Slave Harem – 062 – Day Off

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Day off

Next evening. We are at Quratar town Adventurer Guild to sell some items. The lady at the reception calls out to us.

“Excuse me. Are you an adventurer?”

What is it about? I wonder.
Whatever it is about, l’ll just deny it.
So I thought, but then I reconsider.

I always use the wall of this Adventurer Guild for Warp.
This reception lady must’ve seen it too.
Only Field Walk, a skill exclusive to adventurers, uses walls. Therefore, I must be an adventurer.

“Yes, but I’m not a member of the guild.”
“That shouldn’t be a problem. Actually, the Harz duchy in the north has seen heavy rain in recent days, resulting in massive flood. To transport relief supplies, they’ve solicited the strength of adventurers. Due to urgency of the request, however, we aren’t able to muster up enough numbers. Would you be willing to lend us your strength?

Disaster relief?
Because I’m not an adventurer, I want to decline. However…
However, I visit Quratar town Adventurer Guild everyday. It won’t be good for me to be seen as a selfish person.
Well, shouldn’t I help out with disaster relief then?

The only problem is, they may ask to check my Intelligence Card.
If they check it out, they’ll find out that I’m not an adventurer.
Because the matter concerns a guild and a duchy, background check of the participants shouldn’t come by as a surprise.
Well, shouldn’t I just avoid this unnecessary risk then?


I look behind me. Roxanne is pushing at my back.
I’m trying to decline, but…
But the atmosphere tells me not to.

Sherry smiles wryly.
Because she knows that I’m not an adventurer.

“The guild has arranged for an allowance of 1,000 Nar for one day, that is tomorrow.
“That’s not the problem. Exactly what kind of work are we required to do?”
“To transport relief supplies to the villages that have their routes cut off due to flood. That shouldn’t be difficult for adventurers. The guild has asked for security from the Harz duchy. The order of Harz duchy knights will be responsible for safety of the adventurers. Security, therefore, shouldn’t be a concern either.”

Although villages and towns in this world may seem to be to some extent, they’re not completely self-sufficient.
That merchant too, from the village where I first woke up in this world, procures various items from Vale town.
The transportation system here shouldn’t be as advanced as modern Japan’s.
When disaster strikes, it collapses.

That’s when adventurers come into the fray.
Even if routes have been cut off, adventurers can transport supplies through Field Walk.
Quite a facility, if you ask me.

“Elves normally look down upon humans. However, the identity of the participants of disaster relief doesn’t matter.”

Oh, so my identity won’t be questioned.
That matters to me the most.

When you’re struck with disaster.
You accept help, regardless of where it comes from.
I have no idea why elves look down upon humans, but the identity of the participants won’t come into question.
Apparently, there’s a majority of elves in the Harz duchy.
That I’m a human, however, concerns me the least.
But the reception lady probably thinks that I’m concerned about that.

If they won’t require me to tell them of my background, I don’t have any problem with accepting to participate.
There’s no apparent difference between Warp and Field Walk. If they don’t look at my Intelligence Card, I won’t stand out.
In fact, if I refuse to help out in an emergency situation such as this, I may come into notice.

“I understand. What do I have to do?”
“Please gather here tomorrow in the morning after breakfast. The duke of Harz will have all the supplies and staff arranged for. It would be preferable for the adventurer to come alone. Please free up your Item Box as much as you can before coming here. Capacity of about 1,000 items should be enough. Transportation of supplies should be over by the evening.”
1,000 items?
I’m afraid that Explorer alone won’t suffice. If need be, I’ll add Cook, Weapons Merchant and Armor Merchant.
Because of multiple jobs, I’m not worried about capacity.

I can’t help but think it over.
I’m not doing this out of goodwill.
It’ll be better for them to ask someone who’ll be happy in helping others.

We return home, and decide on the plan for tomorrow at dinner.

“Tomorrow, I’ll be away on commission from Adventurer Guild. After early morning exploration in Quratar town labyrinth, you two will be free for the rest of the day. It’ll be best in my opinion. What do you think, Roxanne?
“A day off?”
“Yes, let’s do it.”
“…A-Ah, certainly. Thank you.”

Roxanne is lost in thought.

“Would Sherry like to go visit the library?”
“Eh? But I can’t afford it…”
“I’ll give you the entrance fee and the deposit.”
“Are you sure?”

