Slave Harem – 064 – Abstinance Attack

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Abstinance attack.

After thinking about it, I decided to do some testing on the Sex Maniac’s skills.
First of all I’ll do my best to waste some energy, to test out the [Increased Vigor] skill. TN: Can also be translated as [Increased Energy].
I tried it once with Roxanne, and once with Sherry, without the Sex Maniac job.
Then I used the Sex Maniac job and tried it continuously.

The result:
Both were delicious.

It’s no use.
No. Because I’m still going strong in the fourth round, it’s certain that my energy is increased.

The difference in time between using it, and not using it, I’m not sure about.
It’s hard to understand exactly the effects of [Increased Vigor].
I can still continue, and I’m not sure of the limit.

Should I consider this a failed experiment?
Is it just because it’s the first day of testing?

If I think about it, I hadn’t been to the limit before using Sex Maniac.
To confirm the effects, I should probably challenge the limit both with and without Sex Maniac.
Though, I might break if I test the limit.

Roxanne and Sherry didn’t chat after I went to sleep.
I seem to have tired them as well.
Thinking about it, it might be bad to test the limits of [Increased Vigor].

In the morning I wake up, clinging to Roxanne like usual.
Even though I slept with Sex Maniac active, it seems I didn’t waste any shots.

I lean over Roxanne with ease.
I pin down her beautiful body.
A soft body which is an object of desire.

Maybe I shouldn’t?
Or should I?
I regain some reason, and stop for now.

I need to test the [Abstinence Attack].
I don’t think it’s possible for me to be abstinent for two or three days, let alone ten.
How about half a day?
Maybe a day?

It’s possible for me to endure it until the evening, so that’s abstinence of about 20 hours.
Will there be a difference in power after 20 hours? I’ll have to try it out.
At worst I at least want to try it after having practiced abstinence until morning.
I can’t explode by accident now.

I get off of Roxanne’s soft tender body.
I turn away, while holding Roxanne.
I don’t want to let her go.

From the side, I kissed Roxanne’s mouth.
My lips stick to her mouth.

I stick to her with all my desire.
I stick to her with the limit of my power.
Like our very first kiss, I stick to her.
Tongues entering, twirling around each other, a warm delicacy to be desired.

“Mmm…. Mmmmmm”

Hearing Roxanne moan is the highest reward.
I embrace her powerfully.
I feel her smooth fair skin, and enjoy her elasticity.
Rich rubber balls push into my chest from Roxanne’s.

It’s good that I could meet these rubber balls.
A part of me gets hot because of these rubber balls.

Hot, hot.

No, I shouldn’t.
I really shouldn’t.
I gather my resolve, and give up.

The verification of the skill.
I need to practice abstinence for now.

However, though I barely managed to give up, we are still kissing.
Roxanne’s tongue moves, and gives me a smooth feeling.
It’s a gentle, flexible, and melting taste.
Ah, at the rate things are going, my resolve will disappear.

“Good morning.”
“…Good morning, Master.”

I managed to withdraw.
My reasoning is stretched to the limits.
An Orichalcum level reasoning is needed to separate from Roxanne.
The pressure of the rich elasticity against my chests goes away.

As I take a breather, a hand from behind me moves at my neck.
Ah, there’s still Sherry.
Gah, my reasoning is paper thin now.

“Good morning.”
“Oh, good morning.”

As expected of Orichalcum, I manage to get through.
I part with Sherry, and leave her gasping for breath.
Why is she gasping for breath?
Did she inhale to strongly?

“I was bad last night. I lost my self control and let loose.”
“No. Ah. I was happy with it.”
“I was as well.”

Since they said they were happy with it, I almost jumped at them.
My reasoning manages to win and I hold myself back.

I demonstrate my willpower, and get up.
I demonstrate my willpower, and get dressed.
I demonstrate my willpower, and equip myself with leather shoes & leather armor.
I must keep a strong mind.

