, our progress would go backwards.

“I am very happy with my treatment.”
“Yes, I am too.”

It’s bad.
I’m indebted to Roxanne.
I wouldn’t have gotten this far without her.
How will things go in the future?

“It would still be fine even if the treatment was worse.”
“That’s right.”

There’s no such thing.
A slave who surpasses their Master shouldn’t exist.
It’s not real, it’s not real, it’s not real.

“Well, about the treatment of you two, I want to review it.”
“Yes, Master.”
“I’ll look at it quite thoroughly.”

It might be good to give their treatment a review.
Having two people, I am painfully aware that I am the Master.

“First of all, eating the same food as Master is very good treatment.”
“Not really, you’d be unable to fight if you didn’t eat.”

It’s just smart.

“Normally we wouldn’t eat together.”
“That wouldn’t be efficient.”
“Normally Master would be seated at the table, and we’d eat off the floor.”

From the floor.
Is that normal?

“That seems like a hassle.”
“Then, cloths. Normally we’d wear worn out cloths.”
“That’s true. Our cloths are too nice for a slave to wear.”
“The cloths? I got them because Roxanne & Sherry are beautiful.”

They sigh.

“Ah, Thank you Master.”
“Thank you.”
“Cloths don’t count. I’m happy to keep you beautiful. It isn’t to show off to others, I’m dressing you up to please myself.”

I shake my head.

“Thank you, but the cloths and food don’t count.”
“Then the living area.”

The living area.
From food, clothing & housing, the first two don’t count, so only housing remains.

I display my pride as a Master with my house.
The house is enough to make two people think of me as Master.
In my house, I can show off being the Master.
Here they can see things from my perspective.

“What about it?”
“Sleeping in the same bed as the Master is amazing.”

What… huh…?

“…that’s not counted.”
“It’s amazing to be able to take a bath with Master.”


“No… that doesn’t count either.”
“It’s also amazing that Master would wash a slaves body with soap.”

That’s my enjoyment every day.
Why wouldn’t I do it?

“Nope… doesn’t count.”
“Then, there’s more.”

Stop Roxanne! My HP’s dropped to zero!

“Yes. Well, after reviewing the treatment of you two I want to make a notification.”
“There will be no change to the current treatment.”
“I’ll keep it in mind for the future though.”
“We’ll review it again some time, and it was good that we reviewed it now.”

My head aches from trying to follow Sherry.

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