She asks me anxiously.
Deposit is 1 gold coin, if I remember.
But that’s fine because the deposit will be returned upon leaving the library.
I would be reluctant, if 1 gold coin were the entrance fee.

“It’s fine, as long as the deposit gets returned.”
“Th-Thank you.”

Sherry lowers her head.
Her voice, however, was lively.
Sherry said earlier that she wanted to go there.
I’m really happy.

“What would you like to do, Roxanne? Anything is fine. You don’t have to decide right now. You have tomorrow as well.”
“Because I want to be of help to master, like Sherry, I will train after returning from the labyrinth.”
“No, no, Roxanne is already a big help to me.”
“Thank you.”
“If possible, rest. Don’t try to do anything dangerous.”

To be able to hunt in labyrinth, you need training.
Because I have a person such as Roxanne, however, I don’t need training.
Also, she gets 20 times as much experience with me, so she doesn’t have go to higher floors alone.
It’ll be dangerous, if she goes to higher floors alone, and gets in trouble.

“Okay, then I’ll just do the cleaning as usual, and relax at home.”
“Please do that. Also, I’ll give you an allowance, so you can go shopping too.”

Roxanne is fond of shopping.
She may enjoy her time tomorrow, if she goes shopping.

“Sherry, would 5 silver coins be enough for entrance fee?”
“I heard it’s 100 Nar.”
“I’ll give 500 Nar to both of you. Use it however you like.”

My allowance for tomorrow’s commission is 10 silver coins.
It’s a lot now that I think about it.
It could be lower than the going rate because it’s disaster relief, but they’re hiring adventurers specifically, so the rate is high.
A half of that is more than enough for me for a day.

“Are you fine with it?”
“It’s fine. Roxanne has been a great help, so she’s free to do anything tomorrow.”
“Thank you, master.”

They may act carelessly, if there’s too much. On the other hand, they may get in trouble, if there’s too less.
With 5 silver coins, they can’t buy something really expensive, but they can buy enough.
It’s reasonable amount.

That night, they talked between them till really late.
It looked like they were having fun.
Because they were happy, I was happy too.

It’s morning now. I kiss Roxanne first as usual.

“Good morning, Roxanne. You’re always early to rise.”
“Yes, because I have to do the most important thing first in the morning.”

I have an idea what that most important thing is.
It might sound bad, but it’s actually something good.
Followed by Roxanne, I kiss Sherry.

“Thank you. You two stayed up quite late last night. Is everything alright?”
“Umm… did we trouble you?”
“Ah, no. Actually, your chat sounds like a lullaby to me.”
“So there’s no problem with staying up to talk.”

Afterward, we went to Quratar town labyrinth. Then after breakfast, I prepared to leave.
About Needle Wood, it shot magic only once.
Roxanne dodged it brilliantly.
And so, we avoided it without any trouble.

Sherry makes two Misanga in a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. By now, she has made four in total. She has yet to make one with empty skill slot.

“Well then, here’s 5 silver coins.”
“Okay. Then I’ll give 3 to Sherry because she has to pay the entrance fee.”

When I give Roxanne silver coins, she divides them between Sherry and herself.

“Ah, no. These are all yours. Sherry will get her own 5 silver coins.”
“Eh? That’s too much. Are you sure?”

They seem to think that 5 silver coins are for two people.

“It’s fine.”
“Thank you.”
“But the library entrance fee isn’t that much.”
“Sherry will spend all day reading, so you may get thirsty. You can use it then.”

I go to Sherry, and tell her.
Are 5 silver coins a lot?
I don’t understand the standards.

The cheapest room at the inn in Vale town costed me around 300 Nar.
Luxurious rooms would surely cost around 500 Nar.
500 Nar isn’t even enough for more than one day’s stay and meals.
Isn’t it actually less?

“Shouldn’t you be putting a cloak on?”

While I was lost in thought, Sherry advises me.
Was what I thought, but then I remembered.
It’s not raining here in Quratar town, but it’s flooding elsewhere due to heavy rain.

I didn’t notice it at all.
Of course it would be raining there.
What would people think of someone who’s part of disaster relief team in an area flooded with heavy rain without a cloak?
I was so close to disgracing myself.

“That’s right. Thank you.”
“Here, master.”