We went to Quratar’s Labyrinth, and I passed out protective gear from my item box.

“Sherry, you can wear the waterproof leather mittens you made yesterday.”
“Is that alright?”
“The Needle Woods at the moment are using magic. I can withstand one or two hits without trouble. Roxanne has a good chance of evading. For now it’s most beneficial if you wear them Sherry.”
“Thank you.”

However, I’m not using alchemist, so we don’t have [Plating].
That will change things to a degree.
It shouldn’t be a problem though.

Kaga Michio|Male|17 years old.
Explorer Lv34|Hero Lv31|Wizard Lv33|Monk Lv32|Sex Maniac Lv2
Equipment: Wand|Leather Shoes|Leather Gloves|Leather Hat|Leather Armor|Misanga

Roxanne|Female|16 years old.
Beast Warrior Lv21
Equipment|Scimitar|Leather Shoes|Leather Gloves|Leather Hat|Leather Jacket|Wooden Shield

Sherry|Female|16 years old.
Master Smith Lv14
Equipment:Club|Waterproof Leather Mittens|Leather Hat|Leather Jacket|Leather Shoes

We move through the Labyrinth with Roxanne’s guidance.
The Labyrinth is a battlefield.
You can’t relax.
Roxanne’s cute butt moves on ahead.

It’s a full view of her butt from behind.
Her tail swings with every step.
No, I can’t.
This is the Labyrinth.

I need to stay on my guard in the Labyrinth.
If I relax my guard I might miss something crucial.
Sherry’s face is beautiful as well.
I want to turn and taste it.

You never know what’s going to happen in the Labyrinth.
It’s important to pay attention.
If I look carefully, I can see Roxanne’s chest bouncing in her leather jacket.
This is awesome.

This is a battlefield.
This isn’t the time to be relaxed.
I want to finish early and return home.
I’ll return to the bed.

This is the Labyrinth.
This is a battlefield.

“It’s coming.”

Roxanne reports.
Roxanne’s voice is also lovely.
Her voice in bed is lovely too.

I want to hear it again soon.
I want to hear it right now.
I want to hear it over and over.

The nuisance must die.
I reduce it to ashes with five spells.


I receive a branch from Sherry.
Sherry picking things up is lovely.
If this wasn’t the Labyrinth, I’d throw her down right now.

Yes. This is the Labyrinth.
I can’t relax.
I focus my mind to check my surroundings again.
Ah, Roxanne’s chest is bouncing again.

You can feel a bit of tension in the Labyrinth.
It’s the spirit of being on a battlefield.
I’m determined to battle Roxanne and Sherry in bed.

No. This is a battlefield.
There is no room for the erotic thoughts a high school boy has during class.

Ah, this evening.
Let’s get the bath ready today.
I can endure it until I get into the bath.
I’ll do this to Roxanne, and that to Sherry.

Hurry up. I don’t know if I’ll make it.
It’s a long time until evening.
It’s too long.
This is a true hell.
TN: Sneaky scene change, GO!


I’ve poured the hot water from the jar into the bath and let out a sigh.
I’m tired.
It feels like my MP has decreased.
Since I made a lot of hot water, I should probably go to the Labyrinth again.

Is this abstinence long enough?
The next trip to the Labyrinth will probably be the last one for today.
Therefore, I’ll need to use the [Abstinence Attack].
I can’t build up my sexual desire any more.

My mind has gone crazy all day as I moved around the Labyrinth, and the abstinence caused an unreasonable amount of pain.
Even if Sex Maniac has [Increased Vigor/Energy], it doesn’t seem that useful.
The strain on the battlefield is bad.

I wasn’t confused by my sexual desire as I used Sex Maniac in the Labyrinth.
I mostly acted as normal.
But the stray thoughts going through my mind…
Well, that’s not anything new.

“Are you going to the Labyrinth?”

As I leave the bathroom, and descend to the first floor, Roxanne calls to me from the kitchen.
I want to throw her down.
I have to endure it, I’ve come this far.