Roxanne goes to the closet inside, and comes back with a cloak.
That’s the cloak I bought back then.
I hand the key to the house over to Roxanne.
Because I always use Warp, this key is hardly ever used.

“Well, I’m off then.”
“Have a nice day.”

I put the cloak on, leave the house in Roxanne’s care, and go to the Imperial Capital with Sherry.
At Adventurer Guild, I ask around for the location of, and then leave for the library.

The Imperial Capital’s library was a white building made of marble.
A grand, elegant structure.
As magnificent as a palace.

“It surely is.”

Sherry admires it in awe, and I agree.
It’s in total contrast to Japan, where the government constructs buildings with minimalist exterior, but superb interior facilities.
Because it was in the Imperial Capital, however, it wouldn’t only be the appearance that’s magnificent.

Inside, there was a large lobby.
There was a wall to the side where adventurers were going in and coming out from.
Field Walk can be used from there, it seems.

Further in, there was reception desk.
Entrance fee seems to be collected there.
Opposite to the reception desk was reading room.

“Thank you.”
“I’ll come pick you up from there in the evening. You’re free to use your time however you like. Once you spend some time here, you’ll get used to this place.”

I point to a location near the reading room.
Quratar town is in the west of the Imperial Capital.
When it’s sunset in Quratar town, it’ll be evening here.

“I understand.”

I see Sherry off until she was in the library.
She pays the fee at the reception, and enters safely.
Having confirmed it, I leave for Adventurer Guild in Quratar town using the wall in the library.

Disaster relief itself had no problems in particular.
We first gathered at Bode town, which is situated in the centre of the duchy.
From Bode town, I teleported to local villages with the adventurers of the Harz duchy.
Afterward, I added one of the duchy knights to the party, and transported supplies to the villages.

Since the supplies and staff were already arranged for by the duke, adventurers had not much to do.
The only thing they had to do was to use Field Walk.
In my case, it was Warp.
Because we were reciprocating between the imperial palace and the buildings in the villages, there was no need for cloak.

Except for some items, like rabbit meat, which needed to be carried in the Item Box, other supplies were to transported through Field Walk as luggage.
For this reason, I couldn’t use the technique of partial body transfer to exchange goods.
Consequently, I had to make countless round trips.

The supplies which were to be carried in the Item Box were closely monitored.
It’s not like I wanted to misappropriate those goods.
And there was a knight too with me.
Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t do anything out of norm without getting my identity verified.

It’s finally time to rest after making about a dozen round trips between the imperial palace and the villages.
I sit down on a chair to take some rest.
As expected, there was a clear decrease in my MP after using warp more than 20 times consecutively.
I lean sloppily on the chair.

There are many elves in the order of Harz duchy knights.
Handsome men and beautiful women.
Every one of them.
Damn it! All good-looking men should just go die.

There’s a female elf of around 60 in my party. Even though she’s beautiful, I can’t just go and pull her into my embrace.
It would’ve been dangerous, had I selected Sex Maniac job.
They should’ve verified identity of the participants after all.

She’s a beautiful woman with a youthful face. Although she’s slim, she has just the right amount of meat in all the right places.
She’s 58 years old.
She totally doesn’t look that age from her appearance.
I look forward to 58 years old Roxanne.

While I was staring at the granny elf from my chair, someone comes in from the back.

The duke of Harz, Brocken North Braun Anhalt | Male | 35 years old
Holy Knight Lv14
Equipment: Orichalcum Sword | Sacrificial Misanga

He’s the duke!
He’s a holy knight!
He has Orichalcum Sword!

Because of the hood of his cloak, I can’t see his face.
He’s walking about idly.
He has no attendants either.
Because he’s inside the palace?

Did he come here for inspection?
I wonder if I should be leaning sloppily on my chair in front of the duke.
It may look bad.
Although I don’t know etiquette of this world, I understand at least that much.

I stand up in a hurry, and bow.
Was it impolite?
I’m scared.

“To recognize me, even though I’m incognito — excellent, anonymous.”

The duke approaches me, and whispers.
So as not to alert others.
I did something unnecessary, I guess.

To act rashly based only on Appraisal was a mistake.
He was patrolling incognito, it seems.
Because I was gestured so, I sit back down.

“Have you seen me before somewhere?”

The duke sits down next to me.
I have attracted unwanted attention.
Although he came here with his face hidden under the hood of his cloak, I bowed to him.
Had I not bowed, I wouldn’t have been noticed.

“Ah, yes. Before…”
“I see.”

I try to deceive him desperately. He simply withdraws.
It’s not strange for a person such as duke to be seen before.
Actually, it would be bad for a lord to not show his face to his people.

“Your Excellency!”

Someone comes running in.

“Unfortunately, we can’t talk here. Let’s go elsewhere.”

The duke confirms his surroundings, and leaves.
I seem to have been noticed when I bowed.

If possible, I don’t want to follow him.
The duke advances quickly, in steady steps.

“I’m called Gozer, the leader of the order of Harz duchy knights. This way, please.”

The man, who came running in, introduces himself.
He’s an elf.
His ears are pointed.
And, of course, he’s good-looking.

Not only does he look cool, the way he acts is cool as well.
I wish I were cool too.
I wish I were dead.

Gozer North Braun Anhalt | Male | 46 years old
Grand Wizard Lv61
Equipment: Staff of Offerings | Sacrificial Misanga

As you would expect from the leader knight.
His level is quite high.
And he’s not just any Wizard.
Is that an upgraded job?


The good-looking leader knight has asked me.
I have to go.
I can’t turn someone like him down.

“I will be borrowing adventurer-dono for a while.

The leader knight informs the knight who was in my party.
We follow the duke.
The duke leaves the room, and quickly advances through the corridor.

There are some torches here and there in an otherwise dark corridor.
It would be darker than even labyrinth without torches.
Is it alright for them to let an anonymous adventurer visit such a place?
And I’m not even an adventurer.

After walking for a while, the duke opens a door, and goes in.
The room isn’t large, but is luxurious, and fully carpeted.
On the side, there’s sofa and a table. In the front, there’s a desk and chairs.
It looks kind of like a president’s office.

“We are in the room now. Suit yourself.”
“Thank you.”

What’s that?
To be allowed to see such a beautiful face, I’m extremely delighted.

I sit on the sofa.
Having taken off his cloak, the duke sit’s on the chair by the desk.

He’s an elf.
He’s handsome.

I don’t know why do I have such a face.
I really should just die.

“It’s a private room, so don’t be courteous. Be your usual self.”
“V-Very well.”
“I dislike ceremonial words even more. You don’t have to be so polite.”
“Yes, I’m grateful.”

More formal words are coming out.
Whatever, it’s getting translated that way.

“I’m grateful to disaster relief team for their assistance this time. I sincerely thank you.”
“Not at all.”
“This time around, raining season has coincided with snowmelt, resulting in greater damage.”

I see.
Is there flooding every year due to snowmelt?
Is that why the supplies and staff were arranged for so efficiently?

“Excuse my intrusion.”

When I was having conversation with the duke, the leader knight enters.

“Gozer? Have a seat.”
“Thank you. We are grateful to you for assisting us this time.”

Gozer bows his head, and goes to sit across from me.

“Are you fine with inviting an adventurer to the duke’s room?”

I try to confirm with the leader knight.

“We are inside the palace. In but a call, someone would rush immediately in. Also, both the duke and I are wearing Sacrificial Misanga, so assassination is highly unlikely.”
“Ah, I see.”

Sacrificial Misanga will receive first attack, if it’s life threatening.
In the meantime, guards will rush in, and prevent the second.
So it’s not necessary to always be guarded in the imperial palace.

“The nobility have the duty to rid their territory of labyrinths. If I can’t even take an attack from the front, I don’t have any right to keep the title, do I?”
“Ah, no. I didn’t mean that.”

What is this handsome guy even talking about?
Well, I did think about that, but…

“Even the best of the adventurers might lose to His Excellency.”
“No, I’m not that good.”
“Your Excellency?”

The duke tries to cover it up.
Because he knows that it’s mere flattery.

“Transportation of supplies to Tare village seems to have finished.”
“Tare village is the farthest from here in the territory. As you may already know, Field Walk to far off places is strenuous. For this reason, I assigned three adventurers to Tare village alone. One of them has finished, but two are yet to reach half-way mark.”

The knight leader explains to me.
So it has finished?
Is that why you’re taking rest?

From what the knight leader just said, MP consumption of Field Walk varies depending on the distance.
Going to far off places takes more MP.
It’s natural to take breaks.