“Who wants to come?”
“I need to watch the fire.”

Sherry watches the cooking, and I leave for Vale Labyrinth’s eighth floor.
Roxanne is with me to guide me.


Three Collagen Coral, and an Escape Goat.
Durandal is hungry for blood tonight.

“Roxanne, handle the two Collagen Coral on the right, I’ll handle the Escape Goat.”

I raise Durandal, and rush in.
I aim at the Escape Goat.

Usually Escape Goat Lv8 starts to run away after a single strike from Durandal.
In other words, if this blow is weaker than normal, it won’t run away.
I can see the power of the [Abstinence Attack] after enduring it to my limit.

The demon gives me a suitable chance.
I used [Abstinence Attack], and swing Durandal down on it.
A strong slash slams into the Escape Goat.

It’s a powerful swing.
It feels different to the first time I tried [Abstinence Attack].

Durandal cuts through, the demon falls.
A single blow.

The remaining demon launches a counter attack.
The Collagen Coral hurls itself at me.
Roxanne is dodging attacks from both sides.

I use Durandal to block the [Body Slam].
In return, I slash at the Collagen Coral.

The demon’s attacks don’t stop.
Roxanne evades a [Body Slam], and slashes with her scimitar.
I manage to avoid a frontal attack from the Collagen Coral somehow.

One of the ones fighting Roxanne springs at me.
I saw it coming, but it’s not possible to avoid.
I staggered as I received the blow.

I return the favor with Durandal.
The second demon falls down.

I turn to the side, and face another Collagen Coral.
I exchange blows with it.
It stagger’s and I attack it again.
Another blow is dealt, and the demon is killed.

Roxanne is fighting the last one.
Roxanne dodges a [Body Slam], and attacks with her scimitar again.
I swing at the side of the Collagen Coral.

The demon springs at Roxanne again.
Roxanne avoids it using her wooden shield.
I swing Durandal at it as it lands.
The Collagen Coral falls, and becomes smoke.

“Thank you for your hard work.”
“I’m tired. Roxanne, you didn’t get hit?”
“Right, there was no problem.”

Is the position and timing of the Collagen Coral’s attacks that easy to understand?
I get hit by several.
I shouldn’t keep count.

However, I recovered from all my wounds because of Durandal’s HP absorption.
It might be possible for me to solo the eight floor.

The problem is the pain from the attacks.
I don’t like pain.
I want to avoid it if possible.

“Shall we go back?”

It’s probably that time.
We returned to the house with [Warp].

I’m feeling calm after using the [Abstinence Attack.]

The impulses running rampant earlier are gone.
It’s a feeling of refreshment.

The haze in my mind from a little while ago is gone.
My mind and soul feel so peaceful.
So calm.
I might be at the stage of an invincible mind when it comes to sexual desire.

I can become a Shrine Maiden now.
Well, because I’m a man, it’s something else?
I wonder about it, so I checked to see if it’s there.
Of course, it wasn’t there.

Eating dinner, and then having a bath, I’m relatively calm.
I’m calm even though I washed every corner of Roxanne’s body.
I stretched my desires today like a rubber band, but now I’m calm.
Even though I washed Sherry’s body, right down to the last detail, I’m calm.

I embrace it as I soak in the hot water.
I am completely calm.
I embrace them, and do some cuddling & kissing, but I am quite calm.

We did it twice before going to the bed, but you could say I am quite calm.
We did it the same number of times in bed, as we did with Sex Maniac the previous night.
It could be said that I am quite calm.

Is this what is called the [Abstinence Attack]?
I’ll have to confirm how much power it has.
I would be great if I practiced abstinence for ten days.
I could probably one shot a boss on the eighth floor with Durandal.

But, ten days is tough.
Two days isn’t easy.
Probably, I can’t do more than a night.
It’s because I sleep with Roxanne and Sherry.

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