Is the MP consumption of Warp not dependent on the distance?
Or do I have a lot more MP compared to other adventurers because of Explorer, Hero, Wizard, Weapons Merchant, Armor Merchant and Cook.
If I remove Wizard job, my MP will reduce significantly.

Was it unnecessary to select these many jobs?
I thought of removing Hero job, but I kept it for contingencies.
Overwhelming will be vital in case of a surprise attack.
I can’t even begin to think of removing Wizard job.

It’s believed that effects such as ‘Increase in Strength’ are shared with all party members. Sherry and Roxanne, however, never noticed it.
So there shouldn’t be any problem of getting exposed.
I don’t think I’ll get in trouble over that.

“You seem to be of human race.”
“Ah, yes.”
“Humans are quite talented.”

The duke seems to be misunderstanding something.

“Yes, they certainly are.”
“How about you join the order of Harz duchy knights?”
“I’m afraid I can’t. I’m still in training.”

I decline his offer in a hurry.
I’ll get myself in trouble. I’m already working as an adventurer, even though I’m not one.
Don’t elves hate humans anyway?

“Is that so? It’s alright. Actually, the knight leader Gozer came up with this idea. As you may already know, elves dislike humans. For this reason, there are many fallouts between them. Having humans in the order of knights will help us out in such situations.”

So that was the original plan.
The duke seems to be a simple person.
That’s a relief.
How can a duke look down upon his own people?
But there’s a connection between the duke and the order of knights too.
I might’ve been a little hasty in selling the Copper Swords of Obstruction. I could sell the swords here.

“Well then, we will certainly have more opportunities to meet in the future.”

I try to end the conversation, and stand up.
The more this drags on, the more my ignorance will show itself.

“Certainly. Sorry to have kept you for long.”
“You have completed your job. It won’t be a problem for you to return.”

It really seems to have finished.
The knight leader sees me off to the room where I originally was. Afterward, I leave the duchy of Harz for home.

“Welcome back, master.”

Having returned home in the afternoon, ahead of schedule, I’m greeted by Roxanne.
In maid costume.

Dog-eared maid.
So pretty.
So amazingly pretty.

“I-I’m home, Roxanne.”
“Yes. It’s earlier than expected.”

She looks same as when I saw her for the first time.
No, not really. She was wearing a cap that time.
In other words, it’s my first time seeing her as dog-eared maid.

Maid outfit, beautiful face and dog ears on top.
Ears that are soft and flabby.
Face that’s looking at me with a brilliant smile.
Body that’s wrapped neatly in maid outfit.

Although the outfit is elegant, it’s unable to hide the suppleness of that which is underneath.
Soft and supple.
Although the frilled apron is curved gently to hide the chest, it is only accentuating that which it is supposed to cover.

“I finished quicker than I thought.”
“As expected of master.”

Roxanne goes to my back, and takes my cloak off.
It tickles.

“Thank you. What happened to your clothes?”
“Is there something wrong with this? You’re supposed to wear this type of clothes when doing household chores, like cleaning. Or so I’ve heard.”

No, there’s nothing wrong with this.
There’s nothing wrong with this, but there’s something wrong indeed.
The cloak that’s sticking to your bosom.

“You are looking cute.”
“Th-Thank you.”

So cute.
So amazingly cute.

I want to cling to her.
I want to eat her.
I want to eat all of her.

I can’t, however, for she’s on her period.
I can hug her at least.
I pull Roxanne into my embrace.

“I knew Roxanne’s the best.”
“Th-Thank you. Luke’s messenger came here while you were away. There was a successful bid of Mermaid Monster Card, it seems.”
“Is that so? Let’s go meet him tomorrow.”

When I cling to Roxanne, I feel the suppleness of her chest.
I can’t endure anymore.
It’s better to not hug her.

When I try to separate my body from hers, she whispers into my ear.

“‘It’ is over now, so I’m able to receive your affection again.”

I lift Roxanne up out of reflex.
I rest her shoulders on my left arm, and scoop her legs with my right.
I lift Roxanne up in my arms to carry her to the bed.
I can do ‘it’. What a surprise.

We went straight to the bed. What happened thereafter, needs not be mentioned.

It was already past the time I agreed with Sherry.
I hurriedly went to Adventurer Guild to receive my allowance, and then rushed to the library.
The wall in the library was more crowded at this time than in the morning.

“My bad. Have you been waiting for long?”
“Not at all. I only just came out.”
“Well, I’m glad then.”

I was late in coming here, but the timing was just about right.
Sherry comes running to me.

“Library remains open until the sun sets. This…”
“Hmm? Did you drink alcohol?”

Sherry returns the deposit. She reeks of alcohol.
And it’s intense.

“Yes, water. About 5 cups.”
“It’s a weak liquor, so dwarves often take it in place of water. For this reason, we call it water. It’s not that strong. It’s distilled only three times.”

Only three times.
Doesn’t the level of alcohol rise with each distillation?
From the smell of it, it’s undoubtedly not a weak liquor.

Does Sherry like alcohol?

I don’t drink alcohol.
There’s some wine at home, but it’s only for use in cooking.
Because I don’t drink alcohol, Roxanne and Sherry don’t drink it either.
Shouldn’t they have told me at least, if that were so?

“No, I don’t particularly like alcohol. I took it only as a substitute for water.”
“I don’t drink alcohol, so I don’t have it at home. Are you okay with that?”
“Yes, because I don’t particularly like to drink alcohol.”

It’s futile to discuss it with a person who uses alcohol as a substitute for water, and reeks of alcohol.

Still, she doesn’t seem drunk.
Shes walking steadily, and speaking fluently.
The party invitation i sent was immediately accepted as well.
She seems to have a strong head for alcohol.

Well, whatever.

We use the wall of the library, and return home.

“Welcome home, master. Is that alcohol?”

Roxanne greets me.
This time, however, not as a maid.
She has changed from her maid outfit.

She immediately notices the smell of alcohol.
It isn’t all that surprising though, considering she locates the monsters in labyrinth from their smell.

“I’m home. She took it in place of water.”
“I’m home.”
“Err… is it okay for you to cook?”
“It’s okay. I didn’t take enough to get drunk.”

Sure enough, she doesn’t seem drunk.

“How much does Sherry have to take to get drunk?”
“Now that I think about it, I was slightly drunk when it was decided that I would sell myself. All my family decided to drink that time. We bought barrels of the strongest liquor, and I took considerable amount of it.”

She took considerable amount of the strongest liquor, and was only slightly drunk.
She said that all of her family decided to drink that time. Doesn’t she have younger siblings?
Dwarves seem to have a strong head for alcohol.

It was perhaps her last memorable moment with her family.
She definitely likes alcohol, but keeps denying it in front of me. Shouldn’t I just force her to drink then?

Sherry prepared dinner properly.
She really doesn’t seem to be drunk.

“So, did Roxanne go for shopping?”

I ask at dinner.

“Yes, before master came back.”
“You did?”

I’m glad.
But it’s not the best of the places to kill time.

“I bought clothes for master.”
“Clothes for me?”
“Yes, please accept it.”
“Ah, you didn’t have to do that for me.”
“I bought a hairbrush too. It’ll be for both Sherry and I to use.”

It’s certainly a necessary item.
Because I don’t use it, however, there was none in the house.

“Thank you, Roxanne-san.”
“I’m sorry for not noticing it. If there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to tell me.”
“Not at all. Here, this is the remaining amount.”
“U-Um… I’m sorry. I have used it all up.”

Sherry has used all of it?
That’s our Sherry for you.

“It’s your allowance, keep it. You may spend it on something at a later time.”
“Are you fine with it?”
“It’s fine.”
“Thank you, master.”

You may get stranded somewhere.
You’ll need 1 silver coin to come back to Quratar town.

“So Sherry, did you read books?”
“Yes. I read about Monster Card Fusion, and noted down different Monster Cards and respective skills. I used my allowance to buy a notebook and some pencils.”

Both of them seem to have spent their day off in a meaningful way.

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LOL i doubt i could hold myself back either if she suddenly told me that ‘its ok because “Its” over’


I doubt any man in the same position as him could.


Sherry needs a certain amount of alcohol to live!
all dwarves do! didn’t he know that!

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Next slave is probably an elf with this chapter

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How much booze does it takes to get a dwarf drunk? Well in many RPGs dwarves have high poison resistance or sometimes immunity, so maybe alcohol is treated the same way as poison.


Alcohols IS poison even in the real world, so you know. So if this was a game and you had poison immunity you would never get drunk. Be it on vodka or antifreeze.


Even without the toxic effects, I’d assume that if you only drank liquor instead of water, you’d die of dehydration.


well, if you’re immune to poison, then maybe you just take the water in and it’s fine. I don’t know how how that works 😛


There’s even water poisoning, you know…


welp, Sherry is a real dwarf for sure. Chugging alcohol as if it’s water…


I lol’ed so hard at:

“He’s an elf.
He’s handsome.

I don’t know why do I have such a face.
I really should just die.”

I had to read that part twice. Also, Roxanne is sooo frickin awesome. She knows just what she’s doing to keep that #1 spot in our hearts. And, Michio, get Sherry her damn alcohol without trying to pry the request out of her. That’s how you be a true gentleman.


I know right? This is why I like Roxanne the most so far.

I always imagine her to be saying all that stuff with a serious face, making her more adorable.


Well she is the number one slave.


I could be wrong, but I suspect it’s not himself that Michio is condemning on account of their face, but the elf, kind of as a “you should just die”? Angry jealousy, rather than embarrassed jealousy, err…maybe? I don’t know how much it matters though.


Nah, he was suffering from inferiority complex.


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Made me think of dwarf fortess with how dwarves live off alcohol


Sherry lived in Mother Russia.

Alcohol as water.


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“It’s not that strong. It’s distilled only three times.” As a homebrewer (who for legal reasons will not confirm as to actually distilling), I can’t let that slide. Even with a simple pot still you can easily get 40% abv on a single run from a 10% mash. Considering it’s medieval-esque, they may be using the more antiquated alembics, but that doesn’t affect the purity so much as it means that they’ll be losing more alcohol as uncondensed vapor, reducing yields By your third run, you’re no distiller if you can’t get it past 85%. At this point, distilling for… Read more »

Thank you for such an insight 🙂 I think the author was exaggerating here to make dwarves look strong against alcohol.


The next slave has to be a sexy elf


It does seem so at this point.


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700 year old elf

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If im not mistaken….every race has a similar lifespan but elf will keep their youth longer….


all races except humans seem too from the early explanation. dwarves have changes to things like ears as the main cange as they age.


at this rate , if sherry keeps aging her ears will disappear OH NO 😛




I wonder what an elf’s unique job is. Some kind of ranger?


Elves are known for two things, profession wise: magic and archery, so could go either way, but I’d say, its more likely to be magic, just cuz.


Well, long range attacker either way. Still, I think archer/ranger is more likely since he’s got the magic angle fairly well covered at the moment.


There will be three more slaves to come
Rutina, which is the elf
then Miria and Vesta, unknown race so far

I only got the names from the chapter 9 spoiler


thats after ten years ..
HAHAHAHA and he is still have delusions & into TRIHI 😛


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“I finished quicker than I thought.”
“As expected of master.”

Subtle shot fired eh?



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I like how the two girls are doing their best to keep MC happy and satisfied?
I want that too… but I can’t do that since it is very likely that i will lose my precious part in a very cruel way…


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I don’t want to spoil too much but this chapter is extremely important for the future reading. Of special note is this statement:

“The nobility have the duty to rid their territory of labyrinths.” and the conversation about him joining the knights and the attempting to fix the relations between elves and humans in his Duchy.

Personally adding a sex maniac like Michio to the knights would be a bad idea anyway…..

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Well next slay could be Elf or should be human I guess because we need Priest right?


Slave I mean


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Quratar town is in the east from the Imperial Capital.
When it’s evening in Quratar town, it’ll be sunset here.

Hmm? Evening comes then sunset right? Sun rises from East so should it not be the other way? Capital is brighter than Quratar? Unless of course, the land is so large it is the next day.


No, sunset then evening is when it’s dark but not yet full night.


Refer to Chapter 69. It has been corrected.


Nope, the correction was inverting the locations of Quratar and Imperial capital. Sunset is still before evening.

Evening is a period of time rather than point of time, so you may argue that it starts before sunset, but it extends long after sunset.

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Haha the names X) “Harz” is a mountain region in Germany, and “Brocken” is the biggest mountain there, where witches are supposed to fly around at Samhain/Halloween. Braun = Brown, and “Anhalt” was a noble name in Germany aswell.